Rose-Haired Girl

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Just like blue-haired girls are often introverted, pink-haired girls are often cheery and optimistic, strong and passionate, or sweet and romantic. There's a high chance that, if a series has a Five-Man Band, a girl with pink hair is The Chick. It's also a popular hair color for protagonists of Magical Girl series.

Bonus points if she has a blue-haired love interest.

This trope doesn't count just for general pink hair. Other shades like magenta or salmon also count, but purple certainly does not. Pink-haired boys can also be examples.

Sub-Trope of You Gotta Have Blue Hair and Pink Means Feminine. For animals with pink fur, go see Amazing Technicolor Wildlife.

Sometimes in anime it can overlap with Bitch in Sheep's Clothing

Compare Heroes Want Redheads, Redheaded Hero.

Examples of Rose-Haired Girl include:


  • Erin Esurance from Esurance commercials, although one commercial revealed that her pink hair was a wig and the Animated Actor playing her in-universe naturally has dark hair.
  • There's a holiday-season smartphone commercial in which dozens of little people in elf costumes and bright pink wigs sing about and package the ad's product.

Anime & Manga

Comic Books

  • Megan Gwynn (Pixie) from New X-Men fit the definition for a good while, until Magik (or Magik's demonic clone) got to her. Depending on the artist, her hair's now either mostly black with pink streaks or mostly pink with black streaks, but either way, she was heavily affected by having bits of her soul ripped out and is suffering some serious overall disillusionment with the X-Adults.
  • SpyGirl from Spy Boy. Of course, she is intended to be a spoof of all things anime.

Fan Works


  • Lava Girl from Shark Boy and Lava Girl has neon-pink hair that glows when she activates her powers.
  • Frenchie in the film version of Grease accidentally dyes her hair pink, leading the "Beauty School Dropout" fantasy sequence.


  • Stan Dominus from Duumvirate is a male example, and he even wears pink clothing to match. Aww, isn't he cute?
  • In the fantasy novel Drink Down the Moon by Charles De Lint, one of the faerie women living among humans, who is posing as a young punk musician, has natural pink hair. Of course, anyone who sees her (anyone who sees her and due to her glamour is led to think she is human, that is) assumes it's dyed.
  • Nymphadora Tonks from the Harry Potter series can choose whatever hair color she wants as part of her magical ability. Usually, it's bubblegum pink.
  • Mei Sheong of Parrish Plessis has pink hair. It's not natural, but she strongly prefers the color and spends a considerable portion of her meager salary keeping it dyed.
  • Mae Crawford from The Demon's Lexicon, although it's dyed. It fits her optimistic personality.

Live Action TV

Music Videos

  • Luka Megurine of Vocaloids.
  • Pop/rock singer P!nk, a.k.a. Alecia Moore, used to often dye her hair hot pink. She doesn't seem to do it so much in recent years, though.
  • Hide was a standout example of a male music artist with pink hair on occasion. Most of the time, his hair was at least in part somewhere on the red-pink spectrum.
  • Hayley Williams of Paramore.

Pro Wrestling

  • Independent circuit female wrestler LuFisto models her outfits on anime characters, so she sometimes dyed her hair pink.
  • As a member of The Hart Dynasty, Natalya Neidheart's blond hair occasionally has pink tips.

Tabletop Games

  • In the heavily anime-influenced RPG Mekton, Mike Pondsmith's infamous Lifepath character generation system includes a table for hair color, which includes both more staid, real-life hair colors as well as anime hair colors such as green, purple, blue, and, yes, pink.

Video Games

Visual Novels

Web Comics

  • Antimony Carver from Gunnerkrigg Court. But she's apparently a redhead, judging from other characters' comments, and it may only look pink for stylistic reasons. This applies to her late mother, Surma, as well.
  • Charm from Pink Black has long, pink hair. This contrasts a lot with Zero's (who may be her boyfriend) and her best friend Sifris' hair colours.
  • Cecania Greensworthington in Sore Thumbs. It was eventually revealed that she dyes it.
  • Sanaa Whilhelm Tryggvassen of Girl Genius also has pink hair. Although, given her brother's reaction when seeing her, it might be a dye job (or unnatural in some other way; in this world, there're plenty of options).
    • He might have been talking about her haircut; the color extends to her eyebrows, so it's most likely natural. Besides, Othar is a White-Haired Pretty Boy, so odd hair colors may not be anything unusual for that family in the first place.
      • Light-colored hair tends to take dye well (unlike dark hair, which has to be bleached first and then dyed). It's possible they all have white or blonde hair, and Sanaa just added the pink.
  • In Las Lindas, there's Taffy, who fits this trope too well. Even if her hair is dyed.
  • Steffi of Kiwiblitz.
  • Shiki Yagami of Mitadake Saga
  • In Get Medieval, Kaguya, who may also be, according to the strip, the origin of this trope.
  • Candi, the titular character of the webcomic Candi.
  • In Megatokyo, Ping has this hair color at one point.
  • Kit Ballard from Blade Kitten.
  • Everyday Heroes has magneta-haired Zinger Sharpley.
  • In Pibgorn, the chorus.
  • Crystal from Sailor Sun.
  • Sheena from Kid Radd. And Radd himself has blue-black hair.
  • Momo from Questionable Content. Justified in that she's an anime-style robot.
  • Linneus from Teahouse is a rare male example, and the creators have stated multiple times that they just wanted to have a comic with a pink haired boy. He even smells like roses! He's often mistaken for a transsexual by readers due to his hair color and his effeminate style of dress.
  • In Our Little Adventure,

Western Animation