Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok

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    Also called Detective Loki. The original Japanese title, Matantei Loki Ragnarok, is a pun on the word Meitantei, which means "Great Detective". (Matantei being "Demon Detective Loki".)

    As punishment for something really extreme, Norse god of mischief Loki is bound into the form of a human boy and is collecting the evil in men's hearts to restore his status. To accomplish this goal, he opens a detective agency. But Odin, Lord of the Gods, hates him, and is constantly sending the other gods from Asgard the World Of The Gods as assassins. After all, he's destined to bring about The End of the World as We Know It, even though he has no interest in doing so.

    Meet Mayura, a paranormal obsessed Miko who bulls her way into Loki's life as his "detective assistant"...and has absolutely no idea whatsoever about the nature of his reality throughout the entire series. Along with her and an interesting group of friends and enemies (mortal and ethereal alike), Loki attempts to figure out the true nature of the situation he has found himself in... and the impact it shall have.

    Tropes used in Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok include:
    • Accidental Pun: "Who the Hel(l) are you?!"
    • Agent Mulder: Mayura is fascinated by the occult, and is constantly looking for "Fushigi Mystery". She is completely unaware she is surrounded by gods because ironically, she is an...
    • Agent Scully: Mayura is an atheist (yes, an atheist Miko) because her mother died when she was a child, despite her praying.
    • Alternate Character Interpretation: Explored In-Universe, as the manga shows the events of Norse mytholgy as Loki sees it. For example, Baldr's death was self-defense.
    • Anti-Anti-Christ: Loki doesn't want to cause Ragnarok. This is baffling to many other gods, who technically don't want it either, but are still trying to kill him because they feel that You Can't Fight Fate.
    • Apocalypse Maiden
    • Autobots Rock Out: When Loki summons his staff.
    • Big Badass Wolf: Fenrir. Also, Hati and Skoll might qualify as lesser badass wolves.
    • Big Eater: Narukami, Fenrir and Gullinbursti all have seemingly limitless stomach capacity. Lampshaded towards the end of the anime when the trio engage in a competition to ascertain who is the biggest eater of them all - with Gullinbursti emerging as the victor, the vanquished obviously feeling the after effects of chili overdose. Oh the advantages of being a machine.
    • Bishonen: Loki himself in his true form. He manages to gather a following of fangirls, including Mayura.
    • Bolt of Divine Retribution: Skirnir, wielded by Verthandi in a futile attempt to take down Loki and Narugami, aka the thunder god Thor. Silly girl.
    • Calling Your Attacks: The 'magic spell name' variety.
    • Canis Major: Fenrir's real form.
    • Cloudcuckoolander: Mayura, whose daydreams are far stranger than the paranormal going on all around her.
    • Club President: and, barring a brief moment, apparently sole member.
    • Cooking Duel: On a cooking show with deadly magic meat.
    • Covert Pervert: Loki has tendencies to be one in the original manga... At least, he likes cute girls.
    • Creepy Doll: the first episode of the anime features such a doll, Mayura's search for which takes her to Loki's detective agency.
      • There's also a less creepy take later on, when Narugami falls for a girl, Yayoi, who turns out to be the mannequin from outside the fast food outlet where he works in this episode, brought to life by the Norn sister Verthandi as part of an elaborate attempt to cause friction between Narugami/Thor and Loki. Yayoi even gets a Heroic Sacrifice, the result of which is a minor Tear Jerker.
    • Crucified Hero Shot: Episode 12 features Kotarou trapped inside a castle generated by the demonic Nidhogg in the guise of Dracula in a crucifiction pose, held in place by high school fangirls. Episode 9 features Mayura bound to a tree and, in episode 25, an artificial Mayura is chained to a pole atop a hill in a graveyard and speared by at least one of two Grim Reaper lookalikes.
    • Crystal Ball: Urd, in episode 15, makes use of a crystal ball when posing as a fortune teller as part of an early attempt to take Loki down.
    • Cute Shotaro Boy: Loki, who can gather loads of fangirls around him sometimes.
      • Also Heimdall, though he is a considerably nastier individual and has no fangirls. (Well, in-universe, anyway...)
    • Dark Magical Girl: Hel has some of the features of the trope.
    • Deadpan Snarker: Loki pulls this off often and well, whether it be in the anime or manga series.
    • A Death in the Limelight: Oh, hey, a Heimdall episode? ...Yeah.
    • Defeat Means Friendship: The Norns though, to be fair, it was actually SEVERAL defeats...
    • Disguised in Drag: Narukami plays the blushing bride at a wedding at the Daidouji shrine after Verthandi kidnaps and imprisons the real bride - a direct reference to Thor's donning the bridal garb in the Poell, though he was impersonating Freyja.
      • In the original manga, Narugami also dresses as a bride when a threat is made against her during a wedding to protect her. (It was Loki's idea, just like in the myth, as well.)
    • Eat Me: Attempted by the monster in the Cooking Duel episode. It doesn't work.
    • Everyone Chasing You
    • Fetish: In an omake, while Yamino is explaining why Loki hates cars, Mayura and the other uniform-wearing characters begin question why they are dressed as such. Yamino explains that the artist has a uniform fetish.

    "People are capable of doing things that nobody, not even the gods, can predict. These are miracles."