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They wanted to play "memes" with the old school.
Now there are tears.

Fast Eddie

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That's What She Said.

Want further proof that Tropes Will Ruin Your Life? Just take a look at all of the Egregious memes that they've spawned. Don't worry... you'll eventually start using these in time.

Since these are in-jokes, you'd be hard-pressed to find them outside of TV Tropes (or All The Tropes, since we started with a fork of TVT), but within, they are memetic.

Naturally, many of these are Running Gags on TV Tropes.

(If you are unfamiliar with some of these, you probably never visited the TVT forums. Not That There's Anything Wrong with That.)

Statler: Say, why is it that we always have to show up at the end of these articles?
Waldorf: Simple! They wouldn't shut up otherwise!
Both: Do-Ho-Ho-Ho-Hoh!

  1. the original statement was "If you saw her you would want to FUCK the SHIT out of her. Chick was a dime."
  2. Explaination: A woman sued P. Diddy claiming he caused 9/11 and stole a poker chip worth $100 zillion from her.
  3. In OTC, in a thread about CERN discovering a particle that may be faster than the speed of light, the scientific discussion to such a high level of theoretical science that this phrase became the go-to expression when someone didn't understand. It has been spreading slowly ever sense as OTC regulars use it as a sort of in-joke.
  4. a minor Running Gag on the Warp That Aesop page. When an aesop becomes something sufficiently dark, depressing and maybe, just maybe a little funny, this is the response to that aesops put it another way, tropers are not a happy people