Our Little Adventure

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Our Little Adventure is a fantasy webcomic created by Daniel Landolt. It's based on a Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in an original world, using the 3.X edition rules. A young bard named Julie has a dream where she learns she can save the world by finding a pendant which will lead her to the Magicant, a powerful artifact that grants unlimited wishes. She is joined by her fighter husband Lenny on this quest and very shortly after meets her sister Angelika as well as rogue she's travelling with. Using information from "The Palm Tree Ghost" she eventually learns how to use the pendant and goes on a quest to collect the pieces of this Magicant artifact. Of course certain events complicate matters, like an evil spirit Julie accidentally released as well as having to deal with an Evil Empire and followers of a crazy religion.

The comic was inspired by The Order of the Stick's humor and style, but doesn't tell the story with stick figures. The characters are heavily symbolistic in appearance and appear a cross between stick people, paper characters, and Noodle People. The comic doesn't take itself too seriously, heavy with parody and cliché of RPG as well as D&D campaigns. The fourth wall is notoriously weak in spots, and there are some pop culture references here and there.

The comic has been running since Christmas day, 2009 and updated about twice a week on average (including the hiatus). The comic updates every three days, sometimes more often if the creator isn't busy. There are two places the comic can be seen, the first being an official website which has not been updated since 2018, and the second being rogonandi's deviantART account. There is an entry for it on The Webcomic List. It's also got its own group on Facebook where people who like it can get news about it and such, such as updates.

It has a Character Sheet.

Tropes used in Our Little Adventure include:

Joyelle: I would smile, but I lack the facial muscles required to do so.

Terramycin: This is like shooting fish in a barrel. Confusion is an absolutely horrifying spell.

Umbria: You guys are gonna make me faceplam every other minute, aren't you?

Angelika: It's part of my inventory just like your sword and Julie's weaponry. When it's not in use, it's not seen here.

Angelika: If you don't join the group, Rocky... you'll be a pussy and girls hate that.

Julie: If you had ranks in Knowledge: Arcana, you would've known that would happen.

  • Magic Mirror: Brian and Angelo use one to talk to one of their lackeys, and Peganone uses one to do her scrying spells.
  • Man-Eating Plant: Julie and her crew were attacked by two Assassin Vines.
  • Medium Awareness: Comes and go, mostly for gags.

Angelika: How did you get special colored text in your speech balloon like that?

Norveg: ... Oh great. The cloak is cursed and it turned you evil.
Angelika: I don't feel any eviller.
Norveg: That doesn't prove anything.

Rocky: ...I said your sister dresses like a ho but that doesn't mean you should start pimping her out.
Norveg: I beat you to that joke when Julie donned the hat in the store.

Rocky: (next page) This wouldn't take nearly as long if someone would let us take out the healer!
Kayla: I thank her for that.

Palm Tree Ghost: Ugh. Who writes this drek anyway? It sounds like the beginning of some stilted Lord of the Rings wannabe novel...

  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Angelika has a problem with the Sun. Sure it has a face on it, but the others think the fear's quite silly.
  • World Shapes: As seen in #134, Our Little Adventure's world, Manjulias, is a flat, rectangular plate.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Lenny asks Julie to hit Angelika for him and complains about the inherent double standard.
  • You're Insane!: Stratus rejects his former student Brian's offer to join him by telling him that his plan is insane and will cause the deaths of countless innocent people.