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Ask me about Kakarot's power level. Go ahead, just ask.[1]

Since most anime-viewers are big nerds, there are naturally going to be a lot of anime-inspired Internet memes.

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    • The meme. <ref>Explanation: The explanation behind the meme.</ref> [2]
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

Haruhi Suzumiya


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

One Piece


  1. Explanation: One of Vegeta's lines from the first dub of Dragonball Z, referring to Goku's Power Level after his first return from the dead. Popular for its Narm, and used to describe any situation in which something is unexpectedly large.
  2. Explanation: Like this.
  3. Explanation Tsuruya was taken by a Japanese Web Comic artist and made into a Super-Deformed Ditz named Churuya, with a line she said once in the anime made into her Catch Phrase, and an affinity for smoked cheese. Spawned countless imitations involving characters from Haruhi or other anime - and is now more emblematic of Haruhi than anything that actually appeared in the show.
  4. Explanation Fan-made pictures of the cast (and even a rewrite of some of the novels) as the opposite sex. "Kyonko" is particularly popular, mostly for being The Comically Serious, as is "Itsuko", who apparently makes some Itsuki fangirls question their sexuality.
  5. Explanation The Dancing Theme is practically required by any and all Haruhiists that visit anime conventions.
  6. Explanation Summarising both Itsuki's habit of invading Kyon's personal space and Kyon's in and out of universe status as a Memetic Sex God.
  7. Explanation From The Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi-chan parody shorts.
  8. Explanation Haruhi's Reality Warper status made Itsuki speculate that Haruhi is actually God. Note on just "speculation".
  9. Explanation Fan Sub of a repeated line in the infamous "Endless Eight" episodes, as an explanation of what was going on. The line has since become synonymous with Endless Eight, often repeated (multiple times) whenever someone brings up those episodes.
  10. Explanation Another oft-repeated line in Endless Eight, said by Kyon's little sister as his phone rings in each episode.
  11. Explanation Taniguchi sings this line as he walks in on a Not What It Looks Like moment with Kyon and Nagato. Quickly became an Ascended Meme as Taniguchi's voice actor, Minoru Shiraishi, references it where ever he can, from his role in Lucky Star, to even reenacting the scene when announcing the Haruhi live concert!
  12. Explanation One fan's confusion as to why no-one notices that Hanyuu isn't exactly normal. Everybody got on his case for his grammatical error but eventually turned it around to have fun with it.
  13. Explanation Fill in the missing word yourselves.
  14. Explanation A certain fansub is famous for their comments at each break picture.
  15. Explanation A nonsense word that Rika often says.
  16. Explanation "I want to take it home with me!" Ryuugu Rena is well known for her love of cute things. Sometimes this gets taken a little too far and she'll snatch up some poor soul and carry her off like a kidnapper.
  17. Explanation Said in Ooishi and Keiichi's Engrish Rap.
  18. Explanation A line commonly used in the anime meaning "that's a lie!"
  19. Explanation From what some fans think it sounds like.
  20. Explanation The Big Bad of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3, Dio Brando, became a perpetual internet celebrity with his Battle Cry (particularly as it appeared in a Capcom Fighting Game) and [[ G 3_FNZcwc#t=0m56s unique choice of finishing move.
  21. Explanation A Narmy panel from Part 1 that fans now use as a reaction image.
  22. Explanation For a long time, the only available scans of Part 4 were a So Bad It's Good Blind Idiot Translation that used a Chinese source (the town is called Moriou (forest king), which in Chinese would be read as Duwang) that fans refer to as the Duwang Translation. The above quote is one of the more memorably So Bad It's Good bits of dialogue, spoken by the main villain.
  23. Explanation Joseph's macho catchphrase from Part 2.
  24. Explanation In Part 5, Bruno Buccelatti claims that he can tell if a person is lying by the taste of their sweat. He then demonstrates this ability by sneaking up behind the hero and licking his cheek in a memetically Ho Yay-tastic scene.
  25. Bad/suspicious stuff happens, the protagonists say it "must be the work of an enemy Stand". Because usually it is.
  26. Explanation Nanoha's tendency for There Is No Kill Like Overkill is her most easily-recognised characteristic and prone to heavy Flanderization, to the point where her detonating a planet is not found to be unusual. (The line itself is based on Nanoha's Catch Phrase "Zenryoku zenkai", literally translating as "Full power, full throttle", but the second part is a homophone of "total destruction".)
  27. Explanation Got its memetic status from Nanoha, but the line and pose are actually a Shout-Out to when Freeza kills Krillin in Dragonball Z.
  28. Explanation Nanoha's Fan Nickname, from a line when Vita refers to her as "a devil" and her white outfit. Also a reference to Mobile Suit Gundam, where Amuro Ray has this nickname in-universe.
  29. Explanation The fact that Sony named their recent handheld "Playstation Vita" was not lost on the Nanoha fanbase.
  30. Explanation Subaru's behaviour around Nanoha and Teana has led to her portrayal as a yuri maniac.
  31. Explanation Nanoha's practice of making friends of those that survive her attacks is another of her defining characteristics, the term used as a synonym for "beat the crap out of" (as in "you're about to be befriended").
  32. Explanation Erio was once the only male of any significance in the entire series, everyone else very minor or Demoted to Extra, and this was the result. Oh, and it's canon.
  33. Explanation During her first fight with Vita Nanoha calls out to her: "Listen to me!" while Raising Heart announces her attack: "Divine Buster!"
  34. Explanation Despite most fans hating the 4Kids! dub of One Piece, many did however grudingly love the pirate rap.
  35. Explanation Admiral Akainu killed Portgas D. Ace while proclaiming that his magma burned hotter than Ace's fire. Shanks blocked a magma attack from Akainu using a sword.
  36. Explanation Eiichiro Oda has continually reassured readers that the Straw Hats would reach Fishman Island after the then-current arc. They finally reach it after the two-year timeskip.
  37. Explanation A line made for Oda's love of all things Chekhov.
  38. Explanation Franky's hot-blooded catchphrase
  39. Explanation At least before the Wham Episodes, this fact is frequently brought up in One Piece discussions. [[spoiler:The Time Skip is considered a second beginning with the recent deaths of Ace and Whitebeard applicable to Flash Backs, this meme is officially back.
  40. Explanation Many Wholesome Crossdressers in anime are drawn really, really pretty, to the point where they can be passed off as actual female characters to new fans with surprising ease. Admiral Ackbar's memetic exclamation was taken to describe this kind of a character as a "trap", in the sense that a highly stereotypical, undersexed, and loudly heterosexual male Otaku would be trapped in a conflicting lust for the character. At this point, the jargon is used ironically.
  41. Explanation From a Japanese TV sketch involving a man crushing a business card in front of the woman who gave it to him, while looking at her with a ridiculous expression on his face, was turned into a meme when someone did a comic strip version with Kagami and Konata from Lucky Star. An example of Values Dissonance, as the exchanging of business cards is a fairly big deal in Japan, with its own set of social mores.
  42. Explanation "My Wife" rendered as Gratuitous English, referencing someone's particular attraction to a fictional, unattainable character. Bonus points for extraordinarily hot anime girls. Originated from Azumanga Daioh where the girls look at a picture that Kimura-sensei dropped which he explains is of "Mai waifu". She's pretty hot, and this is Kimura we're talking about here.
  43. Explanation Gundam 00, Macross Frontier, and the most recent Full Metal Panic! novel have all killed off or apparently killed off their respective sniper characters during that year.
  44. Explanation A phrase commonly used to describe a picture of two girls standing so close together their breasts are squished against each other. Originated from a Super Robot Wars Alpha 2 Yonkoma where, instead of showing Cho Ryu Jin's Symmetrical Docking Transformation Sequence, a picture of original characters (with huge breasts) Kushua Mizuha and Seolla Schweitzer are shown in this position.
  45. Explanation Years ago, there was a notorious anti-loli poster called Backbeard on 2channel. This led to someone photoshopping this famous panel to say "kono rorikon domome" ("you damned lolicons!")
  46. Explanation One Boxden user wrote a review of Boku No Pico. This being Boxden, it was written in Jive Turkey, creating a rather surreal quality which proved popular on /a/. See also the Dramatic Reading.]
  47. Explanation The final word of the series.
  48. Explanation The famous, and highly contested, end of the series.
  49. Explanation The words shown at the end of most episodes, used as a sort of book-end. Prone to many variations, even in the series itself.
  50. Explanation From the Latin American dub "Dance, Piranha Roses!", which is the phrase Piscis Aphrodite says when he uses his rose projectiles.
  51. Explanation Gemini Saga's trademark attack, which warps you to a Pocket Dimension. Started in the Latin American dub due to the INCREDIBLY hammy delivery, but it's also been spotted in other fandom corners. Video link.
  52. Explanation After heavy Flanderization of a character archetype, every Tsundere in existence is required to say this (or a variation) at least once.
  53. Explanation These are the magic words Sally uses whenever she uses her magic. They have about as much meaning as ""Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo".
  54. Explanation Anime fandom's version of the MST3K Mantra
  55. Explanation Inspired by a scene near the beginning of Taishō Baseball Girls, /a/ previously had a tradition of posting a picture of Koume every day with this text at 8:00 board time. It still surfaces from time to time.
  56. Explanation A Bridge Bunny reminds Captain Global of this when he is about to light up.
  57. Explanation Free learns of a different way he could have gotten out of prison sooner after he's already broken out. With Gratuitous English.
  58. Explanation catch phrase of the annoying weapon spirit Excalibur, translated from the Japanese "BAKAME!"
  59. Explanation The other catch phrase of Excalibur.
  60. Explanation Kenshiro's cries as he performs his signature Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken. If any film, anime or series features at one moment somebody pulling out some similar attack, expect to find videos slapping this over the actual soundtrack within hours.
  61. Explanation The equally famous result of the above and mainly the Famous Last Words of every single Mook in the series.
  62. Explanation The translation of possessed!Himari's catch phrase. (Doubling as Wham! Line when said by somebody else.)
  63. Explanation A line in Engrish that Kanba shouts in episode 10- while this sprang up after that episode's premiere, it became even more useful after Himari began knitting scarves for Double H and episode 20's flashbacks.
  64. Explanation Yuri Tokikago's own catch phrase.
  65. Explanation Shouma has become, er, very well-known among males in 4chan, and his Yamato Nadeshiko traits have made him one of the VERY rare males that 4channers would consider as "waifu" material.
  66. Explanation A certain fansub's, er, rather "special" translation of one of Sanetoshi's lines (in which he used very outdated slang) in episode 13.
  67. Explanation After Kanba noticed Sanetoshi and Himari's growing closeness in episode 16 and showed jealousy about it, people immediately jumped onto the parallels with the Netorare Genre, in which a male steals somebody else's girlfriend from under the other guy's nose specifically to invoke jealousy in the cheated-on guy (and the audience). The meme started solely focusing on Kanba as the "victim", but as the series went on, the growing Love Dodecahedron made the term relevant to basically every single character, to the point that it has become somewhat of a 4chan tradition to type at least one variation of the "NTR SHIT" phrase in a Penguindrum-related thread.
  68. Explanation Many of Masako's scenes in episode 16, especially her dream sequence, contain a bodyguard of her grandfather's who speaks completely in hilarious Engrish. It's actually surprisingly well-done, as he's voiced by a professional English-Japanese translator.
  69. Explanation It means "For Himari's sake", and Kanba and Shoma say it on a regular basis.
  70. Explanation Sanetoshi's own Catch Phrase, which means "Isn't it electrifying?".
  71. Explanation The longer the series has gone on, the more obvious it's become that Masako's younger brother Mario was never nearly as important as he was made out to be. The fandom has quite a few jokes about it.
  72. Explanation Come on, Kunihiko Ikuhara is a Trolling Creator of the finest caliber. Fans can be found screaming his name on a regular basis.
  73. Explanation According to some people, the series had WAY too much Narm.
  74. Explanation Everyone who Saya says she's going to protect dies.
  75. Explanation Ladd Russo's epic moment of Incoming Ham.
  76. Explanation Black Shadow's final stand against Captain Falcon in F Zero GP Legend.
  77. Explanation The screenshot made into an image macro.
  78. Explanation Gokudera's constant Say My Name moment of Juudaime can be made into a Drinking Game
  79. Explanation The ending sound effect of The Enigma of Amigara Fault, which is either complete Narm, or extremely terrifying.