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Bigger than Treesus.

It's hard enough being a puberty-affected teenager, but the Huge Schoolgirl can't really hide the fact she's so much bigger than everyone. If they don't have the flair, this can leave a character gangly and awkward, especially with the Japanese obsession with cute, short women.

This installs an enormous physical complex on the character, despite the near guarantee she'll still be quite pretty. Also usually coincides with being the most pectorially developed character. A character who comes to terms with their appearance can become Tall, Dark and Bishoujo with enough self-esteem. Without that self-esteem, though, you can wind up with an oversized Shrinking Violet... a Weeping Willow, if you will.

Although this can affect adult women, this trope is much more obvious in high school-aged characters; this girl will be obviously taller than her peers, and usually bustier. Otherwise, this character can be a tomboy or a domestic type.

A strangely specific aspect of this trope is the actual measurement, usually 170 centimeters tall (about 5'7"). While this can seem like less of a big deal depending on what country you're from, this measurement is a huge deal in Japan, where the average female height is 158 cm, or 5'2", although some medical journals list it as being as short as 156 cm or 5'1". To compare, the average female height in America, according to The Other Wiki, is around 164 cm (5'5") using numbers based on self-reported surveys (which contain a lot of heights with shoes on reported), although most medical journals put the average American woman's height at 161 cm or about 5'3", making this trope make more sense. But judging by how many women wear heels, and the dissonance between surveys and medical journals, it seems that tall women are actually seen as desirable.

Oddly enough, although this trope is often in play in teen dramas, "Hollywood Average" height for women is around 5'6" or 5'7", leading to a bit of a Teens Are Short stereotype that's quite untrue, as adult height is mostly reached by age 14-15 for boys and 12-13 for girls with at most another inch and a half (but usually an inch or less) to be obtained by age 22 for girls and 25 for boys.

Not to Be Confused With Dawson Casting. Compare to Statuesque Stunner, which these girls might become.

Examples of Huge Schoolgirl include:

Anime and Manga

  • Shinobu Kandadori, the best friend of Nanako from Crayon Shin-chan, is basically a (gigantic) male wrestler on a Sailor Fuku and with pigtails, but she has also a very feminine personality. Even her name is a pun on Shinobu Kandori, a famous Japanese (female) ex-wrestler and politician.
  • Lovely Complex is built on the premise as the very tall lead girl, Risa Koizumi (174 cm and still growing) compounds the issue by getting a crush on a particularly short boy, Atsushi Otani (158 cm.)** For the record (and those of us who don't understand metric and/or convert in our heads), that makes Risa 68.5 inches or 5'9" and Otani 62.2 inches or 5'2".
  • Sailor Moon: Makoto's height (168 cm) was one of several explanations for her obsessive need to appear feminine. She seems not to notice Michiru and Haruka are actually taller than her despite not actually being much older, but the former apparently has much more confidence while the latter is often mistaken for a guy anyway
  • Airmaster‍'‍s Aikawa Maki (188 cm) is quite prominently taller and buffer than most other characters, though this is never commented on.
  • Sakaki of Azumanga Daioh (174 cm and still growing) has an obsession with tiny cute things and would prefer to be one. Depending on the character(s) doing the viewing, she is perceived as either Tall, Dark and Bishoujo (Kaorin) or a Huge Schoolgirl (Chiyo and Osaka). She's also a prime example of the Weeping Willow sub-type... She's so shy and withdrawn even talking takes an incredible effort on her part—which ironically reinforces her image as a cold, tough Delinquent.
  • Likewise, Maggie Mui (185 cm, exactly 6'1") from TV series of Read or Die is shy and bookish most of the time.
  • Paraietta, the tallest of the teenaged-Sybillae from Simoun. She outright towers over most of the other girls (nevermind Rimone/Limone), and the only one with a larger bust than her is the resident Christmas Cake, Dominura.
  • Mao Daidouji from Princess Nine has it doubly bad, being both taller than normal (175 cm) and heavier than normal. When she first appeared, they played a bit of music that sounded like the Giant Robo theme. It helps that the same orchestra was used for both works.
  • Mariasama ga Miteru has a few.
    • Rei Hasekura (Rosa Foetida en Bouton) is a Huge Schoolgirl, a Bifauxnen, and a Kendo Team Captain, although she prefers domestic interests.
    • Kanako Hosokawa is way taller than Rei still, towering almost two heads above most of the rest of the cast. It is compensated by her gentle demeanor and there is no sign that she or others are bothered by her height. For quite a while she even was a serious candidate for becoming Yumi's petite soeur. This was played for humor in the outtakes when Kanako was made into a towering giant (pictured above).
  • A Filler episode in Angelic Layer had Misaki, the small heroine that fears looking weak or losing because of her tiny size, battle a Huge Schoolgirl whose complex led her to a feverish determination to defeat the tiny, cute one.
  • Aoyama Motoko in Love Hina, who, at 174 centimeters (5'8½"), is taller than the main male protagonist, Keitaro (it's even lampshaded in a chapter of the manga). Exacerbated with being somewhat cold and serious.
  • Parodied in Mari from Project A-ko. Not only is Mari huge for a high school girl (to say the least), she was intentionally designed as a parody of the male hero Ken, of Fist of the North Star, and physically she is a virtual clone of him, if he had breasts and wore a fuku. She even shares some of his signature martial arts moves. The overall comedic effect is compounded by Mari's high-pitched, girlish speaking voice, contrasted by the extremely masculine grunts and various non-speech noises she makes.
  • Minami Iwasaki of Lucky Star, is not particularly tall (163 cm/~5'4"), but she was especially notable in the company of her pint-sized friend Yutaka (138 cm/~4'6"), to the point that Hiyori finds the One Head Taller situation too pretty to avoid. Minami often subverts the trope by quietly expressing her wish to have larger breasts - she is completely flat-chested, and finds this deeply depressing.
  • Negima:
    • Possibly subverted in Kaede (181 cm), who despite being the tallest in the class has no complex about nor is it the size issue commented on. This might be explained either because of the high oddity level of the class in general, or it simply being overshadowed by her charmpoint role as a Ninja.
    • Similarly, her classmates Mana, Chachamaru, Akira are pretty tall as well.
    • It is eventually shown that she and Mana (184 cm/~5'11"), with both of them also fairly mature-looking for their age, are unable to get their student discounts at the local movie theater, as the ticket saleslady refuses to believe that they are only 14. The "bigness" of several classmates is also pointed out by various characters throughout the series. "What the hell?! Are they really 14-year-old students?" Much of that is due to, er, overdevelopment in the balcony department, if you will.)
    • Of course, if Chachamaru ever gets uncomfortable with her size, she can just get a new body! Current models include the standard, one with artificial skin and, for some reason, a loliform. Makes some sort of sense when you consider it is the one that looks closest to her actual age.
      • In this series, everybody's first instinct for disguising themselves is an age change. Chachamaru got the loliform with an upgrade package designed by analyzing the events of the Festival arc, in which she needed a disguise and had to settle for a bulky concealing costume. New ear decorations (everybody's second instinct for disguise) came included.
    • Humorously enough, in the series, at least with Negi's students, age seems to be inversely proportional to physical development. The more loli looking characters, such as Fumika and Evangeline are actually the older ones in the class and the more developed ones like Chizuru and Kaede and the younger ones in the class.
      • This is true, except for between 2 to 4 outliers.
  • Hawatari Yuiko in Loveless, leading Yayoi to consider Ritsuka too short to date her.
  • Eyeshield 21 has this as a Sight Gag; the "Giants" football team isn't particularly large, but their female cheerleaders are, to the point one of the boys complains that they should be on the team instead. There's also Otohime and Urashima, the captain and vice-captain of the Poseidons' cheer-leading squad.
  • The protagonist of the manga A Six Feet Girl (guess how tall she is).
  • Averted in Sketchbook, where Juju is more than one head taller than most other female cast members. She is still quite the elegant type though, with her drawing skills, guitar playing and singing and you don't get the idea that she or others pay any special attention to her height.
  • Ryoko Mitsurugi, the titular character of the manga/anime Real Bout High School Samurai Girl, is much admired for her strength and samurai ideals but has a complex about her height - especially since she's (marginally) taller than her crush, who happens to be older than her.
  • She's older and out of school, but Milly Thompson from Trigun otherwise fits in quite well.
  • Probably the ur-example, although admittedly also a parody, is Morumo Shirase from the manga Morumo 1/10. She is a 16-meter-tall schoolgirl (she's an alien) who has to wear advertising banners on her school uniform so her family has enough money to support her. She eventually does receive a treatment to make her human height, but it does nothing to reduce her enormous weight and thus she still crushes the concrete of sidewalks with every step.
  • Shiratori Suzune in Pani Poni Dash! is 172 cm tall—she towers above her best friend Otome. The two are Jerk Asses to each other, usually about the height difference. Otome calls her a "giant woman", and Suzune loves to poke the top of Otome's head, where she claims there's a pressure point to make her shorter.
    • On another note, Zula's not exactly small, either.
  • An elementary school version: the Bokukko Naomi Okuyama from Ojamajo Doremi.
  • In Ikki Tousen, there's Kyoushou's Kyocho Chuukou (Xu Chu). An extremely tall girl (184 cm), in the manga she was bullied by the boys from the judo club, who refused to believe that she was a woman. At some point, they corner Chuukou and rip her clothes in the dojo, to see if she's a man or not. When caught by Sousou (Cao Cao), he released his Super-Powered Evil Side to protect Chuukou, believing they wanted to rape her; she had to use a Cooldown Hug on him, but it was too late for the boys.
  • Minato from Hyakko is the well-endowed and leggy type, causing her classmate Nene to gush over her—much to her dismay, since she is also painfully shy.
  • Remmy from To Heart. Justified by being half-American.
  • Bleach--
    • Another "out of school but still fitting" character is Lieutenant Isane Koutetsu. She's the tallest female Shinigami at 187 cm tall, which makes her the same height as tall male characters like Renji. A profile in one of the databooks states that when she reached 170 cm, she started to eat rice porridge to keep her from growing, since it has no nutrients. That didn't work out so well. She also has quite an ample bust, and her size makes her a bit embarrassed in the omakes.
    • Rangiku Matsumoto is also quite tall. Her official profile states that she's 172 cm, but it's never brought up as an issue with her. Quite the contrary, really; Matsumoto intentionally wears clothes that show off her rather impressive bust line, and the first outfit we see her wearing when she comes to the world of the living is a school uniform that is about three sizes too small, several layers too tight, the shirt unbuttoned even farther than her robes go and a dangerously short skirt. And of course, there's that necklace she wears with the chain that vanishes into her cleavage. It's pretty safe to say Rangiku has no self-image issues at all.
  • Kanako Ohno from Genshiken, although a university student, also qualifies. She is very tall and busty, in normal circumstances rather shy (to the point of covering up her swimsuit with a long shirt in the beach episode), but exhibitionistic when cosplaying.
    • Among the new characters in the new chapters is Risa Yoshitake. Upon her introduction, she was visibly taller than her older sister Rika as well as several male upperclassmen. To top that off, her sister Rika made her dress as a boy and passed her off as her older brother just for fun.
  • Funabashi from Ocha Nigosu is a rare male version, being an intimidatingly large and scary-looking boy who is a member of his school's tea ceremony club and longs to live "a heartwarming life."
  • Seiichirou Kitano in Angel Densetsu is another male version, though in his case he's irrepressibly kind and considerate and utterly unaware of his bad reputation.
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, Berwald/Sweden is a HUGE Big Guy (speculated to be even taller than Ivan/Russia, who's already 182 cms. tall) with a Death Glare constantly plastered on his face. However, several strips (specially, the "5 years anniversary" one) show that he's got several traits of the Huge Schoolgirl, personality wise: homely, gentle, reluctant to fight openly if he can help it, and even shy sometimes.

Sweden: I wanna say all kinds of nice things... but... (HUGE BLUSH)... 'm embarr'ssed!
Finland: Hey! Su! Whoa, are you okay?!

  • Tsukishima Botan from Change 123 is a huge schoolgirl. She dislikes it, wanting to be 'normal' like the other girls in her class, and can be mistaken for a boy at first glance.
  • Kanako from Maria Holic satisfies this; she is much taller than her classmates, who comment on her height.
  • Yuna Onidere is pretty and tall, but she's a gang member who uses two bokken and uses her size to intimidate.
  • The Grand Prize goes to Mana from Super Dreadnought Girl 4946. On her first day of school, she becomes defensive when called 50m tall (she's 49m, 46cm thankyouverymuch).
  • Ishidou Natsuo from Teppu is another embodiment of this trope. First year in high school, she is 182 cm tall, as it is often commented on. However, the real trouble is her natural talent in sports, which brings people to hate her. Arguably, this is the cause of her being a Jerkass. Or maybe is the opposite?
    • To make things worse, she is approached by a cheerful girl to join her MMA club.
  • Halo: Legends: In the episode The Babysitter, Spartan Cal-141 could qualify as this. Due to her augmentations, she towers over the (all male) members of the squad of ODSTs she accompanies. This gets to the point that they do not even realize that she is female until her Samus Is a Girl moment.
  • Haruka Shiraishi from Chu-Bra is more developed than every other student at their school. She's only in middle school, so this really makes her stand out.
  • Namiko in GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class is larger than her classmates. She seldom raises the insecurity thing, but Nodamiki often reminded us that, in fact, she does, and that is why Namiko always wears a big belt and never wears the school blazer to school.
  • From Working!!, Souta's youngest sister, Nazuna, is really tall for a twelve year-old, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with her brother and sisters, who are in high school and working adults respectively.
  • Taken to its logical extreme when a giant washes ashore in Franken Fran. The owners of the property dress her in a giant Sailor Fuku to attract tourists. A literally huge schoolgirl.
  • Koma-chan from Sket Dance is very huge and strong (and buxom!), but on the other hand she is also very ladylike and a desperately shy girl. Hilarity Ensues from the fact that whenever she is embarrassed, she is not able to control her strength.
  • Saori from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai! is a subversion of this and the socially-inept Otaku stereotype; she's fifteen years old, cheerful, friendly, and even helps the eponymous little sister to be comfortable with being an Otaku. The height issue isn't even brought up.
  • Sumire from Kimi wa Petto often has trouble because she is taller and more highly educated than her male coworkers, which they find intimidating.
  • Mizuki of Ai Ore Love Me, as well as her female bandmates, is a tall girl with a boyish look. Ironically, Akira, their male bandmate and Mizuki's boyfriend, is small and was (at least once) described as the only one in the band to actually look like a girl.
  • Airi from Ro Kyu Bu the impossibly tall 6th grader.
  • 17-year-old Suletta Mercury of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is over 170 cm tall (at least 5'7"). Despite being set well over a hundred years in the future with a non-Japanese cast, this means she's taller than all but three named students at the school, all of whom are men older than her, one characterized by his stature, an Artifical Human made to be a soldier, and a minor background character. The main plot effect of this is to have her be One Head Taller than her fiancée who only clears ~155 cm in ~10 cm heels. It also means she's taller than most prior Gundam leads, all of whom were male.

Comic Books

  • Archie Comics has Ethel, who is something of an exaggerated version, as she's somewhat taller than most of the boys.
  • She Hulk is 7 feet tall, but long past her school days in the core Marvel Universe. However, in the alternate continuity of Marvel Her-oes, she is a schoolgirl who fits this trope.
  • Gen 13's Caitlin Fairchild was originally a mousy, awkward 6'4" bookworm. Her powers caused her to gain super strength and nigh invulnerability. Her shy nature is compounded by the fact that besides being so tall her powers also "filled out" her body frame to near ridiculous proportions (even for a comic heroine).

Fan Works


  • The Netflix movie Tall Girl and its sequel presents Jodi Kreyman, a 16-year-old who is 6'1 1⁄2" (1.87 m) tall and who constantly feels awkward and ugly. This is compounded by her average-sized sister Harper being a beauty queen who has won several pageants and is an aspiring model.


  • In the Forgotten Realms book Pool of Radiance, Shal Bal, a young wizard's apprentice in possession of a ring of wishing carelessly wishes that she was strong enough to unload her horse by herself, causing her to grow until she is strong enough. It never states how exactly large she grows, although it says she is a few hands taller than her friend (Who is said to be a little bit over 6'). She thinks of herself as ugly now, but once it switches to her up-and-coming companions point of view, he points out (to himself and the audience, not to her) that she is still very attractive, assuming one is not intimidated by a woman who is larger (and probably stronger) than oneself.
  • In the Harry Potter series, the vast physical size of Millicent Bulstrode is an ongoing joke in the second book.
    • During the Yule Ball shenanigans in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry gets asked out by a girl he describes as a foot taller than him (though he's probably exaggerating) and is nervous about turning down lest she punch him out.
  • Enid Nightshade in the Worst Witch book series was described as very large and shy, though really she had a secret evil (ish) spark that she used her size and relative newness to the school to disguise, much to Worst Witch Mildred's chagrin. In the live action series, however, Enid was played be a very small (and more visibly spunky) actress.
  • Calliope in Middlesex was about 5'10" even before she turned fourteen. Though, in this case, she had some unusual circumstances to explain it.
  • Discworld's Lady Sybil Vimes seems to have been this when she was younger.
    • There's also Ludmilla Cake, Mrs Evadne Cake's daughter. Mrs Cake is short, plump, has enough force of personality to loom over absolutely anyone, regardless of height, and is the terror of most of Ankh-Morpork's officials. Ludmilla, on the other hand, is big, tall, and strong, and has spent her whole life trying desperately to shrink inside herself and not loom. This may be an understandable by-product of living with Mrs. Cake, but it's quite hard to do when you're also a werewolf.
  • A "Post Modern Fairy Tale" book featured a very tall, rather butch princess whose parents arranged an Engagement Challenge for princes who had to be, if I recall correctly, stronger, taller, and smarter (in this case more mechanically inclined) than she was. The prince in the lead was a virtual Noodle Person, however the princess fell for that guy's helicopter pilot who was as smart as she was but shorter and obviously not as strong. Naturally, it's revealed that the prince and the 'copter pilot had switched places, and happily-ever-afters were had by all.
  • One Doctor Who Expanded Universe Eighth Doctor Adventures novel gives Fitz a Girl of the Week who's at least 6'6" and a little self-conscious about it. Having never met anyone outside of her household before, as she's deformed and lives in a Dystopia where that's a big problem, she's a bit less embarrassed than you'd expect considering the fact she's also a Shrinking Violet. Being so incredibly sheltered also causes her to call Fitz "beautiful" when she first sees him; he's not all that terribly attractive and so turns bright red. Now there's a cute image -- The Ingenue, towering over the Chivalrous Pervert, makes him go beet-red. Right?
  • Keladry of Mindelan is a borderline example. The first openly female page, in four years she went from five feet one inch to five feet seven inches, and she's described as being a big girl, thick-waisted and well-muscled. Of course, the other pages were male, growing a little later in life. Many of them started off smaller than her and ended up taller.
    • Daja in the Circle of Magic books is much taller than her foster siblings, who include a boy, for most of their growing up.
  • Eri in Kuroda Kenji's Persona Detective is tall (and skinny and flat-chested), self-conscious, and perpetually boyfriendless. She concludes that looking at someone from below just isn't an attractive angle—after all, no matter how nicely she may dress or do her hair, people can still see up her nose.
  • Laura Danker in Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. is both taller than the boys in her class and bustier than the other girls, and is used to impart An Aesop about how girls who develop early are often presumed to be "slutty" based solely on appearance.
  • Ursula Riggs of Big Mouth & Ugly Girl. She's an athlete, playing on her school's basketball team. She used to swim as well, until she heard someone make a "thunder thighs" comment and became uncomfortable about wearing a bathing suit.
  • Thanks to the Applied Phlebotinum of "mixed" lineage, Wilbur Whateley grows to almost seven feet tall at the age of twelve, and is nine feet tall by the time he finally dies.[1] He's not a very popular child, either (and for good reason), but he doesn't really care.

Live-Action TV

  • In Yo Soy Betty, la Fea there is Sandra Patiño, whose complex in being this trope is as big and tall as her. She may not be an schoolgirl anymore, but because everyone used to pick on her because of her height back then, she is extremely prone to random acts of aggression if minimally provoked, not having grown out of her height complex despite being now an adult in the workforce. She's specially frustrated because she decided to only marry a man who is taller than her, something she has yet to find, leading her to a Christmas Cake existence she constantly complains against.
  • In Arrested Development a young Lindsay Bluth complains to her much smaller not really twin brother about being so much bigger than the other kids at school Lindsay is, in fact, several years older than her classmates, unbeknownst to anyone but her parents and once prospective adoptive father Stan Sitwell
  • Jessie from Saved by the Bell is so distressed about her height that she has a nightmare where she doesn't stop growing.
  • Moze on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Her side of the Guide to Your Body specifically dealt with her self-consciousness about her height. According to Lindsey Shaw's IMDb page she was 5'7" (170 cm) in 2007, two years after the episode was made; as of 2022 she is listed as being 5' 8" (1,73 m) tall.
  • Summer Heights High? As with all three of the comic characters in the show (the rest of the cast are a collection of Innocent Bystanders) Ja'mie is played by Chris Lilley, and towers over the rest of the (actual teenaged and female) schoolgirls.
    • Also with his other teenaged character, Jonas, although that can be handwaved in the fact that he's a native of Tonga.
  • That '70s Show has Donna Pinciatti, who's confident and more of a Hot Amazon; and Big Rhonda, who is shy and awkward.
  • Destiny in One Life to Live overlaps between this and Hollywood Pudgy. She's not that tall but gets bullied for her weight and the fact that they shoot her from the perspective of her boyfriend who's in a wheelchair means she gets Low-Angle Shots a lot.
  • The Reveal from the TV movie I Was A Teenage Faust. Model/actress Twyla Day used to be tall, gangly Tsuzu Hiltz before she sold her soul.

Video Games

  • Natsu Ayuhara from the Rival Schools series of fighters is not only the tallest female in the cast, but at 182 cm (just under 6 feet) taller than a good number of the male characters as well. She often remarks about how most boys are often afraid of her because of her size, with the exception of her on-again, off-again boyfriend Shoma (who coincidentally is Natsu's polar opposite - and she likes to pick on him for this).
    • Well, she's the captain of the volleyball team. That certainly helps her case.
  • Roleplay example: While she's still quite petite, the strong, scarred and angry Tsundere in Kokoro has a very similar complex.
  • Asihara Kyoko from Crescendo, who is described as being 5'8" (roughly as tall as the male protagonist)
  • Senba Uzuki from Akai Ito is about 170 cm. tall, much taller than the heroine.
  • Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo is 172 cm tall, which according to Word of God, makes her taller than the male protagonist, who is 171cm tall. But then again, she's of foreign ancestry
  • Iji, from the game of the same name, is 6'3"; ironically, considering the weapon she totes around (designed for aliens who are seven feet tall at minimum), she's frequently mistaken for a case of Small Girl, Big Gun.
  • The 3rd stage boss of the old Technos beat-'em-up Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Renegade in the US) isn't just a huge schoolgirl, she's huge, period (think Andre The Giant in a seifuku).
  • Though not a high school student (and actually an adult), Ronnie Bell of Suikoden is often teased or feared about her height, leading to the nickname "Giant Woman", which she finds incredibly irritating.
  • Neither teenager nor in school, but Yuugi Hoshiguma's usual outfit greatly resembles a cross between a gym uniform and a long pleated skirt, and fan art frequently has her going either way for Fan Service reasons. Being an oni, she is also usually drawn head and shoulders (and certain other things) above everybody else in the series.

Web Comics

  • In Sluggy Freelance, a teenage Oasis was a Huge Gymnast. Specifically, her legs were long and thin, while the other gymnasts' were short and bulging with muscles. They called her a freak, naturally.
  • In Scary Go Round, bookish wallflower Erin Winters mistakenly drinks an experimental growth serum and acquires Amazonian proportions (and hair). This causes her great distress, until she starts getting even with bullies, trouncing all the other girls at field hockey, and threatening her romantic rival with a beating.
    • Also worth mentioning is one of the aforementioned bullies, called Big Lindsay.
  • The Megatokyo fandom were calling Ninamori Tall Girl for a long time before she was given a name, with a few comments from readers who thought she was drawn with poor perspective.
  • Ruby's World‍'‍s titular protagonist]] is a fantastically exaggerated version of this trope, at 9'1" and 270 bs. following her transformation. Her personality is a mixture between Shrinking Violet and Beware the Nice Ones .

Web Original

  • Two Survival of the Fittest examples, both from V3. Dacey Ashcroft and Afra Jacinth, 6 ft 1" and 6 ft 2" respectively. The latter is very gawky and awkward, whereas the former presents as androgynous. There was also Amanda Jones in v1, who stood at a towering 6'4.
    • And then v4 gives us Raina Morales, who stands at 6'6"
  • Pala in Tales of MU, despite being a college student, comes off as a mixture of this trope and Statuesque Stunner. Of course, her own perspective is the inverse of this trope; as a storm giant, she is rather small in her own estimation, even as she awkwardly towers over everyone else at MU.

Western Animation

  • "Big Patty" from Hey Arnold!. And Sheena.
  • Pearl from SpongeBob SquarePants. An ordinary teenager, except she's a whale. Whose father is a crab.
  • In Catscratch, one of Human Kimberly's friends is an inexplicably gigantic girl. Not just tall, her head takes up about a fourth of the room. Probably some kind of parody.
  • Ingrid from My Gym Partner's a Monkey is a Huge Schoolgirl. Of course, she's a giraffe.
  • Lupe from Fanboy and Chum Chum.
  • Princess Oom from Planet Sheen.
  • Using the known height of Alejandro (6'0") as a reference, Sierra from Total Drama World Tour stands 6'3"— she surpassed Heather as the tallest girl on the show, and only three of the guys (Owen, Geoff and DJ) are taller!
    • Most of the other girls are notably tall, though; Lindsay is about 5'6" and at least Heather and Katie are taller than her.
  • Gretchen from Recess is just about one of the tallest girls in school.
  • Francine Rhenquist from The Simpsons episode, "Bye Bye Nerdie". Not to mention that is a school bully (on impulse), who only beats up the smart kids.

Real Life

  • 6'10" (and growing) 16-year-old[when?] Marvadene "Bubbles" Anderson. Her final height is expected to be around 7'1". Naturally, she plays basketball and wants to be in the WNBA.
  • Yurina Kumai of Japanese pop group Berryz Koubou is 178 cm (5'10") tall. Remember, the average female height in Japan is 158 cm (5'2").
  • Presumably, 6'2" Julia Child and her sister. Both fall for guys shorter then they are, despite Julia attempting to set her sister up with a tall guy.

Sister: "What's he like?"
Julia: "He's... tall...").

  • The customers of Tall Girl Shop.
  • Taylor Swift. She's 5'11". Really.
  • Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. When the series began in 2011, she's already 5'9" at only fifteen years old. IMDB list her current (as of 2022) height as 5' 8¾" (1,75 m).
  • Former WWE Superstar Chyna used to feel this way about her 5'10" stature. She mentioned one incident during a fitness competition, when most of the other girls were petite wispy things that weren't more than 5'4". They showed a wide shot of all the contestants, she thought she looked like an an adult sneaking into a children's matinee. "Pardon me, miss, but you definitely look over 12 years old."
    • Also Stacy Keibler, who is 5'11".
  • True Life once profiled a girl like this in the episode "I'm The Big Girl". Holley was 5'8" and was over 300 pounds. Her favorite sports included American football and weightlifting, and she was currently trying to be in the 2012 Olympics.
  • Zendaya is long past being a schoolgirl, but was 5'8" at age 16. Now an adult, she's 5'10".
  1. (This also happens to be the least strange thing about his corpse.)