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Final Fantasy. You know, that teeth-crunchingly popular series that everyone who actually plays video games has, at the absolute least, heard of? If it's that popular, with the release of each game, you know that it'll spawn memes.

When adding to this page, please write the meme, then add the explanation of the meme inside a footnote titled "Explanation." Not everyone knows where a particular meme came from or how it's used, even if it's potholed.

Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy VI

  • This is sickening! You sound like chapters from a self-help booklet! [10]
  • Don't tease the octopus, kids! [11]
  • On a certain Image Board, it became common to post a picture of Ultros (who's known for his weird lines) along with an Incredibly Lame Pun where the punchline is always spoiler marked.
  • I'm a general, not some opera floozy! [13]
  • Locke is not a thief, he is a TREASURE HUNTER! [14]
  • Everybody wants Gau! [15]

Final Fantasy VII and Compilation of Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • Toriyama'd [46]
  • "The cat is my only family!" [47]
  • While Square Enix plays inappropriate music.[49]
  • "Come Forth, PuPu!" [50]

Final Fantasy XIV

  • LOLPATCH X.XX [51]

Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • The people of Ivalice were left with l...i...t...t...l...e... m...o...n...e...y...[53]
  • This was the darkened items won't appear.[54]
  • I got a good feeling! [55]
  • Defeat Dycedarg's elder brother! [56]

Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy


  1. Garland's line to the heroes early in the game before getting completely thrashed, a shining example of what happens when Never Say "Die" and Good Bad Translation love each other very much. Like other such lines in the series, this one is kept in later releases/retranslations of the game.
  2. In a typical NES RPG, an NPC would say the same thing over and over, and one guy would always tell you where you were. Incidentally, this line isn't actually in the game, but comes from FF1 spoof 8-Bit Theater.
  3. The Emperor's death cry, the former being the Japanese transliteration and the latter being the English translation. It's a very popular meme in Japan, to the extent that it's the name of the Emperor's fan club.
  4. The infamous Woolseyism when Tellah chews Edward out after his Love Interests Anna dies. Referenced in Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, the PSP port of Final Fantasy Tactics, and Dissidia Duodecim; it's even why Noah Antwiler of The Spoony Experiment uses "The Spoony One" as his internet alter ego. Occasionally also seen as "You Spoony [Other Noun]."
  5. Golbez's line when Fusoya urges him to "give his power to Meteor", translated in English as something like "Fine then" or "Very well." How big is this meme in Japan? In Dissidia Final Fantasy, there was a secret voice file accessible only when the player had a level 100 Golbez, consisting of this line alone.
  6. One of GILGAMESH's very famous quotes.
  7. The fandom's view of Gilgamesh as a Memetic Badass crystallized in their need to spell out his name in ALL CAPS whenever mentioning him on forums. Sometimes doubles as an Interrupting Meme.
  8. From The Spoony Experiment referring to Sabin of Final Fantasy VI, who thanks to a Good Bad Bug can indeed use his Suplex move on the Phantom Train, raising Sabin to Memetic Badass levels.
  9. A Woolseyism of Kefka's reaction when Edgar orders Figaro Castle to dive into the sand.
  10. Kefka before the final battle, mocking the World of Cardboard Speech that the cast has been doing.
  11. One of Ultros' memetically memorable lines, often used out of context to refer to Naughty Tentacles.
  12. Kefka pitching an epic temper tantrum when Celes stabs him.
  13. Locke's idea to capture Setzer at the opera is to have Celes, who looks like the opera star Maria, take her place in the show. Celes is not impressed with this plan as the quote shows.
  14. Based on Locke's insistence on his profession. Expect to be corrected anytime you refer to him as a thief.
  15. Gau is the only character who has the Charm ability, which will make an enemy attack its allies until one of them dies or Gau casts Charm on somebody else. It works on all enemies.
  16. The most famous (and, at the time, spoileriffic) permanent character death in the game. Occasionally combines with the "Dumbledore dies" meme and someone else chimes in with "You son of a bitch!"
  17. From a bit of the Good Bad Translation of Final Fantasy VII (Or Bad Bad Translation, depending on point of view).
  18. Barret, channeling Mr. T in the opening mission.
  19. A cosplay image of Sephiroth stabbing Harry Potter in the same way he stabbed Aerith.
  20. A dig at the Overly-Long Fighting Animation that has since become endemic to the Final Fantasy series, in reference to one of Sephiroth's attacks. Can also apply to the Knights of the Round summon.
  21. One of Cid's lines during the scene when the party is introduced to him.
  22. Zack's win quote in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
  23. Dialogue between Tseng and Zack in Crisis Core during one of the Limit Breaks.
  24. a Mondegreen of Sephiroth's famous line in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: "Shall I give you despair?" Often accompanied by a picture of him Photoshopped so it looks like he's holding the fruit in question.
  25. The infamous "fake laughter" scene from Final Fantasy X, intentional Stylistic Suck that still garnered a Narm reaction out of the audience.
  26. A /g/ meme where some posters will post images of Tidus in threads where posters show off their desktops.
  27. A random female NPC in Besaid commanding Tidus to keep his distance from Yuna. Considering that the two hook up over the course of the game, her warning didn't seem to deter Tidus one bit.
  28. Tidus' narration while stranded at Baaj Temple after escaping the not-meant-to-be-defeated-at-that-point-in-the-game-boss Geosgaeno and finding himself locked in a chamber with no fire to keep himself warm.
  29. Tidus again. After lighting a fire, he discovers he's hungry and belts out this line before briefly dozing off.
  30. The Hypello have a mangled handle on the English language, which will become very noticeable very quickly. They'll ask you this line when you want to ride a shoopuf, the Spiran equivalent of elephants.
  31. During the attack on Home, there's a voice shouting something, presumably in Al Bhed, over the loud speakers over and over. What he's actually saying is "I'm annoying, huh?"
  32. A derogatory reference to the Dragoon job because of its uselessness. "lolthf" and "lolpup" are variations that refer to the Thief and Puppeteer classes.
  33. The words of a rather misguided Beastmaster party leader in response to his party being heavily damaged in a fight.
  34. including not knowing how to code something properly or just being lazy. Carried over to XIV as well, switch "PS2" with "PS3".
  35. Some of the things you can get past the radar via the Auto-Translator. Also carried over to XIV.
  36. The diminuitive race being mocked for their size
  37. From a hilarious side mission where Vaan raises a clamor to the effect that the character Basch is still alive. He does this by going up to random people on the street and shouting one of the aforementioned lines.
  38. Balthier's Catch Phrase, which fans eagerly agree with since he's the Ensemble Darkhorse.
  39. The outcry of some fans when it was revealed that there would be no traditional towns in the game.
  40. The outcry of some fans when it was revealed that a Leona Lewis song would be used as a theme for the English release of the game.
  41. Jihl Nabaat is disliked by many fans because of her treatment of Sazh and his son.
  42. Said by Hope's mother, putting on a brave face before going off to her death.
  43. One of Sazh's lines to Vanille, which gained popularity when it appeared in the English trailer.
  44. Said by HC Bailly during his Let's Play of Final Fantasy XIII, due to Sazh's Head Pet denying him a Panty Shot from Vanille.
  45. A sketch involving Ali Hillis (Lightning) and Troy Baker (Snow) dubbing over a playthrough of the game, where Snow does nothing in battle but repeatedly use his Steelguard skill, and then runs off into danger without even batting an eyelash (which bites the entire party in the ass). A related meme is "I/Bitches like/love steelguard!" as a retort to Lightning's remark "Nobody loves steelguard." when the party is wiped out by a Boss in Mooks Clothing.
  46. It means that if you play a game where he had a hand in the creative development, expect the story to troll you and make no sense.
  47. One of Serah's sillier Live Triggers
  48. The last few lines of the Historia Crux theme (sung by Origa no less) done in a very bombastic manner.
  49. The number of times the story's mood swings and contrasts with the current music is numerous.
  50. Rechallenging Pu Pu at the coliseum will have the Arbiter say this in his hammy way. And yes, it's pronounced exactly how looks.
  51. Frequently posted on the official forums after a patch deemed useless goes live. Or when a massive patch goes live. Heck, when any patch goes live.
  52. Refers to the "optimal" class setup for clearing the Dzemael Darkhold, which is simply including as fewer melee classes as possible.
  53. From one of the very first narrations of the game (the ellipses represent unskippable pauses between each letter).
  54. An instance of the terrible translation job in the Playstation version of the game.
  55. One of the things the generics sent on jobs can report back, which was given a Shout-Out in Final Fantasy XII.
  56. The (incorrect) mission objective where you have to defeat Dycedarg himself.
  57. Algus, expressing his opinion of non-nobles in one of the many, many, MANY moments that will cause the player to hate him.
  58. From Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, this more or less sums up all the Character Development that Marche gets through the game, causing people to consider him a Designated Hero.
  59. A reference to Exdeath's and the Cloud of Darkness' obsession with the Void.
  60. An alternate sound clip that players can buy after getting Exdeath to Level 100, which randomly activates during his EX Burst. This is a reference to a line Exdeath uttered in his battle with the ancient sage Ghido, a turtle.
  61. Exdeath's hamminess shown in an Exdeath vs. Exdeath match.
  62. One of Kefka's lines to Zidane, in reference to Bartz.
  63. An (unfortunately removed) video mashing up several of Kefka's lines and mannerisms from the Japanese version of Dissidia with music, in a Rick Roll-esque fashion.
  64. A reference to the Emperor's similar look to Jareth (played by David Bowie) in Labyrinth, and referencing the phrases he uses to indicate his also memetic "Starfall" attack.
  65. A reference to Jecht from Final Fantasy X, who is now considered the Final Fantasy equivalent of Captain Falcon due to "Triumphant Grasp" bearing a very noticeable resemblance to Falcon Punch, and the fact Jecht is a Lightning Bruiser using only his kick and punch combos compared to the other characters. In addition, we have "RE-JECHT-ED!" and "OBJECHTION!" for whenever Jecht does something badass and simultaneously nullifies anything that his opponent tries to throw at him. Also often sarcastically mutated to refer to his stellar parenting skills regarding Tidus.
  66. Laguna shouts this line when he gets a perfect EX Burst, and it became memetic from the moment it appeared in a demo video.
  67. Laguna's unfortunate habit of getting a leg cramp when he tries to talk to women, carried over to Dissidia 012 from his original appearance in Final Fantasy VIII, hilariously displayed in a scene with Cloud of Darkness.
  68. A famous bit of Accidental Innuendo (or maybe not so accidental), in which [Ultimecia taunts Squall about the teammates he ditched.
  69. Prishe's secret voice clips replace her HP attack calls, EX Mode and EX Burst dialogue with comments about her being hungry and wanting various types of food. Thus there's some five or six of these, but this is the one that really caught on.
  70. Kuja's line while dodging, which quickly becomes annoying when heard over and over again.
  71. Shantotto's line while performing Bind, which is just as annoying as Kuja's dodge quote.
  72. A faction of fans proclaiming that everyone will play dearly for excluding fan-favorite Gilgamesh in the original Dissidia. This is based on the "You're all fucked when the Hulk gets back" meme popular during the Marvel Civil War. And now that Gilgamesh in is Duodecim, this has been occasionally mutated further into "So... are we fucked yet?"
  73. Let's just say that aside from Mondegreens and Foe Yay, Dissidia is also infamous for Accidental Innuendoes.
  74. Garland going from the first and easiest boss in FF history to a hickory-smoked machine of death and destruction.
  75. From the trailer, where we're given a brief shot of Yuna walking on water. Only her lower body is visible, with her bare feet being prominent.
  76. Vaan's notable lack of a shirt, carried over from his original appearance.
  77. This is one of Lightning's quotes in Dissidia 012, obviously when she uses Thundaga.
  78. A particularly Narmful example of Exdeath's hamminess.
  79. Cloud's rage at Squall believing his relationship with Zack to be that of Ho Yay, leading Cloud to go into a long summon Magic chant... that does nothing. At least to him.
  80. Exdeath acting as a Stalker with a Crush towards a frozen Ultimecia, asking her if she wants a "hug"... said hug being penetration via Delta Attack.
  81. Cloud's fake conversation out-of-sight to dick with Sephiroth for wooing Terra, which leads to the first instance of the line below.
  82. A Running Gag poking fun at Sephiroth's "mommy issues" by having Sephiroth break down into an incoherent, nearly epileptic fit at the mention of the words "Jenova" or "mother."
  83. Jecht's Punctuated Pounding of his son Tidus after he thwarts Jecht's attempt to have Sephiroth give him a blowjob. Makes fun of Sin (the monster Jecht was unintentionally transformed into), as it resembles a giant space whale.
  84. The iconic Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare, used in the successful completion of any task. It was given a Shout-Out in Advent Children as Loz's ring tone, and many people have tried to add their own lyrics to the tune.
  85. A Nico Nico Douga meme, which involves setting the lyrics of the Japanese national anthem to a medley of the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy main themes. If you've already heard about it, it's probably because of the infamous Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga.