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I, Lex Luthor, stand for humanity, unlike that so-called "Man of Steel"!

"I raise my voice, and Satan himself is on bended knee. I am the leader of the free world, you impotent little psychotic. I've had the most powerful beings on this or any planet gunning for me for years, and you think you're going to scare me?"


While I do not enjoy sharing the personal details of my life, I find it wise to keep my fan base happy (that clown's bragging about having a page before me was...unappreciated) so I will indulge you. At the minimum, I deserve a page before that alien with the yellow ring.

My name is Alexander Joseph Luthor. You may address me as "Lex" or preferably as "Mr. Luthor", or "Mr. President", depending on whether or not I am currently president, as I was from Lex 2000 #1 to the Superman/Batman series, just ANYTHING but "Lexy". That clown drove me nuts with that name!. From my humble beginnings in Action Comics #23 (April, 1940) , I have been portrayed as almost everything between a Mad Scientist and a rather upscale white-collar criminal, a maniacal villain to an abused child, courtesy of my evil, sadistic, backstabbing, manipulating lunatic of an excuse for a father, Lionel Luthor. I have been married eight times; the first seven don't count, and the last one I ended by blowing up my wife.

At least two of my children have been killed: Lex Luthor Jr. and his mother, Ardora, when their planet was destroyed, and Jerry White, of whose parentage I was not aware until his death. The only ones of my blood who have lived are Lena (whereabouts unknown), daughter of Contessa, my last wife; and Conner Kent, who is (biologically) my son with Superman (Spare me the "clever" remarks, please.) Conner is the only one for whom I have truly cared as a father, though only a clone made using my DNA and that of the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, he has turned from me to the path of the "hero".

Speaking of heroes, I'm sure you're aware that my arch-nemesis is Superman. Our relationship is... complicated and my feelings for him are mixed. I do find him annoying, but it is difficult not to admire him—even when he destroys one of my creations that was not meant to garner his attentions.

I have been played by Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey, Scott James Wells, Sherman Howard, John Shea and Michael Rosenbaum. Voice acted by (the most famous) Clancy Brown, Ray Owens, Stan Jones, Michael Bell, James Marsters, Chris Noth, Anthony LaPaglia, Joe J. Thomas, and Mark Rolston.

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(The preceding should be read with Kevin Spacey's voice or with Clancy Brown's voice. Whatever suits your pleasure.)

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