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And they didn't censor this outfit at all.

Games / General

  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers managed to get suggestions of suicide past the radar. As well as overloads of Nightmare Fuel.
  • Pokémon Colosseum had Hunter Doken, who following your battle with him said something to the effect of "Oh, I love tough guys... wait, uh, not like that."
  • In Platinum, there's a sign near a bed in Team Galactic's hideout that says "Please make sure the bed is unoccupied before getting into it."
  • Also, there's a Juggler in the original versions who says "Oops! Dropped my balls!" after you defeat him. The gag was used again for Gold/Silver/Crystal, but it got rewritten in the remakes, in which he says "Whew! That was a jolt."
    • It was kept, but only if your character is female.
    • There's also a juggler who says this in Black and White.
  • Probably the most perverted example in the entire series: There's an old man staring in the window of the Celadon City Gym. Every trainer in the Celadon Gym is a teenage girl.
    • From Sapphire: There's an old man in Mossdeep City who states, "Now that I'm an old buzzard, my only joy is watching young trainers battle". If you inspect the door behind him, it's locked. Do the math.
    • In HeartGold/SoulSilver, he changes from saying that the Gym is full of girls to that it's full of strong trainers...all the trainers are still teenage girls. Anyone who talked to the man in the previous versions should have a laugh.
    • The trainers there will start to crush on you after you beat them. The dialogue remains unchanged in FireRed/LeafGreen, even if you play as a girl. Apparently there's a(nother) reason he's watching...
  • The Japanese version of Pokémon is quite perverted, actually; a lot of the stuff people say can be seen as sexual harassment.
  • Pokémon Diamond Pearl Versions have a department store in Veilstone City, on the top floor of which can be found: "Two buff guys standing side by side. That's all. What? What's the problem?"
    • And the item these guys give you? Sticky Barb.
  • In FireRed/LeafGreen, there's a girl in one of those caves who tells you not to try anything in the dark - regardless of whether you're playing as a boy or a girl.
    • Rock Tunnel is obviously a popular hang-out for lesbian sex pests.
    • On the S.S. Anne, there are exactly two trainers who will battle you as soon as you enter their rooms. One is an old man who will get mad at you for barging into his room. The other is a sailor who says the following: "I like feisty kids like you!" No lie.
  • Dialogue from a female swimmer, the chesty, bikini-clad babes out on the ocean: "My boyfriend gave me a nice pair of big pearls!" Followed up by, after her defeat, "Don't touch my pearls!"
  • In the Hoenn games you accidentally knock off a female swimmer's top in battle.
  • Here's one from a special event involving Giovanni in HGSS. Upon defeating him, he becomes depressed and thinks his dreams for Team Rocket were all a waste. He then walks out the cave and you hear a sharp chord and a splash. Keep in mind this cave is behind a waterfall. Don't get it? Giovanni may or may not have committed suicide.
  • In HeartGold and SoulSilver, there is a young couple with an Onix and a Cloyster. Nudge nudge wink wink.
  • In the third generation at the top of Mt. Chimney, a female trainer will ask you if you want to "join her in the hotspring" and then promptly tell you she was just kidding.
  • In Sootopolis, there is one guy who wants you to show him big Barboach and the other wants you to show him big Shroomish. Barboach and Shroomish appear to be random choices until you look at them. They even say something along the lines of "I love big Barboach/Shroomish!"
  • The Japanese version of Misty's Tears [dead link] in the TCG. Yes, she's naked. (They changed the artwork for the American version.)
  • Medicham's knees. Just look at them!
  • Eusine's original artwork from Crystal. Look at his right hand! In Britain, two reverse fingers means F**k Off.
  • In the Daycare: "The two Pokémon love playing with each other."
    • Remember, that's what they're actually doing, provided they can breed with each other. It takes a new meaning for the ever popular Skitty/Wailord pairing, though...
  • Two different Jugglers in the first two games would say "Whoops! Dropped my balls!" when you defeat them. Yeah.
    • Speaking of Juggler Irwin...He seems to be infatuated with the 10-year-old PC. In Crystal, they went an extra yard with him and made it so he only acted this way if you were playing as a girl.
  • Speaking of Celadon City, the conversation between Jasmine and Erika that can be seen when you are trying to have a rematch with Jasmine in HeartGold and SoulSilver can be found as quite peculiar. Especially since Erika remarks about how Jasmine should dress a little differently... YMMV, though.
  • In Platinum on Route 223, a Swimmer says "When I'm in my bikini, I'm at a loss about where to keep my Poké Balls"...
  • It's been mentioned a few times that Lopunny was inspired by Playboy bunnies. Lopunny's animation in B&W reveals it's not nearly as voluptuous as it appears, though.
  • Black and White have certain options through Ferris Wheel Date Moments.
  • A swimmer in Undella Bay asks: "Did you come to see Cynthia in a swimsuit?"
    • It also should be noted that the swimmer was female.
  • Another swimmer at one point says that a wave washed her swimsuit off.
  • "I walked so far! My legs are sore! ...Um, you don't have to look." She says this even when you're playing as a girl.
  • Gardevoir, Jynx and Froslass can all learn Flash. Think about it.
    • The biggest concern is that Jynx can learn Flash which can lower accuracy by blinding them temporarily, Lick which can paralyze, and Lovely Kiss which puts someone to sleep. Think about that for a while. A blonde, busty, sexy, and affectionate Pokemon can flash, lick, and kiss others while they're paralyzed or asleep. Now let it sink in that this is a character on a franchise popular with younger audiences.
    • There's an Awkward Zombie comic that plays off this.
    • In fact, in Black and White, a man jumps out at you from behind a dumpster to give you the Flash TM. Uh...
      • And of course this also happens in an alley, so there's no one else around.
    • Jynx's pokedex entry mentions that it seductively wiggles its hips as it walks and apparently causes others to unconsciously do the same thing. Yes, the word "seductively" is actually used.
  • There's a combination of moves- Stockpile, and then Swallow (heals) or Spit Up (attacks). Spit or swallow, the eternal problem.
  • The move Harden has been the butt of jokes since the early days of the franchise. The banana shape of the Mon most known for using it does not help matters.
  • Pokémon Stadium has Nidoqueen Gainaxing. The fact that it is an obviously reptilian creature just makes it weirder.
  • It's possible for a female Azurill to evolve into a male Marill.
    • This is due to the former having a different gender ratio (1 male to 3 female) than the latter (1 to 1). Thus, the hidden values that determine gender in Azurill may get determined as male in Marill. It's unknown if this is supposed to be on purpose (there are some animals that shift from female to male), or some sort of programming error.
  • Honchkrow (nicknamed "Pimpkrow" by the fans) has some obvious Mafia don/pimp basis, especially its pink shiny form. Even its behavior hints at this, with it lording it over underlings (who are partially based on witches) and taking the lion's share of what they have.
  • In Black and White, there is a Gentleman in Undella Bay during the summer who says something like "Ah, summer...Beautiful girls playing in the water...Oh! I'm just talking to myself, pay no attention to me!"
  • Cloyster bears a striking resemblance to a certain organ present in roughly half of the human population. The Internet has not failed to notice this.
  • The shape of Magmar's forehead didn't go unnoticed. And its Japanese name is "Boober"
  • Just think about the name and body shape of Jigglypuff.
  • In Platinum, There is a guy in the Global Terminal that says something along the lines of "This is discrimination! There are only pictures of Pokemon! Why aren't there any pictures of the ladies?"
  • Gorebyss, while not your average mermaid, still wears a Seashell Bra. It can learn Shell Smash... and it has no shell outside said bra.
  • There's a Show Within a Show, "Kokkan Talk", in Black and White that teaches viewers Japanese words. One installment ends in the male host yelling "shimatta!" at the top of his lungs, in response to finding out that a girl he was hitting on was his co-host. This translates, roughly, to "Shit!". Yeah.
  • Jasmine. Think about her original team... an iron-tough giant snake and a pair of big metal balls. And she's the shy reserved type with an implication of... less lady-like tendencies... basically, she is repressed as shit.


  • The female member of the group (as far as the Diamond and Pearl saga goes) is always subject to some kind of fan service as a selling point. Misty basically fit whatever role was necessary (maybe Bare Your Midriff by default). May had an unbelievable bust size for a 10 year old, which actually shrunk when she made a guest appearance in the Sinnoh region. Dawn is probably the most capitalized one, having a short skirt, to the point where you could see the side of her rear quite often if she was in any pose other than standing or sitting. Even in the 13th movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions, there's a scene where Dawn bends over in front of Piplup. And there was no other reason for him to wear a "D8" expression. It remains to be seen whether or not Iris (the female member of the group for the Unova region) is subject to this, considering she seems older and wears conservative clothing.
    • This picture of Dawn...we'll let the outfit speak for itself.
    • In the very first episode of DP, just what did Johanna take out of Dawn's suitcase? See, it's the third screenshot here.
  • Team Rocket are the go-to source for this trope in Pokémon, especially in later seasons. Examples (out of context):

"It pays to have protection!"
"The Boss loves something, as long as that thing is the biggest and the best."
"Grovyle's shooting bla-aanks~!"
"I haven't seen this many strange letters since I took out a personal ad."
"I love a hard rod and good tackle!"
"Let's take our spoils, then make like candles and blow."
"So size does matter."

    • One episode has them trying to steal water from a town in order to sell it, and when they blast off, we get this little exchange:

Jessie: So much for our great bottled water plan!
James: And all our liquid assets!
Meowth: Yeah well speaking of that, it looks like it's time for us to kiss ours goodbye!

    • When Brock comes back after the Orange Islands, Team Rocket asks why and Meowth states that "Maybe you did something embarrassing in front of Professor Ivy!" That could be seen in many ways, but Brock hanging his head in shame following it leaves very little to the imagination.
    • Episode 41 of Advanced Generations gives us this gem:

Jessie: "All of that hard work for nothing!"
James: "So much for the fruit of our labor!"
Meowth: "Guess we're just stuck wit da fruit we already got."


Meowth: That outfit...where'd he get it?
Jessie: I think it came right out of his closet.

    • 'Hassle in the Castle' has Meowth say, "What's da big rush? I'm gettin' ta like it down here"...while reclining with his head against James's lap...
  • The original Kanto series in which Ash's team encounters a Snorlax belonging to an old hippie. When the Pokémon was eating vines blocking off the flow of the river after waking from its nap, the hippie says cheerfully, "Chow down, Snorlax; looks like you've got a case of the munchies!"
  • In an episode of Battle Frontier, Ash and co. have met the salon maiden Anabel. Somehow no one figured out that she was a girl. So when they all get wet, they go back to her house. Anabel says: "I'm gonna go change in the other room, if you know what I mean". Ash says: "Oh, because May's here?" The look on Ash and co.'s faces are priceless when they find out she's a girl.
  • One Diamond and Pearl episode title was "Gettin' [Turt]Twiggy With It!"
  • In Pokémon The Movie 2000: The Power of One, Slowking says (in the middle of a blizzard), "I could use pants."
  • Brock, about Giselle, the top student at Pokémon Tech. Er...

"She can violate my rights any time!"

    • That line was actually cut out of the Kids' WB! version, but it remained on other networks (including the syndicated run on the former UPN channel where I live), in other countries, and on the DVD/VHS release.
    • Given the sheer number of references to Ash and Misty's relationship and Melody's interference, it's a wonder that 4Kids didn't go the whole nine yards and outright make the whole thing about budding sexuality. Oh, and by the way, the movie was tamer in Japanese...
  • The song "What Kind of Pokémon Are You?", a song [on the "2.B.A. Master" soundtrack] about Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors, briefly managed to get away with these lines until American parents complained and the song was taken out of rotation:

Good luck with Muk and its Poison Gas
Make one wrong move and it'll kick your GRASS

    • Similarly, the (official, mind you) Pokémon Snap Strategy Guide has, as a tip title for Scyther, "A Pain in the Grass".
      • The same strategy guide makes a comment about Muk being naughty (because in the screencap it looks like it's giving us the middle finger).
  • One of Team Rocket's mottos started with:

"To protect us from all that chafing and itching!"
"It might finally stop all of Jessie's...complaining!"

  • There was one episode called "Take This House and Shuppet".
    • The above episode's title comes from this song, which (the song) is about a man who is contemplating whether or not he should quit his job, by the way.
    • This may well be a pun on the Yiddish word "schtupp" (which translates to "fuck"). If that is the case, this one is less an example of Getting Crap Past the Radar than just plain raping and murdering it (and then violating its corpse in unspeakable ways).
  • The Battle Dimension episode "Enter Galactic!", unless I'm misremembering, managed to get away with Ash saying "suck" in the oath-based context. This is really less a case of getting crap past the radar and more a case of the radar being asleep at the switch.
  • In the Diamond and Pearl episode, Tanks For the Memories, Brock helps a maid café employee bond with her Miltank. When she fails at properly washing her Miltank and falls to the ground, sulking that she can't do anything right, when Brock comes to console her, it appears he's looking up her dress...not to mention that she's obviously underage; see for yourself here.
    • Bear in mind that he is fifteen. He's 19 (or more) in the games.
  • The Diamond and Pearl episode "Working on a Right Move!" features the battle between Ash and Conway. Conway sends out his Shuckle; Ash sends out his Gible after Noctowl takes a beating. Shuckle then tries to use Gyro Ball, and promptly gets stuck in Gible's mouth, and Shuckle proceeds to use SLUDGE BOMB directly into Gible's mouth! Just...watch.
    • The announcer's commentary was interesting too. "And Shuckle is unleashing Sludge Bomb in a most unusual way!"
      • After the battle with Shuckle, Ash's opponent sends out Lickilicky. His shout of "Watch out for that tongue!" comes a bit late when the little Gible is thoroughly licked for about a minute by the large Pokémon's long tongue! Ash's response, and the crowd's too, is one of disgust. Comments like "Lick overload!" and "Hope Gible can breathe!" are followed by Brock explaining the move...sort of. "I know Lick can sometimes cause opponents to become paralyzed, but this seems to be something more." When the attack is done, Gible looks very wobbly and exhausted! The announcer doesn't help matters any, either. "What an incredibly effective move! Gible can barely stand up!!"
    • Not that that's the first time it happened in the anime. Way back at the beginning of the Johto saga, in one of the few times we see Ash's Muk in battle, he was swallowed by James' Victreebel. The dub added a line about Ash ordering Muk to use Poison Gas...
  • There's also Harley. Basically every thing about him is Ambiguously Gay. He even calls May "girlfriend" a few times. It's so blatant you'd have no idea how it didn't get any angry letters from soccer moms.
  • In Episode 052, Princess Vs. Princess, a billboard pops up behind Jessie. It says PMS. Ayup. You'll need to scroll down a bit to find the pic.
  • The episode Sparks Fly For Magnemite had a Magnemite fall in love with Pikachu. Ash says that it's following him like a "streaker" (Brock hurriedly corrects him).
  • One of the Diamond and Pearl episodes has the dub title 'Camping It Up!'. Hmmmmmmmmm.
  • Metapod vs. Metapod.

Samurai: Metapod, Harden like his!
Ash: Maximum hardness, Metapod! More power, Metapod. Samurai's is weakening.
Samurai: Harder! You're the stronger Metapod.
Ash: A little more!
Samurai: Metapod! Full power!
Misty: We could be stuck in this forest for the rest of our lives. Boys can be so stubborn.
Ash: Don't! give! up...
Misty: You two are more hardheaded than your Metapod!!

    • This scene is even more famous for seeing Misty sunbathing in a super skimpy red bikini while this dialog is taking place. Just think about this combination of imagery and dialog and you should get the entire picture.
  • The Diamond and Pearl episode Faced With Steelix Determination! has a Steelix - a long, hard Pokémon with a sizable head - attempting to force its way into a village of Bidoof (a beaver-like Pokémon) headfirst through the thin, vertical slit of a rockface. Meowth then comments that it "could use some mood music."
  • Of course, 4Kids ARE the devil (along with Leo Burnett) so they can't even mention themselves without backmasking...
  • The episode where Ash battles Lt. Surge. Well, after Pikachu's Crowning Moment of Awesome, it jumps up into Ash's arms and shocks him. Then Ash says, "Wow! Now I can see LOTS of lucky stars!" And they just stay like that, as Pikachu continues to shock him to their mutual enjoyment. How did they manage THAT one?!
  • In the Japanese version of the same episode, Lt. Surge (who already uses a liberal amount of Gratuitous English) throws in "Goddamn!" while Pikachu runs rings around Raichu. Watch for 00:40.
  • In the Diamond and Pearl series episodes the job of keeping Brock's love for the Jennys and Joys and all the girls in general in check has fallen to his Croagunk, who seems to be have taken lessons from Misty's Psyduck about escaping from his Poké Ball as the plot demands. However, the way Croagunk keeps Brock in check is by jabbing Brock with his Poison Jab attack. For some reason, it always hits Brock in the butt. Yes folks, Brock seems to get sodomized by his Pokémon at least once an episode now.
    • He also gets hit in the groin a few times.
    • On one occasion, we get this line after getting attacked.

Fire burns in other places as well. *DONK*

  • In Pokémon 3: Spell of the Unown, Brock is rather flirty with teen!Molly, even though he knows she's the illusory form of a five year old girl. Possibly Justified, as he's trying to be a distraction.
    • Early in the movie when Ash gets to his house and talks to his mom, Pikachu jumps in her arms and appears to be fondling her breasts.
  • The Advanced Generation episode A Six Pack Attack! where Team Rocket got drunk. They appear to be drinking water or vodka, but 4Kids did nothing to the scene except change the shape of the glasses from wine glasses to normal cups (only in the Kids' WB! edit, though). Meanwhile, Team Rocket is slurring their speech and blushing, obviously drunk (the liquid was blue even in the Japanese original, since at the time the producers were "pre-sterilizing" the show to make it more acceptable for foreign audiences).
    • Meowth even says "I'll drink 'ta dat!".
  • James uses "bloody" a lot in the dub. It seems like a case of Did Not Do the Bloody Research but James fits the "rich Brit" stereotype and his parents have accents so he's obviously aware of the meaning and is using it correctly.
    • His mother has a Southern accent, and his father has a British one. James has a vaguely British one.
  • In one episode, Ash gets turned into a Pikachu via a magic spell and lots of strangely colored smoke. It Makes Sense in Context. Just before he transforms, not only does he mention that he feels kinda funny about it, but the look on his face suggests that he is stoned out of his fucking mind.
  • In the Japanese version of the second Johto Journeys episode, "The Double Trouble Header", Brock shows attraction to Casey (OOC since she's ten or so years old). He mentions in eight years she'd be pretty fun.
  • This scene:

Brock: (laughs evilly while speaking in a creepy voice) I'm very glad you asked me that, Ash, because I think there's a way you can help me.
Ash: (apprehensively) W-what kind of help do you have in mind?
(Brock grabs Ash's shoulders. Cut to a rapid upwards pan of the sky outside.)

  • Pokémon Hunter J is nicknamed (though not to her face) a 'Hunter Hussy' by Team Rocket on more than one occasion. Even the yearly Pokémon annuals and seasonal activity books that are released here in the UK kept those two words in!
  • During one of Jessie's contest performances, Meowth remarks that "After this there won't be a dry seat in the house!".
  • In Best Wishes episode 19, we are introduced to Burgundy. The camera shows her crotch first, then rises up. Not to mention, she clearly had serious case of Numel toe.
    • In Commander Jupiter's first appearance, she had a very noticeable camel toe. Unsurprising given that her outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination, but still.
    • Technically related: Bianca's official artwork from the show has has a bit too - which is weird, considering she's A. very conservatively dressed and B. closer to Moe than Ms. Fanservice. (Weirdly, the game artwork it's based on doesn't have any.)
  • In a later original series episode, Imitation Confrontation, during Team Rocket's motto, Jessie dressed up as Duplica, but James dressed up as Ash. Doesn't one wonder why he dressed up as a 10 year old kid? Besides, he had to send in a million postcards to win that hat, so how exactly did James get one, seemingly out of nowhere?
  • This. (Ohhh yeah!)
  • The 19th episode of Best Wishes has Burgundy's Sawsbuck getting nailed in the ass by Bullet Seeds from Cilan's Pansage.
    • And the words he had to describe the attack:

Cilan: "Sometimes it is easier to attack from the front and sometimes it is easier to attack from the back."

  • In the episode, The Dunsparce Deception, two trainers are arguing about which of their Pokemon is the largest. Then, somebody offers to measure it. Hmm...
  • This scene.....yeah.
  • In Gone Corphishing, Ash and friends are knocked into the sea, and May spends a portion of that episode with a blanket wrapped around her. Three guesses to what happened to her clothes...
    • Even better, Ash isn't wearing any pants in the same scene. Combine those two and see what it reminds you of.
  • Best Wishes episode 32: the seasons Pokélove episode, in which Iris spends time talking about how you have to be aggressive in romance while eating apples and Cilan spends time telling her he wishes she'd stop talking about love with something in her mouth. (While Ash asks if "being a couple" means "being best friends" now - congratulations, Pokémon anime, for teasing a thousand pairings at once.)
  • The episode "Minccino - Neat and Tidy" has Cilan saying this, referring to Bianca:

Cilan: Ahh...protected like vintage wine.

  • Butch's name is never pronounced right. What is the first thing you would think of as a variation?
    • Someone actually started saying Butch's name as "Bi-" but it was cut short.
    • Dr. Namba has the same problem...and an equally unfortunate possibility. It's a good thing no one tried to sneak "NAMBLA" or "numb-balls" or similar past the radar.
  • Best Wishes episode 10 can be seen as this especially during the battle between Ash's Snivy and Trip's Servine. Ash orders his Snivy to use Attract on Servine and it works. However, Ash tells her to use Vine Whip after that. Since most Pokemon have hearts under their eyes when hit by Attract, Servine took the attack and actually seemed to enjoy it (doesn't help that she nailed him in the back and the butt). So when Ash finished Servine off with Leaf Blade, Servine is still smiling even when knocked out. Trip doesn't seem to happy about this loss and giving the implication of the whole battle...
  • In Kaboom with a View, after seeing Heracross attempt to go and feast on Venusaur's tree, Spencer admits that he'd probably be doing the same thing as well, which caused the aforementioned Venusaur to blush. What.
  • There's an Advanced Generation episode about a Scizor called "The Red Lightning" named Curbing the Crimson Tide. Uh, ew.
  • Sometimes, Meowth's Imagine Spots just go too far. In It's Still Rocket Roll to Me, we have Giovanni waking up, looking through a window to see a rocket just outside. In perspective, the rocket makes it look like Giovanni's got morning wood...
  • There was a bit in an early episode where Brock was talking in his sleep. Read the line and try to imagine what he is dreaming of.

Brock: Yes! Oh yes, Nurse Joy! I love you too!

    • Or this:

Nurse Joy, you're so huggable!

  • In BW043, Bianca spends the entire tournament arc trying to befriend Luke's Zorua. It gets to the point where she finally thinks she understands who Zorua likes disguising herself as and then glomps Georgia. Georgia is not amused. While the camera focuses on Iris yelling at Luke, you can see Bianca rubbing her head into Georgia's breasts...
  • On Olden Pond: Ash goes fishing, he gets a catch that's trying to escape. The other twerps rush to his side, and May grabs him tightly from the back. Oh, the implications of Ash's face when that happened...
  • Hot Springing a Leak: Jessie in the hotsprings!
  • Some Enchanted Sweetening (DP30), an Imagine Spot by Meowth. It had to do about bug Pokemon and some honey. Basically, Meowth imagines Giovanni covered in honey and running through some areas, while bug Pokemon chase after him and then suck the honey off of Giovanni. The scene was even removed in some places for goodness sake.
  • In Delcatty got your Tongue where May's Skitty lost its voice from inhaling Torkoal's smoke and they take it to a Pokemon massage therapist (who of course is a young woman), Brock says to her something along the lines of "Give me a massage and we'll be ready to rock and roll."
  • One episode of the Advanced generation has May stripping. And then posing her bikini (one of the skimpiest in the series) for Ash and her brother.
  • In Best Wishes episode 49 of the Nimbasa Subway two parter, when the group gets on the train, Cilan gets way too excited on being on the train. However, the camera pans to Iris who is sitting next to a random kid and her mom. The kid is pointing at Cilan and calling him weird. This might seem normal but the camera is on Cilan's ass and the kid is obviously pointing to his ass. And of course, Iris is embarrassed at Cilan's behavior but she seems to be looking at his ass too and blushing. (The pictures are on the bottom of this page so scroll down.)
    • It's not the first time the camera focused on Cilan's ass. (Again scroll down a little.)
  • During The Eighth Wonder Of The Sinnoh World, when Team Rocket are trying to break into Sunyshore Tower again, James suggests 'Let's try the back door! Works at home!', which could be taken one of two ways...
    • Bianca's reaction can be taken out of context very easily.
  • Alder hitting on Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in BW 054. It's one thing when Brock is doing it (because he's technically a teenager) but Alder is way older than Brock so him hitting on the ladies puts him in another trope entirely.
    • Another thing that is easily missed is when Trip is yelling at him, he compares Trip's temper to that to women and Officer Jenny. If you remember earlier in the episode, he was hitting on Officer Jenny but only stopped hitting on her when she threatened to arrest him. Since Trip flips out over the same thing (Alder not taking his Champion title seriously), Alder is basically saying he's acting like a girl and only Cilan catches what he says.

Alder: "Don't be so harsh. (Referring to Trip) Women are as fickle as Junsa-san, you know."
Cilan: "Isn't it as fickle as April's weather?"
Iris: "Not to mention that's no excuse."

  • This and this. That is all.
  • The censors slipped up twice on Dawn. They were caught and edited early on, but the pictures still float around.
    • Also, if you look closely at some scenes, it would appear her pokemon are looking right up her skirt. (They don't react beyond the situation, but still)
  • In the third part of the Club Battle arc, after Ash beats Georgia, she and Iris argue. When Stephan and Cilan comment on the situation, the camera is focused on a sideboob view of Georgia and Iris. (Once again, scroll down a bit.)
  • In episode 34 of Season One, where Ash and co. go to the Safari Zone they meet a boy who was raised by Kangaskhan. The first thing he does after kicking Brock in the face is ogle Misty's chest and ask if he can drink milk from her breasts. She's eleven. It was censored in the American version to him asking if they were people or Pokémon, but she still slapped him and told him not to say things like that.


  • Despite cutting out all of the overt Fan Service from Pokémon Special, this where Red sees the Pokémon Fan Club newsletter with the headline "Shocking Case Of Poké-Love: 'That's the last bath I'll take with my Tentacool.'" This even stayed in Viz's rerelease when other stuff was edited out managed to get into the English manga. Guess the translators didn't know what that meant...
  • Crystal's introduction sees her dropping her skirt in order to take on some Slugma, with Professor Oak getting flustered. We don't see until the next page that she's got bike shorts on underneath.
  • The GSC arc shows Sabrina get out of the water at some hot springs with only some Censor Steam covering her rear. Again, Viz did nothing to clean it up.
  • Dahlia's introduction at the Battle Arcade starts with her dancing behind. The next page, it's pretty obvious what Looker is staring at.
  • Blue's gambit where she taunted Sabrina into slashing at her chest only to reveal a couple of Poké Balls hidden there. And yes, it was originally included the English version, but unlike that first panel it's something that did get edited out in the reprints.
  • In the newest Viz translation of Pokémon Special, Symbol Swearing appears often, symbolizing cursing. Even from ten year olds.
    • The original 90's English releases used the same symbol-profanity, but comics in the UK have used it for decades.
  • This exchange from FRLG involving the Ship Tease between Bill and Daisy doesn't help:

Green: You're...not with my sister today?
Bill: (nervously) Oh, uh...Daisy's at home.

  • Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure has oh-so-many examples. For instance, the main character beaning a guy in the junk with a Poké Ball, only to have Piplup emerge in the poor sap's crotch and get stuck. And let's not forget the Galactic grunt with the swollen ass, whose name MEANS ass (sort of, it's a Japanese pun), and whose ass gets abused at every possible turn.
    • There's also a not-so-subtle reference to bras in one omake.
  • Pocket Monsters, a Japanese-only manga (for worthy reasons), got some pretty Squick worthy things put out there in its early years, but one noticeable thing happens in volume 2. Genitalia are shown several times, once of a Pokémon and multiple times for his ten year old trainer. Even worse, in the latter's case it's a painful joke. Think a Groin Attack, but worse.
    • The manga at several points early on does the "Pokeballs-Testicles" joke that has been a case of Accidental Innuendo within the fandom.
  • How I Became a Pokémon Card had a Transsexualism character in it. However like the latter case it was released only in Japan, where values differ.
  • The first Pokémon manga, a 4koma series, often depicted Red as a mild Lovable Sex Maniac. It had quite a few Fan Service scenes and its fair share of Fan Disservice, and has allusions to Ho Yay.
  • The Electric Tale of Pikachu contains a few.
    • Sometimes minor curse words would slip in, including one bit where a trainer used "Damnation" egregiously during battle. A few compilations sold in more family-friendly markets would Bowdlerise them.
    • The manga has been censored in Japan too. Some things still flew past the radar though.
  • Fans of Pokémon Special have been commenting on the suggestive positions that keep on popping up in the Unova arc. The series especially likes focusing on backsides.