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This is a list of silly, or Just for Fun wild mass guesses for the series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. More serious entries should go in one of the open pages.

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Precia and Alicia got thrown out of a Stargate somewhere.

Ether that, or one was their ticket out of Al-Hazard.

  • And maybe, in keeping with the general theme of this thread, Al-Hazard is an Ancient outpost, and magitek as seen in the Nanohaverse was invented by the Ancients along their path to Ascension. And the Ancients are the reason why the people of Midchilda and (probably) practically everywhere else are human. They had time travel, and the ability to become energy, so... Interdimensional travel isn't all that far out of the question for them.

Ixpellia and the Mariage are derived from Zonder Metal

This is actually an idea this troper had for a fanfic, but it fits well enough that it might belong here as well.

So - following the events of GGG FINAL, Kaido and Mamoru return to Earth and grow up as normally as kids like them can. In the time it takes them to become teenagers or otherwise hit "protagonist material age", the technological advances brought about by G-Stone technology become commonplace, and mankind leapfrogs forward into the space age. At the same time, research on dimensional physics leads to the first instance of interdimensional travel. Unfortunately, the first people Earth meets upon jumping out of their own dimension are members of the Belkan Empire, and war ensues because the Belkans insist on trying to conquer Earth. The war that follows devastates Earth, but Kaido and Mamoru successfully drive off the invasion fleet at the cost of their lives.

With Earth in bad shape and their last G-Stones and J-Jewels destroyed, the remaining defenders of Earth scramble to devise a new defense system- and stumble over Professor Leo's notes on Zonder Metal. After a lot of careful experimentation and a very deliberate attempt to subvert A.I. Is a Crapshoot, a form of self-replicating mechanical life is created that shares traits with the Zonders but is also fundamentally different.

The differences between Ixpellia and the Mariage and the original Zonders lie mainly in the failsafes built into Ix and the Mariage. First, the Mariage give off a modified Z0 Particle that is useless for Zonderizing anything that isn't dead biological matter, but on the flip side they can convert corpses into more Mariage just by being near one. This also allows for the integration of a set mechanization template that makes the Mariage all have identical abilities. Second, the Z Master program was installed into a human instead of a crystal to ensure that the program wouldn't go rogue and try to kill-and-mechanize the human race for the same reasons the original did. To ensure the human couldn't go nuts and do this, the "hibernation cycle" was installed to ensure the program had a built-in exploitable weakness. Lastly, as a final layer of security, the program was installed in Mamoru and Hana's daughter, Ixpellia; Ix's own powers of purification cancel out the powers she would get from being a Zonderian and vice versa, thus ensuring that she is helpless without her troops to protect her. She's still an immortal machine-based life form though, which leads to the events in SSX...

Nanoha's extended universe takes place in the same multiverse as Endless Frontier.

Setting aside the "Meta-level connection" theory farther down the page, the Endless Frontier is simply the multiverse as it exists outside the TSAB's sphere of influence. The Cross Gates were created by the Belkan Empire to allow easy travel between their outlying territories, and they had thousands of years of dominance to conquer and colonize hundreds or even thousands of worlds, creating a massive but loosely-connected web of colonized worlds. The Bureau, by comparison, has only been around about 150 years and is still consolidating its' power around what used to be the Empire's core worlds. In the meantime, Belka has been all but forgotten on the Frontier, so magic isn't as common as it is in the Bureau's territory and mass-based weapons are the order of the day.

  • By extension of course, this also means there's a Super Robot Wars: Original Generations universe somewhere out there waiting for the Bureau to find it...
    • As well as an Earth home to dimensional travelers Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu of Namco X Capcom, which apparently is the same Earth that become Lost Jerusalem of Xenosaga.

Fate is a Shout-Out to Wodan Ymir, not Sanger Zonvolt.

The most commonly-cited similarity between Fate and Sanger is how Bardiche's Zamber mode resembles Zankantou as a folding Blade of Fearsome Size. Wodan's version of Zankantou fits Bardiche much better than Sanger's. Not only are Jet Zamber and Blade of the Cosmos virtually identical - they're both energy blades extended to frackin' huge lengths - but the hilt designs for Wodan's Zankantou and Bardiche's Zamber Mode both vaguely resemble tridents with gems in the center of the crossguards.

  • Thudgelmir was Sanger's machine in his first appearance in Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. Wodan debuted in Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2, which came out in 2006 - a year after the end of Nanoha A's. If Fate is a Shout-Out to Wodan, then the writers either could see the future or had inside info on the games.
    • Maybe you're right, but, actually Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 was released in February 3 2005 in Japan and A's was run later in August of the same year

Wodan Ymir is a Shout-Out to Fate

See the similarites above.

Takamachi Nanoha is Furude Rika in one of the many worlds she has stepped into. (There are enough Yukarin MADs to prove it.)

In this one video, Nanoha travels dimensions via TSAB technology to save herself in another world.
Her rage even carries over.

The Nanoha universe is the meta-level connection of every fictional story ever made.

The TSAB controls dimensional travel across the entire multiverse; they are able to visit any universe they wish; and they pulled their home planet, Midchilda, into a dimensional rift. It is possible to see other planets in its sky because the planet exists in multiple places at once.

  • Thus, the TSAB is another form of the organization seen in Robert Heinlein's The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, protecting The World as Myth.
    • There are several such organizations mentioned in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, with ethical levels ranging from 'relatively benevolent' to 'Chaotic Evil'. There's no reason the TSAB couldn't be another multiversal faction jockeying for position (and jurisdiction) with all the rest.
  • Every fictional story except Suzumiya Haruhi, you mean.
    • Perhaps the universes are discrete parts of a whole, and Haruhi is only able to affect her own. If she remakes hers, it would not touch the other parts of the multiverse.
  • "Lindy-san, what's that dimension there, with all the barriers and warning labels around it?"
    "Oh, that's the Imperium of Man, Nanoha-chan. We don't go there."
    • If the "Star child" theory is true after all... we may know Vivio's future husband.
  • Oh? Shouldn't the Dimensional Sea be a tesseract, or an extra dimension, like the last part of Voltes V or the tesseracts in A Wrinkle in Time?
  • Does that mean the TSAB is actually aware of a certain Doctor with a blue police box? See also the bottom of this page...

Nanoha is an Alternate Universe Badass clone of Sakura Kinomoto. Kero is the same for Yuuno the Ferret

  • This newcomer (to the series) troper agrees, given the similarity of the the invocations and Nanoha's going "Eeeeeeeeee?"
  • So Fate is Syaoran Li? Makes sense, considering that in both cases started as antagonists and then became almost-canon couple.
  • Also, Raging Heart was very similar to Sakura's Star Staff in Triangle Heart 3 ~sweet songs forever~.
  • Though it was subtler, and not to the same degree as Nanoha, Sakura showed some traces of being a workaholic in her Sick Episode, when she went to school and even to investigate a magical occurrence while she had a fever.

Mach Caliber's crystal form is derived from processing a Loud G-Stone

Its blue-green light gives it away as an artificially synthesised G-Stone, as used by the Sol Masters.

  • Taking this further, the entirety of the Combat Cyborg project is based on reverse-engineered GGG-tech.
    • As a further extension, Subaru's unique IS is based on Mic Sounder's Solitary Wave attack, only that it's tuned to attack cybernatically-enhanced warriors.
    • The (il)logical conclusion being that eventually, Subaru will come across a J-Jewel powered cyborg who ends up as her rival.

Nanoha's God-Mode Power Level? It's fueled by the strong, angry emotions of shippers.

Well, it would explain all the Ship Tease regarding her...

  • Boy, are we lucky the guys from Avatar aren't fueled by it. That would be... Ugh!
    • It would be even worse if it happened with Naruto, especially considering recent developments.

Precia becomes Maleficent from Kingdom Hearts

See the Kingdom Hearts entry for details.

  • Doubtful; all signs point to Maleficent still being sane.

Based on the WMG above, Signum's soul is taken from an Alternate Universe version of Lamia Loveless

Because the Shadow Mirror is not unique in all the Multiverses, there will be a lot of versions of Lamia. In this version, the Super Robot Wars universe has Gone Horribly Wrong after she was unceremoniously killed by Juergen. Axel didn't come back to life, the EFA went downhill after her death, and eventually the Zuvorg Alliance conquered the Earth. Eartth became a battleground/trophy between the Zuvorg Alliance and the Balmars. After seeing how things happened after her death, Lamia, who had developed a soul, lamented that it was her fault that she couldn't protect the ones she cares about, thanks to her death, and that she wasn't strong enough.

The Book of Darkness offered her a chance to redeem herself by gaining new friends and protecting them, but at cost of her past memories, skills, and body. Knowing there would be no return, Lamia eventually accepted and was remolded and christened 'Signum' and given Levantine. With her natural talent, she became the Signum as we know today. Of course, there was a time when Signum grew cynical and cold-hearted after the Book of Darkness kept falling into the hands of abusive masters, and thought that its offer was a lie. But that changed when she met Hayate.

The TSAB is the future of Cephiro from Magic Knight Rayearth.

Hence the car names for everything. After the Autozam natives were allowed to settle, they blended their technology with magic. Centuries later, the discoveries this led to resulted in a dimensional crisis across the worlds. The survivors fled to the past and set up the Time/Space Administration to keep it from happening "again".

Everything takes place in a computer simulation

Magic is not allowed by physics. However, the world of Nanoha is a simulation run in an unimaginably advanced computer; magic is a set of flashy "cheat codes" built into the system. That's how all the transformation sequences are possible - the computer simply changes some values in its memory and simulated equipment pops in or out of existence.

  • Moreover, everything since late second season has been a simulation within a simulation run by the Book of Darkness. The purpose of this simulation is to make Hayate's dreams come true in such a way that she thinks she achieved them all herself. Adversity is there for Hayate to triumph over it. That's why none of her many friends ever die and happy endings abound. Meanwhile, the Earth of the first simulation was destroyed.
    • If this were so, you'd think she could manage to get a bit more screentime then...
      • Nanoha is still the main character. Besides, people who aren't Hayate do not share her protection against suffering, which makes them more interesting for the story and keeps the world becoming too saccharine for Hayate to believe in. It's even possible that Nanoha's wheelchair episode in the flashback only came about to sate Hayate's buried darker impulses so that one of her friends would have to suffer like she had. Meanwhile, Hayate is hanging back directing the troops, casting flashy long-distance magic, and getting the credit for everyone's successes because she's the leader. The Book of Darkness is making sure everything goes according to the script. Vita failed to destroy the generator's shielding because of her extreme fatigue, and the Book of Darkness had to intervene. That's why there was such a delay before the visible cracks appeared.
    • It's worth noting that the Lotus Eater Machine produced by the Book of Darkness in the second season wasn't good at all. Fate wasn't even slightly convinced of the reality of the situation.
      • The simulation was unrealistic because it was meant to be a subtle form of torment for Fate, a world where there is nothing to strive for and everything is meaningless and false. The Book of Darkness only allowed Fate to escape an eternity of that because Hayate wanted her back.

Hayate's father was an Alternate Universe version of Light Yagami.

In this particular universe, Light didn't die after being shot and recuperated from his wounds. He then gives up using his Death Note and settles down with one of the female Kiras (pick any) to raise a family. Light's old Death Note was kept on the bookshelf right next to a certain thick book that was bound in chains... Anyway, Hayate Yagami brought that old Death Note (not knowing what it was) with her when she moved to Mid-Childa. There it sits, unused, to this day. Now suppose that Hayate DOES find out about the Death Note...

  • Or maybe Hayate is already using the Death Note and most of the 3rd season was influenced by it. See the entry on taking over Midchilda for her possible purposes. And when you think about the deaths of Hayate's superiors, these seem like they didn't need to happen; they didn't do much good for Scallietti, but they furthered Hayate's cause a lot.
    • Guys. Book of Darkness. Hello?! Though of course, Rein is a lot cuter than Ryuk.
  • Perhaps when the Book of Darkness regenerates it doesn't just appear out of thin air, but instead it converts another book into itself in which case the Book of Darkness is Light's old Death Note. Taking this further that process also caused Reinforce and Ryuk to merge into one being with Reinforce being the most dominant part. Hayate was able to communicate with Reinforce before sufficient pages were collected because of the link she had to Ryuk as the owner of the Death Note.

Al Hazred is in fact El-Hazard: The Magnificent World.

The difference in name is due to language drift. Precia ended up in its far distant past; and repeating her Modus Operandi, found military contacts interested in her proficiency at creating magical artificial humans; resulting in the Demon God project. The reason it took Ifurita so long to travel the void between Earth and El Hazard was that she had to find a way to "decode" the dimensional barrier.

  • This means there's possibly a sleeping Demon God Alicia somewhere...
  • There is also the rather remarkable similarities in legends surrounding Alhezard, compared to the ones of the ancient civs of El-Hazard.

MGLN is a sequel to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

After realising the threat of the Spiral Nemesis, humanity vowed to stop using technology and switch to magic. Simon sacrificed himself to power the first Velkan devices. This would explain the whole voice thing, as well as why Vita's and Graf Eisen's Limit Break is basically a Giga Drill Breaker on a stick (and why Eisen's size in general seems proportional to Vita's willpower). Al Hazred refused to stop using Spiral Power, and as a result it was destroyed when Spiral Nemesis occured.

  • Alternately, the series is set after the first Gurren Lagann Parallel Works video.

The TSAB is really the future of the Imperium of Man

The Saint's Cradle was the only Imperial warship to survive the Warhammerdammerung, noting its surprising similiarity to several classes of IN ship. The crew, making use of a variety of devices from the Dark Age of Technology (the first intelligent devices), defeated everyone else, cleaned out the Warp, and founded the TSAB.

Jarvis from the Iron Man film was reverse-engineered from or at least based in some way on Bardiche.

This goes on nothing more than the fact than Jonathan Meza (Dub!Bardiche) sounds like a Poor Man's Substitute for Paul Bettany (Jarvis). Although it would certainly explain why Jarvis is so much smarter than an AI you would expect of the Twenty Minutes Into the Future setting. Alternatively, it could be the other way around.

Hayate = Hyatt

They're both ill otherworldly girls just trying to get by...

The Book of Darkness is a Claire Bible manuscript

At some point during its travels it must have absorbed the linker core of someone who had learned a spell from the Claire Bible.

The Belkan Saint King - whom Vivio is a clone of - is Ace Combat Zero's Pixy.

A World With No Boundaries was successful in launching the V2, leading to the rise of a magical - and unified - civilization in it's wake. The new Nanoha manga centered on Vivio will have a clone/reincarnation of Cipher make an appearance.

  • I sure do hope this becomes canon. Vivio needs an equivalent of the MPBM and ECM though... and how will they do that front air-intakes shtick?
    • This one seems to be playing out, as the Big Bad of Vivid claims to be a historical figure from the "Saint King era" named Ingvalt. Further, a "Demon Lord" also from that period named Ixpella has shown up (albeit in a coma) after apparently getting Befriended back during the Sound Stages. Vivio calls her Ixy.
  • A speculation on what character type/powers Vivio's key opponent may have, corresponding to AC planes:
    • Badass Normal/Weak but Skilled: Canonically, Cipher was using a F-15C Eagle to take down Morgan, the former of which doesn't have any super special weapons. Plus it would be appropriate if Yuuno or Chrono had to smack Vivio down because Nanoha or Fate didn't guide her properly.
    • Extreme agility and speed, Fragile Speedster or Lightning Bruiser style: The Wyvern doesn't have any superweapons either, but it is one of the most maneuverable, if not the most, of the AC birds.
    • Has only one of Vivio's powers, but a much more refined version: Corresponding to the Falken, with its superior TLS but lacking the MPBM or ECM.
    • Beam Spam/Macross Missile Massacre combined with Attack Drones and a modded version of one of Vivio's powers: Corresponding to Ilya Pasternak's Nosferatu and its UAVs, with the Beam Spam/Macross Missile Massacre standing in for the ADMM, the drones substituting for the UAVs and the modded power fitting the railguns acting like a TLS. Plus it would allow this enemy to act as an Evil Counterpart to Nanoha and her Blaster Bits too.
    • Invisibility combined with attacking Vivio's power source and "easy" WMD-level blast: Corresponding to the Fenrir's Digital Optic Stealth, High Powered Microwave cannon (which, As You Know, made your bird's fuel explode) and the Long range Shock Wave Missile. It would also give an excuse to bring Hayate into the fight to counter the super-blast.
  • You've got it all wrong Cipher is clearly Nanoha. I mean come on he flies around in a blue white plane, is constantly refereed to as a "demon" by his foes who question if he's even human, and faces down his friend in a duel to keep him from doing something terrible with the later realizing after being beaten half to death how wrong he was? Clearly he reincarnated as Nanoha so he could smack some sense into his buddy once more.

Quint was Really Seven Hundred Years Old

Subaru is Guy's daughter. Since she's a clone a Quint, we can conclude that Quint is also Guy's daughter. But, Guy is also the father of Kamina who was alive during (or before) the ancient Belkan Empire, as evidenced by the fact Graf Eisen has Simon's soul.

Lutecia is Daiki (i.e. Kamen Rider Diend)'s daughter.

Garyu is pretty much a flesh and blood Kamen Rider, and Diend specializes in summoning Kamen Riders.

Sachie Ishida is related to Ryuken Ishida of Bleach

Given her age, she could be Ryuken's younger sister, or Uryu's older cousin. Sachie and Ryuken both doctors, and it's entirely possible that Ryuken managed to convince Sachie not to become a Quincy, since she wasn't burdened by being the Last Quincy.

Haruhi Suzumiya heard Nanoha's cry in The Manga of The Movie

"I'm loved by my family. I have friends. I don't have a bad life. But I'm unhappy; why? What's missing? What's wrong with reality? WHY CAN'T THERE BE MORE!?" And *BAM* , Hi-Tech Alien Mages crashland and give her the opportunity to join.

Olivie was Saber or an incarnation of her

Seriously, look at her. Adorably cute, strongest martial fighter of her era, tries to shoulder the weight of the authority of the King but fails tragically. Also, notice the heavy armored gloves that only emphasize her femininity and the conservative yet incredibly hot blue combat dress with armor bits on it.

  • "Fails tragically." Did she really? She sacrificed herself, yes, but would she have been as venerated as a Saint if she had completely failed? I get the impression that while many kingdoms still fell; her example eventually led the way out of the Belkan Dark Age.

The TSAB is aware of The Doctor, Davros, Captain Jack and has them on their arrest warrant.

Think about it. Captain Jack mentions he used to work for the Time Agency-this could be a sub section of the main TSAB branch. That, and those Chulan medical nanobots are more than likely to be considered Lost Logia, especially considering what those nanobots managed to do. The Doctor would be wanted for helping a fugitive, and his actions during "Waters of Mars" does not help his case either. Finally, TSAB's absence during "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" could be explained by Davros timing it to coincide with the JS incident so the TSAB would have their hands tied. That said, Davros does is unlikely to go without being blacklisted...

The Nanoha Belka is descended from the Ace Combat Belka.

By the 2040s, Mega Corps may have taken over the world, but for a true nationalist, Patriotic Fervor never dies. Biding their time, (ex-)Belkan men infiltrated the various corpocracies of the world and eventually retook the world. Decades and centuries down the line, what is known as the Nanoha Belka became reality. And Man Grew Proud, and forgot his/her true origins. The rest is history. You can see a foreshadowing of Nanoha-style techno-magic in the way their weaponised laser technology is so far advanced compared to Real Life. I mean, a Wave Motion Gun-scale laser superweapon and a fighter-mountable laser in their 1995, whereas in Real Life 2010 weaponised lasers are both much bulkier and less effective?

  • Alternately Ace Combat Belka is an off shot formed from by a splinter faction that was isolated on the planet ages ago, the few magic users eventually died off after founding the nation and propelling it to a prominent position and imparting their concept of "Knighthood" into it's culture.

The Gray Men were the ones who corrupted the Book of Darkness.

Look at where they have gotten their claws into! Nuking their own cities, making Osea and Yuktobania fight, they sure fit an Ancient/Government Conspiracy mould... Wait, what do you mean wrong Belka?! This isn't the Ace Combat page?!

Reinforce I doesn't die at the end of A's, but transports to a magical version of WWII to become...

Selvaria Bles of Valkyria Chronicles. First off, they look suspiciously similar with white hair, skin tight black uniforms, with a size or two too large breasts. Secondly, they both play similar roles in their plots. Both are extremely powerful beings, both have a connection to a long lost super race (Belka/Valkyria) and both end up dying for a messed up sense of love with their master (Hayate/Maximillion)

  • So how would you explain Reinforce Zwei's existence?
  • The Belkans might not be as powerful as they use to be, but they are by no means a lost race.
  • Of course, if we're going by such an angle, the inverse could also be true. See below.

Selvaria's soul transmigrates to the Book of Darkness and becomes Reinforce

Think about it. Selvaria gave her life to help Maximillian fulfill his dream, her soul Ascends to A Higher Plane of Existence and eventually makes its way to the Nanohaverse, becoming Reinforce within the Book of Darkness and has a new start. Perhaps remembering that she wasn't strong enough to see her former master's dreams through in her past life, Selvaria, now as Reinforce, decides to gradually become more proactive in fulfilling Hayate's wishes and utilizing the magical resources of the Book that she has at her disposal. However, this would once again bring tragedy in her life as she took it to the extremes and got taken over by the dark energies of the Book of Darkness. Knowing that perhaps it was for the best, Selvaria gives her life once again, but this time she gave her master Hayate reassurance. Even if she's no longer around, Selvaria believes that Hayate will be alright.

When Vivio and Einhart grow up, they'll master the Loli Form Transformation

Just to cater to the Lolicon Yuri Fan base.

Superman is an A-ranked Belkan mage. Krypton is Al Hazard.

Consider the standard Nanoha mage powers; Barrier Jacket granting increased protection, flight, and some form of energy attack. Enhanced strength is also fairly common to Belkan mages judging from the feats of the Forwards and the Wolkenritter.

Superman does all these things, but since he's never been properly trained or had a Device, he doesn't manifest the usual magic circle Instant Runes, and his energy power is the eyebeams because he's selftaught and for whatever reason that's how he thinks it should manifest. Instead of the usual flashy external shows of energy, he internalizes it, and his body adapted to deal with the increased stress making him Nigh Invulnerable.

I'm sure someone will notice some of the Gadgets have Brainiac's tri-circle symbol going on, too...

  • Superman is Chrono's son who was transported back in time. The reason? Chrono's son is named Carel, which is obviously the original form of "Kal-El".

Dai Mahou Touge is a Bizarro Universe of MGLN.

Both shows have as leads powerful magical girls who invoke the word "lyrical", but their Character Alignments are pretty much diametrically opposed. Furthermore, Nanoha isn't that hot in doesn't really favour melee and bashing heads in with her stick, whereas Punie kicks a lot of mass with wrasslin'.

  • Since when on equal footing (if lower) with Signum = not hot in melee? 2 of her upgrades in A's were melee-based (she taught them to Elio later)!
    • Did Nanoha fight Signum that much? I think she usually faced Vita, whereas Signum got matched by Fate...
      • We know of at least two duels brawls that Nanoha had with Signum, both in the manga. We only catch a glimpse of the first one since Signum only mentioned it as an aside, but we got an entire chapter for the second one. Both ended in a draw after they got into it a wee bit too much and practically tried to kill each other. <<

The Time/Space Administration were created from the ashes of the Void Engineers.

After the Apocalypse of Earth Dimension Variant Old World of Darkness (part 1), there were still technomages left who where so deep in the Umbra that they simply weren't present for the End of the World. They had to Go Native on Mid-Child; and blended their society with the local mages.

"Death-glasses/specs" Takamichi is a relative of Nanoha.

A single letter difference in the surname can occur due to drift, mistakes or simply a legal change of name. Maybe he had a falling-out with Shiro's line of the family and they disowned him, causing Nanoha to never have heard of him.

  • "Takamichi" is his first name. Death-Specs' last name is "Takahata". "Takamachi" cannot become or be mistaken for "Takahata".
  • Nanoha's family real family name are Fuwa or Mikami depending on member, Takamachi is just "cover" name for safety after both clans were mostly wiped out by enemies. So no relation.
    • Which members of Nanoha's family have which real family name?
      • Miyuki is Fuwa by mother and Mikami by father, others are just Fuwa (Miyuki is adopted - she is daughter of Shiro's sister).
    • Flat What. Is this another of those All There in the Manual things? From a Sound Stage? Or imported from Triangle Heart?
      • Imported from Toraha. The game goes a long way to explore Takamachi ancestry, even though from Kyouya's point of view.
        • Well. With all this Chinese/Japanese vs Western naming convention and All There in the Manual confusing business, I guess the more you know, the more you realise you don't. Allow me to suggest another, hopefully less foolish theory then:
    • Come on, I think we are being too harsh. It's far from unheard of for folks to get the "surname first or last" thing confused, especially since it's not uniform in this series either. Nanoha's is rendered in Japan Takamachi-first, whereas Fate's has the Testarossa in the back on both sides of the language barrier. Plus, there were - and probably still are - people rendering Nanoha's family name as "Takamichi".

Takamichi's parents were fans of Triangle Heart SSF/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, which is Mutually Fictional with Mahou Sensei Negima.

They (mis)named him after the (cover) surname of that certain Badass Family.

Nanoha is a distant relative of Alucard

There MUST be a reason why this smile and this voice fit her so well.

Nanoha Takamachi can be Michael Jackson.

To misquote the Sniper: "Because she's bad/she's bad/You know it/Yuuno".

Alternately, she can be Wiz Khalifa, because... Yuuno what it is.

The people behind Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya had been planning to do the crossover ever since they started those series

Think about it. With Prisma Ilya, we have a Lighter and Softer Fate/stay night series set in a Magical Girl story with lots of explosions that's aimed at a male demographic, making it more like Nanoha. Meanwhile, with ViVid, we have a Lighter and Softer Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series set in a story about legendary heroes of times past reappearing in one way or another in the present, making it more like Fate/stay night. Now that the crossover's been announced, this coincidence is far too big to ignore!

The TSAB was formed by Zeltrech.

Whether or not Nanoha's Earth and Prisma Illya's Earth are the same means little to Zeltrech, since we know he's a Dimension Jumper already; jumping between Tsukihime to Fate/stay night. The one in Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya is the same guy; he's trying to elevate the Mages on Earth to get past their mental limitations. The TSAB was a side-project he worked on a few centuries ago. Heck, Kaleido Ruby and Kaleido Sapphire are Intelligent Devices; while the Class Cards are Unison Devices!

  • He's working on dealing with the foreseen end of the world per Notes. If it can be avoided; that's great. If not, hopefully humanity can survive it. He's got projects for both.
  • TSAB was canonically formed by the TSAB High Council (the three brains on life support in Striker S), but Zeltretch could have played an advisor role to them, kinda like he helped founding the Holy Grail War system.

Raising Heart is an Einst

More specifically, the core of one. Considering how powerful it is and how ill-suited it is to Yuuno, he must have found it on one of his digs. Considering RH's abilities and the form of Nanoha's Barrier Jacket, it may even have been a part of the Rein Weissritter.

The Hyperspace Arsenal in Ace Combat games comes from Ancient Belkan techno-magery.

Shameless copypasta from the AC page.

In the wars that ended the Ancient Belka empire, a cache of their techno-magery was blown across the dimensional void, eventually arriving in the Ace Combat universe to land in Strangereal, where it was scattered, the parts discovered by various nations - hence why you go through protagonists of various nations but all have the high ammo counts - and reverse-engineered. In gratitude, the Belkans, who did not use to be called that, renamed themselves.

Alternatively, the Belkans in the Ace Combat universe are a defeated faction from the Nanoha Belka who chose to cut and run rather than be wiped out, and brought their technology with them. Mingling with the locals, their techno-magery contributed to the high ammo counts and various other technological advancements like the TLS. As they spread across the nations and time went by, though, their violent tendencies returned, leading to the international conflicts of Ace Combat.

Teru Mikami's secretary Nakajima in Death Note is a distant relative of Genya's

In Chapter 99, Mikami tells his secretary that he's going to the scene of a case. It's thus possible that she's somehow related to Genya, at least before his part of the family went to Mid-Childia, but she's a Muggle to the degree that she most likely not only wouldn't know about magic, but doesn't suspect anything about what her boss is doing.

Precia's husband is Relius Clover

They were both happy couple and even was blessed with Alicia. Alicia's death served as a catalyst of Relius' ambition to create the Perfect Doll, so the clone will be perfect and would surely please Precia. However, when Relius continue to research about how to make a Perfect Doll, for some reason he is thrown to the BlazBlue universe, leaving Precia to continue the research on her own, and had her bitter over Relius that she starts thinking that he didn't exist and claims the research's efforts for herself (Relius also did the same, gets re-married, fathered Carl... and then abuses the hell out of him). This would explain why they seem to be asses to their own kids. Truly a cross-over Unholy Matrimony.

  • So what's Noel's connection to Nanoha and Teana? (see "Nanoha will learn Gun Kata and advanced Blaster Bit control" above)

Cinque's genetic base is Nu-13.

According to the manual, Uno, Due, Tre and Quattro are all created from Jail's own DNA, but the "second generation" Numbers (Cinque through Deed) are all created from other sources, and Cinque (along with Nove, Sette, and Uno) were created via "clonal culture", which is stated to have a low chance of creating a viable final product -- presumably this translates into a high chance the cloned body will reject cybernetic implants -- but a high chance of reproducing any special abilities the genetic base had. But suppose the donor was already a cyborg? The chances of rejection would be slim to none depending on how similar Jail's cyborg tech is to whatever tech was used to create Nu, and if Sword Summoner is related to Nu's linker core or genetic info in any way then it's definitely something Jail would be interested in reproducing. Top this all off with the painfully-obvious physical resemblance between these two and there's really only one conclusion you can make (...well okay, you can take the easy way out and just call Nu a Cinque Expy, but where's the fun in that?).

Ace Combat's Strangereal WAS the lost Belkan homeworld

Another grand unifying guess...

The mad Belkan tech that they were so keen on destroying in Ace Combat Zero? It was sent to Strangereal from Al-Hazard to help them defend against the Ulysses asteroid--too bad it landed in the Grey Men's hands. Basically, Nanoha is set in an Alternate Timeline of the AC games where Pixy killed Cipher, the V2 hit its targets, the Grey Men rebounded from defeat, allied themselves with AWWNB (who wanted a world with no borders... like a world controlled completely by Belka), and together, conquered Osea, Yuktobania, and the rest of Strangereal. Also, unbeknownst to Pixy, the entire data on Al-Hazard tech was carried by the Morgan when he took off, and was extracted and returned to the Grey Men after his victory. Thus, the Belkans not only conquered the world with it and stopped Ulysses, but also found a way to expand to other worlds. Realizing what they've unleashed, Al-Hazard sealed themselves from the rest of the universe, while the Belkans conquered it. Oh, and Pixy was crowned the first Saint King (hence all the Arthurian allusions in Zero).

NANOHA is a Gender Flipped version of DRAGONBALL

I mean , if Nanoha is Goku and Fate is Piccolo, would THAT make Vivio Gohan?

The throne on the Saint's Cradle was an Animus.

It awoke Vivio to powers in her Genetic Memory she didn't know she had, but the intensity of forcing the Bleeding Effect on her at such a high intensity turned her evil, like how Subject 16 went nuts.

The Wolkenritter were the original The A-Team.

A long time ago, a crack commando unit was sentenced to prison by an unscrupulous noble for a crime they didn't commit. These women and one Guardian Beast promptly escaped from the maximum security stockade. They went about, helping the helpless and trying to stay ahead of the one who framed them, but eventually[1] were recaptured and made to act as Boxed Crooks. Unhappy with the arrangement after a while, they tried to rebel[2]. Unfortunately, they failed and were made An Offer You Can't Refuse: Be bound to the Book or executed. The rest is history.

Nanoha met Guile at some point between StrikerS and ViVid.

That's really why she went home and be(came) a family (wo)man.

Ezio is Nanoha's ancestor.

As revealed in this trailer, about 1 minute in:
"What are you going to do?"
"Make some friends."

  • Eh, I don't think so. Considering that that is not what Ezio had in mind or what he is referring to when he says that line. And then, of course, there's what happen's to the people Ezio actually does defeat...

Dramatic Yuuno's power level far exceeds that of Dramatic Chipmunk, I Mean, Prairie Dog

Have you seen the power of Dramatic Prairie Dog? All from a magically-incapable normal animal! What about a shapeshifting mage then? The English DVD box set cases have a picture on the back cover of Yuuno having completed his Epic Maneuver. If the entirety of Yuuno's Epic Maneuver reaches mortal eyes, it's going to kill you, it's going to kill me, and then we're ALL gonna die.

  • Wouldn't he be Dramatic Ferret?

The Book of Darkness was already almost destroyed once in the Ancient Belkan era a strike team consisting of Archangel Michael (possessing the body of Lamia Loveless), Thor's daughter Thrud, Thrud's warg companion, Lady Viviane, and Etna (serving as Michael's Unison Device as part of his Deal with the Devil). They managed to destroy the Book's previous guardians, but when it came to destroying Reinforce, none of them could bring themselves to do it, so the Book regenerated and produced copies of them, Material-F (Signum, "F" for "Flame"), Material-T (Vita, "Thunder"), and Material-W (Shamal, "Wind"), who managed to pick off Viviane, Thrud, and fatally wound the latter's warg companion to turn him into their familiar (Zafira). Even the four of them, however, couldn't kill Michael and Etna, so they just disembodied him, banishing Lamia's body back to SRW universe, and captured her. When she refused to unison with Material-F, they wiped her memory and dumped her, then retreated back into the Book as its new guardians.

Yuuno has cousins/relatives who take other weasel/mustelid forms.

Credit to someone on SpaceBattles who suggested (a Captain Ersatz of) Wolverine demonstrating his displeasure with Chrono's treatment of Yuuno, as well as a honey badger-transformer who teaches Yuuno to Groin Attack.

Kyoko Sakura is an AU Arnage.

You know it makes sense.

Nanoha is the reincarnation of Cipher.

In 1995, Cipher managed to make Pixy understand he was doing the wrong thing by shooting him down. Soon after that, he disappears. MGLN is set roughly ten years after, and Nanoha is nine. Nanoha befriends people in the same way.

It could be that Cipher actually died (some combat wound, assassination by the Grey Men, or maybe a mundane accident) and that was kept secret. However, his soul reincarnated in a Japanese girl named Nanoha Takamachi. While she didn't inherit his memories, enough of him is left to influence both her Barrier Jacket (the blue trim, not present on the school uniform she used as a template, was his plane's paint scheme) and her combat attitude (befriend people through superior firepower).

Somewhere in Force Nanoha will stumble on Cipher's plane, his memories will return, and she will proceed to smack down the Huckebein's ship, immune to magic, with "her" old F-15C. She can even ask her old friend Pixy to help her out, and maybe even Mobius 1 and the Ghosts of Razgriz.

  • See also the various "Nanoha Belka = Ace Combat Belka", "Pixy = first Saint King", and "Grey Men in Nanohaverse" theories above.

Nanohaverse takes place in the future Created by the Finale of Madoka Magica.

  • Step 1: Madoka's wishes Witches out of existence. Acends to a Higher Plane Of Existence.
    • Step 2: At some point someone wishes for Soul Gems to be housed entirely internally.
    • Step 3: A Highly emotional boy gets the chance to make a wish. Does so...but wishes that the powers manifest as something more 'Cool' and 'High Tech' looking...

The Movie continuity is a Shared Universe with Neon Genesis Evangelion.

How else do you explain the flooded city that Nanoha and Fate have their final battle in? It's Tokyo 1, or some other city that was flooded by 2nd Impact.

Voltaire is the son of Godzilla and Bellcross

Mariage is a modification/derivative of Ceph nanocytes.

A friend pointed out that both Mariage and the Hargreave-Rasch mod turn dead people into Post-Human Warriors. Sound familiar? Clearly, though, the creators of Mariage didn't see the need for preserving sentience, sapience and independent thought.

Nanoha could wipe the floor with Chuck Norris.

Let's face it, if she wanted to be friends with him, his doom would be a forgone conclusion.

  • That makes Tohma Avenir stronger than Chuck? He wipes the floor with Nanoha after all.

Signum is related to Lightning Farron

Both are Badass Stoic celibate pink-haired blade-wielding ladies of war with Kuudere personalities and a tendency to warm up to their younger wards. Too many similarities to dismiss.

Jail's creation involved a Goa'uld somewhere.

And Unlimited Desire occurred when the megalomania started setting in.

The Fowards are an Alternate Universe take of the ATX Team.

Okay, so Erio and Caro are a given, but I can't be the only only one who sees Subaru and Teana as a Mix-and-Match of Kyosuke and Excellen, can I?

  • They share a similar dynamic but their powers and personalities differ somewhat. Funnily, Nanoha and Vita are more direct expies of Weissritter and Alt Eisen respectively and are even paired together as a team frequently, their dynamic is quite different, tough.

Fate really is a vampire.

The getup, the features, the weakness to Whips...

Lyrical Nanoha is a Spiritual Prequel to Gurren Lagann.

The people at Studio Gainax saw Lyrical Nanoha and thought to themselves, "This is so damn cool! We should do something kinda similar, but different enough that most people won't pick up on it! So we'll take it purely into Super Robot territory, have a Badass Expy of Shinji for The Hero, and then take Stuff Blowing Up to an ever increasing degree!

Added logic: Nanoha's Determinator was moved into Kamina and Simon, who "befriend" Viral (although he's really stubborn, so it takes multiple "befriendings").

Yuuno and Vivio are related

In the years before her sacrifice and thus the end of the Sankt Kaiser Unification Wars, Olivie is known to have been in the middle of a Love Triangle. Well, said triangle was a lot more intense than History records, and Olivie had a child whose father could have been either one of her suiters/lovers. Knowing how having a successor would affect the politics after the war, and in fact could have restarted the war(s) all over again, Olivie determined to keep the existence of the baby from as many people as possible, even her lovers. She placed the child, when he or she was born, in the care of a close aid and met her destiny, being sure to leave enough money and connections to ensure her child and 'mother' could get away from the fallout and still be comfortable. Eventually that child, or that child's child, a boy, wound up being raised by a clan of Archaeologiests, The Scrya's. You can probably see where this is going.

So had history gone differently, Yuuno Scrya's surname would have most likely be Segbrecht, and as such he unknowingly has the strongest claim to the Belkan Throne. If he and Vivio have physicals at the same hospital, and a doctor or nurse starts seeing striking similarities in their respective bloodwork, Yuuno should, due to being older and being a naturally born descendant, expect a few house calls from the Belkan Church, asking if he would like to become Pretender to the Belkan Throne.

Admiral Graham is a Dirty Old Man

(1) He was definitely a Dirty Young Man. Everyone else in the series has relatively ordinary familiars, and the young Gil Graham goes and summons up... a pair of oversexed Catgirl twins.

(2) ...who do you think taught Hayate everything she knows?

Yuuno is an Exalted, specifically a Chosen of Secrets

Just a wild idea of mine, but if you think about it it can explain a lot of things up to the Unperson-ing of Yuuno. He was in a constant search for artifacts of terrible power since an Improbable Age; his interference changed the destiny of many; he gradually retired from the front line to offer support behind the scene in the form of lore and occult knowledge; he deliberately (maybe) try to remain as inconspicuous as possible, even using his Charms to create an "almost" unnatural lapse of information about him in any records, official or other wise...

Yuuno was friendzoned by everyone because he wasn't bad enough

Chrono was bad (well, Tall, Dark and Snarky, at least) so he got his girl. Yuuno was just a Nice Guy, so... friendzoned.

Subaru is Happily Adopted

Her birth parents had a Dying Moment of Awesome shortly after she was born, and she was taken in by a friend of the family. Her birth father is actually Guy Shishioh. It's not just a Shout-Out - she simply got it from her father.

  1. corresponding to the infamous fifth season of the A Team
  2. as with the last episode of the show