The Tick (comic)

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A casual but incisive send-up of Superhero comics, written by Ben Edlund and published in the early 1990s. It features as its title character a super-strong, "Nigh Invulnerable" (or so he says), and probably insane moron with a hypertrophied sense of justice and Melodrama, given to bold, thoughtless action and near-incomprehensible Aesop-like pronouncements. Assisting the Tick in his daily struggle against the forces of Evil is Arthur, a former accountant, now moth-themed Sidekick.

Edlund created The Tick as a mascot for a newsletter of the Norwood, Massachusetts store New England Comics, where he was a customer. Edlund expanded this into stories, beginning with the three-page tale "The Tick" in New England Comics Newsletter #14–15 (July/August – September/October 1986), in which the hero escapes from a mental institution. The character became popular and the store financed a black-and-white comic book series, with the first issue released in June, 1988; it's been reprinted at least nine times since then.

From 1994-1996, Fox Kids broadcast a well-made and fondly-remembered animated adaptation. In 2001, FOX attempted to revive the series in a live action format with Patrick "Puddy" Warburton in the title role.

Recently,[when?] the comic has returned as a bi-monthly, ongoing title, written by Benito Cereno and drawn by Les McClane.

Tropes used in The Tick (comic) include: