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Pibgorn is a web comic by Brooke McEldowney, creator of 9 Chickweed Lane and is more or less a spin-off of the earlier strip. It follows the life of the eponymous fairy as she reacts to demigods who act like petty bureaucrats, her rival Drusilla the succubus, blustering loon Thorax, demonic game show hosts, idiotic robots and angels of death who act like bike couriers. It allows McEldowney more latitude to use large words and engage in the double entendre and good girl art that is his forte. Unlike his other strip 9 Chickweed Lane, Pibgorn is highly sexualized, and frequently features nudity, violence, and gratuitous sexual liaisons involving the main cast.

Tropes used in Pibgorn include:

Pib: I'm half fairy, half bimbesque android.