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  • The hidden scene in the cave between Eva and Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which can only be described as erotic pro-wrestling directed by Carry On. God help us.
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has this conversation between Hawk King Tibarn and Wolf Queen Nailah if they battle... but it doesn't sound at all like what they're doing is fighting...

Nailah: ...I must confess, I've wanted this since I first laid eyes on you. I can hardly hold myself back right now.
Tibarn: Lady, the feeling is mutual. Why do you think I winged my way over here? It looks to me like we can have a ** nice, private time right here. No interruptions. Just you and me.
Nailah: Hawk King Tibarn. I think that a few more scars on your face will complete that rugged look you're going for.
Tibarn: For a beautiful woman like you, I'll gladly offer my head. Of course you'll have to bring me down to the ground first.
Nailah: Challenge accepted. I think you'll regret it once I add your feathers to my necklace, though. Oh, and let's ** not tell Rafiel about this, agreed? He wouldn't understand these urges of ours.

  • To make a point about perspective in Ever 17, You (which is, incidentally, not a second-person pronoun, but a nickname for the character's incredibly long given name) has Kid try to put a pen back in its cap with one eye closed, leading to the above scene. This is made all the more amusing by the pair's UST, along with You being a good three years older.
    • To anyone listening to the conversation but not actually seeing what they're doing, it sounds exactly like a porn movie. You is probably aware of that.
    • This trope is exactly what the authors were aiming for in that scene; the things those two say in that scene are right out of a hentai.
    • In a different scene near the beginning of Kid/Coco's route, You attempts to make Kid laugh off his amnesia. If you refuse to do so, she'll resort to... sticking her finger up Sara's nose. Sara proceeds to moan sensually as "she and her senpai become one."
  • In the first Metal Gear Solid, the zombie cyborg ninja Gray Fox, during his boss fight against his old best friend Solid Snake, starts crowing things like "that's good, Snake!" and "hurt me more! More! More!" As the player continues to attack him, he starts to have difficulty standing, and his cries increase in intensity and frequency, until his life bar is finally emptied, at which point he makes a sound halfway between a sigh and a scream and trembles on the floor, half-sobbing, half-laughing, violently discharging electricity. Ick.
    • Also, from this same fight, "Make me feel it! Make me feel alive again!"
      • They managed to sneak that into SSBB, too. Strange thing is, you can't hurt him when he appears.
    • MGS also managed to make a fourth-wall breaking conversation about the player not using a stereo TV sound like a conversation about Snake having a small penis. "Don't be jealous, it's how you use it. There's more to being a good person than owning one, after all."
    • In MGS3 Ocelot calls out during the battle with Big Boss while reloading:

"I've never felt so alive!"
"I've never felt a tension like this before! That's so different from simply changing a clip!"
"This reload time is exhilarating!"

    • With both Snake and Ocelot making such a huge fuss about their pistols, this one is suprisingly easy to miss: But the Boss, probably the strongest woman in the world and the superior of both of the younger men, usually reacts to them stepping out of line by taking away their pistols, giving them a stern talk, and handing them back the broken pieces of their guns, which makes them feel very embarased.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Snake confronts Ocelot besides a river. Ocelot soon gets the upper hand in the fight, and starts talking about how he's using Snake for his plan while grappling Snake from behind ambiguously. Snake struggles, but it's futile, and he eventually can do nothing but scream in pain and beg Ocelot to stop. It's clearly designed to look like a rape, even before Ocelot starts trying to kiss him.
    • The infamous dowsing scene in Metal Gear Acid 2. Venus, to Snake's disgust, decides to try finding the opening to a sewer by dowsing for it, leading to the pair working their way further back through a large, dark building. While she starts off referring quite clearly to the act of dowsing, as she gets closer and closer to the goal she becomes more... passionate, gasping in surprise and pleasure and demanding Snake go in further, further, she can feel it, Snake's so near the spot, come on, more, go deeper in, deeper in, hurry, she's never felt it this strong, she's nearly there... By the time they actually reach the sewer entrance she's practically rolling around on the floor in orgasm. It's probably the only time a scene about dowsing actually raised anything's Media Classifications.
  • One possible adventure in the "South of the Border" area in Kingdom of Loathing features your character walking into a drug store and encountering a doctor who gives them some Meleegraâ„¢ pills, which will allegedly increase the size of your weapon. While It Makes Sense in Context, the encounter plays out like someone hawking penis enlargement pills.
  • In Persona 3, the main characters use things called "evokers" to summon spirits. These "evokers" are shaped and look just like handguns, imagery only made even more clear with the activation of such devices being done so by shooting one's self in the head, often wearing a big smile or look of confidence on their face.
    • They explain the Evoker by saying that the act of putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger evokes a visceral mental trauma that causes your Persona to manifest itself. Course, there's some Applied Phlebotinum crammed in there too.
      • Persona users rarely ever smile, especially when summoning for the first time considering how painful or awkward it is. The Protagonist is a special case in many ways, especially when you consider that the creepy-as-hell expression on his face looks very similar to that of the Nyx Avatar, who is, of course, a form of Ryoji, who is Death, who manifests as Thanatos in that cutscene.
    • Because we need at least one sex example here, the final social link event for Aigis in FES doesn't even try to be subtle about what touching her Papillon Heart is supposed to stand in for. For bonus points, the fact that she disables her arms and legs beforehand adds an additional, probably unintentionally creepy dimension to the encounter.

Aigis: Since you'll be coming in direct contact with my heart, I... I apologize in advance if I say something odd, or make unusual noises...

    • The special function given to Aigis and her 'sisters' makes them move twice as fast, do more damage, and leaves them overheated and immobile afterwards, and is called Orgia Mode. (That might seem like a bit of a stretch, but with a guy like Ikutsuki on the team, you can never be too sure.)
  • A famous spying-on-Kanji scene from Persona 4, has Yosuke standing over Chie as she crouches on her hands and knees.
    • Yosuke says this to the MC (after Izanami no Okami uses Thousand Curses) while he is lying on the floor and feeling exhausted: "Everything inside me changed after I met you. I'm glad we met. I wouldn't have made it this far if I hadn't done it alongside you..."
  • The University expansion pack for the PC version of The Sims 2 introduced new objects such as a bubble blower and a juice keg. Although the bubble blower does make actual bubbles, the fact that it's shaped exactly like a hookah and that it literally makes your Sims float in the air when they use it makes it pretty obvious what the creators had in mind. As for the juice keg... that one speaks for itself.
    • It's made more obvious by the fact that in the catalog, it's named the "White Rabbit Bubble Blower". Subtle, EAxis, subtle.
  • Dante acquiring Lucifer in Devil May Cry 4. See for yourself. "Is it not your wish to become one with her?"
  • Ar tonelico seems to take every opportunity to put some Innocent Innuendo into Diving, Installing, and pretty much anything involving the main character and one of the three love interests. Just take a look at this scene.
    • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica takes this quite a bit further, with one love interest accusing another of taking the main character's 'virginity' and other such sequences. "She can't take a crystal that big!". Also, levelling up the party's Reyvateils requires them to bathe together.
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day includes a few of these, but one standout example would be the Barn Boys chapter, where the player needs to help a down-on-his-luck bee meet up with a sunflower lady with enormous... stigmas... so that he can "pollinate" her. Then again, what'd you expect, she's a sunflower, he's a bee.
  • The flicker of the Flickering Torch in Zork: Grand Inquisitor is played as a mental illness. He says he developed the flicker in response to his fear of the dark, that that's OK.
  • Probably unintentional, but depending on how you look at it, Ristar's signature attack can look a little bit like a Kiss of Death, or possibly even like something a bit more... intimate.
  • In No More Heroes, Travis recharges his beam sword by, well, pumping it up and down in front of his crotch and breathing heavily. The faster you shake the wiimote, the faster you ... uh ... finish.
    • In one of the trailers for NMH: Desperate Struggle, Travis gets his Beam Katana kissed, and it extends instantly.
    • The sequel ramps up the innuendo with Travis shouting "Faster! Faster! Oh yeah!" and his panting sounding even more sexual.
    • One of the new Beam Katanas you can buy is "the Peony": not only does it charge up in the usual way, but the thing extends as his Ecstacy meter goes up.
  • In the Super Smash Bros. games where Mr. Game & Watch is a playable character, his neutral A attack consists of him spraying his opponent with an insecticide sprayer. Unfortunately, said sprayer is shaped vaguely like a penis and he holds it a groin level. Even more unfortunately, when he attacks the sprayer is being pumped with great vigor and a cloud of "insecticide" is spurting from the tip.
    • This is spoofed in this this scene. "Pumping" starts about 2 minutes into the movie.
  • In Monster Hunter, there's the Khezu. It's a big white wyvern which head looks like... uh... see for yourself [dead link]
  • There's a scene in Snatcher where Gillian ends up looking shocked with fluid dripping down his face after seeing an underage girl naked.
  • In Jedi Academy, one of the stock taunts from the Sith cultists is "The Sith will rise again!" Now, remember the episode of Friends where Joey gives his rendition of a slightly more famous line: "De South will rise again, mon!"
  • Silent Hill. In a series where symbolism is everywhere and Freud was a genius, everything inevitably resembles something. Perhaps the most obvious is a scene near the end of the second game, in which Maria is strapped to a rack and Pyramid Head stabs her from behind with his enormous, um, spear. Maria's expression is positively orgasmic.
    • Pyramid Head is, quite literally, this trope incarnate, being a hulking man-monster that wears nothing but a long robe, carries around a BFS so huge he has to drag it behind him and alternates his time between raping incredibly feminine monsters to death and hunting a skittish, sexually insecure man with women issues. Not at all surprising that he has also become a legendary Memetic Molester.
  • Encyclopedia Obscura discusses the presence of this trope in various 16-bit games. Cho Aniki is mentioned, but it has its own page.
  • The World Ends With You: When Joshua sees a hole, he knows how to fill it. The announcer was talking about Tin Pin Slammer. Really. Then again, maybe not.
  • In Prototype, during Mercer and Greene's second confrontation, they leap at each other, fall to the floor with one atop the other, and Mercer shoves a long needle into Greene's body. (Before she notices, when their faces are mere centimetres apart, Greene is obviously smiling and Alex bares his teeth.) Said needle contains a mixture of both the genetic material created by Greene's virus and the same material from Mercer's body. Then, Greene gives birth to the Supreme Hunter. Admittedly by puking it up, but, but still... To make it exponentially more squicky, Greene earlier referred to Alex as her son, and she's right.
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Nemesis's ever so memorable preferred method of executing S.T.A.R.S. is holding them still and then... impaling them in the mouth. Mm-hm.
    • Resident Evil 5. Excella trying to seduce Wesker, with her touching him and telling him that she "has her eyes set on something much... bigger." Her eyes look down a bit too low on his body, and she eventually starts moving her hands from his chest to his... lower area. Nope, no Double Entendres there.
    • Another one from Resident Evil 5. The final battle between Wesker, Chris, and Sheva (though Wesker tends to ignore her). Wesker ends up Shirtless Scene, sweaty, and in tight black leather pants. He grows a bunch of tentacles, and constantly tries to grab ahold of Chris with them, in what looks way too much like tentacle rape.
  • Tsukihime: Makes Shiki's killing of Arcueid somewhat... questionable.

Arcueid:It was your first time and you were that skilled?

    • Also, during the scene where he stalks her prior to this, he makes several references towards getting excited about "wanting to **** her", and the "long hard object in his pants". After a couple screens of this, it's mentioned that the blanked-out four-letter word is kill, and the object he's talking about is his knife. Then after Arcueid has been killed by Shiki, she chases him down to "make him take responsibility" for his actions.
  • The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker has a cutscene where Link is watching Tetra and her pirates discuss burning and looting an island to find "the treasure" there. Tetra doesn't seem too happy (it's Link's home island). But when one of the pirates remarks in shock that she doesn't seem to want the loot, she replies with a jaunty smirk,

"Don't be stupid. Of course I want..." (looking at where Link is hiding) "... the treasure."

  • M. Bison's neutral standing animation in the original Street Fighter games. Made even worse in SNK vs. Capcom.
  • S.W.I.N.E.: General Irontusk leads a coup and takes over the Republic of Pigs with the people loudly celebrating it. Some governmental elements holed up in Pigsburg are quickly eradicated then the city is renamed in honor of the new leader. Next, the pigs cross the border without declaration of war and invade Carrotland, successfully doing a blitzkrieg and taking over everything except the capital, Rabbipolis. However, the rabbits retaliate and turn around the outcome of the war. In the English version, the pigs have German accents while the rabbits have French. I wonder what inspired them...
  • The game: Dissidia Final Fantasy. Dramatis personae: Sephiroth, older Bishounen Manipulative Bastard famous for the gargantuan amount of Foe Yay between himself and his opposite number Cloud from his original game—oh, and for dressing like a leather-loving bondage dom. Firion, teen rebellious spirit and friend of Cloud; another White Haired Bishounen whose gruff exterior belies an earnest and innocent nature that (among other things) has earned him a Fan Nickname that translates to "virgin." Warrior Of Light, Team Dad of the heroes, shares a lot of traits with the Aloof Big Brother and The Stoic. The scene: Warrior Of Light comes across the tail end of an encounter between Firion and Sephiroth, with the former obviously injured, winded, and in a bad way. Warrior Of Light covers Firion's escape, while Sephiroth mocks him about having done something unforgivable. Later, we discover...that Sephiroth had taken Firion's wild rose.
  • Touhou. Koishi Komeiji. Rekindled "The Embers of Love".
    • For explanation, the aforementioned attack uses heart-shaped projectiles flying point-first and leaving a trail behind them, resulting in a number of shapes not unlike phalluses flying around on the screen. To top that off, the character who uses that attack also has spellcards based on Freudian psychology.
  • Similar to No More Heroes, Mario Party 8 has a minigame where you must shake the Wii Remote up and down to shake up a soda can in order to make it build up enough pressure and shoot out like a geyser. No-one can say nothing dirty came to their minds the first time they played that at all.
    • The same can be said for Grab Bag from the first one.
  • BlazBlue likes to play with this one, so there's more than a few examples.
    • Litchi, in both English and Japanese voice sets, is prone to making some very suggestive noises when you hit her, along with some suggestive dialogue. Get a good combo going and listen to what it sounds like.
    • Noel doesn't escape this either. If you have it set to Japanese, go watch Noel's arcade ending in Continuum Shift and try to tell yourself she doesn't sound like she's moaning in delight during her dose of Mind Rape.
    • Or, go play Ragna's story route in Calamity Trigger and see the way Nu-13 talks to him. Rather than speaking in a robotic Creepy Monotone, she opts for an even creepier Yandere voice.
    • Hazama seemingly mocks this trope with his snake-like projectile weapon, Ouroboros. The poses he strikes and where the frickin' thing appears from simply cannot be chalked up as mere coincidence. There's also the fact that one of his sound bytes is "Check out my snake!" ...And then there's, of course, all the innuenduos talk in Phase Shift 1, when his ghost merges with his body... Dear GOD.
    • There's also Relius Clover. Relius. Fucking. Clover. There are several reasons why he's viewed as a Memetic Molester in the fandom. There's his Astral Finish, where the character is presumably transported to Relius' laboratory and restrained via some means, then the doors close and you hear the character scream. The whole thing smacks of rape, especially with Litchi, Noel or Carl. And for the love of God, don't get us started on what he does to Makoto during her Bad Ending. Seriously. Even Kokonoe compares it to rape.
  • Pokémon Black and White features the Pokémon Basculin, which is labeled the "Hostile" Pokémon and comes in two varieties, one with a red stripe and one with a blue stripe. According to the Pokédex, the two varieties get along so poorly that they generally start fighting with one another on sight. Hmm...two hostile groups that are bitter rivals and are color coded red and blue, huh?
    • Beartic and Reshiram have rather prominent tufts of fur protruding from between their legs.
    • A female Venusaur has a seed in its flower/tree. No pregnancy allusions there, none at all...
    • Stunky and Skuntank are skunk Pokémon well known for their smelly attacks. Guess what body part their faces resemble, and what bodily noise their cries sound like?
  • In the Vulcanus epilogue of 'Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, the game ends with Valvatorez telling Vulcanus that he still intends to keep his 400-year-old promise to not drink her or anyone else's blood until he shows her true terror. Vulcanus responds that both of them have waited for too long already, she has no intention of holding him to that promise, and he can just drink her blood right then and there. Considering the usual associations vampire bites come with, as well as the illustration the scene ends on, we can think of hundreds of things this scene really represents. And by "hundreds of things," we mean sex.
  • Portal 2: After Wheatley takes over the Enrichment Center's mainframe, he makes orgasmic grunts and groans in response to Chell completing his test chambers. He then complains that he isn't really feeling it when the puzzles are solved too quickly and easily. GLaDOS later explains that the system rewards an A.I. with a euphoric reaction when a test is completed, but that the effect becomes less intense each time, causing withdrawal.
    • Certain Dummied Out lines where Caroline protests her Brain Uploading into GLaDOS sound unnervingly like a woman who is about to be raped (Ellen McLain was actually crying as she recorded them).
    • Glados: "Do not plug that little idiot into MY mainframe!"
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn has vampy villain Chalis telling the heroes about where they can find the MacGuffin they're looking for... with a rather blatant bust shot and the line, "Ah, so have I enticed you?"
  • Ash Crimson has a move in XII in which he grabs his opponent's head, forces it down to his waistline, then blasts it with a burst of fiery energy.
    • Raphael has a similar move where he forces the opponent to kneel while absorbing their energy. In Soul Calibur 2 and 3 in particular, the opponent is in right in front of him. Talim (the shortest character) ends up with her head just in the right place during the move. They finally "nerfed" it from Soul Calibur 4 and onward with the opponent on his right side rather than in front of him.
  • Sebastian the archer from Dragon Age II attempts to give Varric some pointers about his beloved crossbow, Bianca. He innocently tells Varric that his shots are veering to the right and maybe Bianca's cocking ring is misaligned. Varric immediately responds with outraged jealousy: "You want to touch Bianca's cocking ring?!" Sebastian seems entirely unaware of both how dirty that phrase sounds and how...close...Varric's relationship to Bianca is.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, if you wait instead of throwing a Batarang at Zsasz, he gets pretty excited about killing Dr. Young.
  • Conversed in Nekopara Vol. 2. Kashou cleans his catgirls Chocola and Vanilla's ears. It's a very stimulating activity to them:

Kashou: (thinking) I ignore the unnecessary moans coming from the two catgirls and continue to clean their ears.
Kashou: (speaking) I'm going to go even deeper now, okay?
Chocola: Myahhh~ ♪ Chocola never imagined you'd say something so dirty~ ♪ Deeper! Chocola loves it when you go in deeper, meow~ ♪