Megas XLR

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    Chicks dig giant robots.[1]

    "Look, Red, I'm no hero. I'm just a guy from Jersey, alright?"


    From the creators of MTV's Downtown comes this action cartoon, an affectionate spoof of "guy culture", science fiction, Anime and anything that was "cool" in The Eighties. If Neon Genesis Evangelion is the Deconstruction of the Humongous Mecha genre, then Megas XLR is the Demolition. It is also possibly the American precursor to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It is one of the few mecha shows to get unanimous praise from 4chan's Anime, Cartoons & Comics and Mecha boards.[2]

    In the distant future, mankind is losing a war against evil aliens known as the Glorft. Only one hope remains: a stolen Glorft prototype robot that has been converted into the Mecha Earth Guard Attack System (MEGAS). But while sending the robot through time in order to turn the tide of the war, it accidentally ends up getting sent too far back into the past. It sits in a junkyard in Jersey City for 70 years, until it is found by Coop, a large, jovial gearhead and video game fanatic.

    Coop manages to repair the robot and also makes a few modifications, like replacing the absent, destroyed head with a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. He dubs it XLR - "Xtra Large Robot", but just as he's showing it off to his friend Jamie, who should show up but soldier, mechanical expert, and all-around Action Girl Kiva Andru, who's traveled from the future to reclaim the robot she modified. Unfortunately, due to Coop's modifications, he's now the only one who can pilot it. What's worse, a band of Glorft troopers, led by the tyrannical Warmaster Gorrath, have followed Kiva through time and are intent on reclaiming what was once theirs: Megas. Now Coop -- with the help of Kiva and, to a lesser extent, Jamie -- battles the Glorft, along with countless other threats to the Earth. Usually doing just as much damage as the things he fights.

    Formerly on Cartoon Network's Toonami from 2002 to 2004. Currently on iTunes and Xbox Live.

    Not to be confused with The Megas.

    Megas XLR is the Trope Namer for:

    Tropes used in Megas XLR include:

    Magnanimous: *glasses pull* "Groovy."


    Jamie: YEAH!... wait, what?!

    • Area 51: "Viva Las Megas".
    • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: All of Coop's regular rants against the bad guy. One time, it was more like "Jaywalking, Littering and Playing Loud Music." Oh, and he did all three of the acts, not the bad guy. Lampshaded by Kiva and Jamie.
    • As Long As It Looks Foreign: The odds table in "Battle Royale" includes not only alien scripts, but also lines in English and jumbles of Greek characters that would be unpronounceable to someone who could read them.
    • Barehanded Blade Block: What's cooler than a BHBB? A giant robot BHBB.
    • Basement Dweller: Coop.
    • Batman Can Breathe in Space: The roll-up windows and retractable roof of Coop's car are able to resist the vacuum of space. And it's not like there's anything special about them, either; Coop punched one out barehanded.
    • Beam-O-War: In "Dude, Where's My Head?", where Coop wins by turning on the high beam headlights.
    • Berserk Button:
      • Coop not getting a Mega Slush or any delicious, artery-hardening food. Gorrath actually uses this to torture him at one point.
      • Also, don't even think of insulting Megas in front of Coop.
      • Or trying to kill Jamie and Coop in front of Kiva.
    • Big Bad: Warmaster Gorrath.
    • Big Eater: Coop actually has three championship crowns from the "Lord of the Large Pants" eating contest.

    Coop: Put that down. I'm not finished yet.
    Jamie: He doesn't get sick, he just gets less hungry.

    • Big No: Coop loves doing these over minor things.
      • When the signal cuts out during a wrestling show, he screams this as he quickly jumps out of his seat to check the connection.
      • He also belts out another one when he realizes he accidentally backed into (and destroyed) the cheapest all-you-can-eat buffet in Las Vegas.
      • "My big glug! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
    • Bigger on the Inside: Megas is much bigger on the inside.
    • Big Fun: Coop, natch.
    • Big Red Button: Which triggers the Forgotten Superweapon of the week. One recurring button involves Coop dramatically smashing his forehead on it to push it.
    • Bishounen: Captain Warlock, being a Captain Ersatz of, er, Captain Harlock.
    • Blessed Are the Cheesemakers: A one-shot villain is a gigantic blob of spray cheese caused by filling Megas's fusion power core with that stuff.
    • Brain Freeze: Kiva gets one after trying a Mega Slush for the first time.
    • Brick Joke: Occurs very, very often -- almost Once an Episode. In the pilot, for example, Coop misfires a missile, which strikes a PoPTV satellite... which crashes on top of the ridiculously huge final robot right on time to save the cast.
    • Button Mashing: Coop does this a lot when piloting Megas.
    • By Wall That Is Holey: In a Flash Back, Coop knocks over a bookshelf that lands right around Jamie.
    • The Call Knows Where You Live: It helps when you activate a tachyon beacon The Call can track across time.
    • Call Back: The Kaiju-sized space jailer from the end of "D.M.V.: Department of Megas Violations" is seen sipping tea as Coop and gang are uncontrollably warping through different points in the universe in "Coop D'Etat"
    • Cameo: Several characters from MTV's Downtown show up throughout the show. Goat is an obvious one. Alex makes an appearance in two separate episodes. The nerd Wedge appears at least once. Serena is in the pilot episode "Lowbrow". The girl Jamie gets a date with by borrowing Coop's car appears to be the same girl Fruity was flirting with on the subway.
    • Captain Ersatz: So many characters. See Shout-Out.
    • Catgirl: Possibly a foxgirl, in the title sequence, and the "Battle Royale" episode.
    • Caught on the Jumbotron: In "Terminate Her", Coop first realizes that Jamie and Kiva are in trouble when Jamie appears on the Jumbotron holding hands with a girl, who happens to be Kiva's ancestor. Though his first concern is that they aren't bringing him nachos.
    • Cephalothorax: Magnanimous.
    • Captain Obvious: Typically the Commander. Lampshaded in the first episode by Warmaster Gorrath.

    Warmaster Gorrath: What have they done TO MY ROBOT?!
    Commander: Sir, the Earthers appear to have heavily modified it.
    Warmaster Gorrath: Thank you, Commander. For stating the brutally obvious!

    • Cerebus Syndrome: Of the "Tone doesn't get darker, but the humor does" variety.
    • Chainsaw Good:
      • The Metal Maiden is a chainsword.
      • Also Mag Nanimous' Elvis mech.
    • Char Clone: Evil Coop.
    • Character as Himself: The end credits list Goat as being voiced by "Himself". Goat is the nickname of Scot Rienecker, a friend of the creators. He indeed plays himself on the show, and was a regular in Downtown before.
    • Chekhov's Gun: Pretty much every episode ends with some mundane thing Coop did earlier in the episode saving the day.
    • Cold-Blooded Torture: Parodied. Coop gets captured by the Glorft. Gorath's torture techniques? Eating a Philly Cheese Steak slowly in front of Coop. And smashing Mega Slushes. This would be considered Cool and Unusual Punishment, but since it's Coop... Humorously, it's just as much torture for Gorath, who can barely stomach the Philly Cheese Steak.
    • Combat Stilettos: Kiva's boots have high heels, though admittedly rather thick compared to most.
    • Combining Mecha:
      • Mercilessly abused and mocked with the Gatchaman-style opponents in "Bad Guy". Then horribly spoofed when Megas needs their power against a mutual foe, so it grabs one mecha and literally shoves a foot up its ass until it's on like a boot, does the same for the rest of its limbs, then grabs the leader's eagle-mecha by the neck and slams it onto the back, complete with each S-Force member whimpering at the violation. The result is a humiliating abomination, that surprisingly looks perfect, which the villain approves of. Even more surprising, it actually works, somehow giving Megas access to all the other mechas' weapons. And here you people thought Kamina invented that trick!
      • The Glorft have one in the first episode made up of most of their army.
    • Comedic Hero: Even Kiva, with her Deadpan Snarker moments, gets in on this.
    • Comically Missing the Point: Coop most of the time.
    • Conservation of Ninjutsu: But with giant robots and aliens.
    • Context Sensitive Button: With a different label every time.
      • At one point it reads "Exactly The Same Button Coop Just Pressed Like Five Minutes Ago".
      • "Do Something Stupid, Coop".
      • Also, Megas' fifth gear, which contains such functions as "Fight," "Save Jamie," and "SPACE."
      • Another time it's marked "Drive", "Neutral", "Reverse", and "SPACE".
      • "Button to Push 10 Minutes Before The Show Ends". Naturally, it's broken.
      • "Five minutes until end of episode."
    • Cool and Unusual Punishment: Typically Coop. He usually deserves it.
    • Cool Car: It's a car mixed with a Humongous Mecha! Coop is entirely aware of this, and Jamie even more so. When Coop enters Megas in a car show, he's actually worried about the competition.

    Jamie: Competition? You have a giant robot from the future, with a car for a head.


    Coop: NO ONE trashes Jersey City! Uh... except me.


    Living here in Jersey / Fighting villains from afar / You gotta find first gear / In your giant robot car...


    Kiva: I figured I could pilot a primitive automobile if you can pilot such an advanced war machine.

    • Fan Service:
      • Kiva trying on modern clothes at the mall in "Breakout", including a punk rocker outfit and pajamas. Jamie was actually trying to get her to try on deliberately goofy outfits to embarrass her as a bit of petty revenge, but with her figure she can't help but look good in them. There's also her outfit in the mosh pit episode, which Goat is quick to call attention to.
      • The Ultra Cadets, being Sailor Moon parodies.
    • Fantastic Voyage: In one episode Megas enters a planet-sized creature.
    • Fat and Proud: Coop. Oh so very much.
    • Fat and Skinny: Coop and Jamie.
    • Fish Out of Temporal Water: Kiva. She plays it for laughs quite a few times as her Deadpan Snarker side develops.
    • Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon: The Glorft Ultimate Planet Destroyer is mounted under the main hull of the mother ship and is almost the size of the entire mothership.
    • Flashback Twist: Many.
    • Foe Yay: Parodied with in the credits background of the first season finale. It shows a valentine with Coop and Gorrath in it, and the caption "Best Enemies".
    • Foot Focus: The close-up of Kiva's bare feet in "Breakout" and "S. Force S.O.S.".
    • Fun with Acronyms: Mecha Earth Guard Attack System (MEGAS) Xtra Large Robot (XLR).
      • Replicant Engineered for Galactic Infiltration and Sabotage (REGIS) mk. V
      • Reverse Engineered Collective Robot (R.E.C.R.)
    • Future Badass: In the alternate future where Coop turns evil, and the resistance force fighting him is being led by Jamie.
    • Genius Ditz: Coop is a mechanical genius (even if his modifications don't work right half the time) and a great pilot, but otherwise rather dim.
    • Genre Savvy: Jamie lampshades the "let's hide in that nebula" tactic Kiva recommends in "Coop D'Etat".
    • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
      • Warlock's hall of portraits of his many past conquests -- all redheaded, of course -- include what is clearly an effeminate man.
      • "So, Red, looks like we've got the backseat."
      • "A sword, the Metal Maiden is a sword!?"
      • Look closely when Megas is punching the planet-sized monster in "TV Dinner". They appear to have landed next to its anus.
      • Also when the S-Force's Zorbs are smashed onto Megas. He shoves his limbs up their asses and they whimper at the violation.
      • Goat is excited about the improvements in the secondary motion engine of a DOA Xtreme Expy because of the nice backgrounds.
    • Giant Space Flea From Nowhere: This is how the show works. Usually because Coop accidentally summoned it.
    • Gilligan Cut: Combined with Tempting Fate when Jamie says, "It's not like the Glorft have a new death machine built specifically to take us out." Then the camera pans into space, and guess what the Glorft have just finished building.
      • Used several times, actually, in this same matter.

    Maganimous: [To Kiva] Now, put the fist down, sweetheart. We both know there's no way you can fight all of us, and protect the, sub-form here.
    Jamie: Sub-form?!? Go get 'im, Kiva, I got your back.
    Cut to Jamie and Kiva locked up in a cell
    Kiva: Thanks for getting my back.


    Jamie: Coop, what are you doing!? I was just about to get digits from green-skinned girls. GREEN-SKINNED GIRLS!!!

    • Handsome Lech: Jamie.
    • Hero Antagonist: Before realizing Coop wasn't evil, the S-Force were this.
    • Hero Insurance
    • Hero with an F In Good: Though he means well, Coop's Destructive Savior nature has resulted in him destroying entire planets and dooming civilizations by accident, so much so that the S-Force assumed him to be a villain at first glance. How much he's called out on this varies per episode and crime. It's lampshaded the most in "Bad Guy".

    Ender: I need someone as obviously evil as you.

    • Heroes Want Redheads: Captain Warlock takes this to obsessive new lengths. Alternate!Jamie also happened to hook up with the fiery redhead Kiva, before everything bad happened.
    • Hey, It's That Voice!: Jamie is voiced by Steve Blum and Kiva by Wendee Lee.
    • Hollywood Tone Deaf: Played with. Coop's tone-deaf singing is used as a weapon at one point, but it was more due to the decibel levels (cranked up thanks to Megas' speakers) than the actual tonal range, or lack thereof.
    • Holographic Terminal:
      • Kiva's original Mech controls.
      • Megas has one in the backseat for Kiva.
    • Hot-Blooded: Think of Coop as a blond, fat Kamina. But even more Crazy Awesome.
    • Human Doorstop: Kiva to Jamie, as Kiva rushes to fix the mech and Jamie stands around complaining: "Could you hold this wire? And this one?"
    • Humongous Mecha
    • I Know Mortal Kombat: Coop learned his incredible piloting skills from playing too many video games. Justified because he designed the controls of the robot to simulate a video game, complete with Nintendo, Sega and Sony controller pads. As well as a DDR pad and a pair of Power Gloves for "manual control" when the CPU unit isn't attached. There's also the "secondary cammand bridge" (sic) with retro Atari controllers, in case the car isn't attached.
    • I Like Those Odds: In the first episode, a large number of Glorft surround Megas and Kiva's mech. Coop's response is to agree that the fight isn't fair... and smashes Kiva's mech. "Now it's fair."
    • Idiot Hero: Coop, and how!
    • Imagine Spot: Frequent. Funniest is Coop imagining a Sugar Bowl-inspired world without TV.
    • Imported Alien Phlebotinum: Megas is a Stolen Alien Phlebotinum that Kiva finished building and then Coop tore apart and "modified" so half its gadgets don't work anymore.
    • Indy Ploy: Every plan eventually devolves into this.
    • Inventional Wisdom: Some of the labels on the buttons would only make sense in Coop's mind. Others not so much.

    Coop: I've seriously got to rethink my layout design.


    Ender: I am Ender. I end things.

      • Captain Warlock. "Warlock" means "Oath-breaker". He breaks every promise he makes and tells nothing but lies.
    • Mecha-Mooks: Expendable Glorft robots. Though Gorrath does appear to conserve them a few times, and the commander notes that they can't always afford to lose mechs. They're probably building a lot of new ones per episode.
    • Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds:

    Jamie: When in doubt, blow up a planet.


    Coop: Let's go see what bad guy I get to beat-up this week!

    • Monumental Damage:
      • When Coop was faced with a giant robot that fed on energy, he took care of it by throwing it into the Grand Canyon, which he then completely filled in. He also destroyed Hoover Dam in the same episode.
      • The moon landing site.
    • Mood Whiplash: The pilot opens with a losing battle in Space Opera fashion before cutting to two guys in Jersey screwing around and never looks back until the Series Finale when things took a turn to dark sci-fi drama again.
    • Morality Pet: Jamie really doesn't come off as one, but in the alternate universe where Coop and Kiva are evil, Jamie is the one who retains his morality, to the point where he leads the rebellion against Coop, and seems to do a great job of it.
    • More Dakka: "Super Destructor Mode".
    • Mundane Fantastic: Coop's rampages in Megas, and indeed the fact that he has a giant robot in the first place, is treated as normal by pretty much the entire town.
    • Mundane Utility: Megas's greatest ability? It can ignore traffic jams. When not stuck in them for comedic effect.

    Coop: It's too hot to fly.

    • NEET: Coop and Jamie exemplify this trope.
    • Never Say "Die": Strangely used both straight and averted.
    • New Powers as the Plot Demands: The almighty dashboard and its hundreds of buttons provide a good deal of these. A great deal of humor comes from what new ultra-destructive weapon Coop will use next and how badly it will fail.
    • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Coop is the undisputed master. It seems that nearly every single threat he faces was directly or indirectly his fault in the first place. And even when it's not his fault at all, his actions to resolve the problem generally cause more devastation than letting it rampage unchecked would have done. According to Word of God, had the show continued it would have been revealed that this even extends to creating the Glorft. This quote in the first season sums it up nicely:

    Kiva: Now where did that come from?
    Grrkek: I should thank you for releasing me.
    Kiva: Of course.

    • No Endor Holocaust:
      • Thoroughly abused and played with. One day, Coop fills New Jersey's air with smog to disable a solar-powered robot while triggering an artificial winter, and next thing you know, New Jersey is good as new. Later, the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman-like heroes show up to punish Coop for being the Ultimate Destructor of the Earth.
      • Totally averted when Coop blows up a good chunk of the Moon, causing lots of natural disasters and leading to him having to reconstruct it during the credits.
      • Partially averted with the planet of the space-yetis. Though none of them died, Coop's destruction of their rival planet completely screwed up their ecosystem.
    • No Kill Like Overkill:
    • Coop locks at least fifty missiles on his target one after another*

    Kiva: Uh, Coop, overkill?
    Jamie: Yeah... Do more!

      • When faces with a monster that responds to No Kill Like Overkill by getting stronger, there's this timeless classic of a line.

    Kiva: To reiterate: smashing bad.
    Jamie: Normally I'm pro-smashing, and I hate to agree with future girl, but maybe smashing's not the way to go this time.
    Coop: We tried no smashing, and that didn't work! I'm sticking to my strengths, and smashing is my strengths. I just need to find the right kind of smashing.

    • No One Could Survive That: Good thing no one told the S-Force that. Or Coop.
    • Non-Action Guy: Jamie. Coop at least puts forth some effort.
    • Non-Standard Character Design: The REGIS Mk. V has a more spindly, cartoonish, non-mech design, looking more like something out of Invader Zim.
    • Nuclear Weapons Taboo: Among the numerous buttons on his dashboard is an entire section of WARNING labels and signs telling Coop not to push the Big Red Button in the middle that would launch a nuke at the enemy. Despite Coop's desire to push it, Kiva and Jamie protest until he decides not to. Also note that he wanted to do so in an enclosed underground base.

    Coop: What's the point of having nuclear weapons if you never get to use them?


    Gorrath: But for now, take us into null space, so we can effect repairs.
    Second: Huh, don't you mean run away because we got our jhorblochs handed to us by one Earther?

    Second: *grabs his mouth* Not the face!
    Gorrath: Tread lightly, commander, or you might find yourself at the head of the next assault. Without a mech!


    Coop: Jamie, quit screaming like a girl!
    Jamie: It's not me, it's him!
    Coop: You, quit screaming like Jamie!

    • Sealed Evil in a Can:
      • The RECR.
      • Grrkek the Planet Killer and the other criminals held in the "game cartridge"/billion year old subspace prison.
      • The REGIS first appears sealed away in a high security container.
    • Selective Gravity: Inside a planet eater, Megas falls down toward acid unless using its jets, yet the satellites somehow continue to float regardless.
    • Serial Escalation: People think Gurren Lagann paved the way countryside for this trope, and they're right. However, what they don't realise is that Megas XLR made that countryside... by VAPORIZING the MOUNTAIN that was originally there!
    • Severely Specialized Store: Coop often crashes into bizarrely (and hilariously) specialized buildings.
    • Ship Tease: Kiva/Jamie gets hinted at a lot. Coop finds it rather creepy. So does Kiva.
    • Shout-Out: Everywhere.
    • Skyward Scream: Done in All I Wanted Was A Slushie, when he realized the alien robot just destroyed the last Mega Slush machine in the greater Jersey area. He even pulled back Megas' convertible hood for the full effect.
    • Smug Super: The REGIS Mk.5, despite repeatedly being reduced to scrap. Justified since it will not and possibly never will stay dead. Michael Dorn doing the voice only further enhances the quality.

    REGIS Mk.5: The REGIS Mk.5 is invincible. No weapon forged by such a primitive species can defeat the REGIS, which is invincible.


    Jamie: What about my suggestion to go home and ignore it!

    • Space Is Noisy: Megas' horn can be heard in space. Not the least bit surprising considering everything else that happens in the show.
    • Space Pirates: Captain Warlock and his crew.
    • Spooky Silent Library: The Ringworld in "Buggin' The System".
    • Staring Kid: This kid was a recurring character who was usually standing around, drinking a Mega Slush or something, and proclaiming "cooooooool" at all the destruction going on in the episode.
    • Stock Footage: Averted, mostly.
      • Some of the attacks have recycled footage in them, mostly when he's jumping around or fighting the Glorft, or when Coop destroys his own garage.
      • In the episode "Dude, Where's My Head?" while Coop is piloting a headless Megas from the secondary command bridge, stock footage of standard Megas with a head throwing a punch is used. You have to be paying attention to catch it though.
    • Take That:
      • Once an Episode, something belonging to their MTV pastiche, PoPTV, gets destroyed. Do you think the creators are still bitter about the cancellation of Downtown?
      • One of the buildings Coop has destroyed was marked "A Dot Com (And Therefore Obviously Empty)".
    • Technology Marches On: Played with. In "Viva Las Megas", Coop accidentally releases a giant robot that was being developed by the U.S. military during the Cold War. It uses reel-to-reel tape for memory and boasts "There is no way you can defeat the superior power of my massive 56 kilobyte processor!".
    • Telescoping Robot: Where the hell do Megas' weapons come from?
    • Tempting Fate:
      • "You had to ask if he had a bigger robot, didn't you?"
      • From "Battle Royal".

    Magnanimous: (with regard to his own contestant) See what you get for hiring a human?

      • "Fort Knox / Hamburger Fort: Please Do Not Smash".
    • Theme Tune Cameo: The lyrics for the show's theme are seen on a karaoke machine in "S-Force SOS".
    • There's No B in Movie: Just about anything the guys watch on TV that isn't related to wrestling.
    • This Is Gonna Suck: Jamie's Catch Phrase
    • Tim Taylor Technology: Satellite TV out? Juice it with jumper cables from Megas.
    • Trademark Favorite Food: Philly Cheesesteaks and Strawberry Slushies for Coop. Warmaster Gorrath uses this against Coop in "The Driver's Seat" - see Cold-Blooded Torture.
    • Transplant: Goat actually originated in Downtown.
    • Twitchy Eye: Magnanimous got one after being beaten thrown into a quantum singularity by Megas and coming back for revenge.
    • Two Gamers on a Couch: Coop and Jamie on their off days.
    • The Unintelligible: Jax of S-Force.
    • The Unpronounceable: On Coop and Jamie's part, Magnanimus' name is impossible to pronounce.
    • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: On the ever-so-rare occasion when Coop actually has a plan.
    • Unusual Euphemism: "Jhorblochs", although it may be an example of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
      • Also, "Zorp" in the episode "Bad Guy", which is used in said episode in everything from terms for mechas to a WTF substitute.
    • Unusual User Interface:
      • The dashboard's temperature gauge measures the reactor core's temperature;
      • The charged laser is fired with the high beam switch;
      • The heat shield is connected to the A/C button;
      • The rearview mirror has a radar;
      • It flies backwards by shifting to reverse;
      • And then there's the secondary control module, which turns Megas into a Motion Capture Mecha operated with an Atari joystick or a DDR pad.
      • Meanwhile, the button for "shields" puts up the roof of the convertible car.
    • Up to Eleven: The car's controls were designed with this trope in mind.
      • The Speedometer measures from "Slow", "Fast", "Faster", and "GOOD CRIPES!";
      • The Oil Gauge reads from "Empty", "Need a little", "Almost There", "Enough", "No really, I'm fine", and "PLEASE STOP!";
      • "Missiles," "More Missiles" and "ALL THE MISSILES";
      • Coop's Car heater settings read "Warm," "Hot," and "DANG!" The last one activates flamethrowers;
      • The stereo system goes up to eleven MILLION.
    • Urban Legends: In one episode, Megas actually uses pop rocks and soda to defeat an enemy.
    • Verbal Ticked: T-Bot uses words that rhyme a lot, ("T-Bot will pounce you, trounce you, and utterly denounce you!") but near the end of the episode, he does not.

    T-Bot: T-Bot doesn't know failure! Will, uh... Lock you... In a trailer!

    • We Can Rule Together:
      • Ender's offer to Coop in "The Bad Guy".
      • Warlock's offer to Kiva in "Space Booty".
    • Weirdness Magnet: Repeated attacks on Jersey City by a variety of alien forces, aside from the Glorft, for no apparent logical reason other than Megas is there.[3] No one is surprised about anything, except Kiva and one person at the DMV.
    • What Does This Button Do?: Coop and Jamie trying out Megas' weapons in "Test Drive"

    Jamie: *pointing at a square blue button* What's that?
    Coop: Dunno. *Coop presses the button, which causes a massive cannon to form over one of Megas' fist. The ensuing beam from it disintegrates a house*
    Coop: O... kay... now we know what that does.

    • What Measure Is a Non-Human?:
      • Coop ignites a planet of sentient robots and it explodes. Not before he slaughtered a couple dozen of them himself, though.
      • Averted in "Clockwork Megas", where Coop frees "innocent robots" from being brainwashed in a prison. Unfortunately, said prisoners happened to be the universe's most dangerous criminals. So apparently he can respect sentient robots, but his Idiot Heroness among other things always gets the best of him.
        • That one wasn't entirely Coop's fault. Quarrol (the warden) kept attacking MEGAS, had his guard machines kill seemingly innocent robots who were going to tell Coop how to get home, and generally acted like a badguy. Until the end, even the audience didn't know that the robots were criminals and that Quarrol was a goodguy. If he'd taken the time to explain the situation to heroes, instead of trying to have the ground into shavings, and given them directions back to Earth, Coop would have likely sided with him.
    • Worthless Yellow Rocks: In space, Jamie's pocket lint, french fry, and button are more valuable than his two coins.
    • X Meets Y: Clerks meets Downtown meets your typical Mecha anime.
    • You Just Had to Say It: Kiva and Jamie frequently say this to Coop.
    • Your Other Left: Jamie in "The Fat and The Furious".

    Coop: We have the same left!



    1. Nice!
    2. Which, for 4chan, is really saying something.
    3. Might be partially justified, because Coop accidentally sent an interdimensional distress beacon, which he somehow implemented as the alarm.