Total Drama Comeback Series/Characters

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Total Drama Comeback features all of the original cast of Total Drama Island; however, due to Character Development and the author's interpretation, the following tropes are now in play:

The 22 veterans

Beth, the Wannabe

Bridgette, the Surfer Girl

  • Deuteragonist
  • Drives Like Crazy
  • The Generic Girl: Heather complains about this during the Cosplay challenge, claiming that she doesn't have any obvious quirks for her to work with.
    • She also says that there are "a million girls like [Bridgette]" later during the interview with those eliminated.
  • Granola Girl: Determined to stay a vegetarian no matter what Chris tries to do.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: No matter what, Bridgette is the sweetest character in the series, even if she doesn't think so herself at times.
  • It's All My Fault: She blames herself for Leshawna and Harold's relationship weakening, even though she isn't to blame.
  • The Matchmaker: Sort of. She tried to pair Ezekiel with one of her female friends back home to prevent him from dating Heather.
  • Mama Bear: Towards Ezekiel.
  • Ship Tease: Lots of it with Ezekiel and Harold.

Cody, the Fangirl-Magnet Geek

Courtney, the Counselor-in-Training

  • Abusive Parents: Turns out she gets her obsession with being perfect from her parents constantly pressuring her to be so. They had No Sympathy for the circumstances behind her losing Total Drama Island.
  • The Atoner
  • Big Bad: of the first half of Comeback.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Sees Gwen as a threat to her relationship with Duncan, but from what happened in canon, can you blame her?
  • Moral Guardian: At least whenever Rodney is present, since she puts a lot of effort in shielding him from any bad influence. She once chastized Lindsay from wearing an extremely skimpy bikini in front of him.
  • Reformed but Rejected
  • Revenge Before Reason: the motivation for her villanous streak in Comeback. Fortunately she gets better.
  • Shipper on Deck: She preferred Cody/Beth over Justin/Beth.

DJ, the The Brickhouse with Heart

Duncan, the Delinquent

Eva, the Aggressive Bodybuilder

  • Character Development: She's honestly trying to work on the whole temper thing. It's working... somewhat.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Many characters think that her strength and stamina are simply supernatural.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Won't let Anita have Cody without a fight, literally!
  • Foreshadowing: Late in Comeback, it's pointed out to her by Gwen that if Cody's going to hook up with anyone from the series, the only options left are her and Sadie.
  • Hot Amazon: At least, according to Cody.
  • Love Redeems: She's trying to control her temper to win Cody's heart.
  • Love Triangle: With Anita, over Cody.
  • Not So Stoic: A early Running Gag is a Gilligan Cut to her in the Confession Cam, trying and failing to hold in her laughter about whatever just happened.
  • Odd Friendship: She became friends with Bridgette, Beth, and DJ, arguably three of the nicest, nonviolent characters of TD.
  • Tsundere: Towards Cody.
  • When She Smiles: Anita noted that Eva is quite beautiful whenever she isn't angry or frowning (which is like 90% of the time).
  • Worthy Opponent: standing up to her is a way to earn her respect, like Bridgette found out.

Ezekiel, the Homeschooled Guy

Geoff, the Party Guy

Gwen, the Goth

Harold, the Nerd with Mad Skills

  • Chivalrous Pervert: He's kind, helping, forgiving, good to women, a great guy all around... but gosh, he really loves boobies.
  • Crazy Prepared: "Hey, this is total drama."
  • Hammerspace: He always carries a lot of weapons, such as nunchucks, shurikens, a short sword, and many more things. Katie asked where did he store all of it.
  • Nice Guy: He is one of the nicest characters, who aims to redeem himself over past sins and helping his friends.
  • Near-Death Experience: His allergic reaction to the gummy slugs in his soup.

Heather, the Redeemed Queen Bee

  • Action Girl: Proves herself quite competent in the TDB VR challenges.
  • Anti-Hero: In Battlegorunds. Type III most of the time.
  • The Chew Toy: In Comeback, she's in the receiving end of a lot of physical comedy.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Doesn't approve of Ezekiel being so chummy around female contestants. Subverted late in Battlegrounds when she decides she's being unreasonably suspicious and apologizes to him.
  • Closet Geek: Becomes more and more evident after each VR challenge.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Evil Pays Better: she used to think this.
  • Freudian Excuse: her reason for being so mean is that, in her tween years she had pimples all over her face, wore braces and was extremely fat, and thus she was bullied and teased by her classmates. After losing weight and getting rid of the braces and pimples, she decided that it was better to be the agressor than the victim.
  • Heel Face Turn
  • Love Redeems
  • Morality Chain: she tries to be a better person for Ezekiel.
  • Pettanko: Harold says it best, "That's all? That's exactly what I asked myself when I saw your boobies in TDI."
    • Of course, this was most likely just to antagonize her.
  • Reformed but Rejected: A few campers still don't like her. Who would've known?
  • Tsundere: Towards Ezekiel

Izzy, the Psycho Hose Beast

Justin, the Eye Candy

Katie, the Sweet Girl

LeShawna, the Sister

  • Mama Bear: She doesn't like Duncan or Courtney, Guess why.
    • Later forgives Courtney, though she's still not a fan of Duncan.
  • Odd Friendship: Her best friends are Gwen and Bridgette.

Lindsay, the Dumb Blonde

Noah, the High IQ

Owen, the Big Guy

Sadie, the Sweet Girl's BFF

Trent, the Cool Guy

Tyler, the Sporto Who Sucks At Sport

  • Heroic BSOD: he is in one at the beginning of Comeback. Lindsay snaps him out of it a few challenges later.
  • Lovable Jock
  • Missing Mom: She wasn't involved in his life much, and their more recent reunions have been less than happy, to say the least.
  • Satellite Character: Good News!, you're no longer Lindsay's Shallow Love Interest!. Bad News!, you're now Ezekiel's Heterosexual Life Partner!.
    • Although he gained a lot of development, compared to other fics.
  • Ship Tease: Really more of like Odd Friendship Moments with Gwen, since they're both in relationships, but the author ships them in other stories so it sort of comes off that way.
    • Also, Lindsay reminded him once that he has kissed Ezekiel. Twice.
  • Walking Disaster Area: His Amusing Injuries now also extend to those near him, especially Ezekiel. Lindsay for some reason seems to be immune to this.

The 22 Battlegrounds rookies

Alfred, the American Gonzo

It's time, baby! Alfred's in the house, and he's ready for action! So dudes and dudettes, prepare yourselves for some fun! Because as long as he's here, it will be!

Alfred grew up in North America, California, and recently his family moved up to Canada. Most of his friends in high school think he is the perfect definition of those wild and crazy Americans, but maybe it's just him. Alfred is wild, fun-loving, and quite loud.

Alfred doesn't take dares, because doing something embarrassing for someone else is degrading. Doing it yourself is far better, since it's all in fun when you're doing your own fun thing! He was spent a whole day at school moon walking, the next day Groucho Marx walking.

He is known to be a storyteller, but whether he's telling the truth or not is hard to tell. They sound believable, but did he really date a cheerleader back at his old high school? The head cheerleader? And do Americans really wear shorts around winter time? Boy, some of friends they all could be Californian girls.

Rather open-minded, Alfred has a wide selection of friends, guys and gals (and he really likes the latter). He has a powerful hatred for bullies and rude people, because he was treated poorly during his junior high years. So if you need a friend, just someone to talk to, Alfred is good to have nearby.

So how far will the American get in a competition full of proud Canadians? Is he wild and gonzo enough to endure the trials of Total Drama? And what girl is he really going to start digging, and possibly startle the heck out of everyone in the show?

Anita, the Sly Bombshell

All her life, Anita has been told that she's beautiful. She wouldn't mind it so much if it wasn't the only thing people seemed to notice about her. That, and well... *blushes* um, moving on!

Anita works hard at everything she does, including school and her job at a bookstore. She's a straight A student, knows three languages, and plans on studying law in college. If she's casually rummaging through the mall, it's always with her iPhone set in her ear, and usually at the bookstore.

She dresses modestly at school, and hangs out with friends she's known for years. Because of the large amount of attention from boys, she tends to be a bit flirty at times, which makes the gossip at school fly. Anita may dress modestly at school, but the producers aren't going to let someone as hot as her wear a jacket, so she's being required to wear more revealing clothing here; this is something she greatly resents.

Anita has tried hard to prove hard she's not just a pretty face with... um... *clears throats loudly* well, anyway. She became so desperate that she's developed a couple bad habits to discourage boys from coming on to her so often. Sure, sometimes she likes it, but it's never the type of boy she wants...

Speaking of which, Anita could not help but join the fan club that is I LOVE CODY! She is very anxious to meet the tech-geek in person, and actually worried she might not be his type; Murphy's Law, she argues: the one boy you really want won't want you. She wonders that she might have to get really pale and dye her hair green (though green lipstick looks good on her, something she tried out to see; her parents were a little concerned at that point).

Anita is coming into TDB with all her heart (directed at Cody) and her soul (directed at the contest). She is determined to get far, and prove she can take the lumps the show will surely dish out. Will she finally get the respect she's always wanted? Are she and Cody going to hit it off? And if they do, can she survive other Cody fangirls from tearing her apart to get to Cody?

Arthur, the Clever Schemer

Arthur hates high school. He hates that he had to spend so many years in school, and still one more. If he can, he plans to find a way to retire for life after school, so that he never has to work years at something; anything to avoid college. And that's why Arthur has joined this show.

Both of his parents are lawyers, so he's used to living life through loopholes and double-talk. Arthur thinks it's an interesting life, but as stated before, he doesn't want to go to college. Thus he's thought of a bunch of get-rich-quick schemes, some of which have got him in trouble.

A loner because he relates schoolmates to the school he hates, Arthur keeps to himself aside from sports. He loves hockey, swimming, and lacrosse, but if they could make team sports something you could do alone, he'd prefer it (also something he's tried to make real, but hasn't thought of a good idea yet).

One thing that he cannot stand is really girly stuff. Arthur has three sisters, the cute and girly kinds, and the amount of pink in the house makes him want to throw up. And that Twilight series, bleah! If he hears one more word about those vampires...

Though a devious schemer and lacking guilt, Arthur has one skeleton in his closet he'd prefer not get out: he's a major comic book fan. He loves Batman, X-Men, and zombie graphic novels, the former the most. He loves everything, the heroes and the villains, the motives and the plots. Still, he'd be mortified if those at school knew he would spend a couple hours every day reading comic books.

Arthur does not care who he hurts to win this contest. He is exceptionally bright and quick-witted, and will not stop until the prize is his. Who will he group up with, and will he back stab them? Will he have a change of heart? And what on earth is up with his hair? We've seen it before somewhere...

Belinda, the Perceptive Clairvoyant

One's first impression of Belinda would be that she's observing you. The truth is, she already has, and she knows what you're thinking. How, you ask? Some say she's clairvoyant, some say she's really perceptive. She'll just say she has an inkling.

Belinda is one of the most well-behaved gals you could meet. Well-groomed, plainly dressed, and all manners, it is all overseen by her eyes. Those sapphire eyes of hers seem to be taking in everything around her, and she knows things that she really shouldn't know.

At five, she knew how her parents met before they told her. At seven, she predicted who her first boyfriend would be (and at fifteen). At ten, she said she'd be on TV at seventeen. And all these things have come true, and more.

Belinda is opinionated and highly political. With a sly smirk, she will either tell someone off coolly, or she will honestly flatter them. She's a good judge of character, so when she doesn't like someone, Belinda becomes rather short. She can be rather close-minded, mostly because she's very sure her foresight is correct.

The blonde clairvoyant may be incredibly sure of herself, but there's one thing that she's worried about: falling in love. She has a feeling that she'll fall for someone on the show, but her actions will hurt that person. She's only told a few people this, but she's ready to face it head on.

Belinda has also predicted she won't win the contest. Will she, anyway? Can the perceptive girl pull off a victory that even she cannot foresee? And what will she foresee, for better or for worse? And just who is her mysterious love interest going to be?

Carol, the Excitable Enthusiast

In the hallways of a school in Canada, students tread nervously. Because they know if they step out of place, there will be a scream, then a blur of blond and blue tackles them, and rants about how they aren't minding the rules. This blur is Carol, who dreams of being a police officer, and she'd move faster than any bullets she'd have to fire.

Her father is an officer, her grandfather was in the army, and she wants to carry on this kind of life style. Ready to keep the streets clean and tackle vicious thugs like she does to those running in the school highways, Carol dresses the part. She's already begun studying how one goes about becoming an officer.

The unbridled enthusiasm usually overwhelms people. Carol is never standing one place. She's walking, talking, bouncing on her feet, leaping in the air, pumping her fists, swinging her arms, or, most of the time, yelling. With a mighty shout, she's out and about!

Loving music and boys, she tears up the dance floor at school dances. She really does love boys, and wants to have a boyfriend who can keep up with her. Carol loves most of the boys on Total Drama, but she'll deny liking Duncan. The criminal should not be desirable to a future officer, but he's dreamy!

Most people think Carol drinks coffee or energy drinks to get that never-ending energy. Truth be told, she hates the taste of both. Though she does love eating candy, and sugar is something she loves to have. Her friends joke that since she loves donuts, she must be destined to be a cop (and boy, she's heard that one before many times).

So how long will this hyperactive blur last in the competition? Will she be able to keep up with the challenges, and will the others be able to keep up with her? And if she and Izzy team up, would there be enough energy there to destroy a city? Just be patient, as future officer Carol is ready to show the world what an enthusiast can do when she sets her mind to it!

Clive, the Depressing Emo

You know they had to get one. An emo. The most depressing and morbid type of teenager, more than normal ones, that is. And Clive is exactly that kind of negative "emoness" that makes good teenage drama.

Clive carries about a negative aura that makes other people want to sigh just being near him. All of his schoolwork and projects have the kind of "life is crap" and "we're all going to die someday" attitude. Fun, huh?

He never competes, because he's sure he'll lose. He rarely talks, because he's sure of rejection. In fact, this contest might just be the death he is waiting for, if he does die. At least if he does, it'll amuse someone (Chris Maclean), so his life would have some meaning.

What caused him to be like this? There is a perfectly good reason, and it's as depressing as he is. A year ago, he went on a two week trip. When he came back, his dog was killed by a car, his cat died, his girlfriend had left him for another guy, his favorite show had been cancelled, and he was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder than makes his skin unnaturally pale.

The tremendous, emotional blow was too much for him, and he decided life was no longer worth a darn. He didn't even have to paint his face white because of his skin color, and all he had to do was dress up and dye his hair. There's just no point in being happy, life will just slap him across the face when he left for that trip, right?

His sister entered him in the show, because she wants him to be cured of his "emoness;" she wants her brother back, not the depressing quitter he is now. But is that possible? Will anyone even care about the boy who doesn't care himself? And is he going to be voted off first? Because he sure thinks so.

Colin, the Violent Bully

To quote the movie The Dark Knight: "Some men just want to see the world burn." Colin is like that. He loves to hurt, destroy, and aggravate, just to get people upset. And unfortunately, he's quite good at it.

Colin enjoys inflicting pain, but he cannot stand it himself. He will flee when he knows he cannot win the fight, so he is a big chicken deep down. Therefore, he likes to choose his victims as people who cannot defeat him, like six year-olds, girls and boys with fragile egos, and small animals.

He isn't very smart, but he is rather clever. It's how he comes up with new types of vandalism and torment, like setting fire to the football field before the big game just to upset everyone. Also a tribute to his cleverness is that he hasn't been caught or charged yet, so he doesn't have a record, just a bad reputation.

His peers at his school have taken to a gentle approach to his attitude, one that doesn't involve blaming or lecturing him in the least. People try to sympathize for him, since they hear he has bad parents and he has a scar on his face (truth be told, he got that falling in the shower, but he'd never admit it).

Now it is time for him to finally put that tough attitude and cruel intentions to a tough and cruel show. He believes all of the original contestants, including Duncan and Leshawna and Eva, are all wimps and would not stand a chance against him. All he has to do is intimidate the weaker ones to vote for who he wants, and makes sure he has the right allies, ones he can twist the wrist of.

Chris Maclean being the host of Total Drama is already a sign that cruelness is abided on the show. But just how much can he get away with? Can people stand up to a guy who has no problems degrading and beating others on TV? How many people are going to be hurt in his desire to win the big prize, and buy the most expensive car he can with the money?

Crystal, the British Romantic

Matchmaker, consoler, friend, assistant, and councilor. Crystal has been called all these and more, but what many will call her is the "romantic." Obsessed with love and passion, the young lady drinks it in with music, movies, books, and real-life situations.

Born in England and still carrying an accent, Crystal's mother is British and her father is Canadian. She jokes how she's a "British-Canadian," and loves to brag how her parents have been married for over twenty-five years. Crystal's two younger brothers think she's a little weird, but they know she can hook them up with a girl when they fall for one.

Crystal became a fan when she watched Total Drama Island, and saw the young couples forming up. Though nervous that she wouldn't be able to endure the contest, the romantic just wants to help pair up other people, and talk to the existing couples. Despite her self-doubt, Crystal actually has a lot of skills in her.

Because of her loathing towards useless female characters in any kind of story, Crystal took up karate when she was young. She's quite quick, but is a little rusty on it. Still, the years of physical behavior has led to a hidden aggressive side to her, one she barely knows herself exists. And it knows how to break most bones in the body.

One very unusual thing about the romantic blond is how despite being enamored with love and soul mates, Crystal never considers her own love life. If one would ask her, she'd be confused, then smile and wave her hand as if to dismiss it. Any talk of getting her a boyfriend causes her to blush, and she'll quickly change the subject.

Crystal has vowed to help out the romantic pairings in this show, especially since she knows Chris Maclean might try to break people up for ratings. Can the romantic Brit stop the sadistic host from doing so? What love and passion can she help to create, bolster, and rekindle? And just what is the point of the cravat, it's cute and all but...

  • Blue Eyes
  • Celibate Hero: the biggest irony regarding her character is that she isn't interested in getting a boyfriend herself.
    • Justified, since she tends to focus on others' relationships rather than hers.
  • Oblivious to Love: She's so obsessed with other people's love lives that she fails to notice Xander rather blatantly hitting on her.
  • Shipper on Deck: She pairs everyone/everyone else.

Daisy, the Tomboy Athlete

Daisy and her family cannot remember a time when Daisy wasn't a sports fan. Her pacifier had a baseball and basketball icon on it. Her favorite toy growing up was a hockey stick. Now she has a lacrosse stick, one that carries around with her and is taking it to this contest.

This is the kind of girl who has four brothers, three older and one younger. She played rough, she's broken a few bones when growing up, and is tough enough to endure injuries. Though she has the muscles and mouth of an athlete, she also is quite the warm person.

She hates anything girly, and plans on wearing a tux to her prom because of her loathing towards dresses. The color pink makes her flinch. But one thing she does tolerate are flowers, especially the ones related to her name. She blames her parents for giving her that name, and hopes her friends aren't aware the flower gardens in the front yard of her house are all cared for by her (she waters them at night).

Daisy is highly active. When not playing sports, or watching them while guzzling down soda, she is with her friends or her brothers, having some fun. High school is just one big team to her, though some teammates are not as preferable as others (and harder to trade).

Only two things can come close to Daisy's love for sports: amusement park rides, and boys. She's the one screaming in joy during roller coasters, and the one who does the courting when it comes to dating. Which makes Total Drama perfect, what with the wild rides that are sometimes part of the contest, and the hot boys. It's like a dream come true, with a cash prize if she kicks enough butt.

Daisy is sure of herself, and has all the confidence and athletic skill she needs. She's bringing her lacrosse stick to get it autographed, and to whack some upstarts with. So who's autograph will she get first? Who will get whacked first? And who, of the rough and tough members of TDB, will be her rival?

Hannah, the Religious Girl

Hannah has always been a faithful, Christian girl. For generations, her family line has always been the same. While some are more forceful than others, Hannah is the perfect balance of tolerance and sternness.

Tomboyish in nature, she is one of the best in the American soccer team. She had a bad habit of kicking the ball around at home, and broke a lot of windows. ("Won't you appreciate God's wind being blown into your house now?" was her excuse when she was younger.)

Hannah's late grandmother was highly preachy and drove people up the wall, so she vowed to never be like that. She has made friends with people of different religions, and is open to the philosophies and written works.

She has a lot of patience too, even towards those who aren't exactly polite towards Christians. A couple of her pet peeves, though, are the stereotypes and negative portrayals of Christians on TV and in movies. She is annoyed by movies like Contact, The Mist, and Carrie (although the last one is mostly because she doesn't like horror movies).

Hannah has joined TDB so that she can, hopefully, prove that Christians aren't the overly preachy type of people TV always show them as. She likes the teenagers on the show, and she is sure she can do a good job in the competition. The polite, soft-spoken girl is ready to join the cast and have a blast.

But what if some of the contestants are eager to give her a hard time? What if one of the producers is those "open-minded" kinds who hates Christians? What if they've heard her favorite Chuck Norris joke before? It's just a matter of luck, skill, and compassion, with God (or whoever you worship) watching over us all.

Howard, the Ladies' Man

Howard has four sisters, three older and one younger. They always had their friends over, and young Howard grew up surrounded by girls of all kinds. Thus, he really likes the ladies! And yet he still doesn't know how to convey it properly.

He's been doing a lot of things to try and get in touch with his feminine side, like take dance lessons. That's really helped his flexibility, while knitting has helped his video gaming hands. Being able to cook helps him take care of his meals. He's even read the Twilight series to know what's really got the girls talking.

Howard is perfectly capable of talking to girls, but he gets overly excited when he meets a pretty girl first time; thus, he usually blows the first impression. Usually a friend or one of his sisters' will drag him off to prevent further embarrassment. It's for his own good, really.

The ladies' man who doesn't have any ladies to brag about (yet) is also a guy's guy. He loves hanging out with his buds, and usually, he hangs out with those who aren't part of the "crowd." He's befriended jocks, loners, band members, bookworms, transfer students, fellow "ladies' men," and actors. A good peacemaker, he also moderates peace at home.

Having watched the show, Howard feels for Cody, and plans to team up with the tech-geek, being his wing-man. He actually has no intention of winning the show, he just wants to have fun. And fun he shall have, because the naturally-happy boy is gonna be like a kid in a candy store.

So will Howard win a girl in the end? Will he end up getting his face slapped, his groin kneed, his stomach socked? Maybe he'll just be helping someone out in finding their dream gal instead of getting his instead? It's all a matter of time, and he's actually considered all this; he's wearing a cup.

Jasmine, the Excitable Actress

With the Magillus Talent Agency, this young, aspiring performer is anxious show off her skills. She is so earnest and sure of herself, she has already signed 8 x 10 photos of herself, ready to give out autographs. A girl with big dreams and a bigger mouth, she can sing, dance, act, and improv.

This is Jasmine. And she drives Leshawna crazy.

Jasmine and Leshawna have known each other since grade school, so she's considered to be family by most. While both are loud, proud, and sure of themselves, Jasmine is still much more different: she's more girly, more boy-crazy, and a little more close-minded.

Acting is Jasmine's life, and she's been dying to get on TV for years. When she was accepted for the next season of Total Drama, she was more excited than when Leshawna got on! She's trying to perfect all of her personalities via acting, even though Leshawna keeps trying to tell her that reality shows don't need acting! But forget that, it's time to act!

One thing Jasmine loves almost as much as acting, girly music, and make-up is BOYS! She is a major flirt at school (which Leshawna has to keep yanking her away from bad prospects), and she has crushes on several of the current members of TDI: Justin, Trent, Cody, Geoff, Tyler. And there may be more cute boys in this new season! There's only one boy she cannot stand...

Jasmine cannot stand Harold. She cannot imagine why Leshawna would date a skinny, weird social outcast. The actress has seen Leshawna drive away bad boyfriends for both of them, why is Harold still around? She's determined to get Harold eliminated as soon as possible, or just get him to stop seeing her best friend. Other than that, all her focus will be on the camera.

So now it's time for Jasmine to finally get in the spotlight, the limelight, the light that she wants to bathed in! No matter what, she's determined to be recognized. She will be famous, and the camera will love her! So is she going to hook up with anyone like Leshawna did? Will she be a wedge in-between Harold and Leshawna's relationship? And if Leshawna doesn't smack the drama queen, who will?

Joel, the Creative Inventor

Joel. An inventor, a joker, a very level-headed guy who's gosh-darn sweet, calm, and ready. He'll fix your computer, he'll fix the sink, and he'll do it without charge. People like him, aside from the fact that he accidentally blows things up, and he smells like smoke and oil most of the time.

The young inventor is a living shop class of creativity, and he excels in math and art as well. Joel loves to invent, more than anything, and his parents' garage is practically his room; he sleeps there more often, he couldn't get oil on the bed sheets, now could he?

Joel has a collection of hobbies and loves: bad movies, sketching, song writing, piano playing, first-aid (he needs it from time to time), and TV. When he saw Total Drama Island, he was instantly taken and desired to get on the show. The producers were so impressed with his audition tape and delivery (he flew it to the headquarters in his handmade copter), that they signed him up to work on the set of Total Drama Comeback.

Some would say that Joel's early introduction was unfair for the other contestants, but he believes it'll be a handicap. Either way, he gets along splendidly with most of the others, even though they do fear how a lot of his stuff does blow up. He and Cody are already swapping robot designs.

Joel may not look it, mostly because he looks like a dirty mechanic with a lazy smile, but he is also a romantic at heart. TDB is going to feature a virtual reality for many challenges, and that's heaven for him. Inventing and competing without fear of an apocalyptic explosion ruining the world? Attacking Eye Creatures, that's awesome!

(The weirdest thing about Joel are his weird exclamations. Most people don't get them, but some might...)

Joel leaves his supportive family and earnest schoolmates, all wishing the best for him. Will the soft-spoken and loud-explodin' inventor get far? Will his time on Total Drama Comeback constitute for anything? And will, in the name of Rex Dark: Eskimo Spy, he get paid for all the repair work Chris Maclean is obvious going to need on the set?

Mandy, the Cutie Cultist

She's in that phase that parents hope she grows out of fast. Her siblings wonder how they could be related to her. She eats alone at school, her teachers are afraid to call on her, and she is banned from most school events.

Mandy doesn't care what people think of her, why should she? One day, it'll pay off to have her devotion to the Old Gods, like C'thulu, Yig, Ithaqua, and Harvey the Wonder Hamster (no one has yet to tell her that the last one is not an Old God).

She always goes on about sacrifices, how she'd love to find the perfect mortal for awakening the Old Gods. However, this is where the cultist in her ends, and the sweet yet troubled girl is revealed. Mandy cannot bring herself to harm others, not even animals. She wanted to sacrifice rats at first, but couldn't hurt them, and now has about twenty pet rats that she cares for lovingly.

Her clothing and choice of make-up are all off-putting to most: the red contacts, the abundant eye shadow, platinium-dyed hair in a terra twist, her skull earrings and choker, pants with revealed skin where pockets should be, frayed gloves, and the black star tattoo on her right arm.

Probably more off-putting is her sacrificial dagger, as well as a couple other small knives she keeps on her person. She loves to make threats with voodoo dolls, which she claims is a "side-religion" that helps in revenge.

But who exactly is Mandy, who is the real person behind the cultist look? Will anyone see her for more than the pentagram-painting freak she shows herself as, or will she be left alone in the dark, barely seen in the flicker of blue-fire flames from the candles? Just how long will the others tolerate the short, cute, talkative, dark and arcane girl?

Rodney, the Child Prodigy

Rodney is a child genius, there's no doubt about that. He is a senior in high school, leader of the animé club, president of his class, and he also has many other talents: cooking, languages, musical instruments, DDR, video games, and computers, to name a few.

He is the youngest of five, and his family adores him, mainly because he helps keep them organized. The child genius is also very popular at school, and he is quite modest, honest, and hard-working. He's the dream son to have, the friend you want, and just a lovable, huggable boy.

One thing he is exceptionally bad at is sports, or anything physical for that matter. He has rotten luck, and suffers a lot of blows and bonks during sports, and he usually runs in a panic when the ball comes at him, whether it's baseball or tennis.

Still naive and easily shocked, his family was worried when he sent in an audition tape to Total Drama. After all, he's only eight, what would Chris Maclean put him through? But Rodney is convinced that the prize money would be great for college (maybe he'll afford a whole book!), and he really wants to meet some of the contestants, especially Duncan and Lindsay.

He's going under one condition: he wears his father's old army helmet. Still hard and durable, the helmet is a bit too large for the child genius, but he's proud to wear it. He test-ran it through a game of American soccer (the helmet prevented injuries to his head, but he was still running in terror).

So how long will an eight year-old stand up to forty-three seventeen year-olds (boy, that's a lot of numbers)? Will he crumble under the pressure of intense physical challenges? Will the tougher members of TD Bhaha force him to do what they want? Or will this pint-sized genius manage to rise up above the taller competition and prove he truly is a prodigy?

Sakaki, the Very Moe Girl

Shy doesn't begin to describe Sakaki. The small asian girl is always seen seated alone at lunch, staying by herself in-between classes, and stays in her room at home. If anyone ever paid attention to her, she'd hunch up and dart off.

It's not that Sakaki doesn't trust people, she just cannot stand attention. Even people looking at her in the hallways makes her hide behind her books or hands. When her teacher once called on her to answer a question, she fainted.

While she keeps to herself, she enjoys creating and crafting. Her collection of pillows and stuffed animals were all made by her, and she cares for three cats (Toyo, Ochaka, and Yagura). She also enjoys swimming in the community pool when no one else is there. Timid even among her family, her siblings and parents have to coax conversation out of her.

Only once in a while has someone been able to break through that moe attitude of hers, and seen the sweet, open, and friendly girl that hides underneath her uber-shy shell. All it takes is to really get to know her.

To sign up for international broadcasted Total Drama is her biggest nightmare, but she and her parents decided it would be the best way to cure her shyness; sadly, Sakaki doesn't even believe in herself to do that, let alone win.

So how long can such a moe girl last in such wild competition? Can she win the whole deal, maybe even make friends with the loud bunch of competitors known as the cast of TDI? And will she fall for a certain dreadlocks-wearing philosopher?

Sandra, the Popular Gum-Chewer

Sandra is like a gorgeous shark at school. The Jaws theme practically can be heard when she's nearby, because she's a mistress of gossip and population. One text from her can make or ruin anyone at her school. She IS popularity.

Always ahead in fashion and the latest trends, Sandra is very organized and in tune. The redhead is so far ahead, some wonder if she has a hand in what is going to be popular. She does set the standard at times, mostly to whatever she wants. She prefers anything bubble-themed and hot pants.

Bubble gum is something she loves very much. She snaps it when in thought, and to annoy people (mostly the latter). She chews it in class, popping bubbles to disrupt the teacher; she's popular enough to get away with it. She goes through a whole lot and quickly, and prefers to throw gum away after the flavor is long gone. She has a tattoo of bubble gum on her right arm, because she loves it so much.

One thing Sandra cannot stand is nerds. Those dorky freaks who chat about World of Warcraft, the geeky morons who write fanfiction of their favorite shows, the absolute losers who play video games and don't want her but some gamer girl. Sandra would go about trying to destroy their popularity and standing in school, but they don't even have it.

The redhead knows that she has what it takes to win Total Drama. After watching Heather for long enough, she knows what not to do where the queen bee failed. She's already got strategy, involving gossip, seduction, and craftiness; maybe she'll break up a few couples, wouldn't that be something?

Sandra is ready to kick butt and chew gum, and she'll never run out of gum. It's time for the popular girl to win this time. Think she can do it? Think she can't? How many of you want to slap her already, raise your hands!

Sebastian, the Aura Philosopher

Some people can sense your mood, some can sense if you're a good or bad person. Some people are really perspective. And then there is Sebastian.

The Brazilian-Canadian is known for passing on words of wisdom, and keeping cool despite any type of chaos going on around him. He has those calm eyes that seem to soothe his friends and bore holes through his enemies. Those square, bright green glasses he wears are almost like shields (he has a habit of pushing on them when in thought).

As an only child, he kept himself busy. He studied anatomy, and now knows pressure points; this comes in handy for relieving stress or causing someone to go down to their knees in pain. Sebastian rarely uses it as a weapon, though, it would take a real jerk to provoke that.

One of Sebastian's "problems," as some of his peers and classmates have put it, is that while he is very smart, he seems to enjoy a strange combination of culture. Priding his dreadlocks, Sebastian is also known to love Oriental food, country music, and science-fiction TV shows.

Sebastian is a heavy believer in auras and karma. He theorizes that emotions give off an air that some people can pick up better than others (boyfriends, he says, should really focus on that). Karma is also ever-present; he's told his friends he's more than certain Chris Maclean will have a piano land on his legs or something of the like.

Now it's time for him to stand in the spotlight, somewhere he doesn't really care to be, but if he can spread a wise word to the young viewing audience, then he is content. So will the dreadlocks-wearing philosopher have his time and then go, or, as the wise saying goes, "I'm here to kick butt and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum"?

Valerie, the Pretty Politician

Gorgeous, dressed in pink, and heavily made up, Valerie is a walking work of art. Her devious mind is behind that sly smile, the heart of a politician behind her cleavage, and the eyes of a plotter behind that eye shadow. Pretty in pink, pretty in politics.

Valerie has always been a very good liar, an excellent bluffer, and pretty enough to charm the weaker sex (well, they are weaker when their hormones are going). She's never been punished for forgetting her homework, always got a return and refund for whatever she's wanted her money back on. She's just brilliant enough to trick people, even her parents.

Her skills have led her to be student body president, and she rules it with an iron fist. She claims it was really hard, but the truth is, it took quite a bit of scheming that wasn't entirely honest. Her grades are honest enough, she is smart regardless of her callous nature. To Valerie, her school belongs to her.

She loves wearing pink, and prides herself in being a "feminine politician." Her clothing, school materials, and her car are all a bright pink. Attracted to all that is pink, gold, royal purple, and shiny, Valerie is only not focused when something sparkles. She managed to change her school colors to pink and gold with glitter.

She loves Total Drama, but her feelings on the contestants are quite divided. Valerie loves the handsome men like Justin and Geoff, she cannot help but find Cody cute, and she loves Courtney and her tact. She hates Heather, detests Lindsay, and thinks Chef Hatchet should be locked in jail. But one thing that really puzzles people, even her, is her crush on Chris Maclean. She knows he's an arrogant masochist, but still...

She really wants to win this contest, to boost her popularity and political power. Will the girl in pink be able to outthink her opponents? Who can she trust, and can anyone trust her? And isn't that a lot of pink?! Wow!

Xander, the Charismatic Rebel

At school, there is always one guy who is known for being a rebel. The kind of guy that the boys respect and admire, and the girls love and want. This one drives a motorcycle, visits bars, and does his homework. He's dressed in leather, smelling like the road, and winning over people with his dark blue eyes.

Xander is a handsome, young man who hates to play the rules or listen to the man. He rebels against practically all rules, but not law. He feels it is foolish to break that, because jail isn't for him; if he weren't free, he'd probably go insane or die. So he obeys the speed limit when driving his sweet motorcycle.

The rebellious teenager also has a great influence on his fellow students, and such a positive one that his peers and the school authorities look over his minor rule-breaking. For you see, Xander is such a great rebel, he rebels against bad types of rebellion.

"You want to quit high school? Fine, go work at a fast food stop for the rest of your life." "You hate your parents for giving you a curfew? Well fine, support yourself then, I'm sure you have the money." Xander has kept many teenagers in line, and manages to keep his bad boy image.

However, there are two things that stands out about Xander despite his good looks and rebel image. One is the long facial scar that goes from above his right eye down under his left eye. The other is the slight limp he has in his right leg. Though his friends and family know what happened, it's a mystery to everyone who doesn't go to his school; the cast of Total Drama are going to have to find out how he got those injuries.

When Xander enters this game, he intends to win, but aims to enjoy himself. He'll hang out with the guys, and flirt with the cute girls. Who is he going to chill with, and who will he flirt with? Is there a certain blond gal who might catch his eye? And will this rebel be any good, because he gets around and rides his bicycle all day long?

Yoshi, the Japanese Warrior

His friends like to call him the Asian Invasion, because he's such a Japanese enthusiast. Most people know him as the guy who carries a frickin' SWORD around!

With a real katana blade by his side, dressing in samurai garb, and having the piercing kind of eyes, Yoshi is intimidating at seventeen years old. He's practiced sword techniques for most of his life, and has the scars to prove it, the most prominent one right about his thumb; he still cuts himself from time to time when putting his sword back in the scabbard.

Almost as much as he loves his roots and culture, Yoshi loves competition. All kinds, from video games to mind games. Most people would fear to get in a contest with him, in fear that he loses his temper. But despite being a very grim and cranky boy most of the time, he is actually an excellent sport.

Losing is just as fulfilling as winning to him, because he recognizes it as a fault he has to correct. The only time he is upset to lose is when he believes the victor truly does not deserve victory.

And that's where his greatest pet peeve comes in: people who get "a pass." It began when he found out colleges have something called "affirmative action," which is a certain amount of people based on race; however, most colleges, to his amazement, did not have an Asian requirement. Therefore, Yoshi is determined to win without ever getting a pass or a free ticket.

Being allowed to compete in Total Drama is how he vows to prove that Asian people don't need a pass, and can win it all. Of course, he also wants to fight against some of the toughest people he's seen, like Eva, Duncan, and even Chef Hatchet. Can he beat any of them? Are people going to like being with a stern guy carrying a frickin' sword?!

Zachary, the Negative Whiner

If things go bad, he whines. If he loses, he whines that people were hard on him on purpose. If he wins, he whines that people went easy on him on purpose. The blame goes to everyone else, and he's always there to throw it off; he's the kind of guy you want to throttle.

Zachary has gone through life blaming and whining. In his eyes, everyone is out to get him. Whether it's because he's black, the clothes he wears, his opinions, or his hair, it's gotta be some reason. He plays the race card, the "friends with punks" card, and even the gender card (that last one didn't work well).

He loves movies (though he complains about every flaw he can find), and he loves skateboarding (though he complains the school won't let him grind on the campus). He has a lot of other hobbies, but complaining always seems to tag along.

His peers worry about him. He doesn't have any plans for the future, and whenever any one asks him, he shrugs and says, "What does it matter? The man will just keep me down." For years, "the man" has been doing a lot of suppressing in Zachary's view, but who he is has never been clear.

Zachary claims he stands up for himself, but he is usually a follower. He always hangs out with the same group at school, does the same things they do, and agrees with them (and complains about all that too). This habit may lead him to allying with some unsavory people in TDC2.

So Zachary will be joining TDC2 with about as much hope as Clive does (maybe even less). Will he stop complaining and build some real character? Will his whining earn his some rather bitter rivals? And can he pull his pants up all the way, possibly?


Chris Mclean, the Sadistic Reality Show Host

  • Bad Boss: Just ask Chef or Billy.
  • Butt Monkey: He winds up taking his own fair share of abuse, with the campers successfully turning the tables on him several times.
  • Pet the Dog: During the Drama Bomb episode, he tones back the jokes (in the campers' presence, anyway) and actually does some nice things for them, including letting Leshawna come to see Harold and showing the campers how Cody really voted on the night of Trent's elimination, clearing his name.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Though his new levels put him more along the lines of Season 1 Canon!Chris than, say, Total Drama Chris!Chris.
  • Yes-Man: to the producer.

Chef Hatchet, the Scary Cook

Alejandro, the Villainous Interviewer

  • Distracted by the Sexy: Whenever Sierra Gainaxes.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Won't antagonize Hannah because of this
  • Fake Boss: AND HOW. It appeared that he was going to be a major antagonist like his canon counterpart (even if he wasn't a contestant), using his charm and good looks to create distrust and break couples. However, after the dirigible challenge Chef shows the confessions of Alejandro, boasting about how he manipulated almost everybody just to stir up drama. Not only his true persona is exposed, but he received a Groin Attack from Bridgette, and was beaten up by the mysterious villain, regarding him as useless.
  • Guest Star Party Member
  • Jerkass: On Chris' orders, he subtly antagonizes the losers during their interviews.
  • Ship Tease: with Sandra and Sierra.

Sierra, the Uberfan Interviewer

Sierra: I love interracial pairings too! See, I totally support you and Yoshi! Just like I support myself with Cody!"
Daisy: That's nice, sweetheart, but how's that interracial?
Sierra: He's caucasian, and I'm- (gets cut off by camera)

Billy, the Intern

Dawn, the Moon Child Intern


Chico, the Raccoon

lolz, u haz bin spawted bai Chico teh Raccoon! u must gib him sum nyce garbage, or a beeg hug!

Heavily influenced by the Lolcats culture and the internet, Chico developed leet-speak as his primary method of communication. When he bridged the gap between animal and human, he continued to talk like a lolcat, and considers himself one of the leetest raccoons there is!

Entertained greatly by the show, Chico watched from afar until he couldn't help himself and jumped in. First he would use the confessionals, then get near the contestants, and eventually snuggle up to them. Chico quickly learned how much he loved getting huggled, scratched behind the ears, and having his long tail stroked. Tis bliss!

Chico loves to hang around the girls, especially animal-lover Bridgette and wild gal Izzy. He also loves the new contestants, and lives in secret in Room 10, which is such a mess that he brings in more stuff to make it more like home (though the occupants don't know this).

Right now, Chico wants to be a soldier like Groucho the Duck, who is his closest animal friend, but he hasn't the attention span or killer instinct. He prefers to chat, goof around, and hang around with all the fun humans. So while Groucho tries to teach him to use an RPG-7, the raccoon will just try to show off for the humans by shooting it and shouting, "i iz teh raccoon of doom, kaboomey-boomz!"

As the contest carries on, Chico finds himself getting involved even more. Sticking close to his pal Groucho, he plans to enjoy himself as much as he can, and use the confessional too! So beware, you might be rac'rolled, and then you'll have to give him trash or hugs!

Lolz, u all r gud kidz, nefur furget that! now i must bee goingz, i am gonna get me a cheezburger!

Groucho, the Duck

The Special-Ops Special Troops Duck. With all the force of a USA Navy SEALs and the determination of an Israeli Commando, Groucho the Duck rears for action in TDC/B! He is heavily inspired by another combat-hungry duck, from Pearls Before Swine.

Groucho the Duck is determined to protect the campers of TD, wiping out evil crocodiles and other murderous animals. When not protecting them, he has hunted down terrorists, criminals, and people who leave retail stores a mess, and captured or destroy all enemies. He has been praised by USA Presidents Bush and Obama for his valiant efforts. Alongside his best friend Chico the Raccoon, he guards against potential threats, including possibly the host of the show.

Groucho the Duck has, at his disposal, the following weapons: RPG-7s, magnum revolvers, medium-range rifles, shotguns, flamethrower, sniper rifles, C4, pistols, E-Tools, combat knives, grenades, tasers, dynamite, and a vicious pecking attack.

As he flies off into combat, or surveys the Maclean Stadium, he wears the helmet of the Crimson Flippers, a special squadron that consists of him and trainee Chico. Trying to train seagulls ("MINE! MINE! MINE!") or getting Chef Hatchet to act like a real soldier have all failed miserably, so he'll keep trying.

Despite the hardcore firepower, the militant attitude, and aggressive stance on crime and terrorism, Groucho is quite the warm-hearted bird. He cares for the contestants and watches out for them, and makes sure to tell them when they've done a good job. He considers himself a guide to them, even if they sometimes pick up him and carry him like a pet. He'd do anything for those kids.

So enemies of Canada and America beware, Groucho the Duck is armed and ready! And the business end of a magnum or an RPG-7 from an agitated duck is not where you want to be!