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From left to right: Takatoshi Tsuda, Suzu Hagimura, Shino Amakusa, and Aria Shichijou.

(Aria beats the drums and Suzu blows the whistle)
Shino: Ousai Academy Student Council Rule #5!
(Drumming and whistling loudens)
Shino: There should be... no overfiddling!
Tsuda: Huh-- with what?!


Until this year, Ousai Academy was an all girls' school. Takatoshi Tsuda, one of the first boys to go to the now co-ed school, finds himself confronted by Shino Amakusa, the student council president, because his tie isn't tight enough. In a short amount of time, he meets Suzu Hagimura, the treasurer, and Aria Shichijou, the secretary, finding himself roped in as vice president. According to Shino, a male perspective will help them along. As Takatoshi is about to find out, the student council, and the students of Ousai, are very very strange.

Based on a Yonkoma manga by Ujiie Tozen, Seitokai Yakuindomo was adapted into an anime in the summer of 2010, and a second season aired on Winter 2014. Two OVA series were made by the same studio, one 8-episodes long made between 2011 and 2013, and an ongoing one which started after the second season finished airing.

Think Student Council's Discretion in a gender role reversal with a dashtruckloads of perversion.

Tropes used in Seitokai Yakuindomo include:
  • A-Cup Angst -- While Shino is definitely larger than an A-cup, she still wishes that she was bustier.
    • This leads to situations where she takes sly digs at Aria (mentally or verbally; mostly the former), or vice-versa.
  • The Ace -- So far, it's just an Informed Ability, but Shino apparently fits the role.
    • It's occasionally shown that she is the go-to person for school related issues for which she always has good advice. Well, her perverted response is interpreted otherwise, anyway...
  • Actor Allusion -- In episode 10, Shino is shown cowering in fear and covering her ears in the way Mio did.
    • Bonus points, considering it was the exact situation (i.e., Tsuda recalls how he injured his finger with a broken plate).

Shino: D-Don't! I can't stand painful stories!

  • Adaptation Expansion -- The anime adds some scenes and builds upon most of the gags from the Yonkoma.
  • Adult Child -- Yokoshima-sensei, to the point where Shino wonders why she's suddenly decided to act like a teacher after they finish cleaning out the abandoned room.
  • Alertness Blink -- Omnipresent.
  • All Just a Dream -- It turns out that the girls going decent in the beginning of Episode 5 is just a figment in Takatoshi's sleep.
  • All Men Are Perverts -- Takatoshi is instantly assumed to have a Porn Stash, and have a desire to tear down the walls of the girls' bathrooms, just because he's a guy.
  • All Women Are Lustful -- The actual story. To what extent? Think of it this way: remember that relay commentator in Episode 9? Yeah, she's a minor character... who refers to Takatoshi as the "school's breeding horse". And the crowd (nine tenths of it are women, mind you) cheers on his new title.
    • That is... everyone except Mitsuba, Suzu, Kaede, and Toki.
  • Arranged Marriage -- Aria gets one in chapter 89 to facilitate a bit of Ship Tease when she practices a Boyfriend Bluff with Takatoshi. The bluff never comes into play, however, since the marriage is quickly cancelled when it's found out that the prospective fiance is one of Dejima's "valuable clients."
  • Attempted Rape -- Implied. Yokoshima-sensei's effort to lock Takatoshi up and "attack" him does not please the poor boy even in the slightest bit.
  • Beach Episode -- Episode 7.
  • Berserk Button -- Go ahead; call Suzu a "little kid". She will cuss you out liberally in whatever language you referred to her as "little".
  • Big Brother Attraction -- Might be the case with Kotomi. She likes invoking Brother-Sister Incest (especially in the Yonkoma), Episode 12 has her admitting that she had an incestuous dream, and a strip in the yonkoma also mentions that she and Tsuda sometimes get mistaken for a couple, which she plays up. When her friend notes that it's sometimes hard to believe they're related because of their very different personalities, Kotomi gets excited and interprets the comment as a possibility that they might be Not Blood Siblings.
    • Kotomi also has no problem taking her clothes off in front of her brother and once proudly mentioned to the other girls that he's also "impressive down there", which has him wondering as to when the hell she managed to sneak a peek.
  • Big Eater -- Mitsuba.
  • Big Fancy House -- Aria's estate contains huge tracts of (lavish) land.
  • Bishie Sparkle -- Used in quite a number of situations, like the Bishonen examples.
  • Bishonen -- Parodied at the moment Takatoshi is shown in Mitsuba vision.
    • Then there's Ranko suggesting that he become the cover boy of the festival-issue magazine.
    • And it's justifiable given that all the other guys in school look rather, well... gonky.
  • Black Comedy Rape
    • Implied; what Yokoshima-sensei did to that blonde, tan guy at the beach. She certainly seemed satisfied with herself, though she immediately went to go satisfy her other vice.
    • And Shino getting molested by the deer.
    • And the Attempted Rape example.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine -- A strong dynamic with the cast. Ranko even notes that without Takatoshi there to tsukkomi, Shino has no one to play off.
    • When Takatoshi takes a leave, Shino or Suzu will take center stage, depending on who's boke.
    • Even Suzu makes note of Takatoshi's absence when she's the only one left to take up the role.
    • And, more recently, Toki.
  • Boyfriend Bluff -- Aria claims that Takatoshi is her boyfriend to get rid of some persistant pickup artists at the beach. This changes to husband when she sees Suzu with him. Suzu is less than pleased to be cast as their kid.
  • Brain Bleach -- Takatoshi, pretty mild expression but... he did it every, freaking, time.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick -- Lots of normally mundane conversations end up like this.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall -- The Ousai Academy boys (minus Takatoshi) in episode 9 talk about how happy they should be to take part in a harem setting, but are disappointed to discover that they're largely irrelevant to the overall story.

We get it! We have nothing to do with it!

    • Also, in the last episode:

Aria: The year only felt like 3 months.
Shino: Putting it in anime terms, it was about 13 episodes.
Tsuda: Don't keep breaking the fourth wall like this.

    • Quite literally when, in episode 13, Takatoshi knocks down the backdrop Hata was using for her made-up flashback. Hata is trapped underneath.
    • Also in Episode 13, when discussing Magical Mako versus Hakuouki, Takatoshi pulls out an issue of Animage magazine and consults the TV listings.
    • The "Ousai Academy Student Council Rules" section of the OVA opening has all the voiced characters in a recording booth as if they are about to record an episode, and Suzu and Aria are only mimicking the whistle and drum.
  • Bridal Carry -- Shino says that periods are hard to bear with, so if she's given the chance, she won't walk. Instead, she clings to Takatoshi.
    • Suzu hurts her leg in Chapter 59, and is insistent that she not be carried piggyback while wearing a skirt.

Shino: Then carry her in your arms, like that.
Tsuda: Yeah, I'll carry you like this.
Suzu (thinking): Looks like they aren't going to say, "Like a princess."

  • The Cameo -- The OVA has the unusual example of the show giving a cameo to a character that appears constantly and prominently in its own end credits, but has no role or appearances in the series proper.
  • ~Can't Act Perverted Toward A Love Interest~ -- Inverted. Shino is obviously interested in Tsuda and has no problem saying extremely perverted things around him. However, whenever Tsuda actually says something perverted (or when she thinks he's saying something perverted) directed at her, she gets extremely flustered.
  • Catch Phrase -- When someone sees Suzu as a kid, this long speech happens...

Suzu: I'm Suzu Hagimura! Just like you, I am 16 years old. Also, I am a returnee with an IQ score of 180. I can speak English fluently and can do 10-digit numerical computations in my head! Well? Do you still treat me like a kid now?

    • Futhermore, Hata-san has "This will freakin' sell!" when taking fanservice pictures.
  • Catch Your Death of Cold -- First part of a triple-trope domino effect. Takatoshi catches a cold within seconds of giving up his umbrella. Freeze Sneeze ensues... and Takatoshi winds up bedridden for a whole day on the next episode.
  • Celibate Hero -- Takatoshi, certified, if Shino is to be believed.
  • Censor Steam -- Episode 7's bath house scene.
  • The Chikan -- Only referenced, never explained in episode one. Takatoshi finds himself in a subway car nearly exclusively populated by women. To keep from being falsely accused as a molester, he assumes the same position as all the other men: riding with his hands held high. It's a social issue that's played for laughs, like most other things in the show.
  • Christmas Cake -- Yokoshima-sensei is explicitly stated to be such, and she's hoping that Takatoshi will be willing to help her fix that.
  • Class Trip -- Shino and Aria's trip to Kyoto takes up episode three.
  • Clip Show -- Subverted. The second half of episode 13 looks like it's going to be the student council reflecting on their memories of the past year, but it quickly turns absurd when they flash back to events that never happened, never can happen and, in the case of Mutsumi, are in a completely different genre. And it gets weirder apparently Tsuda's souvenir actually changed to conform to Shino's warped memory, causing Tsuda to go into a short Heroic BSOD.
  • Cloudcuckoolander -- Aria, probably because she's just too wealthy, and it's played for laughs at times. She spaces out at the bottom of the staircase before realizing moments later that it's not an escalator.
    • Moreover, she once stands outside the student council room thinking the doors were automatic sliding ones. It was only after Takatoshi had asked her what was she doing in front of the door that she realised it wasn't.
      • She manages to space out enough to think her breasts would magically become lighter all of a sudden, when what actually happens was that she had actually bumped into Suzu.
  • Cluster F-Bomb/Precision F-Strike -- When a foreigner unwittingly pushed Suzu's Napoleonic Berserk Button:

(Actual English conversation follows)
Unnamed foreigner: Thank you...
Suzu: Yeah.
Unnamed foreigner: ...Little girl!
Suzu: Argh!
(Suzu flails with rage while Takatoshi restrains her, shouting "Wait-toh!" between struggles)
Suzu: Fu*k you! Mother fu*ker! Fu** ***!

  • Comically Missing the Point -- The source of so many gags.
    • A great example is in Chapter 89; Tsuda and Aria are practicing pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend in order to get her out of an arranged marriage. Shino, who knows they are pretending, still feels irritated when she sees them together. This makes her wonder if she's in love...with Aria.
  • Conversational Troping -- Shino brings up both the Late for School, Crash Into Hello, Red String of Fate and the Disc One Final Boss (along with mentions of Four Is Death and moving up the Sorting Algorithm of Evil).
  • Country Matters -- Shino explaining the English phrase "Dry Eyes" by way of "Ma_ko aren't getting wet". "Eyes" in Japanese is "Manako", but the blank makes it look something censored. This seems to be a favourite gag for the author; it also shows up in a couple of his other series.
    • By the way, the...female sexual organ is called "manko" in Japanese, which is actually what makes this a joke in the first place.
  • Covert Pervert -- To be honest, nearly every female character (bar Suzu, Mutsumi, Kaede, Toki) who appears happens to be one. Yes, even minor characters. How much "covert" applies is up for argument, though.
    • And even Tsuda has his moments.
  • Crash Into Hello -- Shino makes an exception regarding blind corners to the no running rule to encourage stereotypical romances leading from such events.
  • Crazy Prepared -- Ranko, who brought a souped up digital camera, zoom lens, pan lens, and a bunch of other lenses, about a dozen bags of other equipment, a sound collector, a TV camera, and a motion capture camera, just to get a scoop of Shino during their trip to Kyoto.
    • It was revealed that after Aria deleted the pictures that the identity card in the camera is a decoy.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms -- After realizing that a ban on love might be going too far, Shino agrees to make a compromise and "allow masturbation".
    • When Takatoshi says that he doesn't have a girlfriend, Aria wonders if it's his right or left hand. Shino takes it even further in asking if he uses his mouth.
  • Daydream Surprise -- It looks like Takatoshi has finally given into the madness, discussing his habits with the girls... but it's in Shino's head.
  • Deadpan Snarker -- Aria always smiles, but she gets especially cheery when she's making a dark or perverted joke (especially if it's a dig at someone else).
    • Takatoshi, if he's been listening to Aria or Shino for far too long.
    • Toki.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Dejima, Aria's maid.
  • Does Not Like Men -- Kaede Igarashi, who is introduced in episode 8 as the president of the public morals committee. It's because of this trait that Suzu has never seen her patrolling the floor where the first-years are. Unlike most examples of this trope, it's played entirely for laughs.
    • Costs her victory twice during the Sports Festival.
    • Becomes a running gag later on, with most of her interactions being with Takatoshi, the only male member (and vice-president) of the student council. Plus, he's the only guy she happens to bump into way too often for her own liking, if the New Year scene is to indicate. She gets over it, because she's able to talk to him face-to-face, even if she's shaking like a leaf.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything? -- During an overnight stay at Aria's vacation cabin, the girls (along with Tsuda's sister) decide to play board games. Thinking that they're still missing a game member, they barge into Takatoshi's room with what can only be called "rape faces," and declare while giggling evilly that "You won't be getting any sleep tonight," and the scene ends with Tsuda screaming.
  • Dojikko -- Aria getting herself tangled with ropes and flags in various positions must make her quite the klutz!
    • Kotomi claims that the reason that she hasn't changed to the winter uniform is that she's now a dojikko.
    • Everyone seems to think Toki qualifies, despite looking like a "Delinquent."
  • Don't Explain the Joke -- At one point Suzu is sitting down with her back turned in front of Tsuda while he's standing up and facing her. Due to height differences, it appears that she is giving him fellatio. Shino immediately says so out loud.
  • Double Entendre -- Utilized in a number of situations.

(after Takatoshi talks about himself playing baseball and soccer in middle school)
Aria: Typical, since you're a boy.
Shino: So, Tsuda, you like playing with your balls?
Aria: Typical, since you're a boy.
Takatoshi: Why does that sound so wrong?

    • But most notably used in both directions and to great humor on Aria with regards to "lifting something heavy".
  • Double Standard -- In one strip of the manga: When Shino sees a girl with a hand in her pocket, she scolds her about manners. When she sees Takatoshi doing the same thing, she wonders if he's jerking off. Cue Takatoshi demanding equal treatment.
  • Ear Cleaning -- Shino does this for Takatoshi in episode 5, which leads to some Innocent Innuendo.
  • Ephebophile -- Yokoshima-sensei is extremely pleased about finally having young male students to molest.
  • Eroge and Hentai -- One of many Sex Tropes referenced and invoked for comedy.
    • Of course, Aria and Shino (and later on, Kotomi) are the go-to characters for that sort of thing.
  • Erotic Eating -- Shino and Aria walked in on a conversation between Suzu and Takatoshi at a very bad time. From one angle, Suzu who was drinking milk from a box and Takatoshi, who was standing up, didn't look quite right.
    • Then, of course, there was Kotomi rushing out of her home with a big, long baguette shoved into her mouth.
    • Very blatantly parodied with Yokoshima-sensei and the chocolate banana and Dejima and the popsicle.
  • Even Evil Has Standards -- A mild example: while Shino and Aria are quite perverted and have no problem expressing their vulgar thoughts, they are rightfully disgusted by Yokoshima-sensei's self-professed lust for her six-year-old nephew.
  • Exact Words -- Hata promises not to tell anyone that the student council spent the night together at an inn. But she didn't say anything about not showing people the pictures she took of them. If she's not doing this, then she's...
    • Twisting the Words -- Hata does this to anything Tsuda says when she interviews him so that whatever he says will make him sound like a pervert.
  • Expressive Hair -- Kotomi and Suzu have hairs that perk up depending on the situation.
  • Expy -- Shino is a expy of Shiho from Idol no Akahon by the same mangaka. The difference is that Shino is a couple of years older and where Shiho uses an even mixture of intentional sexual talk and Freudian Slips, Shino is all-intentional all the time.
    • And Yokoshima-sensei is an older expy of Shiho, appearance-wise.
    • Aria is a perverted and rich version of Orihime without the emotional baggage.
    • Kotomi is, unbelievably, a less-perverted expy of the titular sister from another of the author's previous mangas, Imouto wa Shishunki.
  • Face of a Thug -- Toki
  • Fetish -- Mitsuba thinks that Takatoshi might have some sort of craze for perspiration. It crossed her mind when he was speaking to her right after one of her usual judo practice sessions.
  • False Camera Effects -- When the council watches a gravure interview to learn how to do interviews. Only problem is, the effect are WRONG for a DVD, they look like a broadcast with poor reception. Which is just silly.
  • Floorboard Failure: The main characters visit Shichijou Aria's house and are taken to an old storeroom. The floor breaks under Shino and Hata asks if there's a way to get under the floor to take photos.
  • Freeze Sneeze -- See Catch Your Death of Cold.
  • Furo Scene -- Episode 7.
  • Gadgeteer Genius -- Todoroki, Suzu's friend, a Last-Episode New Character. Yet another pervert.
  • Gainaxing -- Aria, given that she's the bustiest of the bunch.
  • Gazes -- In two flavors!
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar -- The radar's broken.
  • Girlish Pigtails -- Kotomi and Suzu both sport these.
  • Girl Not Appearing In This Series -- The closest trope that describes the pink-haired girl the entirety of end credits of the show is devoted to, even though she plays no part in the series proper at all. She finally gets a cameo in the OVA, getting a seconds-long, one-line appearance that title drops the ED song.
  • Going Commando -- Apparently, Shino and Aria do this quite often, and they aren't discreet about it. We don't get to see it though.
  • Gratuitous English -- Quite a lot in the OP.
    • Suzu helping some foreigner find the station in episode three. It goes well until he calls her "little girl".
    • Yokoshima's English Language lesson recital: "He get keep his ass off from Jane's bust."
  • Groin Attack -- Shino's inflatable dolphin was apparently inflated enough to deliver a sharp blow to a surprised beachgoer's crotch.
  • Harem Seeker -- In her first appearance, Aria asks if this is why Takatoshi picked Ousai Academy, but he answered with distance reasons.
    • The rest of the boys, though, play this trope straight.
  • Hartman Hips -- Shino is concerned because her butt print is bigger than Aria.
  • Headbutt Thermometer -- Shino does this to Tsuda in chapter 57. Of course, this makes it look like they're making out from behind.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend -- In the fifth volume of the yonkoma, Shino denies rumors about her being in a relationship with Takatoshi; rumors that were spread by Hata.
  • I Can Explain -- Implied in a chapter where the girls are stuck at Tsuda's house for a night while Tsuda's parents are gone. The next morning Tsuda wakes up to find that that Shino's answered the phone... and it's his mother calling.
  • I Know Mortal Kombat -- Shino is able to apply her knowledge of Boys Love to Judo, to devastating effect.
  • Idiot Hair -- Shino has one on either sides of her hair. Apparently, it's for balance.
  • Imagine Spotting -- In episode 7, when Hagimura says she can't swim when her feet don't touch the bottom, appears an image of a kiddie pool. Then she chases the rest through sea asking who imagined it.
  • Indirect Kiss -- A perverted variant (naturally) occurs when Aria offers Dejima the rest of her drink when the latter mentions that she's thirsty.

Dejima: Thank you very much... For your straw.

  • The Ingenue -- Mitsuba's the only girl without dirty intentions when speaking to Takatoshi. Well, most of the time, that is.
    • Toki is the only person so far without dirty thoughts...
  • Innocent Innuendo -- Averted. There is absolutely nothing innocent about the innuendo. Although a straight example does happen (see Ear Cleaning).
    • Played straight with Tsuda during the Sketching contest and the three girls are quick to let him know.
  • The Insomniac -- Shino's a toned down Type A. She can't sleep before any kind of exciting event happens in school.
  • Insufferable Genius -- Played with Suzu.
  • Ironic Echo Cut -- At one point, Suzu accidentally fell on top of Takatoshi. The same stance, at the same time, in another location, is used with Shino... and a deer. Strange Minds Think Alike ensues.

(In the Hagimura residence...)
Mrs. Hagimura: Oh, my! Are you satisfied already?
Shino: Whoa! Are you satisfied already?


(Takatoshi struggles to let out a sneeze but promptly fails)
Takatoshi: Don't you hate it when you want to let it out, but can't?
(camera pans over to Takatoshi's crotch)
Shino: Oh...?
Takatoshi: Up here.


Shino: Ousai Academy Student Council Rule #11: Whispering during class is strictly forbidden!
Takatoshi: What?! Wait, you're being serious now?!

  • One-Gender School -- Ousai was, until the series began.
  • The One Guy -- Takatoshi, at least in a major role.
  • One of Us -- Besides her surprisingly intimate knowledge of eroge and hentai tropes, Shino has been shown to have an Otaku level of admiration for history and historical sites.
  • Only Sane And Straight Man -- Takatoshi, while having to bear with the girls' crazy mentality.
    • Suzu fills this role when he's not around. However, even she's not up to snuff on her own since chapter 63 of the yonkoma showed that she was on the verge of a breakdown when Tsuda wasn't around to deal with the barrage of perverted jokes from the others.
    • Shino straightens up when she's clearly the only one talking to Yokoshima-sensei.
    • Toki's riding on the bandwagon with these guys.
  • Overprotective Maid -- Resident maid Sayaka forces Aria to wear a chastity belt, and only the aforementioned maid has the key to unlock it.
  • Peek-a-Bangs -- Toki.
  • Pettanko -- Suzu
  • Phenotype Stereotype -- The blonde, English-speaking foreigner.
  • Pillow Fight -- And it's Serious Business.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse -- Suzu. She can do painful roundhouse kicks and outrun people twice her size.
  • Pixelation -- Often, such as the "design" Shino drew on the suggestion box, the vibrators in the introductory sequence, the present Yokoshima-sensei gave to Shino and even suggestive written phrases on the whiteboard in the Student Council's office.
  • Pool Episode -- The second half of episode 5.
  • Press-Ganged -- Takatoshi is shanghaied onto the student council on the first day of school.
  • Real Place Background -- Kyoto is depicted rather faithfully.
  • Reflexive Response: In Student Council Rules Number 10, "don't talk in class!" Tsuda immediately objects, obviously expecting something random or dirty, then stops himself and realizes that one's perfectly normal.
  • Running Gag -- "Suzu's head", "Suzu's about here". Due to often being too short to fit comfortably into frame, Suzu is usually seen from just the top of her head, or not even in frame at all, with a tag to reference where she is so people watching can tell.
  • Santa Claus -- Not only is there a Santa Claus, he apparently has the same taste in gifts as Sayaka and Shino.
  • Scenery Porn -- As a product of the same studio that animated Princess Lover, some of the backgrounds look arguably lavish.
  • School Festival -- Episode 9. A sports festival.
  • School Idol -- Shino Amakusa is likened to one, though it doesn't particularly affect the plot.
  • School Newspaper Newshound -- Ranko Hata. School newspaper club president, Camera Fiend and Stalker Without a Crush. Takes candid pictures to sell to other students. Claims that she's in it for the yen. Goes to great lengths for a big scoop if necessary, such as packing her own miniature TV studio in episode three.
  • Sensei-chan -- Yokoshima-sensei.
  • Ship Tease -- Takatoshi with all of the others in the student council, but especially with Shino.
    • And outside the student council circle, Ousai's Judo Club members are trying to fuel Mitsuba's possible infatuations with Takatoshi.
    • Chapter 80 has Shino and Takatoshi buying supplies, while Aria and Hagimura are "conveniently" busy with something else. It later becomes an excuse for them to go out and eat, and it ends with Shino looping her arm around Takatoshi's while the latter doesn't at all seem to mind.
    • The second OVA uses Longing Look to tease Suzu->Takatoshi, Takatoshi->Shino, and Kotomi->Takatoshi.
  • Shoe Time -- Suzu introduces her shoe to Takatoshi's face in slllooow moootiiiooon.
  • Shout-Out -- Yoko Hikasa, Satomi Sato and Sayuri Yahagi perform the opening theme as Triple Booking, which is the name of the three girl idol group from the mangaka's previous manga.
  • Show Within a Show -- Really strange example. While the actual show taking over Seitokai's timeslot is the second season of Hakuouki, episode 13 includes a Magical Girl show called Magical Mako that both does not exist and can be seen by the entire cast, and is supposedly filling that role.
  • Sick Episode -- See Catch Your Death of Cold.
  • Slasher Smile -- Suzu comically does this twice and creeps out Takatoshi, enough for him to mentally apologise.
  • Sleep Cute -- Shino with Takatoshi in Episode 7.
  • Shorter Means Smarter -- Suzu. Just don't tell her that.
  • Sound Effect Bleep -- Whenever it's related to monthly issues or anything else too hot for TV.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance -- Quite a few of the instrumental pieces in the soundtrack have a mellow, nostalgic tone that would not be out of place in a dramatic or bittersweet school story, which contrasts wildly with the non-serious and perverted tone of the show.
  • Squee -- Shino's reaction, upon seeing Kinkaku-ji, was nothing but awe.
    • Not to mention Yokoshima-sensei's reaction to finding a confiscated magazine full of bishie beefcakes.
  • Student Council President -- Shino, complete with Red Armband of Leadership.
  • Suggestive Collision -- Happened between Suzu Hagimura and Takatoshi Tsuda. The aftermath of it is one Tsundere Suzu. Mrs. Hagimura seems pleased that something else might've happened, though. Suzu also causes a variant when she suddenly runs into and hugs Takatoshi in relief,[1] which didn't help given how her head is at crotch height [dead link].
  • Super-Deformed -- Often especially after someone said something perverted/stupid.
  • Take Up My Sword -- In Chapter 63, Takatoshi falls sick and asks Suzu to "cut in on their jokes" for him.
  • Teacher-Student Romance -- Naruko Yokoshima, the only teacher with a significant role, is a Bottle Fairy Christmas Cake and is way too excited about Ousai becoming co-ed.
  • Tear Jerker -- An in-universe case in episode 9. The article Takatoshi writes for the student council paper brings all of the girls to tears.
  • Teen Genius -- Suzu, what with an IQ of 180.
  • Teru Teru Bozu -- Shino hangs one up to get good weather for next day's pool opening, and quickly turns it upside down when she learns that Hata will be taking swimsuit pictures of her.
    • Before the sports festival, she hangs up a whole bunch of them.
  • Through His Stomach -- When Tsuda compliments the miso soup dinner the student council girls make for him and his sister, they stare at him expectantly after mentioning which part of the soup they prepared individually.
  • Title Drop -- Yokoshima-sensei drops the series title in the middle of the School Festival in episode 10. And, once again, in episode 13.
    • In the very same episode, Shino does this in the end.
    • In an earlier episode, Tsuda drops the title of Imouto wa Shishunki", another series by Tozen Ujiie.
  • Too Hot for TV -- Most of Shino and Aria's thought bubbles get this treatment.
  • Too Much Information -- Here's a new drinking game: take a shot anytime one of the three girls on the student council (Namely Shino and Aria) blurts out a piece of personal information they really have no business talking about in public. You'll die from alcohol poisoning by the time 30 minutes are over.
    • And if Yokoshima or Hata are in the scene you will die even faster say perhaps within the next 5 minutes.
  • Tsundere -- Shino, though less belligerent than most cases. It becomes more and more apparent as the story develops.
    • Aria calls Suzu one. She may be right about it, judging from how tsun-tsun Suzu was after the Suggestive Collision incident with Takatoshi.
  • Uke -- When Mitsuba mentions that the Judo Club is practicing Ukemi, Shino asks where the Seme is.

Shino: If there's an Uke, then there should be a Seme!

  • Umbrella of Togetherness -- The end of the fourth episode.
  • Unmoving Pattern -- Used in the ED and on the school uniform's skirt.
  • The Un-Smile -- When Tsuda challenges Hata to show them how to smile, she can only do so with the aid of tape.
  • Unwanted Harem -- Takatoshi just wants to survive, and chose to attend the former girls' school because it's closest to his home, yet the girls are convinced he's there to get a harem.
    • Indirectly, he's gaining relationships that can be remotely called a harem. Just look at the sports festival episode. He's always the answer to the personal questions the girls picked up in the Scavenger Hunt Event.
    • A chapter (later made part of the second OVA) has Kotomi noting that Takatoshi looks like a playboy since he knows and interacts with so many girls and also has their phone numbers making up the majority of the stored numbers in his cell phone.
  • Visible Sigh -- Played for laughs. Even though Aria thought she had blocked Shino from sighing with a gag, Shino sighs through it anyway.
  • Visual Innuendo -- Far too many, from the strangely placed chocolate banana in the opening to a peach in the background when Aria talks about her habit of scratching her butt.
  • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? -- Hata setting up a camera tripod with high-intensity zoom like a sniper rifle.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko -- Referenced: The theme song is called "Yamato Nadeshiko Education".
    • Shino and Aria: Yamato Nadeshikos on the outside; hardcore perverts on the inside.
  • Yandere -- Tsuda tells the girls to keep their watchful eyes at a distance while he works on his article. Aria then suggests that they do the staring like creepy stalkers from a partially-opened door, which creeps the living daylights out of Tsuda.
  • Yaoi Fangirl -- Shino, Aria and Yokoshima-sensei like to read yaoi-related books and magazines.
    • And it's this characteristic alone through which Shino wins a judo match.
  • Yaoi Guys -- As Shino's wild imagination puts it:

Shino: Tsuda's Boys Love!

  1. Understandable, since she had to bear with being the Straight Man to everyone else's perversion alone when Takatoshi was absent for a day.