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    Not until the arrival of Hermione Granger was their cute-witchness surpassed.

    The original Magical Girl archetype. Sometimes she's from Another Dimension or otherwise Magical Land unless the whole show is in a magical setting. Magic study is often equated with school, and many characters are out getting their licenses. The origin of magic is implied to be genetic with training required to hone it. She may be a princess, who may or may not be visiting Earth as part of training to become queen—if so she may have to compete with rivals to the throne.

    She may or may not be actively fighting monsters. Usually it's a hard enough life just trying to get through the day, and she'll use her magic (often a non-flashy variety) to make things easier. Theoretically.

    Cute Witches are sometimes thought to have influenced the rather benevolent image of witches in Japan; even the standard Strange Girl or Goth Girl. tends to be somewhat cute. Will almost always wear a Robe and Wizard Hat, and may or may not use a Magic Wand. If she's has a pet, it will likely be a cat.

    The original Cute Witch, Sally the Witch, was directly inspired by the American TV series Bewitched.

    If and when the Cute Witch grows up, if she doesn't lose her powers, she usually becomes the Hot Witch.

    Contrast the Wicked Witch, who is evil, old and ugly.

    Examples of Cute Witch include:

    Anime and Manga

    Comic Books



    • The Worst Witch book series naturally features one of these as a heroine—an extremely clumsy heroine to boot.
    • Tiffany Aching from her series of Discworld books is an aversion. Just because you're 11 years old doesn't mean you can't be angry, defiantly plain, and wearing shitkicker boots.
    • Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Cho Chang, Fleur Delacour, etc. (really, any first- to fourth-year witches) from the Harry Potter series. The Patil twins are pretty cute, too. Did you see their saris at the Yule Ball?! Granted, some of them did get a little Adaptational Attractiveness in the films.
    • Sephrenia from the Elenium trilogy by David Eddings. Though she was not, technically speaking, a witch, she was often called that by those who opposed the use of magic for religious reasons—and, despite being a few hundred years old, was said to be extremely lovely.
    • The Dorrie The Good Little Witch series by Patricia Coombs.
    • Boobela the giant from the Boobela And Worm series.
    • Rachel and her sister Miri of the Bras and Broomsticks series

    Live-Action TV

    Music Videos

    • One of these meets a particularly gruesome fate at the hands of the Titular witch hunters in Rob Zombie 's "Lords of Salem" music video. Link Here

    Tabletop Games

    Video Games

    • Merrill from Dragon Age II
    • The [dead link] Witch princess from most of the first DS Harvest Moon games. Even though she's pretty mean at start, she becomes a lot nicer when you talk to her a lot (and give her gifts, trigger heart events etc.), and you can even marry her eventually. Even if you are a girl... in the Japanese versions.
      • Another Witch Princess, Vivi, appears in Animal Parade.
    • "Natta de" Cotton from the Cotton series of Shoot'Em Ups.
    • Ripple from the Turbo-Grafx/PC-Engine game Magical Chase.
    • Marisa Kirisame, one of the protagonists of the Touhou series. And her sidekick/rival/love interest, Alice. And the enigmatic Patchouli Knowledge. Let's just say all of the witches are cute. Everyone in Touhou is cute, even the ones the would normally be creepy.
    • Ptolemy from The Fairyland Story.
    • Arche Klein in Tales of Phantasia.
    • Lillet Blan from Grim Grimoire.
    • Deneb from Ogre Battle. She's proven so popular that she's one of the only characters to have shown up in every game in the series, despite her tendency to slaughter entire villages in pursuit of her twisted experiments.
    • Ran and Dark Ran in Twinkle Star Sprites.
    • Mizuno from Tomba is actually called "The Cute Witch". She's also intensely sarcastic, and prone to losing her magic mirror.
    • Ashley from the Wario Ware games.
    • Yoriko from Arcana Heart. She's a lot more withdrawn than other examples on this page, and prefers to let her giant staff (a demon named "Mike") do the talking for her.
    • Absolutely everywhere in Luminous Arc and its sequels.
    • Lilka from Wild ARMs 2.
    • Marion from the Gunbird series.
    • Melody from Rune Factory. She runs the bathhouse and doesn't quite know why. In the original game, she only dresses the part, but in Rune Factory: Frontier, it's possible for her to actually learn magic from Cinnamon.
    • Maple from The Legend of Zelda Oracle Games is a Cute Witch apprentice who constantly chases Link around, bumping into him. She eventually starts riding a flying saucer.
    • Cierra from Riviera: The Promised Land, who nicknamed herself the "Scarlet Witch" due to her color scheme and her tendency to favor fire magic.
    • Pamela from Yggdra Union. Rosary might count, too, if you're into that sort of thing...
    • Laharl's mother in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness was supposed to be one of these.
      • Arguably the generic 'mage' class fit this description (all female; males are called 'skulls').
    • Keke, a recurring enemy in the Kirby series.
    • Any Magician class female character from Flyff.
    • Kyon Feulion from Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier. Her broom has a Booster attached to it and has an attack that is a Shout-Out to Shoot'Em Up games.
    • Doki Doki Majo Shinpan is a game based entirely around identifying Cute Witches by groping them.
    • Annoying Dojikko Mignon Heart from The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact. Her sister Ninon is the polar opposite.
    • Doropie/Francesca, the protagonist of the Mega Man ripoff Magical Doropie (released as The Krion Conquest internationally).
    • Wendalyn from My Sims.
    • Witch, a reoccurring opponent from the Puyo Puyo series.
    • The Student Witch enemies from various Castlevania games.
    • Twinkle Star Sprites has the protagonist Load Ran fulfill this role.
    • Lymle from Star Ocean 4 is 15 years old by her race's standards, but mentally acts and speaks like a 6 year old girl. If there's anything she knows complete mastery over though, it's using Symbology Magic and summoning Cerberus from a pocket dimension akin to Hell itself.
    • You run into a small cult of witches in the Neverwinter Nights mod The Bastard of Kosigan (the first one, Exile of the West). Greta is rather plain, Willie is rather disturbing, and Karen is dead, but Laura and Yannia definitely qualify (and they are the two you can have sex with).
    • Tyurru of Ninety-Nine Nights.
    • Yuria the Witch of Demon's Souls.
    • Sharlie Lunoille and the Merville, which is a FemBot with cat ears riding a mechanical broom that can be used as a Wave Motion Gun
    • In Yume Nikki, Madotsuki can become one herself through the aptly titled Witch effect. Doing this enables her to fly a broom, which serves no real purpose (as most things in the game). One can trigger an event on the roof this way, though.
    • Evie from Vindictus, particularly if you deck her out in the Scarlet Witch set.
    • The Mage from Dungeon Fighter Online.
      • And to a greater extent, the Mage's Witch subclass.
    • Lux from League of Legends is a holy warrior mage, but one of her alternate skins is blatantly inspired by the archetype. No surprise, considering Shurelia of Riot Games is a fan.
    • Melody from Nostalgia.
    • Witchina (yes, really) from the obscure arcade and PSX game Ghoul Panic.
    • Witch Beatrice from Dark Souls is a cute witch in a world where cute doesn't show up much at all.
    • Every female character of the Wizard class in MapleStory, the chibi depictions of the characters ensuring it.

    Web Comics

    Web Original

    • The 'three little witches' from the story of the same name in the Whateley Universe. Clover even has a witch's hat.

    Western Animation

    Other Media