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The Ardygun Family

A family of Trailers (a catch-all term for guys who pretty much do everything in space other that salvage (The Junk Guild's job) and battle) who operates the spaceship Valstork. They're friends with Lowe Gear's crew.

Blessfield Ardygun

Blessfield "Hawkeye" Ardygun was a former Space Pirate, and had many run-ins with law enforcement agents such as Heinrich Freeman and Kotaro Taiga. At one point, he and Taiga even clashed over the same woman. Bless won.

Bless gave up the life of a Pirate, and they instead became Trailers. They had three daughters (Shihomi, Akane, and Mihiro), and a son (Kazuma, natch).

Unfortunately for Bless, he ended up 'dying' against the Database, sending Kazuma into a Heroic BSOD. However, turns out Bless was from Mars, thus executed a Boson Jump where he is flunged to a VERY VERY distant past (Shortly before the Big Crunch that proceeded this universe's Big Bang) where he created his family legacy machines as well as the Database. He obviously didn't live to see his creations go awry.

  • Crazy Prepared He knew that sooner or later that the Database would become a threat to other cultures in the new universe, He created 2 failsafes: The first was to copy himself as Applicant to oversee them, the second was to create Valstork with the ability to combine with the Arm units if 2 of the Database personalities break down.

Kazuma Ardygun

The main character of Super Robot Wars W (Stands for "Double U", as per the sthick of naming game's subtitles with something near the word "DS"). Kazuma's a Trailer, a type of jack-of-all-trades people in space hire to do various things, and travels around with his family in their big fancy ship Valstork and piloting their Valhawk with cute little sister, Mihiro. Kazuma's extremely hot blooded and determined to help get rid of the common stereotype that Trailers = space pirates by kicking the asses of said space pirates and generally doing good and making a name for himself. They eventually hook up with the GGG and Space Knights in a project to help protect the Earth from a ridiculous number of threats because Kazuma's dad was an old rival of their leaders, and hey, the Valstork's Big Gun is a good thing to have on your side.

Eventually, he and his family are attacked by a girl named Aria Advance and a bunch of stuff happens. His dad goes missing after a Boson jumping accident caused by Detonator Orgun firing his most powerful weapon at Inference, the leader of the Database, after being goaded sufficiently by him, which results in him going into a period of Herioc BSOD and causes him to run away.

After a time skip, a new and much more handsome Kazuma rejoins his family and kicks ass again in their shiny new Combining Mecha. This time with Defectors From Decandence Regulate and Aria, who had outlived their usefulness and were tossed away after failing their masters one too many times, joining them.

As far as mecha goes, he starts out with the Valhawk, and it later combines into the Valguard, and then combines again with Aria's Arm Arcus and Applicant's Arm Stoma into the Valzacard, probably one of the most broken originals in SRW history, on par with the SRX Altered Banpreios. These tropes apply to Kazuma:

  • Ancestral Weapon (The Valstork and Valhawk are handed down generation after generation in the Ardygun family, with no-one knowing where it really comes from. Turns out Kazuma's dad built them with some aliens after being sent back in time 15 billion years ago into the previous universe)
  • Bishounen (After the Time Skip)
  • Brother-Sister Team (Him and Mihiro)
  • Combined Energy Attack: (The entire family rallies behind Kazuma and combine their strength in the Valzacard's final attack)
  • Combining Mecha (Valguard and Valzacard)
  • Heroic BSOD
  • Hot-Blooded (Actually, Kazuma learns to be Hot-Blooded over the course of the game. Near the beginning, he's overwhelmed a bit by the attitudes of heroes like Guy Shishioh, Kouji Kabuto, and Jiro Yamada Gai Daigoji; by the end, he's screaming with the best of them, occasionally scaring little sister Mihiro)
  • Hot Wings (Valhawk Air Force Mode's Heat Edge Exploder)
  • Instant Runes (Part of the Valzacard's Exa Nova Shoot OVER's Dynamic Kill animation)
  • Leitmotif: Bullet Striker (Pre Time Skip) and Sail On Future (Post Time Skip). Also Just One Chance (Valzacard's EXA Nova Shoot Over)
  • Missing Mom (His mother died when he was a child)
  • Name's the Same (Lampshaded: after meeting the third "Gai" in the game, Kazuma muses on how everyone he meets named "Gai" is a different kind of Badass. For the record, Shishioh is courageous, Daigouji is passionate, and Murakumo is cool)
  • Opposite Gender Clone (Aria Advance, who actually seems more interested in Mihiro than him)
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up
  • Swords Akimbo (In one of the Valhawk's attacks, it uses a standard beam saber, but it follows up with an additional saber stored in its knee)
  • Ten-Minute Retirement
  • The Power of Love (In this case, the love between a family, which leads to...)
    • Unlucky Everydude (Kazuma has the dubious honor of being the first original to have the "Love" Spirit Command and not be in a relationship by game's end. He spends a good portion bemoaning this last part, too)
  • Time Skip
  • Training from Hell (At the hands of Melissa Mao and Lucrezia Noin)
  • Weak but Skilled (His stats are slightly below average for a real robot pilot, but he makes up for it by having the best native skill set of any series main character in the game)
    • Count as Magikarp Power as well. His starting unit are pretty good, however it quickly gets outclassed by the games numerous Game Breaker mecha, and its saving grace are its upgrade sharing. Its Mid-Season Upgrade gives it a notable boost in power and match ups better than the previous machine, but by later parts of the Time Skip, its pretty outclassed. After the second Mid-Season Upgrade its undeniably the best unit in the game.

Mihiro Ardygun

The youngest member of Valstork family, usually work as Valhawk support pilot. She's very attached to Kazuma since he's one who take care of her after their mother's death and everyone else are too busy (although never gone too far, offcially).

Shihomi Ardygun

Akane Ardygun

  • Fan Girl (Of Uppo-kun, surprisingly enough. She even has a hug pillow (or at least, a large stuffed animal version) of the guy)
    • This gets played with as Akane's fangirl side nearly retcons EI-13, the Zonder based off of Uppo-kun. Then, Sousuke Sagara shows up as Bonta-kun and ruins the moment.
  • Pettanko (This is her problem. Why she hadn't joined Ibis in the related Memetic Mutation is anyone's guess)
  • Trademark Favorite Food (Mayonnaise. Anything she cooks is drowning in it)

Horis Horion

  • The Mole, The Reveal (Horis reveals that he was sent to infiltrate the Trailers by The Organization of the Zodiac. However, the kindness of the Ardygun family eventually made Horis abandon his mission)
  • Official Couple (with Akane, he does propose her in the ending)
  • Spell My Name with an "S" (Horian? Horion? Horaian? The latter is closest to the original, but looks odd. Horion fits better, if it's pronounced like the constellation Orion)



The Scribes of Knowledge, more commonly referred to as the Database, are the main enemy of Super Robot Wars W. They were originally created to seek out and preserve all knowledge in the universe by the civilizations of the previous universe who were at that point just waiting for the Big Crunch. They were inspired to do so by Blessfield Ardygun teaching them the importance of memories, after he was thrown back in time during a battle with the very same group which he helped create. Led by Inference, with Critic, Applicant and Regulate as his advisers, and Aria Advance as their field commander. Their modus operandi is to go from civilization to civilization, assimilate all the knowledge each possesses, and then eliminate them to make that knowledge rarer and therefore more valuable. Tropes associated with the Database:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot (Beings created by the last civilizations of the previous version of the universe to store all knowledge and let their civilizations survive in some fashion? Of course they turn evil)
  • Cloning Blues
  • Musical Spoiler : If you listen closely, Eternal Memory is a rearrangement of Bullet Striker. Now read something about Aria and Kazuma.
  • Planet Looters
  • We Wait: They lie in wait for 8 months before commencing their plan


Aria Advance