Overdosed Tropes

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Yet another trope gets overdosed. See any works you recognize on that list?

Trope Overdosed is when a series uses many tropes. The opposite, when a trope applies to many different series, is Overdosed Tropes. If you want a real challenge, look for an article that doesn't use a single one of these tropes.

Many of these tropes are popular because they are used as a verbal shorthand (YMMV, Squick, Oh Crap, etc.), and others are popular because they're more ways of discussing works than they are part of the work themselves (Nightmare Fuel, moments of awesome and funny). In any event, the only requirement to be included on this page is that a trope is referenced by at least 2,500 other pages, as listed in the "related" page.

The numbers given here are for rough estimation purposes only, since the pages will inevitably have changed since the trope was added or updated. To see a live listing of all pages (not just tropes) with the highest links count, go to the Most Linked Pages page. (Just be aware that this is a processor-intensive page and may throw 503 or 504 errors when you try to view it.)

See Also Omnipresent Tropes, Tropes of Legend, Trope Overdosed. For tropes that attract a lot of potholes, see Pothole Magnet.

Contrast Needs More Tropes. (Amazingly enough, "Overdosed Tropes" and "Needs More Tropes" can overlap, especially when somebody creates a page by going through the list of tropes alphabetically or by some other system, adding all of the tropes that look right, but stopping partway through.)

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