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Everybody lieks mudkipz.

What!? Your Meme is evolving!

Pokémon has been around for a pretty long time by Internet standards, with the first games coming out in 1996, and has since grown to encompass many different types of media. It's also ridiculously popular, especially with nerds.

The spawning of memes was inevitable. Gotta mutate 'em all!



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  1. From Super Skarmory's Pokémon Platinum Let's Play, which had a bunch of Chrono Trigger references.
  2. Accidental Innuendo said by Prof. Oak after the player defeats the Elite Four in R/B/G/Y/FR/LG.
  3. More Accidental Innuendo, this time from a girl on the Azalea Town side of Union Cave in HGSS.
  4. Hiker Anthony in GSC, near the Union Cave as well.
  5. The gameplay from Pokémon in general is a massive snowclone meme, used in any situation imaginable.
  6. Uncertain origins; most commonly associated with a NSFW story involving an unfortunate bullying victim and a Mudkip plush. Later divulged from that and became a catch phrase relating to Mudkip, with Mudkip himself becoming something of a memetic Ensemble Darkhorse who regularly gets voted highly in polls, to the point where it's near-impossible to legitimately consider Mudkip your favourite Pokémon without getting some sort of backlash.
  7. Someone will always want to show you their Pokemans (sic).
  8. The endemic use of Limited Move Arsenal (in that each Pokémon can only know four moves at a time, and one of those must be replaced before any new moves can be learned) in all the Pokémon generations is another massive meme.
  9. The Catch Phrase Of A TWEWY Character - "You're So Zetta Slow" and the Pokémon Slowpoke.
  10. The story about someone obsessed with a shiny Pokémon they almost caught resulting in a breakup with their girlfriend is legendary amongst the fandom.
  11. There is a member of the "youngster" trainer class who says this in EVERY GAME.
  12. The Rival in R/B/Y has one of his battles in a side route near the city with the first gym.
  13. Based on a comic titled "Scyther Cannot Learn Fly" about Red's Scyther being unable to learn Fly while Blue flies off standing on the back of a Spearow.
  14. Part of Gary's Memetic Sex God credentials.
  15. Another parody of "I'm on a boat" using clips from the Pokémon anime starring Gary Oak.
  16. In the anime, Gary manages to get 10 Badges instead of the standard 8 needed to enter a Pokémon league.
  17. The Trope Namer for any bizarre, horrifying, or just plain impossible breeding options. Began after someone noticed that the gargantuan Wailord and the miniscule Skitty were in the same Egg Group, meaning they could breed with each other. Even the unofficial Pokémon wiki is in on this
  18. In Pokémon D/P/PT, some Team Galactic Members try to steal honey, an item used to attract Pokémon, from some guy. It became a meme when Marriland started ranting about it during his walkthrough.
  19. A forum member posts a team for rate before actually putting most of the team in the post, with the exception of the meme. The thread in question.
  20. See here
  21. Someone posts a log of a bad competitive match with no explanation other than the thread title.
  22. A certain battle request by an obvious Scrub has led to various competitive battlers jokingly asking for battles with the "Edgar Clause".
  23. A Pokemon Online moderator under the handle Somalia rather disgracefully left a match against an opponent who was defeating him with a...well, a Jellicent that knew Energy Ball. Said moderator went far beyond simply quitting his match, though; he started banning everyone on the server. Energy Ball Jellicent very quickly went from a seldom seen counter to specific threats to a simultaneous threat and Troll itself.
  24. A meme from Brazil. See here.
  25. When Magikarp Evolves, it becomes the powerful Gyarados.
  26. Youngster Joey, the first trainer encountered in Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver says this when he calls you for a rematch. Oh, and he continues saying this after his Rattata evolves into a Raticate.
  27. Lance, a member of the Elite four in R/B/Y/FR/LG and Champion In G/S/C/HG/SS, has Pokémon with moves they are normally incapable of learning, as well as having evolved too early. The worst offenders include his Dragonite with Barrier in RBY, and his Level 40 Dragonite in HGSS, when it normally doesn't evolve until Level 55.
  28. During his assault against Team Rocket's secret hideout in Mahogany Town during GSC, he cries "Dragonite, Hyper Beam!" and the Rocket grunt was knocked back to the wall. However it's implied that it can be a proper Pokemon battle, since that grunt comments his Dragonite is too strong.
  29. His pose in GSC when you face him at Elite Four.
  30. The use of the Hello, Insert Name Here trope in the Pokémon games means it is common for players to name their rival something stupid. And since Blue Oak (the rival in the pictures) is a Jerkass...
  31. There is a Juggler trainer that says this. Accidental Innuendo/Innocent Innuendo ahoy.
  32. Ekans = Snake, Arbok = Kobra, Muk = Well...
  33. In Colosseum, while sneaking around the Snagem Base, Peons will drop from the ceiling and battle you at random. It's a lot more common in XD.
  34. Trading chat rooms have three types of people. Those who just wanna trade, those who want perfect Pokémon and expect to get them from others (hence Crobat), and people offering super-rare Pokémon so they can get rare ones -- these people seldom actually HAVE what they're offering.
  35. Snorlax are large, fat Pokémon.
  36. Heavy Balls are Poké Balls that work better on heavy Pokémon.
  37. Cynthia has become well-known for how hard it is to fight her (perfect EV's, her Pokemon are generally of tough to fight species, her moves), her general personality, and her behavior. She's commonly seen as a stalker due to how many games she pops up in, and how she always appears where you are.
  38. Red only says this when challenged in G/S/C/HG/SS because he's a Silent Protagonist in his game.
  39. Became a meme on a few forums after some people said Game Freak might implement it for Pokémon Black and White . An obvious kick at Yu-Gi-Oh! and lifted from The Abridged Series.
  40. Flint, A member of the Sinnoh Elite Four, has a huge red afro.
  41. Explanation:Raichu's and Gastly's Fire Red Pokédex entries both, for absolutely no reason, mention that they are capable of defeating "an Indian elephant," despite this being the only mention of real-world animals anywhere in the game.
  42. Someone managed to make an absurd love song using every single one of the 151 Generation I Pokémon, except for a certain Pokemon. That's right, all 5 others of its own family, too.
  43. Wargle/Braviary is an eagle-like Pokémon in Black and White, which takes place in the Fantasy Counterpart Culture version of NYC.
  44. People readily pointed out the "war" in the name of an American-eagle Pokémon, as if that were a commentary on what America looks like to Japan.
  45. Metapod, a very phallic Pokémon, only knows the move Harden if caught in the wild. Cue endless penis jokes.
  46. Kricketune's cry on loop.
  47. Pressing B in the games cancels a Pokémon's evolution.
  48. Comparing N to L of Death Note due to their One-Letter Name.
  49. Ever since the Unova starters' English names were revealed, the Metal Gear Solid jokes came.
  50. Axew was revealed to be Kibago's English name.
  51. Slowpoke is the slowest Pokémon (mentally), so slow that it takes five seconds for it to feel pain. There is a tendency for trolls to bring up old, resolved issues just to start drama.
  52. Fridge Brilliance
  53. Chandelure's face, and possibly yours after you realize it.
  54. When talking about Stunfisk, the Pokémon is (very, very sarcastically) treated as majestic, beautiful, amazing in every way, and cool.
  55. Someone wrote a fanfic for them. It has since become very popular on 4Chan's /vp/ board.
  56. Someone argued against Hoothoot being the regional bird with this, sparking a very popular running joke within the fandom.
  57. Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus wrote an erotic fanfic based on Meloetta pleasuring herself with vanilla icing, which was somewhat inspired by the Merry Melody segment based on Elmer Fudd and his obsession with grilled cheese. It turned Meloetta into a huge hit on 4Chan's /vp/ board.
  58. The joke is that Cofagrigus is a sarcophagus and Ramses was a pharaoh (RETURN THE SLAB).
  59. The Pokemon Basculin resembles Eustace from the show, and Cofagrigus properly filling the Ramses role
  60. Catchphrase of Charles, an NPC in the fourth city of Black/White
  61. House uses Arceus as a stand-in for god in S 08 E 08 "Perils of Paranoia", thing dedicated fans do. Cue fandom's Squee for being a so subtle, even obscure Shout-Out.
  62. The Japanese Portmanteau Series Nicknames for the two series are Pocket Monsters -> Pokemon and Inazuma Eleven -> InaIre, so naturally "Pokemon Eleven" becomes "PokeIre"
  63. In the recently revealed Pokemon Black and White 2, the version mascots are what look like Kyurem merged with Reshiram/Zekrom. Cue pictures and fanart of Kyurem merged with other Pokemon. In a related note, Polymerization and Synchro Summoning jokes are popular with Black and White Kyurem as well.
  64. There is a rare move called Final Gambit that sacrifices the user to deal damage to the opponent equal to the user's current HP. One of the few mons with access to it is Shedinja, a One-Hit-Point Wonder with a ton of immunities. It is nigh-impossible to talk about the move in seriousness without someone bringing this up.
  65. A Garybombing backfired, thus bumping up some Bara to the front page. Now, whenever someone makes a Gary thread, it's bara-bombed.
  66. Every time the Team Rocket trio gets launched, they say this.
  67. Jessie's Wobbuffet has a habit of interrupting everything; a bit of a Lost in Translation moment for Western audiences who don't know the Japanese sitcom actor it references, but it's still downright weird enough to gain infamy in the West.
  68. The first line of the Team Rocket trio's original motto, which is incredibly popular with fans.
  69. Team Rocket's song in "2BA Master".
  70. Ash has a battle against a Blaine's Rhydon, and Pikachu attacks it in a way (shocking it on the horn) that apparently bypasses its ground-type immunity to electric attacks. This is impossible in the games.
  71. In one episode, Ash reads a sign that says this.
  72. Some Guys commenting on the short from the second Pokémon movie in a very comedic way.
  73. A parody/lampshading of the fact that Team Rocket has been stalking Ash for 14+ seasons and the fact that Ash has 24+ Pokémon total (which is the "tripping Balls" part).
  74. Ash's 7th Kanto Gym battle against a Fire-type Gym Leader inside a volcano.
  75. The singing of the Diglett and Dugtrio in "Dig That Diglett" is very catchy.
  76. The English theme song of the first season of the Pokémon anime.
  77. A line from the Eyecatch of seasons 1-6 and 14 onward, which as a sort of a guessing game involving the silhouette of a Pokémon. Used in any context to question the identity of a shadowy figure, or to parody the original eyecatches.
  78. Some Guy watching the "Who's that Pokémon" segment of the anime, makes a wrong guess at what Pokémon it is, and screams.
  79. Not.
  80. From season 6-8 of the Pokémon anime, 4Kids created their own "Who's that Pokémon?"-esque eyecatches that usually had wrong or confusing information. Oh, and Arbok does NOT evolve. For that matter, neither does Seviper.
  81. A line said by Brock during one of the many Americanization edits 4Kids made to the anime. While he was holding rice balls.
  82. Another "Rice Ball to Something Else" edit by 4Kids, this time painting over a rice ball to create a sub-like sandwich. The aforementioned rice ball was rolling down a hill, and the edited sandwich followed that path in a very awkward way.
  83. The ringtone of the Ketchum household phone in Episode 2.
  84. Byron loves a lot of things. On that note, the linked video is a parody of a Discovery Channel advertising campaign.
  85. The Catch Phrase of Mr. Sukizo, one on the Pokémon Contest judges.
  86. A scene from "Classroom Training" where Candice asks Ash what his motto is, and someone puts the audio of someone else's motto (for instance, Team Rocket) over his actual dialogue.
  87. In an episode involving a Pokémon exam, one part required the taker to identify silhouetted Pokémon. When a perfectly round circle showed up, Ash, Jessie, and James guessed things such as Voltorb, Electrode, and a Poké Ball. The meme was the correct answer.
  88. A combination attack with Pikachu's Volt Tackle and Piplup's Hydro Pump.
  89. A scene from the second episode of Best Wishes of... Pikachu in a high chair.
  90. Crossover with Cloverfield.
  91. A prominent line featured in the English opening of Pokemon Chronicles.
  92. The Catch Phrase of Cilan, a Unova Gym Leader.
  93. Butch, a member of Team Rocket and rival to the familiar Team Rocket trio, has had his name misremembered by everyone else ever since his second appearance. The rest... is YouTube Poop. More precisely, an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog meme spawned from YouTube Poops.
  94. DP episode 2:Brock just got his heart broken by the girl he was hitchiking with, and he tells her that he's gonna travel with Ash now. The rest is Accidental Innuendo.
  95. There's an episode where a Pokémon circus needs a replacement for their lazy Mr. Mime, and Brock asks Ash to do it, by dressing him up as said Mr. Mime. When he says this line, though, Brock makes what can only be called a rape face. You can guess where this is going.
  96. Perhaps for this reason?
  97. A so-called subliminal message in a scene where James is in the mouth of his Victreebel played backwards.
  98. Or in reference to ANY of the Trial Triangle, really. Dent's just the one most immediately associated with it. They're young, well-dressed, effeminate males who work at a battle cafe. Do the math.
  99. Trip's Servine was hit by Ash's Snivy's (who is female) Attract. While most Pokémon gain hearts in their eyes when they are hit by it, the fact that Ash told his Snivy to use Vine Whip and the fact that the hearts in Servine's eyes got bigger after the attack... Not to mention he's still smiling when he fainted.
  100. In Pokémon the First Movie, Ash delivers this line to Mewtwo, who created a legion of cloned Pokémon from other trainers, easily dismantled their Pokémon (including Ash's) and announced his plans to, essentially, wipe out human civilization. Despite being horribly outgunned against the most powerful Pokémon at the time, Ash still chooses to stand up to him.
  101. Brock's a Love Freak, that is also a Memetic Molester.
  102. It comes from a panel of a Hentai doujinshi, where Ash freaks out about his erection (not understanding what is happening), and Misty silences him with this threat.
  103. A pun where Brock uses a frypan as a makeshift umbrella became something of a Mad Libs Catchphrase, substituting frying pan and drying pan for two other similar turns of phrase which rhyme, always accompanied by a gif of Brock using his frying pan as... well, a drying pan.
  104. It is probably an offshoot of the Animal Shaming meme. In that an animal (at least it is usually an animal) along side a card or some other paper, has a picture take of it. The card says something bad, often worded in a way that indicates that the animal does this all the time. Pokemon shaming is simply a common variant of this trend (a pokemon is used instead of a real animal). Of course with Pokemon, the picture is drawn or made in paint or something, not a photo.