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  • The Klaww Gang, from the Sly Cooper 2
    • The Big Bad - Arpeggio, even though he's a tiny parrot.
    • The Dragon - Constable Neyla, who does all of Arpeggio's legwork for him, before betraying her boss and becoming the real Big Bad of the game
    • The Evil Genius - The Contessa, a sinister hypnotist and expert psychologist.
    • The Brute - Jean-Bison, and also possibly Rajan
    • The Dark Chick - Dimitri, a Jive Turkey forger.


  • The Desian Grand Cardinals in Tales of Symphonia
    • The Big Bad - Pronyma: the Cardinal most connected to the higher-ups in the organization the Desians answer to. Among other things, she sent one of her minions to observe the progress of one of the other Cardinals.
    • The Dragon - Forcystus: The "face" of the Cardinals, so to speak.
    • The Evil Genius - Kvar: The leading Exsphere manufacturer of the Cardinals; he headed the Angellus Project, which resulted in Lloyd's exsphere.
    • The Brute - Magnius: Controls a ranch with no non-agression treaty, loves to kill people, carries a big friggin' axe, and swears. A lot.
    • The Dark Chick - Rodyle: The least seen of the Cardinals. Hidden in the shadows, working on strange projects.
  • Something like this develops when Yukari and Yuyuko work together, although they are more "morally ambiguous" than evil.
    • Big Bad: Yukari Yakumo, Reality Warper and person who broke the barrier between the Netherworld and the living world.
    • The Dragon: Ran Yakumo, Yukari's servant. May sometimes swap roles with Yuyuko, since Ran has some math skills.
    • Evil Genius: Yuyuko Saigyouji, made more explicit in future materials where she quickly understands the plot in question. May also function as the The Dragon instead of Ran.
    • The Brute: Youmu Konpaku, who sometimes believes slashing is the best solution.
    • Dark Chick and Team Pet: CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.
  • Touhou's Eientei. Not really evil, so they get quotation marks but...
    • "Big Bad": Kaguya Houraisan
    • "The Dragon": Eirin Yagokoro (also an Evil Genius)
    • "Evil Genius" : Reisen Udongein Inaba with her mind control eyes.
    • "The Brute" : Te(w)i Inaba. Really a prankster.
    • "Dark Chick"/SixthRangerTraitor : Fanworks sometimes have Fujiwara no Mokou as this. Canonically her and Kaguya try to kill each other, although it seems to be more "nuanced" than that.




  • Warcraft Universe: the Fiery Lords of the Burning Legion
    • Big Bad - Sargeras
    • The Dragon- Archimonde (technically equal with Kil'jaeden, but is the actual field-commander of the Legion)
    • Evil Genius - Kil'jaeden (technically equal with Archimonde, but primarily serves as the Legion's long-term strategist and recruiter)
    • The Brute - Mannoroth
    • Dark Chick - Tichondrius
    • Sixth Ranger Traitor - Lich King (forcibly recruited by the Legion, treated by the others as an expendable pawn, and ultimately double-crosses them and replaces them as the premier threat to the mortals of Azeroth)