Dubious Company

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Pirates, ninjas, and other cliches, wholesale.
Elator's Archetype though, pegs him as being able to stumble his way through any situation none the worse for wear.
Sal (who could be referring to anyone in the cast)

Dubious Company is an adventure comedy comic written by Ben Hsu (AKA Tagalong) and drawn by Elaine Tipping (AKA Tria). It ran from 2005 to 2014; the story is complete.

It follows Captain Walter Herindale and his best buddy Tiren as they build an assorted quirky crew in order to do... something, mostly heavy drinking. All the while they spoof and play with every trope, cliche, and genre they come across. Oh, and dealing with Emperor Kreedor's Elite Guards.

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Tropes used in Dubious Company include:

Comic In General

Shipwrecked In Paradise

  • Keelhauling: Walter claims this as a punishment, until Tiren deconstructs its usefulness on a flying ship.
  • Ninjas VS Pirates: Averted, Walter and Tiren get along fine
  • What Did I Do Last Night??: The series starts OFF with Tiren wondering that. Walter found her as a stowaway while she was sleeping. It happens a few more times in the story. (Hey, they're pirates. They get drunk)

Of Rescues and Mutinies

  • Action Mom: Tiren's mother was also a ninja, based on this Survival Mantra.
  • Born Lucky: Sal is the future high priestess of the god of Randomness, things tend to go her way.
    • As the crew is nearby Sal, this is often extend to them. This includes suddenly finding cover in the middle of a fight on their own ship.
  • Crash Into Hello: How did Elly meet Mary? Walter threw him on her.
  • Walk the Plank: Walter subjects Barry to this. Tiren complains about doing it while docked.

Traitor In Our Midst

Get The Kitty


Tiren: I am going to kill your sister, first chance I get.
Sue: That's normal.


Tiren: Did you just hear someone scream?


The Empire Strikes... Next?

Izor's Amazing Plan (Of Amazement)!

On The Middle of Nowhere


Elly: "You're welcome to join if you don't want to die!"


Back To School

Festival Of Veils

Star Something? (Title pending)

The Evil Tower of Evil

Supplemental and Filler