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This is the character sheet for Shining Pretty Cure. The hypothetical casting by the author is just for fun.

Pretty Cure and Allies

Akiyama Youko (Cure Ruby) Voice Actor: Nagasawa Miki (Japanese), Mona Marshall (English)

"So, are you real or are you me daydreaming about meeting an alien, becoming a henshin hero, and saving the world from giant monsters like AuraRed does?"

Youko is one of two Toku fangirl leads in the Precure fanseries collective, the situational difference being that Luminous Town seems far more amiable to nerdiness than Kazahana City ever was. Her favourite show, Auraranger, draws all sorts of strange parallels to her new life as Cure Ruby, which she tends to acknowledge here and there without ever really stopping to think about what it means for what will happen to her in the future. She starts out as Aina's good friend and gathers a Nakama in the first quarter of the series with her belief in never giving up, no matter what. After all, AuraRed had to face betrayal, a mysterious transfer student, monsters every other day, and eventually, the man who killed his parents -- anything less than living up to him is unacceptable.

Kobayashi Aina (Cure Peridot) Voice Actor: Matsuoka Yuki (Japanese), Kira Vincent-Davis (English)

"This is...this is wonderful! Ito-han wants me at his birthday party! I will repay his kindness! I'll show him the inner feelings of my heart! Now's my chance!"

Kobayashi Aina is a kind-hearted soul who just wants to make everyone happy, but she's no Love-knockoff, before you think that. For one thing, this girl likes to think she's very perceptive of other people's feelings, leading her to avidly pair up everyone in sight. When it comes to her own love life, though, she's a blushing, stuttering mess. Notable for her Kansai accent, her kindness to everyone around her, and her strong friendship with Youko even before the other team members show up, Aina is a sweet girl who, like AuraGreen, follows her friend out of dedication to protecting everyone's smiles.

Miwa Shinju (Cure Pearl) Voice Actor: Kugimiya Rie (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)

"I wanted to get away from all the other people. They keep staring."

Miwa Shinju is the series' token Lonely Rich Kid, but more than anything, she's alone by choice. Thanks to guilt from her past, she denies so much as wanting friends even to herself, and it takes a long time and a lot of struggling before she integrates herself into the team. What Shinju really wants is an exciting life with interesting people. Like the bereaved and standoffish AuraPink, being Cure Pearl represents a dream Shinju never allowed herself to have, which she comes to terms with as the story goes on.

Takamura Akira (Cure Turquoise) Voice Actor: Shintani Ryoko (Japanese), Patricia Ja Lee (English)

"I'm fine, really. Your problems will always come first, remember?"

Takamura Akira is the laid-back upperclassman who attracts fans from all over the school, and she's easy to befriend. This makes her the perfect target for Amazora, who she ends up hanging out with almost as much as she does with the other Precures. At first, it seems like nothing bothers Akira. On the contrary, she holds guilt from her parents blaming her for an accident that her sister was involved in when they were kids, and now Akira puts others first to the point that it's developed into an unhealthy complex.

Sheeny Voice Actor: Shin-ichiro Miki (Japanese)

"Youko, I'll try to believe in you and your teammates, no matter how bad this gets, shii."

Sheeny, the first of the two mascots to appear and the more hard-nosed of the two, starts out very stubborn and set in his ways about how he's going to save his world. This seems to come from a sense of guilt about letting his home be destroyed and letting Lucey get lost. He eventually starts to lighten up when Lucey returns and Youko's "wishful thinking" starts being right more often than not.

Lucey Voice Actor: Goto Yuko (Japanese)

"Trouble has been following us everywhere since he and I landed too, so... we could just play it safe, lu? Please?"

Lucey is the second mascot to appear. She is sweet, lovable and all-forgiving, and not quite as strict as Sheeny, but no less serious about reaching their goal. Lucey just believes more strongly in the power of kindness to solve the problems that others would write off as a lost cause.

Castle Triste

Shade Queen Voice Actor: Minaguchi Yuko (Japanese)

"Star Pieces...I need them, for the good of this kingdom. In order for the restoration of all that has been lost to take place, in order for the power of miracles to occur, all must be gathered."

The Shade Queen seeks the restoration of her homeland and her dead servants and subjects, though it isn't clear what happened or what the Star Pieces have to do with this goal. Either way, no matter how noble her cause, the fact remains that she has no qualm with hurting or destroying hundreds, thousands or even billions of people as long as she gets what she wants. At this stage, she is annoyed with the Shade Quartet for consistently losing to Precure, and is rapidly losing faith in their abilities.

Meran and Korii Voice Actor: Mizuhashi Kaori (Japanese)

"You're not doing your job. And that's wrong."

The Shade Queen's personal assistants, Meran and Korii, even intimidate the Shade Quartet. They are twins, but don't even seem to have separate consciousnesses, speaking and acting as one. Their own powers have yet to be revealed, and they rarely say much of anything, but when they do, it's always to back up the Queen's demands.

The Shade Quartet

Kibami Sora (Amazora) Voice Actor:Kanai Mika (Japanese), Hynden Walch (English)

"Y-yeah. That's right! Amazora will get the job done! And the Queen will be proud... and that will be super cool, super awesome!"

Amazora, the first enemy to appear, is a girl the same age as the Cures. She's bouncy, whiny, simple, and all-around childish. She tries her best to gain the Shade Queen's approval and believes that winning will make her cold, lonely home world a happier place. She reluctantly attaches herself to Akira with the intent to use her, but she slowly begins Becoming the Mask...

Enshoku Haru (Yakeru) Voice Actor: Suzuki Chihiro (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)

"For such a strong, handsome guy, my monsters kinda suck."

Yakeru likes one thing: fighting. He especially likes winning, and prefers picking on the weak to going into a fair fight; otherwise, he might actually lose. He annoys everyone else on the Quirky Miniboss Squad, even (or especially) his girlfriend, Anya. He doesn't care, though, and keeps doing his own thing, mocking everyone else rather than changing.

Noukon Mizuki (Anya) Voice Actor: Fukami Rika (Japanese); Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English)

"Idiots... while we constantly focus on how to defeat them, they're doing such inane, stupid things. How could they possibly be so strong?"

Anya is cold, cruel and merciless. She only ever shows affection to her sister, Amazora, and even then is quick to keep her in line whenever her childish mind wanders. Anya prefers to use her abilities to manipulate her enemies, break their spirits, and take everything she wants before laughing in their faces and turning on them. Even the people who love her fear her for it, but continue to believe that there is something good about her -- and maybe there is.

Frédéric Verdant (Suishoku) Voice Actor: Fujiwara Keiji (Japanese); Dan Woren (English)

"I can't stand to see a potentially worthy opponent brought down this quickly either. You're supposed to be my rivals; you can't just fall apart now."

Suishoku is the least evil of the members of the Shade Quartet, and on many occasions expresses remorse for the things that he has to do in the name of the Queen. He believes in fair fights, respect, and keeping battles between knowing, consenting combatants rather than involving civilians. This makes him Yakeru's least favourite person, and Yakeru his. Suishoku quite enjoys the perks of the human world, such as music, the Sun Cafe, and the Suzumiya Haruhi light novels.

Other Characters

Nakano Hibiki Voice Actor: Kiuchi Reiko (Japanese)

Ito Soichi Voice Actor: Shimono Hiro (Japanese)

Ito Hoshiko Voice Actor: Noto Mamiko (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)

"Youko-san, everyone, I'm sorry to be a burden. Sometimes, I forget my limits."

Koizumi Miyako and Kimura Mimi Voice Actor: Shima Ryouka (Miyako), Nishimura Chinami (Mimi)

Maki Kanon Voice Actor: Kozue Yoshizumi (Japanese)

Fukui Ren Voice Actor: Yamazaki Wakana (Japanese)