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The cast of Nine and associated tropes for each.

Stitchpunks (counted down from 9 to 1)

"To Save Us"
—Voiced by Elijah Wood

The main character of the film and short film, 9 is the final creation of Scientist before his death. A young, spirited and adventurous person, 9 also has vast curiosity which unfortunately leads to the awakening of the Fabrication Machine which previously destroyed humanity and now wants the Stitchpunks' souls. He tries to right his wrongs and becomes the leader of the Stitchpunks.

"To Guard Us"
—Voiced by Fred Tatasciore

The largest of the Stitchpunks, 8 is the muscle of the group but lacks intelligence and follows 1 as his bodyguard but also has his only friend. He follows 1's orders loyally and often bullies the other Stitchpunks. Where he lacks brains, he makes up in sheer brawn and is quite strong and daring, wielding a large sword made from a butcher's knife, as well as half of a pair of scissors and a magnet which he uses for... questionable reasons.

"To Defend Us"
—Voiced by Jennifer Connelly

The only female Stitchpunk, 7 is an independent and strong-hearted warrior. She left the Sanctuary to hunt down the Cat-Beast and discover the truth of the barren world, something which 1 did not agree with and two have been at odds ever since. Spending a vast amount of time in the wasteland allowed 7 to teach herself how to fight and survive, sporting a crow's skull for a helmet and using a spiked staff and other weapons to fight.

"To Lead Us"
—Voiced by Crispin Glover

The oddball of the group, 6 is in his own world most of the time, painting seemingly obscure drawings which are actually of the talisman used in the film to bring the characters to life. He is actually an oracle figure, having prophetic visions which he expresses in his drawings; 9 is the only Stitchpunk to believe them, although 2 and 5 express interest. 6 has a unique appearance with uneven eyes, wild hair and fingers made from the nubs of ink pens. Because of his weird appearance and attitude, he is often avoided and ignored.

"To Guide Us"
—Voiced by John C Reilly

The "middle man" of the group, 5 is a kind-hearted but fearful engineer, healer and 2's assistant. Shortly after his awakening in the world, 5 was wounded in the war and lost his left eye, and was fixed up by 2 to sport an eyepatch of sorts. He acts as the watch tower guard in Sanctuary as well as the healer and peacemaker. He has strong friendships with most of the Stitchpunks, particularly with 2, 7 and 9.

3 and 4

"To Define Us" and "To Teach Us"

Two mute identical twins, 3 and 4 left with 7 to learn the reason why the world is barren. Moving into an abandoned library, the two catalogued and analysed everything they found and formed an understanding of the city's history. They do not speak but rather communicate via their eyes and physical movements. They have the ability to project images and video clips from their eyes. They don't seem very comfortable outdoors.

"To Inspire Us"
—Voiced by Martin Landau

A frail inventor, 2 is a curious and adventurous person and is seemingly fearless. 1 deliberately sent him out into the wasteland to die, believing him to be a threat to the safety of Sanctuary. He is kind, caring, generous and uses the world's scattered remains to build inventions. He is close friends with 5.

"To Protect Us"
—Voiced by Christopher Plummer

The leader of the Stitchpunks, 1 is a dogmatic and cowardly person but asserts his authority over the others and likes to subjugate them but does want what is best for them -- most of the time. He wears a hat, cloak and wields a staff to separate himself from the others. He follows the belief that "sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good of many" which leads to clashes with other Stitchpunks like 7 and 9.


The Scientist

Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer

The creator of the Stitchpunks and the Fabrication Machine, and the one who started everything. The Scientist constructed the machine to improve the technology of the world, only for the Chancellor's Chronic Backstabbing Disorder to use the machine to build other machines to wage war on other countries. The machines are corrupted and wipe out life on Earth. The Scientist quickly becomes The Atoner and builds the Stitchpunks to bring life back to the world.

The Chancellor

Voiced by Tom Kane

The evil, fascist, Hitler-like Chancellor who used the Fabrication Machine to attack other countries. Boy, was that a mistake.


The Fabrication Machine/The B.R.A.I.N

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is it Ax Crazy or just a scared and angry little kid with a lot of power and no idea what it's doing? Does it try to kill the stitchpunks because it's evil or because it wants a proper soul? The stitch dolls are all made of parts of the Scientist.
    • Mr. Fab could be called 0, the first life the Scientist made. And since the Scientist's creations each represent one quality of human nature, with 1 being the most flawed and 9 being the closest to perfection, you could say that #0 is the most flawed because it has no human soul.
  • Big Bad
  • Cyber Cyclops: Its central core bears a striking similarity to the HAL-9000.
  • The Determinator: Nothing is going to stop it from building. Or killing.
  • Expy: Of GLaDOS. Firstly, its appearance to GLaDOS is uncanny; it first moves around by swiveling on a giant arm that is attached above and the glowing eye in a sphere is exactly like a more steampunk version of a GLaDOS personality core. Second, it 'attacks' with drones and machines, particularly gun-drones with machineguns, and finally it uses a deadly gas toxin (possibly a nerve gas) for an area of effect attack.
  • Fan Nickname: It's Mr. Fab!
  • Gadgeteer Genius: It makes robots fast without a lot of materials. It also seems to be good at programming AI.
  • Genius Bruiser: ...and it has enough strength to knock over an artillery cannon with little effort. Before it was "upgraded", it broke someone's neck without a second thought.
  • Implacable Robot: Even after 5 blows up the factory it still chases them.
  • Large Ham: Since it could only loosely be called a spider of some sort, the animators decided to base it's mannerisms on somewhat hammy actor performances, such as Vincent Price.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: And then 9 just had to go and wake it up...
  • Turned Against Their Masters

The Cat Beast/CSM

The Winged Beast

The Seamstress

  1. "Quiet!", "He warned you." and "Sub- What?"