The Online Warrior

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The Online Warrior is an ongoing series of YouTube videos, made by "Miles923," also known as Maximilian. For a while, it chronicled his adventures in online games, including fighting and FPS games.

However, on the fourth episode of his Marvel vs Capcom 3 series, he started doing something different- a character guide for individual characters, called Assist Me, beginning with Dr. Doom. This series is a departure from his normal fare, with actors playing the parts of the various characters, and something resembling a storyline. It was even picked up by Capcom to promote the release of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with 6 episodes covering 12 characters. Max has continued the show, which is well into its second season.

Max also covers trailers for new games, reviews older games on his "Sega Saturn Saturdays," does playthroughs of existing games, and provides live commentaries for his games during various "Week of" series.

Games with their own Online Warrior Series

Tropes used in The Online Warrior include:

  • Abusive Parents: Wesker is as close as it can get to this regarding his treatment of Nemesis. Including beating up on him for damaging his expensive sunglasses
  • Actor Allusion: Sort of. Max gets a lot that he looks a little like Nicolas Cage so in Ultimate Assist Me featuring Firebrand and Ghost Rider Max transforms into the latter who was played by Cage.
    • This taken another step further when Doom, Max and Phoenix start watching B-movies starting with X-men 3 which features Phoenix. Max takes the remote and puts on the Fantastic Four movie, prompting Doom to switch the channel yet again to show the bunny line from Con Air, Not the Bees! from the remake of The Wicker Man, and I'm a Vampire from Vampire's Kiss. Max looks like he just wants to crawl into a hole.
    • When one of the lighting crew members sits down on the couch Doom shouts hey it's Larry as the crew member played one of Chris' companions in Assist Me featuring Chris Redfield

Max: I got nothing.
Doom: Check. F**king. Mate.

Max: Chill out, man.
Doom: You chill out! It's Deadpool! This episode's gonna be awesome!
Deadpool: Damn right it is!

Doom: Max! It's not Halloween!
Max: (deadpan) I know.

Doom: That double crossing son of a--

    • Happens again with Rocket Raccoon:

Doom: Doom is insinuating that you have a hand up your A--
Rocket: You outta go on a diet, you fat piece of shiii-- *disappears*

  • Cuteness Proximity: X-23 upon seeing Amaterasu.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Wesker gives a line during his rap battle with Doom about how he killed Mega Man because he didn't do this for him.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Max always has this problem when switching between the various Online Warrior series.
  • Double Entendre: Doom intended to show X-23 his "finger lasers" and "hidden missile". She promptly heads, most likely, for the bathroom in disgust.
  • Did Not Do the Research: While Max is very knowledgeable in fighting games and mechanics, even being able to count frames of animation, he messes up on more commonplace character details. A clear-cut example any Devil May Cry fan would know is that Vergil is Dante's twin brother, not his half-brother.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Wesker's relentless assault on Nemesis in his week of Ultimate Assist Me

Wesker: This is what you get, Nemesis, for damaging my five-hundred dollar sunglasses. THEY'RE ITALIAN!

Max: Uh, Doom you better be careful; remember what happened to your pony collection?