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Playable Characters

Jack Cayman

"Time to get to work..."

-- Voice actors: Joji Nakata (JP) Steve Blum (EN)

Jack Cayman Anarchy portrait 188.png

The protagonist from MadWorld. Comes back much bulkier than in his first game, with pretty new chains adorning his getup, a cool new right arm with TWO chainsaws, and *gasp* in color!! One of the two protagonists in Story Mode.

Leonhardt Victorion, AKA Leo

"Get outta my way."

-- Voice actors: Hiroki Tochi (JP)

Leo portrait 7987.png

A minor character from MadWorld who turned out to be The Man Behind the Man and the real Big Bad of the game. Wields "Positron Blades" built into his arms and legs. The other of the two protagonists in Story Mode.

The Blacker Baron

"Aw, baby... It's SHOWTIME!!"

-- Voice actors: Wataru Takagi (JP) Arif S. Kinchen (EN)

Blacker Baron portrait 3321.png

That's right, pimps, playas and pain purveyors, the Black Baron (stop starin') from MadWorld is back too! The reason for the name change still isn't clear. Much bulkier than his MadWorld counterpart, like Jack, and with brand new Super Sexy Fists of Fire! Keep your pimp hand strong!


"Uhuh! Ahahahaha!"

-- Voice actors: Mari Malta (JP)

Mathilda portrait 7245.png

Black Baron's assistant from MadWorld. You may remember her as the woman who would show you how to play the Bloodbath Challenges, using the Baron himself to exemplify. Her appearence in this game reveals she has purple hair, and nearly all of her getup, up to and including her spiked club, is also purple to match.

Big Bull

"Nailed ya!"

-- Voice actors: Kenichiro Matsuda (JP)

Big Bull portrait 4254.png

A huge, green cyborg with a white bull mask and a massive, jet-propelled hammer. Might be the Big Bull Crocker enemy from MadWorld, or be related to it in some way.


-- Voice actors: Kazuhiro Nakaya (JP)

Zero portrait 9804.png

A cyborg ninja with a fondness for his katanas. Totally not inspired by Raiden. No sir. No way. Becomes ionic thanks to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, though...

Sasha Ivanoff

"So disappointing..."

-- Voice actors: Yuu Asakawa (JP) Rose McGowan (EN)

Sasha portrait 6279.png

Reportedly "an ice queen", who, predictably, uses her ice powers to freeze her enemies and create ice blades.

Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin

"You will die."

-- Voice actors: Ryuzaburou Otomo (JP)

Nikolai portrait 2469.png

A cyborg with a fondness for books and frying people to death with his "Tesla Blitz".


"I am invincible!"

-- Voice actors: Takumi Yamazaki (JP)

Durga portrait 8703.png

A cyborg with a fondness for big cats and bigger guns. Also, has Wolverine hair.


"All that wasted energy!"

Garuda portrait 8015.png

Not a cyborg with a fondness for anything in particular. No, this is a transforming robot with a fondness for its drills.

Edgar Oinkie

"Ham it up!"

-- Voice actors: Taichi Setogawa (JP)

Oinkie portrait 8016.png

An obese guy with a high-pitched voice and a pig-nosed mask. Uses some kind of Super Serum to transform into some kind of lizard-man.


"Come on!"

-- Voice actors: Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)

Rinrin portrait 4988.png

Returning from Madworld (even though she was shown being eaten to death by an animatronic sumo wrestler), Rinrin and her assassin sisters make the roster. She, like in the last game, fights with bladed fans, this time on fire.


"Me? You want me?"

-- Voice actors: Hitomi Nabatame (JP)

Feirin portrait 9790.png

Rinrin's oldest sister in her family of assassins. She fights with a Laser Blade spear, and likes playing cards.


"Let's fight!"

-- Voice actors: Yurin (JP)

Airin portrait 5609.png

Rinrin's youngest sister in her family of assassins. She fights with laser nun-chucks, and likes playing video games.

Maximillian Caxton

"What's left for me!?"

-- Voice actors: Shinji Ogawa (JP)

Max portrait 7560.png

The apparent Big Bad of Anarchy Reigns, Max has set himself up in the Alhambra City, and is pursued by both Jack Cayman and Leonhardt Victorion.

Douglas Williamsburg

-- Voice actors: Mugihito (JP)

Douglas portrait 282.png

Story Mode and NPCs