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"Can you imagine all of these URLs aren't taken?,, There's a whole untapped nun-fetish market out there! We need to get in on this!"
Kathleen De Vere, Loading Ready Run, Nuntastic

Naughty Nuns have bad habits.

Nuns are women who have dedicated their lives to religious service, poverty, and chastity. In the land of fiction, they complete the Fetish Trio right up there with Nurses and Maids.

There is just something about nuns that turns a lot of guys on. Maybe it's the mystery of it all. After all, they wear the elaborate robes and live in secret, away from men. Maybe it's the Forbidden Fruit factor: you cannot have them, so, ironically, they become more appealing.

If a nun is fetishized, expect her habit to be far shorter and tighter than anything you would see in a real convent. Additionally, most Nuns Are Mikos in Anime. Any Church Militant nun, by nature of not only being a nun but an Action Girl, will tend to follow this trope. Because Action Girls are always sexy.

Christian nuns are by far the most common in fiction, but there are Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu nuns too. This trope actually dates back to Middle Ages, as the literature and songs of the time often paint convents as "houses of vice" because it was, after all, a building full of women, making this one of the oldest Porn Tropes in Western history.

Contrast Nuns Are Spooky and Nuns Are Funny. Distaff Counterpart of Sexy Priest. Subtrope of Nun-Too-Holy.

Examples of Naughty Nuns include:


Anime and Manga

  • Chrono Crusade: Rosette Christopher (pictured above). On the other hand, flirting with her can have very serious implications.
  • Somewhat noted in Mahou Sensei Negima when Misora was forced to wear a miniskirted habit as a part of the class' "cafe". She prayed for the Lord's forgiveness. That said, she and Sister Shakti are kinda cute, and the skirts on their real habits are short enough as it is.
  • The Korean manhwa Rebirth features a very God-fearing nun in a very Stripperiffic outfit.
  • Knight Carim, Sister Schach, and later, Sein, Otto and Dido, of the Belkan Saint Church fill the Moe Moe nun quota for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, though their habits are pretty modest. On the other hand, Sister Schach's battle armour consists of a sleeveless top, hotpants and pretty good Zettai Ryouiki.
    • Sein really puts the "Naughty" back into "Naughty Nun" in Nanoha Vivid, where she almost manages to grope the entire female cast in a single chapter.
    • And then there's Sister Shante, whose Barrier Jacket features a short skirt, a sleeveless top, and Underboobs.
  • After the Time Skip in the Claymore manga, Galatea disguises herself as a nun, of all professions. She doesn't really get 'naughty' until after a three-way running fight through the city with Miata and an Awakened, though. Nun clothes aren't meant for combat, after all...
  • ...And then there's Sister Eda and Sister Yolanda from the Church Of Violence/Rip-Off Church, who are pretty much as far from real nuns as you can imagine... (hint: they smuggle weapons. Lots of weapons. That's just the beginning.) Also worth mentioning that both of them are/were highly attractive. Especially Yolanda in her I Was Quite a Looker omake chapter.
  • Trinity Blood presents to us a good example of Absolute Cleavage by this nun
  • Sister Angela from One Pound Gospel. Played with in that she is extremely devoted to her faith, and while she might harbor some feelings for Kosaku, she does her best to keep them platonic. Likewise, Kosaku's enormous crush on her doesn't keep him from dating other girls.
  • Zange from Kannagi.
  • Melpha from Queen's Blade. It's hard to not see her as sexual, from her gigantic breasts to her "holy poses". In Rebellion, there is Siggy. Instead of being ashamed when she does the poses, she does them willingly...shame that she burns people for practicing magic, or science.
  • When Sato from Welcome to The NHK first meets Misaki and discovers she apparently has religious reasons for wanting to help him cure his Hikikomori ways, he has fantasies about her wearing a nun's habit while touching herself and moaning "No! I shouldn't! It's a sin!"
    • Though this isn't explored further in the anime, the manga reveals that while her uncle and aunt are very religious Christians, she only goes along with them because they've been so kind to her; she holds no religious beliefs whatsoever.
  • Sister Teresa Beria of Seikon no Qwaser. Doubles as an action girl, but in her very first action scene she bares her chest so her partner Sasha can drink Soma and power up..
  • Most nuns in A Certain Magical Index wear relatively reasonable habits, considering the ridiculousness of what they actually do, but one, Sister Agnese, upon her return is wearing a habit that is more holey than holy.
  • Lumachina in How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, a Reluctant Fanservice Girl, given the World of Buxom setting.

Comic Books

  • Warrior Nun Areala
  • Twisted darkly by Cronicles Of Wormwood in which the Corrupt Pope forces nuns to service him sexually.
  • In Star Wars: Legacy the very sexy Deliah Blue dresses up in an nunlike Imperial Missionary outfit part of a scam.
  • Sister Joan, the eponymous Nun from the "Slim and Nun" strip in Penthouse Comix. The character was heavily inspired by Sister Sara in Two Mules For Sister Sara (see Film examples below).
  • Viz subverted this with the one-off Topless Skateboard Nun as she isn't naughty at all, just topless.
  • 6666, the sequel of 666 (about demons invading Earth in 2000) has a naughty female pope.
  • In 52, Whisper A'Daire is priestess of the Religion Of Crime whom Renee actually calls a Naughty Nun. Unfortunately, neither the "naughty" or "nun" vibe really came across on the page, something that Greg Rucka felt was just lost in the translation from script to final product.
  • X Men 2099 had Sister Nicholas of the Sisters of the Howling Commandments...


  • There's an entire genre of films like this, appropriately called "Nunsploitation".
  • Black Narcissus Deborah Kerr. Lipstick.
  • In the film within an film of How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, Megan Fox plays a younger and sexier Mother Teresa ... and ends up winning an Apollo award for it.
  • Hudson Hawk includes a nun and she's undercover.
    • She also leaves the order to marry Hudson Hawk.
  • Inverted when the Angels masquerade as nuns in the second Charlie's Angels movie.
  • In Shoot Em Up, the hero takes the baby he has rescued from thugs who murdered his mother to a building that looks like a convent, and the door is opened by a young woman dressed as a nun. He barges in, and when she turns around in shock to follow him it's revealed that her costume has the rear end cut out of it, revealing that she is wearing some decidedly un-nunlike lingerie underneath and cluing the audience in to the fact that the building is actually a... "nunnery".
  • Low-budget cult film Roller Blade features naked lesbian roller skating nuns.
  • In the Pedro Almodóvar movie Dark Habits, the nuns are naughty in a wide variety of ways; they're sadomasochistic lesbians, drug addicts (and pushers), writers of erotic novels, and various other sins.
  • Ken Russell's The Devils is full of Naughty Nuns, led by Sister Jeanne, who has lurid sexual fantasies about Father Urbain Grandier, the film's male protagonist (including one in which she imagines him coming down from the cross to couple with her. Unfortunately, this is part of a Sanity Slippage, and ultimately results in some serious Squick. Depending on what cut of the film you're watching, there's even more explicit naughtiness from Sister Jeanne's fellow nuns. It is Based on a True Story.
  • In the 1974 film Seijû gakuen aka School of the Holy Beast, the 'convent' is run much like a school for wayward girls, including the typical girl-on-girl catfight. They seem to find themselves getting into and out of their habits with alarming frequency due to their constant showering and friendly experimentation, though they do engage in more nun-like activities from time to time, such as praying, scrubbing floors and whipping newcomers with thorned roses to keep it spicy. Pinku Eiga and Naughty Nuns are a perfect match.
  • While she's probably not taken any oaths, the papal agent in the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf masquerades as a prostitute.
  • Castle Anthrax in Monty Python and the Holy Grail is populated by 8-score blondes and brunettes between the ages of 17 and 19 and a half, in pseudo-nun habits, with a Grail-shaped beacon atop the castle.
    • And the punishment for lighting the beacon is a spanking... for both the nun that lit it and every other sister in the castle.

Dingo: And then, the oral sex!


  • This Trope is Older Than They Think, as the legend of Cockaigne claims that this perfect utopia where sexual liberty is open, and while they do have a clergy, nuns are just as liberated, wearing scant and revealing clothing.


  • As Nuns are the quintessential unattainable woman, naturally jokes about their supposed promiscuity are common as well.
  • The Pope went to an ecumenical conference in New Orleans. As he had been within the church hierarchy for decades, he felt he had lost touch with the common poor, so he changed into street clothes and wandered into the French Quarter. While there he was repeatedly approached by prostitutes saying "$50 for some head." Confused by this, he returned to the conference and asked one of the local nuns "Sister, what is head?" To which she replied: "$50, same as the Quarter."
  • Nuns ask their abbess: "What have we got for supper today?" "Carrots" answers the abbess. "Aaaaaaahhhhh... Carrots!" swoon the nuns. "Grated carrots!" says the abbess with a wicked smile.
  • This cartoon.
  • Invoked and subverted in one joke, in which two nuns are walking on the street at night and notice a man following them. They decide to split up in case he had some dastardly things in mind, and one nun gets to the cloister a good while before her companion. When her companion returns, she's grilled over what happened, responding that the man had caught up with her and propositioned for. Shocked, her friend asked her what she did in response to that. "Well, I lifted up my dress, and he lowered his pants... then I ran back here. After all, it's easy for a woman to run with a hiked dress, but impossible for a man to run with his pants around his ankles."


  • Older Than Print: The Decameron has a couple of stories of unchaste nuns.
  • The novel Henry Esmond seems to allude to this trope via a subversion—the title character is in the English army and they are raping and pillaging and he rescues a nun from the violence. The listeners of his account expect that she is young and pretty and that a romance might develop but is instead old and ugly.

Live Action TV

  • In Californication's infamous opening scene, David Duchovny's character has a dream in which he is serviced by a nun.
  • When the original Blackadder finds himself appointed as Archbishop of Canterbury, he finds that the 'sexual favours of nuns' are a major source of income for the Church, along with curses and pardons. Baldric mentions that many sales are to other nuns (and Edmund's surprise isn't that nuns offer sexual favours, but that "some people actually pay"). He also has a secret passage to a nunnery in his bedchambers, which leads to an...interesting scene with two drunken would-be imitators of the knights who slew Thomas Becket.
  • Australian skit comedy show Skithouse had a scene with a group of people waiting for the bus, among them a Catholic nun. A voiceover asks "Can you tell which one hasn't had any sex?", and then an arrow appears, pointing to a man chatting with the nun.
  • Married... with Children: A nunnery hired Kelly to advertise their olive oil, dressed as a nun. She couldn't fulfill the morals clause in her contract. Bud manages to get his "chaste" mother the part, but she hardly acted nunly.
  • Leverage: In the "Boys Night Out" Episode features a woman posing as a nun to smuggle (medical) drugs. Jack Hurely(former target\client) shows a picture of her in Bikini where everyone comments "That's Not A Nun.!"


  • The cover for the Monks' 1979 album Bad Habits shows a cigarette-smoking nun with habit hiked up to reveal garters and stockings.
  • The music video for Billy Idol's cover of "L.A. Woman" features an attractive blonde woman dressing fetishistically as a nun. When Idol pursues her she doesn't keep the habit on for long.
  • "Don't Tell Mama"—one of the songs from Cabaret—involves Sally Bowles dressed as a nun and doing a strip tease.

"Mama thinks I'm living in a convent,
A secluded little convent,
In the southern part of France.
Mama doesn't even have an inkling,
That I'm working in a nightclub,
In a pair of lacy pants."

  • The French Celine Dion song "La Religieuse" ("The Nun") describes the internal conflict of a nun tortured by her memories of a life of passion.
  • The Beatles give us:

"Crabalocker fishwife
Pornographic priestess
Boy, you've been a naughty girl
You let your knickers down"

  • The Bob and Tom Show had a very humorous poem describing a nun, stuck on a broken-down bus with a bunch of kids on a church outing, strongly tempted to join a passing group of Hell's Angels.
  • Skyclad's song, "Spinning Jeny"

She whispered of her innocence - (a plea I must contest)
While baptising helpless sinners with a missionary zest
She will exorcise your demons - then exercise your thighs
Await your 'second-coming' with a hunger in her eyes.

  • Mercyful Fate song "Nuns Have No Fun".
  • Warrant (no, not that Hair Metal band) song with the same name as above.
  • Not in the song, but a performance of the Blutengel song "Lucifer" had two dancers dressed as nuns. Halfway through the song, they strip off their robes to reveal a costume that includes fishnet stockings and leather collars. Can be seen here - the stripping bit starts at 3:33.
  • "Wash my blood", by Megurine Luka, is supposed to be about a nun who lost her virginity and became a nymphomaniac. YMMV though...
  • Alice Cooper's song "Sister Sara" from his album Dragon Town.
  • Queensrÿche: Sister Mary in "Spreading The Disease".


  • Appears rather disturbingly in William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, when Angelo begins to develop an obsession with defiling Isabella. There was actually a modern production done of the play that plays up the fetishization to eleven, with whips and chains and things.

The impression of keen whips I'd wear as rubies,
And strip myself to death, as to a bed
That longing have been sick for, ere I'd yield
My body up to shame.

    • "Nunnery" was apparently slang for a brothel in Shakespeare's day, which is how he uses it in Hamlet.
  • In the musical Nine, Guido has one of his lovers dress up as a nun to relive his sexual awakening at the hands of a nun when he was a child.

Tabletop Games

  • The Sisters of Battle in Warhammer 40,000 are an entire army of space Nuns that alternate between dripping with assorted fetish appeal, and subverting the hell out of it, sometimes on the same units/models. Case in point: Sisters Repentia, who are depicted in the models as women in loincloths and half-corsets, with cloths over their heads and massive chainsaw swords (and let's not get into the Mistress who leads them). Compare with a picture of a Repentia in their codex, who is entirely naked, wearing only parchments that are pinned directly onto her flesh with spikes.
    • And the Ciaphas Cain novel Cain's Last Stand now confirms said Naughty Nuns are not required to be celibate. Cue the Squee from 40K fetish fans. (To clarify, he's talking about one of the more normal, power-armor-using, flamethrower-wielding ones. So, uh, somewhat more normal.)
    • There happens to be quite a large body of fanfiction on the subject, actually...
      • The Sororitas Codex states in no uncertain terms that the Sisters are all sworn to celibacy. Cain or whomever he got the idea from is evidently indulging in a bit of Unreliable Narration.
      • It's Inquisitor Vail who says they're not - perhaps whatever specific order the Sister in Cain's Last Stand belongs to does not?
      • The fluff for 40k is EXTREMELY inconsistent over the years, only SOME of which can be attributed to unreliable narration, and many of the in-house writers when questioned on this often say "whatever" or something similar.
  • The Macho Women with Guns table top roleplaying game produced a supplement titled Renegade Nuns on Wheels.
  • Pops up in Exalted, where one of the Infernal Exalted signature characters wears a Naughty Nun outfit (as seen in this post on the official White Wolf livejournal). This is totally nonsensical, since we never once see anyone in Creation wearing an even slightly similar outfit - the local equivalent would be Immaculate Monks (who can be either male or female), but apparently it was too difficulty to make a fetishized version of brown robes and a shaved head.

Video Games

  • There are two female characters in the Nasuverse who work for The Church. One of them, Ciel, is a main heroine of Tsukihime, with her own route and sex scenes in the Visual Novel (there goes that vow of chastity). And then there's Caren, from Fate Stay Night, whose outfit is outright Stripperiffic... and she admittedly does it on purpose. Depending on whether Burial Agents (semi-heretical Catholic Black Ops) count as nuns, of course...
    • Actually, it has been stated that Ciel isn't really a nun. She just likes to dress up as one when she fights. At the very least, she would be considered a Knight Templar, considering how fanatical she can get when hunting "heretics". Caren, on the other hand...
  • Guilty Gear's Bridget. Of course, there's something a bit off with this Nun...
  • Prier from La Pucelle. Actually lamphaded in one chapter, where another character tries to call her out on her outfit, only for Prier to retort that hers isn't much better. At this point, they both remember who gave them their outfits...
  • Arcana Heart's Clarice di Lanza. Not only she is a nurse, she is also quite impure, starting from her demon heritage (but she's not 100% evil) and her light and very playful personality.
  • Darkstalkers's Felicia becomes a Nun on her Vampire Savior ending. She is naked under the habit. There's also her Flung Clothing intro pose in Marvel vs Capcom 2.
  • Ragnarok Online has the Priestess class, which are dressed like nuns with outfits slit up the side, to where you can see stockings and garters. Before a patch changed them to something that resembles bike shorts, their death animation included a Panty Shot.
  • Natasha from Fire Emblem 8 is a subdued version of this trope. She is a cleric who dresses more like an Edwardian-era bride than a traditional nun.
  • While not explicitly nuns (only because the churches of the Light don't segregate by gender), High Inquisitor Whitemane and Argent Confessor Paletress in World of Warcraft are both devout holy women who happen to wear bikinis and garter belts in lieu of pants. (In Paletress's case, to wear them in Icecrown.)
  • The Witcher: Not really an analogue of Catholic nuns, but members of a monastic order of nurses wear the habit. Geralt gets two of them in the neutral endgame, something of a consolation for Everything Trying to Kill You.

"And afterward, we'll pray!"

Eddie: No, wait, I know this one. I'm supposed to think you're all sexy and stuff, but when you turn around, you'll be all demon-y. (Battle Nun turns around and is indeed demon-y) HA! Knew it! ...though you're still kind of hot in a kinky sort of way.

  • The nuns of the Order of the Mysterium in Anachronox all wear red bodysuits with hoods, black thighboots with heels, elbow-length black gloves and a hardly-covering white tabard. They (and the monks) take vows of chastity, although at least one monk and sister don't let it get in their way, as you may overhear from them. You also find one nun in the Red District on Sender Station, having taken up a new profession... while still wearing her old outfit.
  • Jo-Beth Casey was originally in nun attire. Considering her outfit in a later game has a shirt with "SLUT" across it, there may be implications to note.
  • Obviously Bonetown would have a naughty nun, located at the Downtown church.
  • Seika Kamori, a Hentai game character and demon-fighting battle-nun designed by Rindou Aya, who dresses in a Spy Catsuit-like, sexualized parody of real-life nuns' habits. Did we say that she repeatedly becomes a victim to Naughty Tentacles?
  • In World of Warcraft, this Trope is inadvertently expressed by Ardent Confessor Paletress. Supposedly, she tries to purge impure thoughts from any who would oppose the Lich King, and players have often commented how that is possible when simply looking at her might cause such thoughts. Unless that's the whole idea.


  • Dumnestor's Heroes has the end-all result of this trope (as well as a brilliant Lampshade Hanging): The adventuring party decides to rest overnight at a temple of Tythus, the river god. Cliche: Tythus's temples are staffed by virgin priestesses. Lampshade: Said virgin priestesses are forbidden by their faith to wear clothes, but are otherwise perfectly innocent priestesses. Subversion: The party is made up of a female human (who doesn't care), a male dwarf (who doesn't care), and a male elf-turned-human (who does care, and is freaked out by it).[1] This is down from the original 100 or so virgin nudists that the god used to have.
  • At one point in Miss Dynamite, Eva is captured and brainwashed by the Catholic Church in order to kill heathens. She gets a sexy costume and a sword out of it.
  • The Little Sisters of Belial from Scary Go Round are basically a bunch of promiscuous punk chicks in nun habit. When Rachel takes them over and tries to use them in her revenge plot, they aren't too happy about it.

Web Original

  • This fetish is used to comedic effect in the Loading Ready Run sketch "Nuntastic": Kathleen tells her boyfriend Graham of her plan to create a nun-featured fetish site, dress him up as a nun, and roll in the bucks. Graham is not amused. "Apparently people want to see nun thigh, but not too much nun thigh."
  • Slipshine has a series of strips starring sister Wulfia Focker.

Real Life

  • The word "nunnery" was once a slang term for a brothel, hence the trope name Get Thee to a Nunnery.
  • Quote from Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts: "Venice in the eighteenth century ... Nuns wearing pearls and low-cut gowns fought among themselves for the honor of serving as mistress to a visiting papal nuncio."
  • One Charles Addams cartoon shows four young women standing at a street corner. Two are wearing nuns' habits with knee-length skirts, a style just introduced at the time. The humorous part is that this was the time of the "maxi-skirt" in secular fashion, so the nuns are showing more skin than the girls who aren't.
  • The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a troupe of drag queens with a nun motif that has chapters all over the world. Their main purpose is to raise money for charity, mostly for the GLBT community and AIDS benefits, but they do Toys for Tots around the holiday season as well. They are a staple at gay pride events in bigger cities, and the shows they put on must be seen to be believed. "Camp drag" and "Genderfuck" are gross understatements.
  1. This is apparently due to a tradition involving a sculptor creating 1 statue per major river, a horny river god animating them, and a 5th dimensional love triangle — but the explanation was cut off.