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"Light up the whole damn sky, Daniel! This one's for the blue and the gold!"

Booster Gold was the first major new character to appear in The DCU after Crisis on Infinite Earths. He first appeared in "Booster Gold" #1 (February, 1986), created by Dan Jurgens. Born in the 25th century, Booster Gold, born Michael Jon Carter, was a famous college football player, until he got caught betting on his games. After that, his life was a wreck: he was disowned from his family, expelled from college and he couldn't play football anymore. It wasn't until he got a job at the Metropolis Space Museum as a security guard that he got the idea to go back in time to become a superhero and make a little money at it too. So he stole the Time Sphere and brought along Skeets, a security droid that he had befriended.

Originally intending to call himself Goldstar, at his first public appearance he flubbed it, combining his football nickname Booster with his intended superhero name. Booster then went on to be a part of the Justice League International, where he met and befriended Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle.

Was the star of his own series once again, from October 2007 to August 2011, in which he roamed the timestream protecting history from enemies who -- if they ever saw past his foolish reputation and realized he was the one foiling their schemes -- would not only kill him but do it in such a way that Booster Gold never existed. So now instead of promoting himself, Booster had to do everything in his power to make people think he was an inept idiot, in order to carry out his mission to defend time itself. However, with the Nu52 on the rise, this series -- along with a number of others -- was canceled. Currently, Booster's in the new Justice League International series, though that will also be canceled with #12.

Also frequently appearing in Batman the Brave And The Bold.

And for the last time He's not the Green Lantern

Tropes used in Booster Gold include:

"You said I could say it."