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Alas, a cornucopia of awesome.

Neil Cicierega, of Animutation fame, created two flash cartoons featuring hand-puppet versions of the main characters from Harry Potter. The humorous cartoons quickly gained popularity (even with Rowling herself and Daniel Radcliffe), and the Potter Puppet Pals series was born.

Eventually, Neil and his friends moved on from animated shorts to live-action shorts featuring real puppets, and they've even done a couple of live shows with the puppets. The series is most famous for the number of memes it has spawned.

Also, Neville is a butternut squash.

Shorts include:

  • "Bothering Snape": Ron and Harry bother Snape.
  • "Trouble at Hogwarts": Voldemort invades Hogwarts, and it's up to Harry, Ron, and Hermione to stop him.
  • "Potions Class": Snape describes Potions Class to Harry and friends in a very disturbing way. Not to mention Dumbledore wanting expired gorilla milk for his bowels.
  • "Wizard Angst": Harry's feeling cranky and pubescent today, and he doesn't know why!
  • "Mysterious Ticking Noise": The entire cast sings along to a mysterious ticking noise which unfortunately turns out to be a pipe bomb. (Yes, this includes Voldemort.)
  • "Wizard Swears": Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn magical profanity.
  • "School is for Losers": Harry Potter says school is for losers!
  • "The Awakening of the Incorruptible" (later renamed "Albus Dumbledore Lists Your Good Qualities"): The most epic Potter Puppet Pals short ever.
  • "The Vortex": A strange vortex appears, and Ron finally goes through puberty.
  • "Ron's Disease": Ron gets Wizard Lice, and only Hagrid can cure it.
  • "Snape's Diary": Harry steals Snape's diary, and he reads it aloud to Ron and Hermione.
  • "Mustache Buddies": Voldemort decides to grow a mustache and has Snape do it too.
  • "Ron's Parents": Ron has parents, Harry doesn't.
  • "Harry's Nightmares": Harry recalls a series of horrible nightmares.
  • "Draco Puppet": Harry introduces us to the puppet's puppet version of Draco Malfoy.
  • "Ginny": Harry flirts with Ron's hot younger sister.
  • "Neville's Birthday": Harry, Ron and Hermione attend Neville's birthday party on threat of expulsion.

Some of the fans of this series made Fanvids of these Fanvids, using the same or similar programs and posted them on YouTube.

Tropes used in Potter Puppet Pals include:
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: All the characters is exaggerated and twisted versions of the original Harry Potter characters, all in the name of Rule of Funny.
    • Dumbledore is an outrageous ditz who also happens to be an android. A gay android.
    • Ron is a pathetic, effeminate Yes-Man who adores Harry despite constantly being insulted by him.
    • Harry is a self-centered Jerkass who is desperate for attention.
    • Snape is a Comically Serious loner who nobody takes seriously because of his tendency to get angsty over almost everything.
  • Audience Participation Song: The "Avada Kedavra" song in the live show
  • Butt Monkey: Ron.
  • Call Back: In "Snape's Diary," we learn just how much "Bothering Snape" really did bother Snape.

Harry Potter: "I remember that, Ron! Gimme five!"


Your mother is a (censored)-ing (censored) Lorem Ipsum (censored) Admitum Venium (censored) Treguna (censored) hippopotamus (censored) republican (censored) and Daniel Radcliffe (censored) with a bucket of (censored) in a castle far away where no one can hear you (censored) soup (censored) with a bucket of (censored) Mickey Mouse (censored) and a stick of dynamite (censored) magical (censored) alakazam!

Note that it takes him no less than forty-three seconds to say this.

Snape's Diary: I was at the Yule Ball with Lily Evans. I asked her to dance. She asked me to die. Would that I could Lily...would that I could...
Harry: "My mum was awesome!"


Ron: Maybe he's in loooove!
Hermione: Who'd fall in love with such an a-
Ron: Maybe he needs a hug!


Ron: Even I look down on you! ME!


Dumbledore: NAKED TIME!

  • Small Name, Big Ego: Harry.
  • Straw Loser: Ron. Subverted in "The Vortex".
  • Take That, Audience!: The short Albus Dumbledore Lists Your Good Qualities.
  • Take That:
    • "Awakening of the Incorruptible" has been declared to be a stab at fans who were whining about the sporadic updating. Not that they have a lot to complain about, "The Vortex" was uploaded shortly after.
    • Also:

Ron: Is it a young adult vampire romance novel? (Cut to later with Ron standing in the corner)


Dumbledore: "... The spell we know as love."
Ron: "Love?!"
Harry: "Lame!"
Hermione: "That's not magic!"

  • Why Don't Ya Just Shoot Him:
    • Aversion -- at the end of "Trouble At Hogwarts", they do shoot Voldemort.
    • Also in "Mysterious Ticking Noise" Voldemort uses it on the good guys because the source of the noise...

Ron: "It's a pipe bomb!"
Harry and Hermione: YAY!!!
-Snape and Dumbledore look at each other in stunned disbelief-


Angel Neville: "It's what's on the inside that counts".