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Adventurers! is a webcomic by Mark Shallow, who later created Antihero for Hire (there's a crossover... of sorts). It began as a series of console RPG jokes connected only by the presence of the main characters, but gradually developed a storyline that culminated with a massive battle against the Final Boss.

The storyline is now finished and the comic no longer updates. is the place to get your Archive Binge.

The RPG Console, also an Affectionate Parody of CRPGs and their tropes, uses Adventurers! strips for some of its illustrations.

This webcomic provides examples (almost always Lampshaded or Parodied) of the following tropes:

Drecker: And the platforms weren't really floating? Cheap.

Khrima: Fourth time's a charm.

"We never found the body, so obviously he's still alive!"
"But the explosion could have—-"
"We never found the body, so obviously he's still alive."

Khrima: Ahem. Cue the choir