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Alexander Nero

Homeworld: Earth

Alex Nero was an artist committed to an asylum for multiple mental disorders. He was given a yellow power ring by the Weaponers of Qward in order to eliminate Kyle Rayner, at the time the last Green Lantern.

Despite having a yellow ring, Nero was never a member of the Sinestro Corps (though they did manipulate him prior to the Sinestro Corps War). Following the war, Nero was executed by the Alpha Lanterns.

The Anti-Monitor

Homeworld: The antimatter universe

The living embodiment of Antimatter, who wishes to destroy all positive-matter universes so his own can reign supreme - and in Crisis on Infinite Earths, he nearly succeeded. He was reborn after the multiverse was restored in Infinite Crisis, and came to the attention of the Green Lanterns when he became the Guardian of the Sinestro Corps. He was defeated in the war (in part by Superboy-Prime, avenging the destruction of his home universe) and his body was taken to be the power source of the Black Lantern Battery. The White Light resurrected him in Blackest Night, but Nekron simply banished him back to the antimatter universe, where he plotted to claim the White Lantern and consume its infinite energies but was stopped by Firestorm.

Bolphunga the Unrelenting

The Controllers

Homeworld: Unnamed binary star system

An offshoot of the Guardians of the Universe, the Controllers didn't want to merely fight evil, but totally annihilate it. Generally builders of doomsday weapons such as the Sun-Eaters, they also formed a rival police corps called the Darkstars. After that, they pursued other avenues in their quest for universal order, creating Effigy and attempting to steal the Orange Light from Larfleeze, but each time they failed. In the future, the Controllers later retreat to an alternate dimension and become frequent opponents of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


AKA: Hank Henshaw
Homeworld: Biot (originally Earth)

The villain who, with Mongul I, destroyed Hal Jordan's home of Coast City, earning him the Green Lantern's eternal enmity. Years later, Cyborg-Superman resurfaced as the grandmaster of the mechanical horrors, the Manhunters, refitting them with internal power batteries designed to leech away a Green Lantern's power. After his defeat, the cyborg was locked away on Oa, but was freed by Sinestro's forces, who appointed him their quartermaster and captain of the new WarWorld.

All Cyborg-Superman wanted, however, was death, which Sinestro promised he would get after Earth was conquered—but this was not to be. Even though his body was almost totally destroyed in the Sinestro Corps War, the Manhunters found his corpse and rebuilt him. He has recently resurfaced and taken over the Alpha Lanterns through their Manhunter technology. While his plan with the Alphas failed, he might have gotten the death he desired.

See the Superman Character Sheet for more on Cyborg-Superman.

Doctor Polaris

AKA: Neal Emerson
Homeworld: Earth

Neal Emerson was a man tortured by schizophrenia, his mind shattered by abuse from his father. Originally a research scientist with an interest in magnetism, Emerson learned to harness power over metal through rigorous meditation. Unfotunately, when his powers manifested, Emerson's split personality took over, and Doctor Polaris was born. He battled Hal Jordan for years before being killed by the Human Bomb in Infinite Crisis.


AKA: Martin Van Wyck
Homeworld: Earth

Just like Kyle Rayner, Seattle slacker Martin Van Wyck was in the right place at the right time—but instead of getting a power ring from the last Guardian, he was given pyrokinetic powers by their enemies, the Controllers. And unlike Kyle, he didn't use his power to help people—he used it to lash out at a world he felt had walked all over him his entire life. The Controllers, whose Darkstar force had recently become defunct, wanted to create a force more like the Green Lantern Corps, but Effigy was found lacking, so they abandoned him. More than just producing flame, Effigy could shape fire into constructs just like a Green Lantern ring. He was eventually killed by The Spectre for participating in the murder of Martian Manhunter.

Evil Star

Homeworld: Aoran

A scientist from the planet Aoran, Evil Star created a device called the "starband" that drew down the power of the stars, aging his fellow Aurians to death but making him immortal. Drunk on power, Evil Star left his planet seeking new worlds to conquer, making himself an enemy of the Green Lantern Corps, especially Hal Jordan. His starband provides him the powers of flight, energy blasts, and hard light constructs, and also powers his Starlings, a squad of miniature Evil Stars with super-strength.


AKA: Keith Kenyon
Homeworld: Earth

Keith Kenyon was a chemist in Coast City who discovered a sunken chest full of gold that had been irradiated by chemical waste. Using the irradiated gold, he created a serum that granted him super-strength and invulnerability for a limited time and became the super-criminal Goldface; eventually, the serum permanently turned his body into solid gold. After fighting Hal Jordan for years, moving to Central City and fighting The Flash, and killing Tomar-Re in Crisis on Infinite Earths, he was imprisoned. After time served, turned over a new leaf and became Keystone City's union commissioner.


Homeworld: Apokolips

The bastard offspring of Darkseid, an outcast among the New Gods, Grayven was a would-be Galactic Conqueror who crossed swords with Kyle Rayner on a number of occasions. After several failed attempts at building an empire, Grayven joined forces with the Sinestro Corps against Rayner, then the host of the Ion Entity. Shortly after, however, Grayven fell victim to the war in the Fourth World and died in the fall of the New Gods.

Hector Hammond

Homeworld: Earth

An arrogant scientist who worked as a consultant for Ferris Aircraft. While studying Abin Sur's ship, his carelessness led to an accident that freakishly enlarged his head and gave him psychic powers. As the years went by, Hammond's brain has swollen to over two meters in width and the rest of his body is now useless. His deepest desire is to steal Hal Jordan's thoughts so he can live vicariously through them.


Homeworld: Maltus

The Maltusian Mad Scientist that wanted to study creation (despite legends saying that this would be a bad idea) and ultimately prompted the race to become the Guardians. He was reduced to an Energy Being for his crimes, but occasionally returns to either take vengeance on the Guardians or pursue his obsession with creation. One of the greatest threats to the entire universe--and others. As his original experiment created The Multiverse and Anti-Matter Universe, he is indirectly responsible for the Crisis on Infinite Earths and all the disasters that followed as a result of it.

Recent developments in Brightest Day have revealed that he was once the keeper of the emotional entities, and can therefore bring them under his control. It's also explained that he induced the glitch in the Manhunters in order to highlight their flaws as emotionless beings. He used the entities to stage a takeover of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians, which was foiled by the Earth Lanterns. Krona was then killed by Hal Jordan, who overcame his ring's no-killing-Guardians restriction in the process.

  • A God Am I: He became a god about twice in his lifetime. It went to his head.
  • Arch Enemy: To the Guardians of Oa.
  • Beyond the Impossible: His limitless life is made of this trope. First, by trying to find out how the universe was made, he ended up creating a presumably infinite amount. Next after being cast out from our dimension, he a got Nekron, the king of the dead, to give him extra powers and a ticket out of death because The Afterlife couldn't have an Immortal walk around without ripping itself apart.Third, he found a way to destroy entire Universes that couldn't provide him with the answers he wanted. Next, Krona beat Galactus to death, that's right, he killed a cosmic entity with his bare hands. And these are only the feats showed on-panel.
  • Bigger Bad: Arguably the Biggest Bad in the entire DC universe. His experiment to see the creat he ion of the universe backfired spectacularly, creating numerous parallel universes as well as the Anti-Matter universe; originally, this was said to have been the origin of evil itself, but if that probably counts as Canon Discontinuity it still makes him responsible for the Anti-Monitor, the Weaponers of Qward (and by extension, Sinestro) and a host of other horrors. Its recently been revealed that he's also the boss of Parallax, and the other emotional entities and was responsible for the Manhunters going rogue. He's actually the reason the Guardians of the Universe even exist, as the Oans became this to atone for Krona's sins.
    • Big Bad: Became this directly during the War of the Green Lanterns, where Krona poisoned the GL corps by placing Parrallax's fear energy in the main battery. Hal eventually beat him though.
  • Energy Being: Became this several times, Though he can still assume his original humanoid form.
    • Eldritch Abomination: He became a Formless energy caught between space and time during his first banishment.
  • Mad Scientist
  • Measuring the Marigolds: At least in the yearlong Trinity series.
  • Omnicidal Neutral: He cares nothing for sides.
    • Omnicidal Maniac: But if he can't get what he wants from a universe, he thinks nothing of destroying it.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: He was sealed in a "Cosmic Egg" by the JLA and some otherworldly heroes for a while.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Has hints of this in Brightest Day. At the very least, he thinks he's one.

Major Disaster

AKA: Paul Booker
Homeworld: Earth

Major Force

AKA: Clifford Zmeck
Homeworld: Earth

The Manhunters

Homeworld: Biot (formerly Oa, later Orinda)

Robotic precursors of the Green Lantern Corps. They wielded the same Green power source until the Guardians realized that they were too cold and inflexible to properly discern justice within the context of real cultures and real life situations. After being stripped of their status, the Manhunters formed their own group and have variously attempted to act upon their original purpose or exact revenge upon their creators. During the Sinestro Corps War, they joined forces with Cyborg-Superman, who became their Grandmaster and created a new breed of Manhunter that siphons power away from Green Lantern rings and recharges Sinestro rings.

Mongul II

Homeworld: Debstam IV

The son of Mongul I, despotic ruler of WarWorld and destroyer of Coast City. Like his father, Mongul II is a cruel and arrogant monster who lives for conquest. After the Sinestro Corps War, a yellow power ring found its way to Mongul, who used it to launch a hostile takeover of the Sinestro Corps; he nearly succeeded until Sinestro himself defeated him in single combat, trapping him within the yellow central power battery on Korugar. (See the Superman Character Sheet for his father, Mongul I.)

The Psions

Homeworld: Vega system

An early experiment of the Guardians' ancestors on Maltus, the Psions are a race of reptilian humanoids with a penchant for cruel scientific experimentation. They were abandoned by the Maltusians when they migrated to Oa, and later made violent contact with their Neglectful Precursors. When the Psions were defeated, the Guardians allowed them to settle in the Vega system (which was off-limits to them due to their deal with Agent Orange) so as to afford them peace. The Psions have since become a powerful galactic force thanks to their relative immunity to the Green Lanterns' jurisdiction.

The Shark

Homeworld: Earth


AKA: Bito Wladon
Homeworld: Earth

The Spider Guild

Homeworld: Vega system


AKA: Kal-El / Clark Kent
Homeworld: Earth-Prime

Once a young comic book fan in a world without superheroes, this Clark found that he was his universe's counterpart to Superman, with all his powers. He helped the united heroes in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but could not save his own Earth from the Anti-Monitor. With no home left to, he retreated into a paradise dimension... where he watched his favorite heroes descend into The Dark Age of Comic Books. The years of isolation eventually got to him, convincing him that the new universe did not deserve to exist, leading to a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in Infinite Crisis. The Guardians imprisoned him after his defeat.

Over a year later, the Sinestro Corps staged a breakout on Oa and recruited Superboy-Prime. However, Prime only did so to get close to the Anti-Monitor to avenge Earth-Prime's destruction. After a protracted battle against Sodam Yat, Prime betrayed the Sinestro Corps and killed the Anti-Monitor, hurling him into space before the panicked Guardians hurriedly banished him from this universe.

See the Superman character sheet for more on this character.

The Tattooed Man

AKA: Abel Tarrant
Homeworld: Earth

The Tattooed Man

AKA: Mark Richards
Homeworld: Earth

The Weaponers of Qward

Homeworld: Qward

The eternal enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. The Weaponers are a race of aliens who inhabit Qward, a planet in the Anti-Matter Universe that occupies the same space that Oa does in the positive universe. They are known for their ingenious skill at creating devastating weapons, such as the lightning-like Qwa-bolts, the Void Hound starship, the black rings of their short-lived Anti-Green Lantern Corps, and even the yellow rings of the Sinestro Corps.

The Qwardians have suffered under numerous conquerors, including the Anti-Monitor, the Crime Syndicate of Antimatter-Earth, and the Sinestro Corps. Their own leader holds the title of Highlord. The greatest Weaponers include Highlord Roval, the Weaponer (who created Sinestro's ring), and the caste of warriors called the Thunderers.


A warlord from the unmapped reaches of space beyond Sector 3600, Zardor desires conquest and has allied with Krona to achieve his ends. By abducting psychics to boost his own mental powers, he can clairvoyantly view events in distant sectors, and has used his psychic powers to mentally dominate numerous Green Lanterns. The first Earth Green Lantern to fight him was Guy Gardner.