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Playable Characters[edit | hide | hide all]

Zelos[edit | hide]

A bounty hunter that prefers to be a lone wolf, and doesn't like how people keep wanting to follow him. Both of his arms are mechanical prosthetics that give him an edge on the battlefield, especially if a Core Elemental is contained within them. His weapon of choice is the gun.

Nyugen Le[edit | hide]

A blonde adventurer that was assigned by the guild to work with Zelos on a hard mission. Like the other two given this task, Le decided to say with Zelos after the mission was over. His dream is to rescue a cute Damsel in Distress and get into a relationship. His weapon of choice is the knife.

Adelle[edit | hide]

A purple-haired mercenary that was assigned to help Zelos rescue Aria, and decided not to part ways afterwards. Her weapon of choice is the sword.

Duja[edit | hide]

A white-haired mercenary given the same task as Le and Adelle. His weapon of choice is the 'break', which is akin to a tomahawk.

Aria[edit | hide]

A young, blue-haired lady that was rescued by Zelos and the other mercenaries. Upon realizing that she lost her memories, she decided to travel with Zelos and his 'friends', hoping to remember her past along the way. Her weapon of choice is the staff.

Snow[edit | hide]

A mysterious lady with white hair that needs Zelos' help. Her weapon of choice is the staff.

Sciorra[edit | hide]

A pink-haired catgirl that hunts in order to survive. After encountering Zelos and his party, and hearing about their jobs as jacks-of-all-trades, she joins them. Her weapon of choice is the spear.