Advance Wars: Eternal War/Characters

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Characters in Advance Wars: Eternal War.

This is currently a work in progress. Most character sheets are incomplete.

Cobalt Ice


"Humans are weak. Machines are eternal."

Cobalt Ice's commander, he's a nerd with a terrible dislike of humanity and the appearance-based society. He turned out to love machines for their power, efficiency, and absence of bias. Determined to change the world for the better, he joined the military to make worth dependant on one's intellect rather than one's looks.


Second-in-command of the Cobalt Ice Army, and the youngest-looking person around. He is a crazy kid with his own inventions, namely an EMP Cannon, a cyborg bear and a ship made ENTIRELY OUT OF GUNS! His childish behaviour and his crazy-awesomeness made him rather arrogant despite his cheerful personality.

Knight Owl

"Strike the humans down, faster than lightning itself!"

A creepy human-owl hybrid created from an experiment gone horribly wrong or right depending on how you look at it. He's terribly tall (7.2 feet tall), which accentuates his "misshaped" appearance.

Pink Cosmos

Pink Queen

"War is fun!"

Pink Cosmos's mysterious leader, put in command of the country's military by her father. All is known about her is that she's fond of destruction and explosions; and sees war mostly as a game. One she always wins. Also, she made a law forcing people to wear one visible item of pink clothing at least.

"We're under attack? Who cares? Do you like my new eye-liner?"


"The engine of any existence is its own interest. No matter what."

A pink-skinned cyborg, only successful subject of an experiment. He formerly was an orphan before being captured at age six and experimented on by Pink Cosmos military scientists. Major believer in humanity's bad nature, his part-robotic nature completely twisted his reasoning. His completely weird body goes with pink skin, and hair.

"Yay! They're so funny! Make them dance!"
—The Pink Queen

Jade Sun

Shadow Soul

"Those that are worthy are few, but the shadows themselves will aid us!"

A Ninja, leader of Jade Sun. Mostly belonging to the traditional kind of Ninjas, in that he is always in a black outfit. It seems he joined for the only purpose of teaching the other countries which one is the best (which he surely believes is Jade Sun). Mostly referred to as Shadow.

"Always be ready for the unexpected and you'll win."


"Isn't the sky lovely? Better than boring land or sea..."

A 15-year-old white-haired ditzy airhead. She loves the sky, and flying. She's mostly calm, though she can really become mad, angry, or overall excited when the moment comes. And she hates water because she can not swim.


"Even the lowliest of species has a value."

Short for Computerized Yieldless Battle-Efficient Robot Utilizing System. He's devised for commanding units and interacting with machines thanks to different wires. Created by Cobalt Ice as an experiment for a "super-soldier" that turned wrong during the test. He was recovered and restored by Jade Sun.

Brown Desert


"It is the duty of a soldier to protect others."

Appointed leader of Brown Desert since their former Field Commander was assassinated, he is a mostly pacifist man, and a protective tactician. Personnifies emphasis on his own country's name.

  • Dishing Out Dirt: As befits the leader of a desert nation.
  • Field Promotion: Wasn't exactly commander-in-chief of Brown Desert at the very beginning. He got promoted because of his superior's death.


"Money can't buy happiness, but it makes for a successful campaign."

A charming musician who would rather rest than go to war, though his main talents is outside of his interests. Also a skilled negotiator. A representant of India in this RP.

Keitaro Hirochi

"Let me show you what kind of walls keep blocking your progress."

The youngest CO in the RP (13 years old). A small child with glasses, raised to become a CO and recognized as one since he was six. Coming from the colder desert, he has great physical and mental endurance, ready to serve his country to death.


A 500-years-old elemental of sand, that is in personal terms with the Rajah of Brown Desert. Sees himself as Brown Desert's protector.


An aged CO in the Brown Desert Army. His terrible burn marks and scars are proof of his wide experience in the army. Fond of planning before acting, though he can let anger get the better of him at times.