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    Protagonists of Super Robot Wars EX

    Masaki Andoh (voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa)


    Actually the first "Banpresto Original" to ever embrace Super Robot Wars (the very first is a Big Bad from SD Hero Soukesen, an obscure NES game that set the formula for The Great Battle[1]). Masaki's a loud-mouthed, Hot-Blooded boy with No Sense of Direction who's actually a herald of the Wind Lord of Elemental Cybuster from another world. He's actually an Earthling, but gets summoned to La Gias by force. Not a problem since he's been alone all the time. There, he gets two familiar cats Kuro and Shiro and gain allies in the form of other heralds Hwang Yang Long, Tytti Norbuck and Ricardo Silvera (who later gets replaced by Mio Sasuga). His rival's Shuu Shirakawa, who eventually kills Masaki's foster father, and he swears revenge. He's been hunting Shu down since.

    This leads him back to the surface, and he gets involved with the battles with the Earth Federation, joining them. He mostly stays at the sidelines, but he's a great help to the team. He meets Lune Zoldark, who immediately develops a crush on him and throws herself in his Unwanted Harem he's really oblivious with. He finally manages to kill Shu for good eventually, but afterwards feels kinda empty and shed manly tears of loneliness. Afterwards, he returns to La Gias for good.

    Unfortunately, in the non-Original Generation Super Robot Wars, returning to La Gias after killing Shu's only the beginning for the next arc of his story, where the White Prince of La Gias Feil Lord makes a mass summoning of surfacers, including Lune, and Masaki has to work about bringing them back home and quell the war in Lla Gias. He later returns to the surface again fighting the Guests. After that, he still has to deal with some prophetic troubles within La Gias. Oh, on the way, he also finds out Shu came Back From the Dead.

    Masaki's always seen with his trademark Humongous Mecha Cybuster. He embodies these tropes:

    Lune Zoldark (voiced by Narumi Hidaka)


    Daughter of Bian Zoldark, founder of the Divine Crusaders. Lune's an outspoken tomboy with torn jeans and a high aptitude for mecha piloting. She was a member of the DC, but spent most of the time physically training in Jupiter. About her mecha, she was supposedly given a customized Valsion, but she didn't like how it looked... so Bian modified its look to resemble a giant, walking Humongous Mecha version of herself, the Valsione, complete with hair and an emotion copy system (its face changes according to Lune's current expression). She got the mecha, but later heard her father fell, so she tried to avenge him by facing the Earth Federation Army, but found out the DC has gone into the wrong direction after her father's passing. She fights briefly with the Federation, but later ends up joining them in order to straighten the DC up. She falls in love with Masaki and tries to get his attention all the time, unsuccessfully.

    In the Inspector Wars, Lune is ambushed by the Inspectors along with the Hiryu Custom and is forced to retreat. She rejoins the EFA. In OG Gaiden, when visiting the Tesla Leicht Institute, she's attacked by Kyle Bean and a squad of Mirongas, but manages to survive along with Ibis Douglas and Master Rishu, thanks to Masaki's intervention... and Shu's. When Masaki returns to La Gias, she bids him farewell.

    But knowing Super Robot Wars, we know it's not going to end well. As the Classic Timeline decrees, Lune herself is thrown into La Gias when Prince Feil Lord pulls off a mass-summoning of surface-dwellers. Alongside Fire Elemental Lord Herald Hwang Yang Long, she gets the surface-dwellers back home, while dealing with the civil war in La Gias. She later returns to fight the Guests, but ultimately moves permanently to La Gias to be with Masaki, helping out the land's prophetic trouble later.

    As mentioned, she pilots the Ridiculously Human Robot Valsione. They embody these tropes:

    Shuu Shirakawa (voiced by Takehito Koyasu)


    Masaki's arch-rival, also a huge Marty Stu. A young half-La Gias professor who already attains a Ph.D and using his brains, he creates the Granzon, a very powerful mecha using the power of void (uses black hole stuffs a lot). Ever since they first meet, he's known to irritate Masaki a lot, but he really crosses the line when he kills Masaki's foster father in an act where he declares he's defecting to the forces of dark god Shiva Volkruss. Pissed off, Masaki lets himself get possessed by Cyfis, Cybuster's spirit, and lays a serious smackdown on the Granzon, forcing Shu to retreat (it was formerly near-invincible beforehand). He reappears in the ruins of the Langran Kingdom, causing Masaki to suspect Shuu destroyed it as well (he didn't). Shuu bids Masaki farewell, as he had to attend some business with old friend Bian, but Masaki follows him anyway.

    Shuu goes along with Bian's plan to create the DC and continues to annoy Masaki along the way (he also almost killed the SRX Team on the way). After the DC's defeat, Shuu vanishes and only appears a few times in the Inspector Wars. He somehow returns more occasionally in the wake of the ODE Incident, takes out some Mirongas and ends up helping the EFA for OG Gaiden. When it's over, Shuu reveals his intention: he wants to test out how strong the EFA is, so he taps into Volkruss' power and turns the Granzon into the Neo Granzon, and attacks the team. He is defeated, but in the face of death, he is satisfied they could defeat the Neo Granzon, leaving Masaki to somehow cry at his loss upon his death.

    But really, he doesn't die just like that. As the Classic Timeline decrees, the forces of Volkruss revives him without his memories. However, it's all going according to Shuu's plan: he was to break free from Volkruss' influence, so he had the team kill him at first (since he can't kill himself), and now his resurrection annuls his link with Volkruss, he can do whatever he likes, slaying the god itself. He succeeds and occasionally joins forces with Masaki, on good terms this time. In Revelation of Evil God, the true reason as to why Shu killed Zeoroot is finally revealed: the Zenosakis clan is cursed to forever be the vessels of Volkruss, and Shu tried to stop anyone else from being in the same situation as Shu has been. Sadly, it is revealed that Zeoroot's biological daughter Presia still carries the curse, meaning that Shu failed. However, in the good ending, Shuu does not kill Presia like he did Zeoroot because Masaki and the other Elemental Lords save her and purge Presia of the curse.

    Like Masaki, he manages to get himself a harem in the form of the Stripperiffic Saphine Grace and Princess Monica Gran Bilseia, though he does not return their feelings and would rather tease Masaki A LOT. He and the Granzon/Neo Granzon embodies these tropes:

    • Anti-Villain AND Anti-Hero
    • Badass Labcoat: The man IS a scientist, and he uses that knowledge to fight you with his stupidly broken, dimensional-warping mecha!
    • Bad Powers, Bad People: A bit of an aversion after he resurrects.
    • The Blacksmith: Built the Granzon himself. In the OG timeline, this project cost the Divine Crusaders about two-thirds of their budget. That doesn't stop Bian Zoldark from mounting a successful insurrection with the remaining third of the budget. He also designed the power source of the Granzon, the Anti-Matter Annihilation Engine, based off of the designs of the Black Hole Engine.
    • Boss Dissonance: Not that he's easier than the mooks, but after fighting someone like the Dark Brain, he's so much easier, even when he's the True Final Boss for OGG. Quite the shame that he was horrendously difficult in 3 and was the second hardest boss in Super Robot Wars history in his Alpha Gaiden incarnation, though probably the primitiveness of the game engines for those games contribute to his difficulty back then, as well as his lack of knack of constantly casting Spirit Commands like in his Alpha Gaiden incarnation.
      • Kind of one to Magus's penultimate stage, while he constantly cast Spirit Commands like candy, his stage isnt comparable to Magus stage, where you have to face 4 Seishin casting bosses in a row, and the ability to upgrade Sanger almost guarantees a stale-mate at worst. Basically, he is one to the third to last stage, but not a dissonance against the normal Final stage.
    • But Not Too Foreign: Half-Earthling, half-La Gias.
    • Cool Sword: Granzon's Granworm Sword.
    • I Cannot Self-Terminate
    • Improbable Aiming Skills: The targeting computer of the Granzon. It can target and lock onto a whopping 65,536 individual targets on its own.
    • I Was Just Passing Through: His normal excuse regarding why he pulls off any of his Big Damn Heroes moment, though the one time where he passes by Masaki while he was an amnesiac, he really is just passing through.
    • Mad Scientist
    • The Plan
    • The Rival
    • Sphere of Destruction: Granzon's Graviton Cannon and Neo Granzon's Shukutaihou.
    • Teen Genius: Several Ph.Ds at 22 years old.
    • Unwanted Harem: More like un-needed harem!
    • Villain Sue

    The Elemental Lords

    The Elemental Lords are quite the major characters in Super Robot Wars Gaiden. Masaki's one of them, but it's a crime not to include the rest. Also known as Masou Kishin, they're heralds of the elemental machines of La Gias. Their machines are usually blessed by the spirits dwelling in La Gias, helping them in combat. They first appear in Super Robot Wars EX and become major players in Gaiden, which is technically the very first Original Generation game. Obviously, all of them adhere to the Elemental Powers trope.

    They include:

    Hwang Yang Long (voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue)


    Herald of Masou Kishin of Fire, Granveil. He's a Chinese P.E teacher who knows Kung Fu and has a penchant of spouting Chinese proverbs, much to everyone's confusion. He's also said to be the direct opposite of Masaki: calm, cool, but distant towards the rest of the team, either doing his own line of duty or training. Highly dedicated to Princess Monica, who still respects his services, even though she spends her time chasing Shu Shirakawa out of love.

    He often clashes with Saphine Grace, Shu's follower, but it later turned out that it was because he was once a lover of Saphine's sister.

    Tropes associated with Yang Long:

    Tytti Norbuck (voiced by Kikuko Inoue)


    Herald of Masou Kishin of Water, Gaddeath (or, in some translations, Goddess, but no, it's not a literal goddess, mind you!), and the one given most depth when Super Robot Wars Gaiden rolls in. Tytti's the first human Masaki meets when he gets into La Gias. Her previous job isn't clear, but rumors say she used to be either a racer or a cop. She acts like a big sister, sometimes nagging to Masaki, and is mostly involved with La Gias' political maneuvers. Ironic she's the herald of water... because she cannot swim. As it's later found out, her family was murdered by Psycho for Hire Lubikka Hakinnen and has since hated him. She has a relationship with another herald Ricardo Silvera, but he was later killed by Lubikka, thus invoking fear on her starting a new love life.

    Tropes associated with Tytti:

    Ricardo Silvera (voiced by Rikiya Koyama[2])

    First herald of the Masou Kishin of Earth, Zamzeed. He's one jolly, fun ex-air force pilot from Brazil and gets along with people well. Hangs around with Masaki a lot, teaches Yang Long about how to ride a Masou Kishin, and has a crush on Tytti, flirting with her a lot. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, since he was created before the ACTUAL herald of Zamzeed (Mio), he's shot down by Lubikka while protecting Tytti. He dies soon after, but not after hearing Tytti officially returning his love, though if anything, it's already too late. However, fate has since been kind to Ricardo, allowing him to come Back From the Dead as a spirit living within the Zamzeed as of Revelation of Evil God, acting as a mentor to Mio Sasuga and helping her master the Zamzeed's power.

    Tropes associated with Ricardo:

    Mio Sasuga (voiced by Mika Kanai)


    Successor to Ricardo in piloting the Zamzeed. Mio was once an Ordinary High School Student, who gets transported to La Gias while she's sleeping and found by Masaki in the events of EX. She gets chosen by Zamzeed and tags along with him often. She's also an anime Otaku, but more on the Shounen series (compared to Ryusei and his Otaku-ness on Humongous Mecha). She likes to tease a lot and keeps the team lively. Like Masaki, she's also an orphan who lost her parents due to a airplane crash. She's said to have a black belt in Aikido. In Revelation of Evil God, she becomes a student to the spirit of Zamzeed's first pilot Ricardo Silvera, who in turn helps her to use Zamzeed to its full potential.

    Tropes associated to Mio:


    Masaki: Oi, Mio, get up already!


    Presia Zenosakis (voiced by Satomi Koorogi)

    Daughter of the Heavenly Sword Zeoroot Zan Zenosakis, this little girl's good at housework and considers Masaki as her brother even before Zeoroot adopts him. One of the first Moe original characters by Banpresto. During the Langran civil wars, Presia pilots the Diablo after Mio ascends to become the pilot of the Zamzeed. In the sequel Revelation of Evil God, certain choices made regarding Precia will affect the game's outcome, according to Word of God. This is because of her heritage. The Zenosakis clan has been cursed to forever be vessels for Volkruss, which is the reason why Shu kills her father. During Revelation of Evil God, she discovers this fact and realizes a side-effect of her family's curse: Presia cannot age. She is eventually kidnapped by a cult of Volkruss worshippers to become the new vessel for Volkruss, but Masaki and the rest of the Elemental Lords stop the cult from carrying out their plans. After the fragment of Volkruss that Presia was to embody is destroyed, the curse upon her is lifted, allowing her to age normally again.

    Tropes associated with Presia:

    Xenia Grania Bilseia (voiced by Yuko Minaguchi)

    One of the Langran twin princesses, she's nothing you'll expect from a princess though. Xenia has no interest in politics and mostly spends time doing mechanical work or hanging around with the heralds. She's the one who designed the Cho Masouki Duraxyl by improving on La Gias's Magitech with data from the surface world's Humongous Mecha, notably the Gundams, her personal favourite. Xenia pilots one of two available Masouki "Nors" and its Mid-Season Upgrade "Nors Rei".

    Tropes associated with Xenia:

    • Combat Medic: Subverted. While Xenia CAN fight, the Nors Rei is a machine more designed for ceremonial events and thus while her healing skills are stellar, her combat ability and damage output suffers a lot, thereby making her deal more on recovery skills rather than offensive.
    • Everything's Better with Princesses
    • FemBot: Nors and Nors Rei.
    • Hollywood Hacker: It's her hobby.
    • Leitmotif: "Passion of Princess", an exclusive Leitmotif for her, is included in Revelations of Evil God, after decades of having to use generic battle themes.
    • Power Gives You Wings: Nors Rei's Angel Whisper attack will sprout angelic wings from its back.
    • Rocket Punch: Nors Rei's Brass Knuckle.
    • Royals Who Actually Do Something: In Xenia's case, a reliable Wrench Wench.
    • Spell My Name with an "S": Good lord, that mech of hers. Its name can be any combination of Norse/Nors/Nols/North and Rei/Ray, and varies with almost every person you ask.
    • Tomboy and Girly Girl: With her twin sister Monica. Xenia is much more into hacking and mecha, has shorter hair and doesn't really like royal functions that much, Monica is more reserved and feminine, not a fighter, much more of a royal figurehead and can do some fortune-telling.


    The main enemies of the Masou Kishin portion. Led by the mad priest Luozorl, their goal is to revive the physical god Shiva Volkruss, arch nemesis of the Masou Kishin (and the one they're prophesized to destroy). They also had Shu in their group and Brainwashed him to harvest souls (he eventually rebels). They receive the backing of the Shutedonia Republic, run by the equally ruthless General Lasett. After Shu's killed, Luozorl tries reviving him, but in process cut down his link with Volkruss, enabling him to rebel against them.

    Tropes regarding Volkruss Followers and the Shutedonian Army:

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    1. We later call him Dark Brain.
    2. Only in the Updated Rerelease for the PSP and Revelation of Evil God.