Cats Don't Dance

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They don't make films like this anymore...

Cats Don't Dance is a 1997 film, and, other than The Pagemaster in 1994, the only one made by Turner Entertainment's animation unit before Warner Bros took over. The film was choreographed by Gene Kelly, and the main character was based on him as well. Kelly died in 1996 mid-production.

The film takes place in the Golden Age of Hollywood in the year 1939, and the plot centers around a singing and dancing cat named Danny, who dreams of being a big movie star. He gets a role in the latest movie starring sickeningly adorable child star Darla Dimple, only to find out the hard way that animals in Hollywood only get minor roles. Determined to show Hollywood their talent, Danny rounds up some of his newfound friends, and tries to find a way to impress the studio exec producing the film. When Darla finds out about this, she starts to show her true (read: evil) nature, and decides to sabotage the animals' plans, so they don't steal her spotlight.

This movie contains many Shout Outs to classic films, most notably Singin in The Rain and Sunset Boulevard. Although it was underpromoted and it underperformed at the box office, it has a loyal following to this day (particularly among the Furry Fandom).

Tropes used in Cats Don't Dance include:

Woolie: Ah, poor Sawyer. I thought she'd be the one to make it. Such a dancer, with a voice like an angel...

Darla: Max, invite that teaaaaaa... [iris out on huge, disturbing grin]

Sawyer: Frankly, Clark, I don't give a--
Clark: (Whining) Sawyer!

"How does the kittycat go?"
"Very good."

Danny: Looks like we're gonna be the only two cats on the ark.
Sawyer: So much for preserving the species.

Tilly: Well?
Sawyer: I can't do this.
Tilly: And?
Sawyer: I can't do this.
Tilly: So?
Sawyer: I can't believe I'm doing this...

Max: Ping!

Now the people they were so bad
That the Lord made the rain come down.
And he washed away the bad cities,
And he washed away the bad towns,
And all of the people drowned!
[cherubic smile and cute pose while anguished silhouettes sink in the background]

Darla: singing and all of the people drowned! grins charmingly