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Cyanide & Happiness is a daily webcomic strip at It was begun by Kris Wilson originally, but after showing his work to some members on the forum several others joined in the fun: Matt Melvin, Rob DenBleyker and Dave McElfatrick. They have no shame in exploiting extreme Black Comedy, Literal-Minded-ness and affinities for the most hilariously controversially awkward situations known to webcomickind. Their comics involve the exploitation of simply-drawn stick dolls for all they're worth.

Dark, cynical, offensive, irreverent... and we're just getting started.

Oh, and they also have a sketch comedy show, here.

Tropes used in Cyanide & Happiness include:

The "she" in "that's what she said" is really annoying in bed.

  2. ....To avoid listening the overly long ramblings of an old man that he was trying to rob just before it.
  3. ...Ultimately subverted.
  4. By the way, the thing that was bothering the character wasn't even an injury.
  5. (or was it "how NOT to use it"?)