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—Every Mook in every Gundam series ever. Death immediately follows.

Gundam is a Long Runner, and with that it has spawned a lot of Internet memes.

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  • One more... when the Japanese Agriculture Ministry caught two of his employees editing That Other Wiki's Gundam page on company time, they issued the statement that Gundam does not fall under the purview of the Japanese Agriculture Ministry.
    • Can you say JAM Project?
    • The Japanese Agriculture Ministry is one person?
    • That has the potential to go meme all on its own.
  • Do you accept Gundam Jesus as your personal saviour?
  • Soul Bro's Men: Soul Bro Ryu of The Gundamn! podcast has a tendency to declare the biggest milquetoast of a show (Sai Argyle, Rivalz, Saji Crossroad) to be "his man". There was even an episode dedicated to it.
    • In a recent episode, Soul Bro was asked if there were any Soul Bro's Women. He replied that the qualifications were different for women - he only likes men wimpy. He likes his women to be Badass Action Girls, his favourite being Emma Sheen.
    • For Gundam AGE, Chris and Neo declared Dique to be Soul Bro's Man, over Soul Bro's objections.
    • Other Gundamn! memes include "Gundam 00 Season 2 sucked!" (not what they really believe, but mocking the trolls who claimed this), and "Gundam Unicorn does not exist." (Refusing to report on it while it was still an unconfirmed rumor, which trolls exaggerated into them claiming this)
  • "Zaku test" is derogatory slang for a pentester tutorial program that takes a very basic understanding to crack.
  • Wow... although it is the page quote, there is no actual mention of the "IT'S A GUNDAM!" down here.
  • Never fall in love with a gundam pilot, it will only end in disappointment (or an early funeral).[36]
  • Nanoha is a Gundam disguised as a Magical Girl![37]
  • The "Cardboard Box Gundam", which came from an extremely cheap (and bold) Cosplay. Not that memetic here, but Big in Japan.
    • Mutated further when 00 came out, in which after Setsuna's catchphrase, many a fan art appeared of him wearing a cardboard box over his regular attire, with the word 'gundam' scrawled on the front of the box.
  • A Chinese theme park's knockoff of the RX-78-2 is quickly gaining meme status after its "renovations." [dead link] Lots of fan art started popping up not 24 hours after the remodeled version was revealed, and even mock CGI. Nobody's sure what to call it yet, names range from "Sina Gundam" to "China Gundam" to "Sichuan Gundam."
  1. Like this.
  2. Relena is an Expy of Sayla Mass, Char's younger sister.
  3. Referring to Athrun's Paper-Thin Disguise as "Alex Dino", and how he also wore Quattro Bajeena-like sunglasses.
  4. In the original series, Char's custom red Zaku moves three times faster than a standard Zaku.
  5. Yelled by Rambo Ral at Amuro, who had at first assumed Ral's Gouf was a specially painted Zaku like Char's
  6. The Stellar vs. Heine duel in Phase 23 of GSD was a direct homage to the first Amuro vs. Ramba duel.
  7. Kamille during one of his Angst sessions declares this.
  8. In the very first episode, Jerrid is introduced with the line "Kamille? I thought I heard a girl's name, but that's clearly a man." Cue Kamille going apeshit and punching Jerrid in the face. Keep in mind, at this point Jerrid is a complete stranger to Kamille, and is surrounded by other members of the Titans.
  9. Really, the pure Narm Charm explains it all.
  10. "You dun Goufed!" being a play on one of Jessi Slaughter's father's famous lines, "'Cause you done goofed."
  11. In the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games, Amuro shouts this just before going to town on some mooks.
  12. Amuro says this line in the original Japanese version when he begins to push back Axis with his Nu Gundam.
  13. From the infamous Moon Moon episodes of Gundam ZZ
  14. From the first two lyrics of the Opening: "Anime ja nai! Hontou no koto sa!" ("This isn't an anime! Take this to be true!")
  15. Domon, doing what might be the greatest Attack Call EVAR!
  16. Domon call the the upgraded version of his signature move.
  17. The personification of Domon's King of Hearts looks like really angry... well, Burger King.
  18. Harry Ord's bizarre yet awesome Kiai near the end of the show.
  19. Gym Ghingnham getting excited about releasing the Moonlight Butterfly. Seems to be Ghingnham's Catch Phrase in Japan, but it's less well-known in the West.
  20. Let's just say that Loran looks really good in a dress.
  21. Loran was originally supposed to be a girl protagonist. When this was shut down by the execs Tomino allegedly made him feminine and and put in those cross-dressing bits as revenge.
  22. In episode 39, Kira becomes the new main character of Gundam Seed Destiny, and he received his mid-season upgrade, the Strike Freedom.
  23. Cagalli was known for crying throughout the first half of GSD, and Kira used that as an excuse on why he interferes in battles. Kira said that line in Phase 28 of GSD.
  24. Referring to Kira's one-sided defeat of Athrun, piloting his Saviour, in the same episode
  25. Athrun's explanation to Cagalli on why he "killed" Kira in their last duel, after Nicol took Kira's attack and sacrificed himself to save Athrun. Also, Nicol, being an expy of Quatre from Wing, loves music, and is a talented piano player and composer.
  26. From the Freedom Gundam's multicolored Beam Spam attack.
  27. Said phrase was done in the style of Gundam Seed's logo.
  28. Ali-Al-Saachez's name fit suprisingly well with Aladdin's fake one. Why? For the Lulz.
  29. In all of Gundam history, Tieria is considered one of the best traps.
  30. Tieria's seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya is also known as the voice of Nozumo Itoshiki, from Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, and during 00 Tieria picked up "Zetsubou-sensei" as one of his many, many Fan Nicknames. When Super Robot Wars Z 2 was announced, someone said this in response to a PV with Tieria in it, and the hilarity of the statement when taken out of context did the rest.
  31. Someone posted a picture of the Age-1 Titus parts on a Kaname Madoka figure, which created a surge in fanart featuring the combination.
  32. The fans' explanation as to why Desil Galette is such a screwed-up Blood Knight. He does somewhat resemble Nena Trinity in looks.
  33. The left side is a screen-cap of grown-up Emily and Flit from episode 15. The right side, however, is a fan-work from Flit/Yurin shippers that show a grown-up Yurin with a much happier (and mustache-less) Flit on the right. Sadly, not all things are meant to be...
  34. Among the rainbow of hair colors found in Gundam AGE is Mink Leiden's sky-blue hair. The fans played with this by editing the screen caps to show her hair flying away from the ship. Although given the way she parts her short hair, it does somewhat resemble the twitter bird...
  35. Asem's total lack of Psychic Powers makes him almost unique among Gundam protagonists, and he's encourage to become a "Super Pilot" by his mentor. The above bizarre spelling is what happens when the Japanese try to pronounce "Super Pilot".
  36. The Gundam series' penchant at Kill'Em All endings of the main cast is infamous.
  37. She even shared a similar nickname with Amuro, The White Devil.