Dynasty Warriors/Characters/The Shu Strategists

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A list of the strategists of the Shu Kingdom in the Dynasty Warriors series.

Zhuge Liang

"The Sleeping Dragon"

"Allow me to draw up a strategy that will guarantee us victory."

Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka (Japanese), Lex Lang (English)

Born: 181
Died: 234
Japanese spelling: Shokatsuryou

Age: 22
Height: 5'9" (174cm)

The brilliant strategist of Shu with an unrivaled intellect and ability to foresee future events. Also know as the "Sleeping Dragon", he is instrumental in the founding of Shu and the rise of his lord, Liu Bei. After Liu Bei's death, Zhuge Liang personally leads Shu, before passing the torch to his successor Jiang Wei.

Zhuge Liang is a placid and calculating man who is always thinking one step ahead. He often states that every turn in battle is a part of his effortless planning. Though his intentions are sometimes questioned, he is indeed loyal to Liu Bei as he admires his lord's humble and noble qualities.

  • Alternate Character Interpretation - The Wu Story Mode DW7 paints a less benevolent take on his actions surrounding the Shu-Wu alliance, mainly the issue with Jing Province.
    • DW8 takes this further, with it being obvious he has an agenda, though how it's resolved plays out differently in the Hypothetical routes for Shu and Wu. In the former, Wu realizes Shu has the whip hand and decides to follow Shu's lead, with Zhuge Liang's scheming against Wu dropped in exchanging for him putting his head together with Wu's own strategists (Lu Su especially) against Wei). In Wu's route, the three sides are balanced so evenly Zhuge Liang's plans never really get off the ground due to Wu managing to make their alliance hold despite everything thrown against it, and Shu is placed in a position they can't back off from honoring Wu's allaince with them lest they wind up at Wei's mercy.
  • Audio Erotica - There's a reason he's said to speak with a "bedroom voice".
  • The Chessmaster - If he's on your side, everything you're doing and everything the enemy is doing...is most likely according to his plan.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Feather Fan Of Doom - One of the few characters who carries the same weapon throughout all his appearances.
  • Foe Yay - With Sima Yi.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams
  • Happily Married - To Yue Ying.[1]
  • Hey, It's That Voice! - Yup: that's Leeron and Zelos Wilder you're hearing in the Japanese versions.
  • Ho Yay/Mentor Ship - With Jiang Wei, though it's rather one-sided.
  • I Did What I Had to Do
  • I Meant to Do That - You saved him? No, he was simply testing you; you defeated him? Pfft...it was all a part of his plan.
    • Explicitly invoked by him in DW7 about choosing Guan Yu (indebted to Cao Cao) to pursue after the Battle of Chi Bi; the narration explained that the continued threat of Cao Cao's force kept Wu distracted long enough for Liu Bei's force to able to seize Jing province.
  • Insufferable Genius - You better remember that he is smarter than you. Only Liu Bei is exempt from this.
  • Jerkass Facade - He outright states that he doesn't mind being seen as a huge Jerkass, so long as it spares Liu Bei from being accused of the same. He mostly drops the facade with Liu Bei himself though, completely so with Jiang Wei and when Liu Bei's on his deathbed.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy
  • Mary Tzu - A Canon example
  • Nerves of Steel - Nothing seems to faze him. Whatever the situation, he's got a plan... or at least he wants us to think so.
  • Nice Hat
  • The Obi-Wan - Plays this to Jiang Wei, since he usually dies soon after appointing him as his successor.
  • Playing with Fire - His Tome Special in DW6
  • Smart Guy - Duh
  • The Stoic - Has about one facial expression. To the extent that if he changes it even slightly, it qualifies as a major plot point.
    • Subverted in DW7, where everyone has six facial expressions, though his are still all rather similar.
  • The Strategist - Moreso than anyone else in the series: envied by his peers (Zhou Yu and Sima Yi) and an inspiration for the younger generation (Lu Xun and Jiang Wei).
  • Underestimating Badassery - This is where his nickname comes from, as he'd stayed in isolation over the years (while monitoring the situation) and so many people apparently thought Zhuge Liang wasn't as great as he claimed to be. He soon proved them wrong.
  • Worthy Opponent: Sima Yi in later games. In earlier games he was more dismissive and Sima Yi was more scornful of him. By DW8, both acknowledge each other as worthy foes, albeit with some snarky (by Zhuge Liang's stoic standards) banter.

Yue Ying

"The Wife of the Dragon"

"Now is the time to show the results of my endless training!"

Voiced by: Rumi Kasahara (Japanese), Lara Cody (English)

Born: (Unknown)
Died: (Unknown)
Japanese spelling: Getsuei

Age: 23
Height: 5'6 1/2" (169 cm)

Yue Ying is a mature and collected young woman. Intelligent, beautiful, and elegant, she appreciates the value of patience and planning.

Despite her composure, Yue Ying has been shown to be quite sarcastic at times and will openly chastise those whom act selfishly or insensitively. She also has little patience for those whom underestimate her and chauvinistic attitudes in general. Yue Ying takes great pride in her skills and learned abilities. She is a valuable asset to both her husband Zhuge Liang and Shu.

Sima Yi: If you're in charge, that means Zhuge Liang is...
Yue Ying: You don't need to worry about him, because tonight you die by my hand.

Zhuge Liang: I do so enjoy your cooking. Its daring and bold, yet familiar. But look how much you made!
Yue Ying: Oh, I didn't make enough? Well then, from now I will be sure to make more.
Zhuge Liang: My trim figure will soon be a thing of the past...

Zhen Ji: I pity you as well. Having such a weak husband must leave you unfulfilled, I would imagine.
Yue Ying: There is none who can compare to my lord's integrity and wisdom. Not that you or your lord would even know what that is.
Zhen Ji: Is your frail husband well? Or have his remains already been scattered to the winds?
Yue Ying: My lord is the light that illuminates this dark, chaotic world, while yours is nothing more than an uncouth mongrel.

Yue Ying: Our marriage, was my father's decision but.. I could not say it was entirely against my will.

Zhuge Liang: I am indebted to your assistance, Yue Ying. Thanks to you, the people were saved.
Yue Ying: I do not require your gratitude... I only did what I thought was right.

Zhuge Liang: Yue Ying, splendidly done as always. It is an eternal honor to have you as my wife.
Yue Ying: You always did have a way with words... The honor is all mine, my dear.

  • The Storyteller: Noted in her epilogue in 5; before she got married she would hold public shows with "incredibly life-like puppets".
  • Tough Love: Her encouragement quote in 7!

Yue Ying: You say you're tired? Leave now, for I have no need for weakened troops.

Yue Ying: I must ask you something. What is it that you seek?
Zhuge Liang: That which hinders my lord... destiny, hate, pride and sacrifice... If I bear those burdens in his place, then he will be the light that guides this world. That is my sole purpose. To bear the burden of peace.
Yue Ying: That burden... would you allow me to carry half of it?

Pang Tong

"The Fledgling Phoenix"

"I suppose it's time I took a little stroll around the battlefield."

Voiced by: Takahiro Kawachi (Japanese), Richard Cansino (English)

Born: 178
Died: 213
Japanese spelling: Houtou

Age: 32
Height: 5'3" (160cm)

A strategist for Shu who is sometimes known as "The Fledgling Phoenix". Although he is a talented strategist, his odd appearance and snide personality were said to repulse the lords in the Three Kingdoms era.

Highly unconventional, smug in his wisdom (though not his abilities in combat), and sometimes smarmy, Pang Tong is someone who spares sweet talk and stays focused on the heart of the matter. While he seeks practical solutions that grants the best results, his blunt statements may sometimes make him unpopular with others. Even so, his heart is in the right place and he is a bit playful; with each little wisecrack or even insult that he may let slip, Pang Tong mends it with well-meaning advice.

  • Blow You Away
  • Cool Mask - All of his appearances have had his face obscured by some kind of facial cover.
  • Dishing Out Dirt - His Tome Special in DW6 is to drop boulders.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Friendly Rival - Zhuge Liang
  • Game Breaker - His Musou attack in DW3-5, specifically.
  • Gonk - Being extremely ugly is what got him turned away from serving Wu and led to him wearing a Cool Mask.
  • Hey, It's That Voice! - So apparently, in the English version, Himura Kenshin took a level in snarkiness.
  • Lethal Joke Character - In DW3-5, he's hampered by a moveset that leaves him very vulnerable to being juggled even during his comical regular attacks, but whip out that whirlwind Musou and watch your KO count go through the roof!
  • Magic Staff - He always levitates on it for his victory pose, but his moveset in DW5 deserves note for him air surfing on it as an attack.
  • The Mole - He convinces Wei's troops to chain their ships, knowing that it'll increase the effectiveness of the fire attack in Chi Bi.
  • Tear Jerker - All of his death scenes in every game he's featured in. Maybe DW5 the most where he has a message to Zhuge Liang: "Zhuge Liang, tell me... if I... were a... dragon too... would I have... flown... higher?"
  • Nice Guy: Is a very cheery man in all appearances.
  • Nice Hat - All the time
  • The Other Darrin - Subverted in DW6: he's still voiced by the same actor, but uses a different tone.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome - Compared to Zhuge Liang.
  • Razor Wind
  • The Strategist
  • We Hardly Knew Ye - He never lives to see Shu established.
    • Averted in DW8, where his life can be saved, and he lives to see Shu ultimately win in the Hypothetical route for the same.

Jiang Wei

"The Dragon's Prodigy"

"It is time for me to display my prodigious talent to all the land!"

Voiced by: Hisayoshi Suganuma (Japanese), Darrel Guilbeau (English)

Born: 202
Died: 264
Japanese spelling: Kyou'i

Age: 19
Height: 5'11" (180cm)

A youth who excels in martial arts and scholarly studies. Formerly a Wei soldier until Zhuge Liang noticed his talent and tricked him into trading sides in order to become his successor. He eventually becomes one of the shining hopes for Shu's future.

Steadfast and a bit hot-blooded, Jiang Wei is a formal perfectionist who strives to always act his best. Though competent, he does not take well to failure, but despite this is eager to learn from his mistakes. Lionizing Zhuge Liang as "Prime Minister", he hopes to someday make his mentor proud.

  • Anti-Villain - Jin's story only. Though really there's no "good" side in war.
  • Ascended Extra - He was cut from DW6, but returns in DW7 and is heavily involved in Shu's late era battles. He is even the focus of Shu's ending in Story Mode.
    • And in Jin's story mode? He's the freakin' Final Boss.
  • Berserk Button - Don't insult Zhuge Liang in front of him.
  • Bishounen
  • Catch Phrase - "Jiang Wei is here!"
  • Determinator - Deconstructed in Jin's Story Mode for DW7 as he continuously wages battles against Wei despite heavy losses. At one point, he even has to be held back by his own men and Xiahou Ba after being defeated by Sima Shi.
  • The Fundamentalist - Portrayed as an obsessed fanatic inciting meaningless battles that only harm his country for Jin's Story Mode.
  • Guile Hero - Managed to convince both Zhong Hui and Xiahou Ba to betray Wei, fitting considering he did just the same.
  • Heel Face Turn - Happily defects from Wei to join Shu. He was probably too nice to last there anyway.
  • Heroic Resolve - You gotta hand it to him, he just refuses to give up.
  • Hot-Blooded
  • Ho Yay - With Zhuge Liang in every game, and Xiahou Ba in DW7.
  • Just a Stupid Accent - His random Chinese accent in DW4. Removed in future installments.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome - To an extent: he does okay for himself, but his predecessor was Zhuge Liang. However, Jiang Wei doesn't seem to resent this.
  • Prongs of Poseidon - His primary weapon in all appearances except for Strikeforce 2, where he wields a...
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome - He's grown up a bit in recent installments, but still keeps his good looks.
  • Teen Genius - He's 19 and Zhuge Liang's brilliant apprentice.
  • The Strategist - The hand-picked successor of Zhuge Liang. Whether or not he lived up to that expectation is disputable, at best.

Xu Shu

A new character confirmed exclusive for Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires. The first of Shu's strategist, scoring many victories for Liu Bei, until Cao Cao took his mother hostage and forced him to go over to Wei. Before leaving, Xu Shu recommends Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei. Afterwards, due to his links with Liu Bei, he was rather inefficient as a Wei officer.

  • Forced Into Evil: Or into Designated Villainy.
    • Can be averted in Shu's story in DW8, where can be convinced to come back to Shu permanently, and is instrumental into changing the circumstances of the Battle of Fan Castle into a Shu victory that saves Guan Yu and Guan Ping's life.
  • In the Hood: His design has one, though he's majorly out of the hood.
  • Momma's Boy
  • Shout-Out: In the Hood, plus his weapon is confirmed to be a gauntlet-blade. Welp, here comes Xu Shu's Creed
  1. Which is in defiance of the fact theirs was something of an Arranged Marriage originally, though it turned out to be a Perfectly Arranged Marriage