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A video game-themed Funny Animal webcomic by Scott Ramsoomair. Rather than directly emulating the Two Gamers on a Couch format that was popularized by Penny Arcade, this comic instead does humorous parodies of video games and anime, with the comic's characters--Cloudcuckoolander Leo and Snark Knight Aeris--starring in said scenes.

Also includes subcomics Adventure Log and Super Effective (which starts here).

All of these comics have consistently good artwork (a few instances of re-used backgrounds not withstanding), but not so much with the updating schedule. Recently claimed to have finally settled on a regular schedule. There were a grand total of nine strips in 2010. Add that in with Adventure Log being cancelled, you have some serious Schedule Slip. Fortunately, at least Super Effective seems to be getting regular updates in 2011, and when that ended VG Cats itself started getting regular updates in 2012. Check Schedule Slip below.

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Starring a cast of two-dimensional characters no one cares about! With special guest stars the Transformers.

Yes, I am aware of the hypocrisy!

Ms.Dipshits: You don't need oxygen when you look this good...

Leo: Do you think Sims feel pain?
Aeris: You're a MONSTER, and you're going straight to hell.

Aeris: Did you just feed him his parents? ... Yeah, I'm taking this for a while.

  1. strip 292