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My alter ego here is your typical Fan Fiction nut who never read anything with more than 15 pages, has an attention span of about 6 minutes depending on what he's eaten in the past 12, and despite having English as a first language, just can't figure out those pesky rules of spelling and grammar. Throw in the fact that he only has a vague understanding of the setting and characters in these stories, never proofreads, and never quite understood what the word "plot" really means. Now you have a pretty good idea about what's wrong with Peter Chimaera.

Fanfiction made deliberately offensive. Always armed with Canon Defilement, intentionally aiming to fall just short of Crossing The Line Twice, and heavy on the violence, rape, death, and people generally acting like Out of Character prats. Some seemingly So Bad It's Horrible fics may actually be Troll Fics in disguise by means of Stealth Parody. Though written specifically to piss people off, owing to Poe's Law, Misaimed Fandom may will still result. On the other hand, they're often hilarious if you're in on the joke.

Note that the difference between a Troll Fic and an awful fanfic depends completely on intent. Some authors are just that bad. This ambiguity is one of the reasons Troll Fic is so successful, as it directly violates Hanlon's Razor.

Compare Bile Fascination.

Examples (by series' medium of origin):

Anime and Manga

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has two definite examples and one arguable example, all by the same author, Psychostorm. These are too NSFW to be linked or elaborated upon further.
  • Two Neon Genesis Evangelion fics written by Insane Noodly Guy, are as revolting and unerotic as possible, which the author is completely aware of, frequently breaking the fourth wall commenting on how disgusting it is. They're both very short, with no real plot; both are exactly as described in the title but still manage to be simultaneously utterly horrifying and oddly amusing.
  • Light and Dark - The Adventures of Dark Yagami.
  • Fanfic Code Geass Awesome of the Rebellion is most likely this.
  • Code Geass: Dance in the Dark by animegirlamy2739 seems to be another Code Geass based example. The other stories by the same author also seem to qualify.
  • The Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic i dont to keep losing you by chrisy cal is either this or really bad.
  • "rembering why we dont rember" , another Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic, is so terrifyingly bad that one can only hope that it is this.
  • The concept of the Troll Fic is subverted and lampshaded in The Influence of Haruhi Suzumiya. It starts as an ordinary troll fic with horrid grammar and offensive content and everything, but then it's revealed that the characters are being forced to use spelling mistakes and improper grammar due to Haruhi's desires, so the SOS Brigade go back in time (where they speak normally), kill Lavos and restore things to the way they should be. The author had previously written some very good fanfiction, so he actually included a disclaimer on the fic so that people would know that he was not serious and that his writing skills had not degenerated.
  • When the Polish President died in a plane crash in 2010, somebody wrote an Axis Powers Hetalia fic about it and posted it to the livejournal community. It was a person trying to make the Hetalia fandom look bad and this irritated fans. However, it doesn't stop Hetalia haters from accusing Hetalia fans of approving of such fics, which is far from the truth.

Comic Books

"STOP ZOMMBIES!" Batman say, "YOU DIE!" Batman then use anti-zommbie spray on zommbies.


  • Perhaps the most effective Troll Fic of all time is Celebrian, a The Lord of the Rings fanfic. Even though its nightmare inducing tendencies are well documented, it still inspires a lot of discussion and people still keep reading it. And, yes, the Protectors of the Plot Continuum had a field day with it.
  • Unsurprisingly, Harry Potter examples abound.
    • The most famous of them is My Immortal, which is surprisingly not an Evanescence Song Fic. It could very well be offensive if it wasn't so over-the-top ridiculous in its execution. Some might argue that it Crosses the Line Twice. If it's even a trollfic at all.
      • After a decade of speculation and several people claiming its authorship, hopes that humanity wasn't (that) screwed went up when a person claiming to be the actual author finally revealed herself in 2017. She happens to be a professional author nowadays, and she claimed that she was legitimately troubled at the time of the fic (which could explain some of the more baffling stylistic choices of the fic), and that she did intended it as a troll fic all the time. While she seems to be the most probable candidate to be the actual Tara, inconsistencies with the story make the claim still dubious
    • A somewhat more recent example is Imma Wiserd (also known as da magikal [N-word]), a Harry Potter fanfic written in faux Ebonics and devoid of grammar, punctuation, and capitalization (aside from the warning, "IF U FLAM UR RASSIST").
    • Another example from the Harry Potter fandom is In Love's Name. Includes Hermione being abducted by a Blue Spider Monkey, a part where the author's keyboard starts spelling "z" instead of "y", Hermione being Driven to Suicide with her body "exploding in a veritable geyser of blood, guts and human limbs" and all forms of Squick. Also, some of the author's personal enemies make a cameo appearence.
    • Kitsune Chan was eventually revealed as a Harry Potter troll fic created by RaineJoybringer.
    • 30 "H"s seems to be advertised as one.
    • jO bekke at HUgwRts. We hope is a troll fic. It's claimed that someone committed suicide over this fic . Guest stars include the Duggars and Dance Moms. It's so bad that even Tara Gilesbie (author of My Immortal, so the big name in troll fics) has written a "commentary" on this. She even has a mental breakdown while writing this commentary. The fic appears to have been deleted now.
    • The Last War, possibly. The English usage is very good by fanfic standards, but the content reads like every cliché of Harry Potter Harmonian Shipping turned Up to Eleven and set to "Always" by Erasure. Wow.
    • The Torment of Love and other works by yamigirl121 are almost certainly this. This is particularly clear to Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged fans, since not only does she(?) write Téa's fanship Harry/Hedwig, but also has a profile page apparently written in character as Téa herself.
  • the Life and Times of Stephannie Mayor
  • The Warrior Cats fanfiction Starkit's Prophecy. Hopefully.
  • The Prayer Warriors could most likely be the best religious parody ever, in which it follows a group of Christians fighting against Percy Jackson. The scary thing is that the author might be serious. Over the top violence, and extremely sexist. So far there are five trollfics to this series, each one worse than the last. Noah (the author's brother) already hijacked the author's account and deleted the fics.
  • Naked Came the Stranger, which was crafted by a group of writers to see how much sex in lieu of an actual plot could be included in a book to make it a bestseller. It actually became a bestseller, although only after it became known that the book was intended to be bad.
  • In a similar way, Atlanta Nights was deliberately crafted to troll and give a Take That to a notorious Vanity Publisher whose directives made the mistake of dissing the sci-fi and the fantasy genre after claiming themselves to be a serious publishing house with an actual editorial staff with actual standards.
  • the awesome adventures of amynda in the fayz!!!!! may be this for Gone (novel). It has literally no plot, manages to combine No Bisexuals with Everyone Is Bi, and has such egregious Protagonist-Centered Morality that the "good guys" literally whip young children for fun, while the "antagonists" don't seem to be guilty of anything but existing. However, it's unclear whether or not the "author" seriously thinks she can write.
  • Flowers in a Box is the infamous trollfic for the Sherlock fandom, written by samlicker113, aka Penworthy. Proven to be a brilliant trollfic in the twist ending. It gives us such brilliant catchphrases as "Why don't you go fuck a dinosaur, Anderson?" and "I DEDUCE THAT UOU AR SEXY."


  • A troll by the pen name 'nntssbaby' terrorized the now-defunct for about FOUR YEARS with the worst Good Charlotte fanfiction imaginable. Some of it ranged from stealth parodies of the melodramatic slash or Mary Sue stories posted on the site, but more than 100 were incomprehensible 'leetspeak' stories with recurring characters like a group of 'PUNXGOTH' escargot, Chris (the drummer who had left the band, and always spoke properly and intelligently), and a hobo Benji had apparently enslaved. It got so bad that the site's owner addressed it on the main page and deleted all the stories, only for them to return with a vengeance months later. According to nntssbaby's profile, s/he had more than 70,000 hits on the small, nearly niche website and dozens of MTS fics done on her work.

Video Games

Web Comics

  • Inverted by Sonichu's Hatedom, where "trollfics" are normal fanfics with the moral alignments usually flipped. The most well-known is Asperchu, the story of the Electric-Aspergers Pokémon and his grand adventures.
  • The Baby Is You (link wisely omitted, although you can still find it with enough Google-fu) is, strangely enough, a musical one of these for Homestuck about Dave being pregnant with John. It was made by a member of Homestuck's music team in protest of a new forum rule - needless to say, the forum's staff clamp down very strongly on any mention of it.
  • 4chords is yet another Homestuck Troll Fic. It's about Karkat finding out, after hours of puking, that he's pregnant with Gamzee's baby. The well-worded summary is good enough to get a laugh out of people.
  • Large Bagel is something between a Troll Comic and a parody of bad anime.
  • Someone posted a short on the El Goonish Shive forums about a character (narrating in first person) brutally killing the main cast. It spawned a lenghty discussion and analysis of what the author was trying to say with it before it was eventually forgotten.

Western Animation


  • The Serial Experiments Lain anime music video "A Total Waste of 6:35 by XStylus is an AMV version of a troll fic (a troll vid, if you will). Unusual in its lack of offensive sex and violence, it instead concentrates on deliberate repetition, static scenes where virtually nothing interesting happens, and a true Ear Worm of musical accompaniment (Groove Armada's "At the River"). The trolling nature of this is only increased by the Pop-Up Video-style dialogue bubbles representing a conversation between the AMV's creator and an unidentified viewer, where it becomes increasingly clear that that the real entertainment is the flabbergasted reaction of the audience. The video's page goes on to say that the video is also a parody of both AMV creators who take themselves too seriously and those who put in too little effort (in this context, using low-quality footage that has subtitles and/or network watermarks).
  • There is a community on called The Troll Fics that lists troll fics. Currently, there are 440 stories in the community. A troll named Rex Aurum Tempus discovered that some of his troll fics had been added to the community, and he wrote this, but it's now deleted.
  • Greeny Phatom may be a "troll fic" towards the Vanity Plate and text-to-speech fandoms.


Hans: "I had idea when one day, I going in Berlin. Suddenly, everything in English! I could not understand it. It was like it in another language, so I make English and do stories in it. : D"

  • The works of Comics Nix are just too disgusting, repulsive, horrifying, vile and insane to possibly be taken seriously. Or to be linked here.
  • Pierre Tasse 2's works. Most of them are ~three line In Name Only fics against the evil "britis" (sic), which cause something horrible to happen (a cul-de-sac being nuked, The universe getting destroyed...) or they are killed off.
    • His "Sonic To A Car" is a Random Events Plot in 400 words with no rhyme, reason, capitalization or respect for English rules of grammar.
  • The stories of this bizarre person (they've changed their name about seven times now). All of them are pretty terribly written and feature an extreme amount of robotic, OOC dialogue, among other gross, freakish, and simply disturbing plot elements. Not to mention the AU fics, some of which seem much too suspiciously hilarious to take seriously.
  • Face the Strange, which claims to be Harry Potter/Naruto, but starts with Edward and the Mary Sue (Whose name varies, but is usually somewhere in the vicinity of "Dallas") on their way to Hogwarts. Sonic the Hedgehog characters turn up, among many other things. Dumbledore turns out to be a pedophile rapist. And It Gets Worse. A lot of the entertainment reading it is a result of Rouge Angles of Satin. Best mocked with friends.
    • The author eventually came out and admitted that she was deliberately attempting to write the worst Fanfic possible. She ran with it after it became memetic, spawning art based on the Rouge Angles of Satin quotes and even an RPG adaptation.
  • The infamous Goku/Anne Frank Fic.
  • Me & The Band, featuring Avenged Sevenfold transported into the world of Neopets, along with two abhorrent OCs, at first starts out like a horrible accidental-pregnancy badfic and then It Gets Worse. Soon the drummer dies of a heart attack and the only thing that can save him is the Communist Manifesto. The rest is a complete Mind Screw beyond any sane person's comprehension in which everyone has gay sex, the Queen of Communism's ghost (who is somehow Ayn Rand) shows up and attacks people with Hyper Beams, the fourth wall is not so much broken as bombarded into dust by artillery, Sakura grows a penis, and the point of view moves around like a hummingbird on speed. It can actually be quite amusing, if one can understand it.
  • The fanfic writer SuperMegaEpicAwsome started out by writing troll fics. His first story, a SpongeBob SquarePants troll fic called "Patrick vs The World", had Patrick turning evil and killing everyone. He removed the story. He also wrote a second troll story, a Fear Street and Dora the Explorer crossover called Nowhere to run. However, instead of removing it, he decided to try to make it into a serious story.
  • Anything by Storyprovider. Moses and hitler the epic battle is a personal favorite of this troper.
  • The Spider-Man/X-Men Evolution Fic (confusingly only under the X-Men Evo tab on, Web of Shadows contains Character Shilling of notrious Spider-Man Scrappy and Creator's Pet, Carlie Cooper, Rouge randomly being a satanist, and blantant bashing of fan favorite Mary Jane Watson of whom many see Carlie as a poor Replacement Scrappy for (and for those of you wondering, it had a well deserved spot on the So Bad Its Horrible page). The author complained about how everyone called Carlie a Mary Sue, claiming that a Mary Sue was only a really cool character. Said author had written several decent stories in the past and seemed very anti-character bashing. It turns out the last chapter of the fic has Carlie being arrested for the crime of being a Mary Sue, and exist to lampshade her general awfulness both in the comics and the fic itself, as well as being a tract against bad fanfic tropes in general.
  • The Calvin at Camp Christmas Carol which was meant to be a Take That at uncreative "parodies" of The Muppet Christmas Carol that seemed to flood one Christmas. If you check the reviews, you can see that some authors got the joke and others didn't.
    • In a similar vein, How to Write a Movie Parody is also a Take That, but to all uncreative "parodies" in general. Almost all of the reviewers (not counting the anonymous spammer) seemed to get the joke and thought it was hilarious, save for two fanmake authors (one was confused, the other was butthurt).