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"'Demons, Demons, Demons.' Wow. They put a lot of thought into that title."
Cordelia Chase, Angel

Scudworth: I'll title it, "What It's Like to Be a Teenage Clone, colon, A Rope of Sand."
Mr. Butlerton: Good title, it draws the reader in without giving too much away.

Sometimes, writers are imaginative. They think up the most amazing plot twists, the funniest dialogue, the best characters possible for their episode.

And then they have to think up an episode title. Sometimes with Idiosyncratic Episode Naming it's easy, but most shows don't have that, so the writer is forced to make it up himself. And sometimes, he turns to the Stock Episode Title.

What makes a Stock Episode Title? Well, the minimum requirement is five separate shows using it (and not just one writer using it over and over again, like Aaron Sorkin does with "What Kind of Day Has It Been?"). For example, the episode title "My Brother's Keeper" has been used fifty-two times over the years,[1] probably because it's a Literary Allusion Title from The Bible. Most Stock Episode Titles are either Literary Allusion Titles or simple, single word titles. A great many Stock Episode Titles relate to the Wedding Day.

Because a writer may be able to write a great episode, but will still bang his head against the wall when trying to think up a title.

See also Stock Subtitle.

The following works are especially notable for featuring Stock Episode Titles.
This trope is ubiquitous; examples playing it straight need not apply.

A chart of the most popular Stock Episode Titles. Note: Two- or three-part episodes have been counted as one.

Further note: While the pilot episode of a show is very commonly called "Pilot" - 1715 times, in fact[2] - it doesn't really count, does it?

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The Table

# of Episodes Title Notes / See Also / Not to Be Confused With ATT Page
255 "Finale" / "The Finale" Grand Finale; Stock Series Finales Finale
217 "Reunion" / "The Reunion" Survivor uses the exact title 3 times (2 not counted) as well as numerous times with Colon Cancer, as of 7 June 2011 Reunion
164 "Wedding" / "The Wedding" Wedding and Engagement Tropes, as of 7 June 2011 Wedding
146 "Homecoming" / "The Homecoming" The Homecoming (Harold Pinter play) Homecoming
138 "Lost and Found" Includes the Lost episode "...And Found", and three different two-part episodes (see also Lost and Found) Lost and Found
122 "Runaway" / "The Runaway" / "Runaways" / "The Runaways" Runaway
111 "Double Trouble" As of 8 June 2011 Double Trouble
104 "_____ to the Rescue" Manually counted, only counting variations upon (Noun) to the Rescue, and not including episodes titled "To the Rescue" or "Race to the Rescue".
104 "Halloween" All Hallow's Eve (holiday), Halloween (film series); one example of "Halowe'en" counted, as of 16 June 2011 Halloween
103 "Legacy" / "The Legacy" As of 8 June 2011 Legacy
100 "Second Chance" / "Second Chances" Second Chance, as of 16 June 2011 Second Chance
96 "Party" / "The Party" Counting one episode called "P.A.R.T.Y.", as of 16 June 2011 Party
90 "Witness" / "The Witness" As of 16 June 2011 Witness
91 "The Gift" The Gift, as of 16 June 2011 The Gift
84 "Hero" / "The Hero" The Hero, as of 22 July 2011 Hero
78 "Secrets" The Secret Index Secrets
75 "Trapped" The Trapped Trilogy (flash games) Trapped
74 "Great Expectations" Great Expectations (novel), includes 3 two-part episodes Great Expectations
73 "Family Affair" / "A Family Affair" Family Affair (TV series) Family Affair
73 "Trial" / "The Trial" The Trial (Franz Kafka) Trial
71 "Aftermath" / "The Aftermath" Includes two multi-part episodes from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and A Country Practice Aftermath
70 "Til Death Do Us Part" / "Till Death Do Us Part" Until Death Do Us Part (manga) Til Death Do Us Part
69 "Home" Home
69 "Judgment Day" / "Judgement Day" Includes 4 two-part episodes Judgment Day
68 "Ties That Bind" / "The Ties That Bind" Ties That Bind
67 "Escape" Escape
67 "Ghosts" Ghosts
67 "No Place Like Home" / "There's No Place Like Home" There's No Place Like Home No Place Like Home
67 "Return" / "The Return" Return
67 "Revelation" / "The Revelation" / "Revelations" Five examples of "Révélations" and two of "Révélation" counted Revelation
67 "Secrets and Lies" Secrets and Lies
66 "Blind Date" / "The Blind Date" Blind Date Blind Date
64 "Betrayal" / "The Betrayal" Betrayal Tropes Betrayal
64 "Home Sweet Home" Home, Sweet Home Home Sweet Home
62 "End Game" / "Endgame" Includes four multi-part episode from Waking the Dead, Beast Machines, Transformers Animated and Wild C.A.T.S. listed under "partial matches" End Game
62 "Hide and Seek" Hide and Seek (film); includes two multi-part episode from Dog the Bounty Hunter and Degrassi the Next Generation, a subtitled multi-part episode of Jackanory, and a half-episode example from Phineas and Ferb. Hide and Seek
59 "Anniversary" / "The Anniversary" Includes two multi-part episodes from My Wife and Kids and The Nancy Walker Show Anniversary
59 "Sins of the Father" / "The Sins of the Father" Sins of Our Fathers; one example of "Sins of Our Father" and one of "The Sins of Our Father" not counted. Sins of the Father
59 "Survivor" / "Survivors" / "The Survivor" / "The Survivors" Survivor, Survivors by Erin Hunter and Survivors (TV series) Survivor
58 "Father's Day" Includes one example of "Fathers Day" and one example of "Fathers' Day" Father's Day
57 "Rescue" / "The Rescue" Rescue
57 "Skin Deep" Skin Deep (webcomic) Skin Deep
56 "Christmas" Christmas Tropes Christmas
56 "Showdown" / "The Showdown" Includes one multi-part episode from WMAC Legends listed under "partial matches" Showdown
55 "Mother's Day" Includes one example of "Mothers Day" Mother's Day
54 "Dream" / "Dreams" / "The Dream" Dream
54 "Happy Birthday" "Happy Birthday to You" (song) Happy Birthday
54 "Nightmare" / "The Nightmare" Nightmare
53 "Brothers" / "The Brothers" Brothers
53 "Eye for an Eye" / "An Eye for an Eye" Eye for an Eye
53 "Survival" Includes two multi-part episodes from Doctor Who and Evolution: The Animated Series listed under "partial matches" Survival
52 "Hit and Run" Hit and Run
52 "My Brother's Keeper" Includes one two part episode, and a "Brother's Keeper, My", as of 10 June 2010 My Brother's Keeper
52 "Power Play" / "Powerplay" Includes a multi-part episode from A Country Practise listed under "partial matches" Power Play
52 "Teacher's Pet" Teacher's Pet, Teachers Pet (TV series); includes two examples of "Teachers Pet" Teacher's Pet
51 "A Friend in Need" A Friend in Need, includes two different multi-part episodes A Friend in Need
51 "Blast from the Past" / "A Blast from the Past" Blast from the Past (film); includes three multi-part episodes from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Street Legal and Webster Blast from the Past
50 "All That Glitters" All That Glitters All That Glitters
50 "Arrival" / "The Arrival" Includes a multi-part episode from The Jeffersons listed under "partial matches" Arrival
50 "Confession" / "The Confession" Confessional Confession
50 "The Letter" Includes a multi-part episode from 7th Street Theater listed under "partial matches" The Letter
50 "Manhunt"/"The Manhunt" Manhunt (game series); includes a multi-part episode of The Littlest Hobo listed under "partial matches" Manhunt
50 "Missing" Missing
50 "Strange Bedfellows" Enemy Mine; includes one multi-part episode from Cheers listed under "partial matches" Strange Bedfellows
50 "Sanctuary" Contains two multi-part examples from X-Men and A Country Practice Sanctuary
47 "Double Jeopardy" Double Jeopardy (film); includes a multi-part episode from Blue Healers listed under "partial matches" Double Jeopardy
47 "Masquerade" Masquerade Masquerade
47 "The Secret" The Secret (book) The Secret
46 "Revenge" Revenge, Revenge Tropes, Revenge (series) Revenge
46 "Surprise" Surprise
45 "Second Time Around" / "The Second Time Around" Second Time Around
44 "Awakening" / "The Awakening" / "Awakenings" The Awakening (novel), Awakenings (film); contains five multi-part episodes from Doctor Who, Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Amazing Extraordinary Friends, The Lazarus Man and Gargoyles listed under "partial matches" Awakening
44 "Duel" / "The Duel" Duel
44 "Unfinished Business" Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
43 "The Choice" The Choice
43 "Deadline" / "The Deadline" Includes two multi-part episodes from Bognor and Murder Call listed under "partial matches" Deadline
43 "The Test" The Test
42 "Blood Money" Blood Money
42 "Countdown" Includes a multi-part episode from Police Story listed under "partial matches" Countdown
42 "Crush" / "The Crush" Crush
42 "Love Hurts" Love Hurts
41 "The Game" The Game (series), The Game (film) The Game
40 "Payback" Payback (film) Payback
40 "Resurrection" Includes a multi-part episode of Diagnosis: Murder listed under "partial matches" Resurrection
39 "Fire" / "The Fire" Includes a multi-part episode of Magkaribal and a multi-part episode of Jackanory listed under "partial matches" Fire
38 "My Dinner with _____" allusion to film My Dinner with Andre; excludes example of "Dinner With My..."
37 "Sisters" / "The Sisters" Sisters
37 "The Search" The Search
37 "The Stranger" The Stranger (novel) The Stranger
36 "Birthday" / "The Birthday" Birthday Tropes Birthday
36 "Crash" / "The Crash" Crash (novel and 1996 film), Crash (2004 film) Crash
36 "Eye of the Beholder" Eye of the Beholder (game series) Eye of the Beholder
36 "Finders Keepers" Finder's Keepers (webcomic), Finders Keepers (TV series) Finders Keepers
36 "The Fugitive" The Fugitive (TV series); includes a multi-part episode from Family Ties listed under "partial matches" The Fugitive
36 "Obsession" Obsession
36 "Redemption" Redemption
36 "A Star Is Born" A Star Is Born (film) A Star Is Born
35 "Checkmate" Checkmate
35 "Crossroads" Crossroads
35 "Invasion" / "The Invasion" Invasion (TV series) Invasion
35 "Promised Land" / "The Promised Land" The Promised Land Promised Land
35 "Trial by Fire" Trial by Fire
34 "Double Date" / "The Double Date" Double Date Double Date
34 "The Great Escape" Great Escape The Great Escape
34 "Hunted" / "The Hunted" The Hunted (film) Hunted
34 "Inheritance" / "The Inheritance" / Inheritance
34 "The Last Temptation of _____" allusion to novel and film The Last Temptation of Christ
34 "Love" Love Tropes Love
34 "The Race" The Race
34 "Sacrifice" / "The Sacrifice" Sacrifice
33 "Best Friends" Best Friends
33 "Crime and Punishment" Crime and Punishment (novel) Crime and Punishment
33 "Election" / "The Election" Election (film) Election
33 "Fool's Gold" Fool's Gold
33 "The Other Woman" The Other Woman
33 "Requiem" Requiem (MMORPG) Requiem
33 "Vengeance" Vengeance
32 "Cry Wolf" Cry Wolf (film), Crying Wolf Cry Wolf
32 "Devil You Know" / "The Devil You Know" / "Better the Devil You Know" Better the Devil You Know Devil You Know
32 "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" allusion to film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
32 "Journey" / "The Journey" Journey (band) Journey
32 "The One That Got Away" The One That Got Away
32 "Paradise Lost" allusion to poem Paradise Lost Paradise Lost
32 "The Show Must Go On" The Show Must Go On The Show Must Go On
31 "End of the World" / "The End of the World" As of 8 June 2011 End of the World
31 "Fear" Fear Tropes Fear
31 "Full Circle" Full Circle
31 "Chase" / "The Chase" Cha$e, The Chase, Chase Scene Chase
31 "Old Friends" Old Friends
31 "The Ring" The Ring (film) The Ring
31 "Valentine's Day" Valentines Day (film) Valentine's Day
31 "Beauty and the Beast" Allusion to fairy tale Beauty and The Beast Beauty and the Beast
30 "A Day in the Life" Day in the Life A Day in the Life
30 "Faith" Faith
30 "Fire and Ice" Fire and Ice Fire and Ice
30 "The Hunt" The Hunt
30 "Reckoning" / "The Reckoning" Reckoning
30 "Time Bomb" / "Timebomb" Time Bomb Time Bomb
29 "Heroes" Heroes, Heroes (TV series) Heroes
29 "Killer" / "The Killer" Killer
29 "Shadows" Shadows
28 "Breakdown" Breakdown
28 "Enemy Within" / "The Enemy Within" Enemy Within Enemy Within
28 "Family" Family
28 "The Morning After" What Did I Do Last Night? The Morning After
29 "Game Over" Game Over Game Over
29 "Quarantine" Quarantine Quarantine
29 "Someone to Watch Over Me" Someone to Watch Over Me
28 "Playing with Fire" Playing with Fire Playing with Fire
28 "The Play's the Thing" allusion to Hamlet The Play's the Thing
28 "See No Evil" See No Evil
28 "Trading Places" Trading Places Trading Places
28 "Truth or Dare" Truth or Dare
28 "The Whole Truth" The Whole Truth
27 "Do the Right Thing" Do the Right Thing Do the Right Thing
27 "Fall Out" / "Fallout" Fallout (game) Fall Out
27 "Fame" Fame Fame
27 "Justice" Justice (comic book series) Justice
27 "Mirror, Mirror" allusion to fairy tale "Snow White"; Mirror Mirror (TV series) Mirror, Mirror
27 "The Storm" The Storm
27 "Tough Love" Tough Love Tough Love
27 "Truth and Consequences" Truth or Consequences Truth and Consequences
27 "The Wall" The Wall (album) The Wall
26 "Angel" Angel (TV series) Angel
26 "Blackmail" Blackmail
26 "Buried Treasure" Buried Treasure Buried Treasure
26 "Choices" Choices
26 "Come Fly with Me" Come Fly with Me
26 "Flashback" Flash Back, Flashback (game) Flashback
26 "Help" Help! Help
26 "Identity Crisis" Identity Crisis (comic book series) Identity Crisis
26 "Last Dance" / "The Last Dance" The Last Dance Last Dance
26 "Love Story" Love Story
26 "A Night to Remember" A Night to Remember (film) A Night to Remember
26 "Snow Job" Snow Job
25 "Ashes to Ashes" Ashes to Ashes (TV series) Ashes to Ashes
25 "Black Widow" / "The Black Widow" Black Widow Black Widow
25 "Home Alone" Home Alone (film) Home Alone
25 "In Sickness and in Health" In Sickness and in Health
25 "Leap of Faith" Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
25 "Money" Money
25 "Phoenix" Phoenix
25 "Race Against Time" / "A Race Against Time" / "The Race Against Time" Race Against the Clock Race Against Time
25 "Sex" SEX (manga) Sex
24 "Bloodlines" Bloodlines
24 "Echoes" Echoes
24 "Flight" Flight Flight
24 "Free Fall" / "Freefall" Freefall (webcomic) Free Fall
24 "Heat Wave" / "Heatwave" Heat Wave Heat Wave
24 "The Key" The Key
24 "No Way Out" No Way Out (film) No Way Out
24 "Power" Power
24 "Under Pressure" Under Pressure
23 "Big Bang" / "The Big Bang" Big Bang
23 "Changes" Changes
23 "Earthquake" Earthquake Earthquake
23 "Forbidden Fruit" Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit
23 "Friends Like These" / "With Friends Like These" With Friends Like These... Friends Like These
23 "High Noon" High Noon High Noon
23 "Hollywood" Hollywood Hollywood
23 "Home Again" Home Again
23 "The Hunter" The Hunter The Hunter
23 "Once Upon a Time" Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
23 "Rendezvous" Rendezvous
23 "Something Old, Something New" Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Something Old, Something New
23 "Survival of the Fittest" Social Darwinist, Survival of the Fittest (game) Survival of the Fittest
23 "Talent Show" / "The Talent Show" Talent Show Talent Show
23 "Wedding Bells" Wedding Bells
22 "The Accused" The Accused
22 "Bad Company" Bad Company (band) Bad Company
22 "The Cure" The Cure (band) The Cure
22 "Day of Reckoning" / "The Day of Reckoning" Day of Reckoning
22 "Dear Diary" Dear Diary
22 "Father Knows Best" / "The Father Knows Best" Father Knows Best (series) Father Knows Best
22 "Fever" Fever
22 "First Date" First Date
22 "Funeral" / "The Funeral" Funeral Tropes Funeral
22 "Games People Play" Games People Play
22 "Ghost Town" Ghost Town, Ghost Town (film) Ghost Town
22 "Graduation" / "The Graduation" Graduation
22 "Hello(,) Goodbye" Hello, Goodbye
22 "House of Cards" House of Cards (British series) (TV series) House of Cards
22 "A Matter of Life and Death" Matter of Life and Death A Matter of Life and Death
22 "Nemesis" Nemesis
22 "The Party's Over" The Party's Over
22 "Sink or Swim" Sink or Swim
22 "Sleeping with the Enemy" Sleeping with the Enemy (film) Sleeping with the Enemy
22 "To Catch A Thief" To Catch a Thief (film) To Catch A Thief
22 "Trust Me" Trust Me (TV series) Trust Me
21 "Beauty and the Beast" Beauty and The Beast (fairy tale) Beauty and the Beast
21 "The Bridge" The Bridge The Bridge
21 "Conspiracy" Conspiracy
21 "The Date" The Date
21 "Divorce" / "The Divorce" Divorce
21 "Eye of the Storm" Eye of the Storm
21 "Ghost in the Machine" Ghost in the Machine Ghost in the Machine
21 "Hearts and Minds" Hearts and Minds
21 "The Interview" The Interview
21 "Killer Instinct" / "The Killer Instinct" Killer Instinct (game) Killer Instinct
21 "The Kiss" The Kiss
21 "Let the Games Begin" Let the Games Begin
21 "Lost" Lost (TV series) Lost
21 "To Have and to Hold" To Have and to Hold
21 "When the Bough Breaks" When the Bough Breaks
20 "The Birthday Party" The Birthday Party
20 "Blind Faith" Blind Faith
20 "Blood Ties" Blood Ties
20 "Boys Will Be Boys" Boys Will Be Boys
20 "The Dance" The Dance
20 "False Witness" False Witness
20 "Genesis" Genesis (band), Sega Genesis (game system), Ge Ne Sis (game) Genesis
20 "In The Dark" May be a reference to What You Are in the Dark In The Dark
20 "Inside Out" Inside Out
20 "No Good Deed" / "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" No Good Deed Goes Unpunished No Good Deed
20 "Prodigal Son" / "The Prodigal Son" Prodigal Son
20 "_____ Saves the Day"
20 "War" War
19 "The Beginning" The Beginning
19 "The Bet" The Bet The Bet
19 "Cabin Fever" Cabin Fever, Cabin Fever (film) Cabin Fever
19 "Coming of Age" Coming of Age Story Coming of Age
19 "Dead on Arrival" / "D.O.A." D.O.A. (film) Dead on Arrival
19 "Dead Reckoning" Dead Reckoning
19 "Exodus" Exodus
19 "The Fight" The Fight
19 "First Day" / "The First Day" First Day
19 "Follow The Leader" Follow the Leader Follow The Leader
19 "A Friend Indeed" / "A Friend in Deed" A Friend Indeed
19 "Gimme Shelter" Gimme Shelter
19 "Haunted" Haunted
19 "The Job" The Job (series) The Job
19 "Learning Curve" / "The Learning Curve" Learning Curve
19 "Meltdown" Meltdown
19 "Metamorphosis" Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
19 "Mistaken Identity" Mistaken Identity Mistaken Identity
19 "Nobody's Perfect" Nobody's Perfect
19 "Pressure" Pressure
19 "Rescue Me" Rescue Me (TV series) Rescue Me
19 "Sex, Lies and Videotape" (and variations) allusion to film Sex, Lies, and Videotape ; 11 straight examples, one "Sex, Lies and No Videotape", one "Oral Sex, Lies and Videotape", three "Sex, Lies and Videotapes", two "Ex, Lies and Videotape", one "Dexter, Lies and Videotape". Sex, Lies and Videotape
19 "Stranded" Stranded
19 "Suspect" / "The Suspect" Suspect
19 "Underground" Underground
19 "Viva Las Vegas" Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas
18 "Back To Basics" Back To Basics
18 "Blindside" / "Blindsided" Blindside
18 "The Contest" The Contest
18 "Do No Harm" / "First Do No Harm" Do No Harm
18 "Out of the Blue" Out of the Blue
18 "The End" The End The End
18 "Graduation Day" Graduation Day
18 "Heart of the Matter" / "The Heart of the Matter" Heart of the Matter
18 "Help Wanted" Help Wanted
18 "Holiday" Holiday Tropes Holiday
18 "Message in a Bottle" Message in a Bottle Message in a Bottle
18 "Moving Day" Moving Day
18 "Rest in Peace" / "R.I.P." Rest in Peace
18 "Turning Point" / "The Turning Point" Turning Point
17 "Aftershock" / "Aftershocks" Aftershock
17 "All's Fair" All's Fair
17 "Asylum" Asylum
17 "Bon Voyage" Bon Voyage
17 "Cat and Mouse" Cat and Mouse
17 "Dead or Alive" Dead or Alive (game) Dead or Alive
17 "Fear And Loathing" / "Fear And Loathing In _____ " Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Fear and Loathing
17 "Fear of Flying" Fear of Flying
17 "Future Shock" Future Shock
17 "Happily Ever After" Happily Ever After Happily Ever After
17 "Homeward Bound" Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (film) Homeward Bound
17 "The Lie" The Lie
17 "Opening Night" Opening Night
17 "Out of Time" Out of Time
17 "Partners in Crime" Partners in Crime
17 "Search and Rescue" Search and Rescue
17 "Sweet Dreams" Sweet Dreams
17 "The Sound of Silence" / "The Sounds of Silence" / "Sound of Silence" / "Sounds of Silence" Simon and Garfunkel The Sound of Silence
17 "Twilight" Includes 2 two-part episodes Twilight
16 "The Big Sleep" Big Sleep, The Big Sleep (film) The Big Sleep
16 "Carnival" Carnival
16 "Chameleon" / "The Chameleon" Chameleon
16 "Consequences" Consequences
16 "Crossfire" Crossfire
16 "Destiny" Destiny
16 "Dream Lover" Dream Lover
16 "The Ex Files" / "The Ex-Files" A Worldwide Punomenon on The X-Files The Ex Files
16 "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
16 "The Judge" The Judge The Judge
16 "Magic" Magic
16 "Nowhere to Run" Nowhere to Run
16 "Once Bitten" Once Bitten
16 "The Quest" The Quest The Quest
16 "Rivals" Rivals
16 "Showtime" Showtime (TV channel) Showtime
16 "Vacation" Vacation
15 "About Face" About Face
15 "And Baby Makes Three" And Baby Makes Three
15 "Animals" Animals
15 "Brave New World" Brave New World (novel) Brave New World
15 "Collision" Collision
15 "Dead End" Dead End
15 "Dead Ringer" Dead Ringer
15 "Double Cross" Double Cross
15 "Fatal Attraction" / "A Fatal Attraction" Fatal Attraction, Fatal Attraction (film) Fatal Attraction
15 "He Said, She Said" He Said, She Said
15 "Illusion" / "Illusions" Illusion
15 "Into the Fire" Into the Fire
15 "The Long Way Home" Includes 2 two-part episodes The Long Way Home
15 "Panic" Panic
15 "Rules of the Game" Rules of the Game Rules of the Game
15 "Shattered" Shattered
15 "Silent Night" Silent Night
15 "Squeeze Play" Squeeze Play
15 "Still Waters" Still Waters
15 "Storm Warning" Storm Warning
15 "Temptation" Temptation
15 "Time" Time
14 "Affairs of the Heart" Affairs of the Heart
14 "Baptism by Fire" / "Baptism of Fire" Baptism by Fire
14 "The Big Game" Big Game The Big Game
14 "Blood" Blood
14 "Charlie" Charlie
14 "Chaos" Chaos
14 "Dad" Dad
14 "Dangerous Liaisons" Dangerous Liaisons (novel) Dangerous Liaisons
14 "Demons" Demons (TV series) Demons
14 "Doomsday" Doomsday
14 "Eclipse" Eclipse
14 "Fight or Flight" Fight or Flight
14 "Forever Young" Forever Young
14 "Friend or Foe" Friend or Foe Friend or Foe
14 "The Girl Next Door" Girl Next Door The Girl Next Door
14 "Ice" Ice
14 "Intervention" Intervention
14 "Into the Woods" Into the Woods (musical) Into the Woods
14 "I've Got You Under My Skin" / "Under My Skin" I've Got You Under My Skin
14 "Journey's End" Includes 1 three-part episode and two sub-subtitled episodes Journey's End
14 "Leader of the Pack" Leader of the Pack
14 "A Little Learning" A Little Learning
14 "The Lottery" "The Lottery" (short story) The Lottery
14 "Mind Over Matter" Mind Over Matter
14 "An Officer and a Gentleman" / "Officers and Gentlemen" An Officer and a Gentleman
14 "One" One
14 "One on One" One on One
14 "Out of Sight" Out of Sight
14 "The Quality of Mercy" The Quality of Mercy
14 "The Road Not Taken" Includes one two-part episode The Road Not Taken
14 "Shades of Gray" / "Shades of Grey" Shades of Gray
14 "Shadow Play" / "Shadowplay" Shadow Play
14 "Star Crossed" Star Crossed
14 "A Tale of Two Cities" A Tale of Two Cities (novel) A Tale of Two Cities
14 "War Games" / "The War Games" War Games
13 "Abandoned" Includes one case of "The Abandoned", as of 16 June 2011 Abandoned
13 "All Fall Down" All Fall Down
13 "As Time Goes By" As Time Goes By
13 "Boiling Point" Boiling Point
13 "The Boy Next Door" The Boy Next Door
13 "The Cage" The Cage
13 "The Car" The Car
13 "Chain Reaction" Chain Reaction
13 "Crash and Burn" Crash and Burn
13 "The Day After" The Day After
13 "Fall From Grace" Fall From Grace
13 "Fallen Angel" Fallen Angel
13 "Final Countdown" / "The Final Countdown" Final Countdown
13 "Fish Out of Water" Fish Out of Water
13 "The Fix" The Fix
13 "Fly Away Home" Fly Away Home
13 "Framed" Framed
13 "Freedom" Freedom
13 "Gone But Not Forgotten" Gone But Not Forgotten
13 "Happy Anniversary" Happy Anniversary
13 "Heartbeat" Heartbeat
13 "The Long Night" The Long Night
13 "Love on the Rocks" Love on the Rocks
13 "One of Us" One of Us One of Us
13 "Pregnancy"/ "The Pregnacy" Pregnancy
13 "Prodigy" / "The Prodigy" Prodigy
13 "Rebellion" Rebellion
13 "Shadow" / "The Shadow" Shadow
13 "S.O.S." S.O.S.
13 "Talk Show" / "The Talk Show" Talk Show
12 "Alone" Alone
12 "Avatar" Avatar, Avatar (film), [[Avatar: The Last Airbender]] (TV series) Avatar
12 "The Big Squeeze" The Big Squeeze
12 "Black and White" Black and White
12 "Born To Run" Born to Run
12 "Borrowed Time" Borrowed Time
12 "Broken" Broken
12 "The Bully" The Bully
12 "Burnin' Down the House" / "Burning Down the House" Burnin' Down the House
12 "Descent" / "The Descent" Descent (video game series), The Descent (film) Descent
12 "The Edge" The Edge
12 "The Enemy" The Enemy
12 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" For Whom the Bell Tolls
12 "A Friend in Deed" A Friend in Deed
12 "Head Over Heels" Head Over Heels
12 "Home Invasion" Home Invasion
12 "I Do" I Do
12 "Justice For All" / "And Justice For All" Justice For All
12 "Knock Knock" / "Knock Knock, Who's There?" Knock Knock
12 "Last Call" Last Call
12 "The Long Road Home" The Long Road Home
12 "New Year's Eve" New Year's Eve
12 "Night Shift" Night Shift
12 "Surf's Up" Surf's Up (film) Surf's Up
12 "The Sky is Falling" The Sky is Falling
12 "Time Machine" / "The Time Machine" Time Machine
12 "To Be or Not to Be" allusion to Hamlet; not to be confused with To Be or Not to Be (film) To Be or Not to Be
12 "24 Hours" / "Twenty-Four Hours" 24 Hours
12 "War and Peace" War and Peace (novel) War and Peace
12 "What If" What If
12 "Whisper" / "Whispers" Whisper
12 "Windows" Windows
11 "After Hours" After Hours
11 "After the Fall" After the Fall
11 "Alter Ego" Alter Ego
11 "And Baby Makes Two" And Baby Makes Two
11 "The Big One" The Big One
11 "Chain of Command" Chain of Command
11 "Chosen One" / "The Chosen One" Chosen One
11 "Dream a Little Dream" / "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Dream a Little Dream
11 "Evolution" Evolution
11 "Fear Itself" Fear Itself
11 "First Blood" First Blood, Rambo (film series); includes a two-part episode from Shadow Squad under "partial matches" First Blood
11 "Goodbye" Goodbye
11 "Hook, Line and Sinker" Hook, Line and Sinker
11 "The House" The House
11 "Letter of the Law" Letter of the Law
11 "Little White Lies" Little White Lies
11 "Lockdown" Lockdown
11 "Lucky" Lucky
11 "Lust" Lust
11 "The Man" The Man
11 "The New Guy" The New Guy
11 "No Exit" No Exit
11 "Prey" Prey
11 "Saturday" Saturday
11 "Shadow of the Past" / "Shadows of the Past" Shadow of the Past
11 "Sleeper" Sleeper
11 "Special" Special
11 "Through the Looking Glass" Through the Looking Glass
11 "Time and Tide" Time and Tide
11 "Two For The Road" Two For The Road
11 "Victory" Victory
11 "Witch Hunt" Witch Hunt
10 "And Baby Makes Four" And Baby Makes Four
10 "Armageddon" Armageddon
10 "Battle" / "The Battle" Battle
10 "Bad Boys" Bad Boys
10 "Chance of a Lifetime" Chance of a Lifetime
10 "Chaos Theory" Chaos Theory
10 "The Curse" The Curse
10 "Death" Death
10 "Do Or Die" Do or Die
10 "Dream Girl" Dream Girl
10 "Drive" Drive
10 "Forever" Forever
10 "Gold" Gold
10 "Grace" Grace
10 "Gravity" Gravity
10 "The Greater Good" The Greater Good
10 "Initiation" Initiation
10 "Inside Job" Inside Job
10 "Life After Death" Life After Death
10 "The Locket" The Locket
10 "Paradise" Paradise
10 "Paranoia" Paranoia
10 "The Prom" The Prom
10 "Prom Night" Prom Night
10 "Public Relations" Public Relations
10 "Rain" Rain
10 "The Road" The Road
10 "Rose" Rose
10 "Save the Last Dance for Me" Save the Last Dance for Me
10 "Silence" Silence
10 "Something in the Air" Something in the Air
10 "Suffer the Little Children" Suffer the Little Children
10 "Sunday" Sunday
10 "Texas" Texas
10 "The Truth" The Truth
9 "All Good Things" / "All Good Things Must Come to an End" All Good Things
9 "All's Well That Ends Well" All's Well That Ends Well
9 "The Bank Job" The Heist; The Bank Job The Bank Job
9 "Blue" Blue
9 "Boiling Point" Boiling Point
9 "Born To Be Wild" Includes 3 episodes under partial matches Born to Be Wild
9 "Breaking and Entering" Breaking and Entering
9 "Burn, Baby, Burn" Burn, Baby, Burn
9 "Carpe Diem" Carpe Diem
9 "Dear John" Dear John
9 "Encounter" Encounter
9 "Gold" Gold
9 "Guys and Dolls" Guys and Dolls
9 "If Looks Could Kill" If Looks Could Kill
9 "Kindness of Strangers" / "The Kindness of Strangers" Kindness of Strangers
9 "Long Live the King" Long Live the King
9 "Monday" Monday
9 "The Oath" The Oath
9 "Out of the Ashes" Out of the Ashes
9 "Peer Pressure" Peer Pressure
9 "Phantom" / "Phantoms" Phantom
9 "Rock Bottom" Rock Bottom
9 "The Invisible Man" The Invisible Man
9 To The Rescue Only exact matches, includes one multi-part episode of Chip 'n Dale:Rescue Rangers, as of 8 June 2011 To The Rescue
9 "The Tower" The Tower
9 "War Stories" War Stories
9 "Memento Mori" Memento Mori
8 "Apocalypse" / "The Apocalypse" Apocalypse
8 "The Big Race" The Big Race
8 "Born To Be Mild" Pun on the song "Born to be Wild", includes a half-episode of SpongeBob SquarePants Born To Be Mild
8 "Chosen" / "The Chosen" Chosen
8 "Class Reunion" Class Reunion
8 "Danger" Danger
8 "Darkness Falls" / "When Darkness Falls" Darkness Falls (film) Darkness Falls
8 "Day One" Day One
8 "Deus Ex Machina" Deus Ex Machina
8 "The Dogs of War" The Dogs of War
8 "Don't Look Back" Don't Look Back
8 "Enigma" Enigma
8 "Extreme Measures" Extreme Measures
8 "Falling" Falling
8 "Family Man" Family Man
8 "First Blood" First Blood
8 "First Kiss" First Kiss
8 "Hat Trick" Hat Trick
8 "A Knight to Remember" A Knight to Remember
8 "Lessons" Lessons
8 "Lightning" Lightning
8 "Lost In Translation" Lost in Translation
8 "Not Fade Away" Not Fade Away
8 "Robot" Robot
8 "Skin" Skin
8 "A Stitch in Time" A Stitch in Time
8 "Tabula Rasa" Tabula Rasa
8 "Three" Three
8 "Thursday" Thursday
8 "Time Out of Mind" Time Out of Mind
8 "Tomorrow" Tomorrow
8 "Transformation" Transformation
8 "Triple Threat" Triple Threat
8 "Tuesday" Tuesday
8 "Unusual Suspects" / "The Unusual Suspects" Unusual Suspects
8 "Werewolf" Werewolf
8 "White Rabbit"/White Rabbits/The White Rabbit As of 10 June 2011 White Rabbit
8 "Yesterday" Yesterday
8 "Zero" Zero
7 "All's Fair in Love and War" All's Fair in Love and War
7 "The Big Day" The Big Day
7 "The Big Sleep Over" The Big Sleep Over
7 "Black Hole" Black Hole
7 "Butterfly Effect" / "The Butterfly Effect" Butterfly Effect
7 "The Cave" The Cave
7 "Company Man" / "The Company Man" Company Man
7 "A Dark and Stormy Night" A Dark and Stormy Night
7 "Dark Side of the Moon" Dark Side of the Moon
7 "Deliver Us From Evil" Deliver Us From Evil
7 "The Door" The Door
7 "Dreamland" Dreamland
7 "The Eleventh Hour" The Eleventh Hour
7 "Farewell" Farewell
7 "Game, Set and Match" Game, Set and Match
7 "Gone with the Wind" Gone with the Wind
7 "The Great Train Robbery" The Great Train Robbery
7 "The Greater Good" The Greater Good
7 "In Deep" In Deep
7 "The Incident" The Incident
7 "It's A Wonderful Life" It's a Wonderful Life It's A Wonderful Life
7 "Learning to Fly" Learning to Fly
7 "Legacies" Legacies
7 "The Match" The Match
7 "Merry Christmas" Merry Christmas
7 "Odyssey" / "The Odyssey" Odyssey
7 "Outlaws" Outlaws
7 "Over the Rainbow" Over the Rainbow
7 "Pier Pressure" Pier Pressure
7 "Reign of Terror" Reign of Terror
7 "Reversal of Fortune" Reversal of Fortune
7 "Salvation" Salvation
7 "Selling Out" Selling Out
7 "Sleep" Sleep
7 "Sleepwalker" Sleepwalker
7 "Two" Two
7 "The Usual Suspects" The Usual Suspects
7 "Valentine's Day Massacre" Valentine's Day Massacre
7 "Wednesday" Wednesday
7 "What About Bob?" What About Bob?
7 "Who's on First?" Who's on First?
7 "The Window" The Window
6 "All Hell Breaks Loose" / "Hell Breaks Loose" Includes 1 two-part episode All Hell Breaks Loose
6 "Adrift" Adrift
6 "All About Eve" All About Eve (film) All About Eve
6 "April Fool's Day" April Fool's Day
6 "April Fools" April Fools
6 "Beer" Beer
6 "Believe" Believe
6 "Blood Feud" Blood Feud
6 "Booby Trap" Booby Trap
6 "Book of Love" / "The Book of Love" Book of Love
6 "Breathless" Breathless
6 "Bus Stop" Bus Stop
6 "College" College
6 "Damned If You Do" Damned If You Do
6 "Day of The Dead" Day of The Dead
6 "D.N.A." / "DNA" DNA
6 "Duet" Duet
6 "Employee of the Month" Employee of the Month
6 "Enemies" Enemies
6 "The End of the Beginning" The End of the Beginning
6 "Friday" Friday
6 "Gambit" Gambit
6 "The Game Show" The Game Show
6 "Green" Green
6 "Hammer Time" / "It's Hammer Time" MC Hammer Hammer Time
6 "Home Away from Home" Home Away from Home
6 "I'm with Stupid" I'm with Stupid
6 "Kill or Be Killed" Kill or Be Killed
6 "The King is Dead" The King is Dead
6 "The Last Day" The Last Day
6 "Live and Learn" Live and Learn
6 "Muddy Waters" Muddy Waters
6 "Nevermore" allusion to Edgar Allan Poe Nevermore
6 "Nightmares" Nightmares
6 "Numbers" Numbers
6 "Past Lives" Past Lives
6 "Prime Suspect" Prime Suspect series Prime Suspect
6 "Prison Break" Prison Break
6 "Rain of Terror" Rain of Terror
6 "Real Life" Real Life
6 "Remembrance" 4 times from Songs of Praise, 5 from other shows Remembrance
6 "A Star is Torn" allusion to A Star Is Born A Star is Torn
6 "Queen's Gambit" allusion to the Chess opening Queen's Gambit
6 "Unholy Alliance" Unholy Alliance
5 "The Beginning of the End" The Beginning of the End
5 "The Chaperone" Includes a half-episode of SpongeBob SquarePants The Chaperone
5 "Culture Shock" Culture Shock
5 "Dawn" Dawn
5 "Doing Time" Doing Time
5 "Double Double Toil and Trouble" Double Double Toil and Trouble
5 "Fifteen Minutes" Fifteen Minutes
5 "Grace Under Pressure" Grace Under Pressure
5 "Graveyard Shift" Graveyard Shift
5 "In Love and War" In Love and War
5 "Invisible Woman" / "The Invisible Woman" Invisible Woman
5 "Life" Life
5 "Midnight" Midnight
5 "Mom" Mom
5 "More Things in Heaven and Earth" / "There are More Things in Heaven and Earth" More Things in Heaven and Earth
5 "No Rest for the Wicked" No Rest for the Wicked
5 "Peer Pressure" Peer Pressure
5 "Potato" 4 separate uses in Iron Chef, in addition to four other shows that use it once each Potato
5 "Red" Red
5 "Snapshot" Snapshot
5 "Terminal" Terminal
5 "The Thin Red Line" The Thin Red Line
5 "Three Strikes" Three Strikes
5 "Tower of Power" Tower of Power
5 "The Vampire" The Vampire
5 "Vortex" Vortex
5 "Wonderland" Wonderland

Seriously, what's with all these episodes about pilots? ...Wesley?'

  1. Two more uses for I am My Brother's Keeper
  2. as of 7 June 2011