Spoiled Sweet

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    Now they can both be princesses!

    She is literally the Polaroid of perfection
    She has everything,
    And she'll give it to you in a second
    Looks can deceive,
    She wears her heart on her sleeve

    China Forbes, "Ordinary Girl", theme to Clueless

    So you've got lots of money, you've got daddy wrapped around your finger, and you're prettier than everyone you know. You've got all you need to assert your superiority and walk all over the little people in your midst, knowing that you're better than anyone else and if you get into real trouble, daddy's money will get you out of it, right?

    Not you! Just because you're pretty, popular, and rich doesn't mean you have the right to belittle people, and you know it! Maybe one of those "little people" is your best friend, or maybe you fell in love with some poor kid, or your parents or teachers simply brought you up right. Whatever the reason, you're one of the sweetest people around!

    The Spoiled Sweet character is a pretty, rich girl (or guy) who has plenty of potential to be the Alpha Bitch, but instead of being mean to everyone, she's as nice as can be, and she deserves that popularity. She's still spoiled, somewhat shallow, maybe even selfish (and yes, prone to attitude), but when it comes right down to it she's a loyal friend and doesn't use her money or popularity as an excuse to treat everyone like garbage - though she is often Rich in Dollars, Poor In Sense and makes errors out of ignorance. She can fit in with the Dumb Blonde stereotype, or she can be smart in a Bunny Ears Lawyer type of situation. She's typically an equal opportunity friend, hanging out with the popular crowd and the misfits alike. She'll sometimes be paired up with Alpha Bitch or a group thereof as the one nice girl in their midst, or perhaps form a dyad with the female protagonist in a Tomboy and Girly Girl pair. As shallow as she is, she'll often be the one to Give Geeks a Chance, hooking up with a guy who would never ever be expected to land such a beautiful girl.

    When faced with the need to do some kind of hands on work, (a common way to develop this character) something most of us do naturally, they might actually get excited about the opportunity, having lived in a Gilded Cage (although typically a gilded cage that they enjoy to some extent). "I always wanted to try this!" If she succeeds she will be very proud of herself - not in a haughty way but in that "Hey, I did a thing!" way. Sometimes she just thinks she succeeded and the more competent people are struggling to fix whatever she messed up. But she's just so happy and sincere about wanting to help, nobody can break her heart and tell her that she just needs to stay out of the way.

    A mild warning - the Spoiled Sweet card must be played carefully. If the writer isn't careful, she'll just wind up as a Canon Sue or a whiny, ditzy little brat and may even turn back into the Alpha Bitch.

    Differs from Jerk with a Heart of Gold in that she's always outwardly nice to begin with; if she's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold she doesn't belong here. Note that a Spoiled Sweet character doesn't have to be always nice to qualify, this kind of character is certainly prone to a selfish moment or two, or even a What the Hell, Hero? moment if her selfishness gets the better of her.

    A Sub-Trope of Idle Rich.

    Compare with Lovable Alpha Bitch, The Ojou, Princess Classic, and Uncle Pennybags. Contrast with Alpha Bitch, Spoiled Brat, Royal Brat, and Rich Bitch. Also contrast Lonely Rich Kid. If the Alpha Bitch does a Heel Face Turn she'll usually become one of these.

    She might become somewhat of an Aunt Pennybags when grown up. Also, if the Spoiled Sweet character loses her money and position, she'll be a Fallen Princess.

    Examples of Spoiled Sweet include:


    • Sketcher's brought us the spokes-cartoon-girl for Twinkle Toes shoes.

    Anime and Manga

    • Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh is insanely rich, with a huge estate. She's also a preteen genius, going to high school when she's ten. Still, she's as sweet and cute as they come.
      • More specifically, one of the main things keeping her away from Insufferable Genius territory is that both she and her classmates are fully aware that she's a ten-year-old in high school, and thus more than a bit naive about "mature" things, like sex and sexuality. (See the infamous "Drunk Nyamo" scene for reference.) Not to mention the physical limitations of being a ten-year-old, especially when it comes to phys. ed.
      • And the only time she really brings out any smugness is when Tomo is involved, because... it's Tomo.
    • Mimi from Digimon Adventure, probably one of the reasons for her Crest of Purity (Sincerity in the dub).
    • Princess Amelia from Slayers is this to a certain extent, but it's made pretty clear that she wasn't spoiled, given that she actually enjoys adventuring and helping others. It also helps that she's a skilled sorceress, and her prince father is an accomplished fighter himself. On the other end of the scale is Guest Star Party Member Martina, a Princess in Rags.
      • A subversion is Princess Gracia/Naga the Serpent, Amelia's older sister. While she shares Amelia's penchant for adventure and will help others, she's also haughty, a drunkard, brands herself as superior due to her status (which most don't know about because of her given moniker), tries to garner fame without the effort (unless the situation is dire), and it's mentioned in the novel adaptations that she frequently asks for money from her and Amelia's father.
    • From Cardcaptor Sakura, Tomoyo Daidouji (Madison in the dub). Even though she was rich and probably going to be a pro fashion designer, she liked being a sidekick to Sakura, giving her "super-hero" outfits and filming her adventures.
      • She definitely lacks the Rich in Dollars, Poor In Sense part though: she manages to be at ease anywhere, and to know every (non-magic) thing that's going on.
      • Also Li Meiling, once you go through her Spoiled Brat facade.
      • Nadeshiko, Sakura's mother, was this when alive. Tomoyo's mom Sonomi is a grown-up version of the trope.
        • Complete with the whole "married below her station" deal, the reason Nadeshiko's relatives didn't like Sakura's dad. Sonomi and Nadeshiko's grandfather Masaaki make amends when they come to fully accept that Fujitaka made their Nadeshiko happy when she lived.
    • Mihoshi Kuramitsu from Tenchi Muyo! belongs to the ruling family of her homeworld. While often portrayed, at best, as a Bunny Ears Lawyer, no one is sweeter than her with the possible exception of Sasami, who is another quality example of this Trope.
    • Hinata Hyuuga of Naruto fits this trope in that she is heiress to the wealthiest clan in the village and that she (along with Chouji) is one of the kindest characters in the series. However, this is subverted by the fact that her father's treatment of her used to be incredibly harsh, not to mention she was constantly reprimanded for not being strong enough. Fortunately, said dad got better.
      • Beyond that, what few shots have been shown of the Hyuuga estate indicate a rather spartan existence with an emphasis on skill and strength over possessions.
    • Princess Fala, from the really adult-oriented robot anime, GoLion.
    • Although he did spend some time in an orphanage (or in the live-action, under the care of the Kousaka family), Mamoru Chiba from Sailor Moon eventually claimed a large inheritance from his parents but is still a nice person who prefers hard work to get what he has. However, since we're seeing the story from Usagi's point of view and she's an Unreliable Narrator, he comes off as more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold at that start.
      • It actually depends on the continuity. He plays it straight in the manga, but in the anime he's seen once or twice holding part-time jobs, and while his apartment is rather nice it's also very simple. On the other hand, he's also seen driving a really nice sports car and motorcycle in turns. So maybe he just has a large trust fund and lives off the interest while supplementing his income with part-time work and splurging on a nice set of wheels.
      • The Senshi that come from rich families fit in as well, specially Michiru/Neptune and Haruka/Uranus (who live in a rather impressive penthouse), as well as Rei/Mars (daughter of a famous politician) and possibly Hotaru/Saturn (her home seems to be a Big Fancy House.) And while she was middle-to-high class in the anime, Ami/Mercury was definitely this trope in the manga.
    • Konoka Konoe from Mahou Sensei Negima!
      • Ayaka Yukihiro seems to be a Rich Bitch, but later we see that it's more of a Jerkass Facade.
      • While we don't learn about her rich family till near the end, Chizuru Naba counts as well. Family owning a Conglomerate, her goal in life is working in a daycare.
    • Hermione from Romeo X Juliet. Until she snaps after quite a bit of emotional repression. She returns to being one after she gets better, though.
    • Meiko Akizuki from Marmalade Boy. Suzu Sakuma is more of a Spoiled Brat, but doesn't reach Rich Bitch extremes.
    • Sara Crewe from Shokojo Sera (the anime version of A Little Princess), before It Got Worse.
    • Shirley Fennette from Code Geass... before, yeah, It Got Worse for her too.
    • Garma Zabi from Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 had a privileged life, but cared about common civilians from the Earth Federation as well as preserving the environment that belonged to them.
    • The adorable Louise Halevy from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 was somewhat of a Spoiled Brat but still a Momma's Girl. She also genuinely tried to endear herself to her middle-class boyfriend Saji's family, though it didn't fully work. This was before...guess what?
    • Relena Darlian from Gundam Wing has all the right elements to be a proper Spoiled Brat or Alpha Bitch (rich and famous family, most popular girl in school, very beautiful)...but instead she's sweet, friendly, charismatic, smart, and clever. As with most Sunrise girls, It Got Worse, but she hangs on and grows all the stronger for it. And even when she learns that she's adopted, she stops Mrs. Darlian from telling her about her past by hugging her, crying and asking her to never stop being her mother.
    • Platinum Berlitz from Pokémon Special. Daughter of Sinnoh's richest family, she initially insists on staying at high-class hotels and refuses to give her true name to those she considers commoners. However, she is genuinely interested in learning and trying out new things first hand, and eventually warms up to Diamond and Pearl.
    • Nozomi from Chance Pop Session.
    • Mimi from Choco Mimi is a variant. She is spoiled by her parents, especially her father, but her family isn't wealthy.
    • Momoko of Keroro Gunsou lives in a mansion with her own mall, train station, and can have anything she wants, wherever it may be in the world, shipped to her right away. Yet she's the shyest girl in school and can be downright angelic when her other personality doesn't take over.
    • Elizabeth of Black Butler. She's used to getting what she wants but isn't a bad person for it.
    • Tsuruya from Haruhi Suzumiya, a rather loyal and cheery friend to the SOS Brigade who lives in an impressive Big Fancy House.
    • Although male, Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club otherwise fits this trope to a T.
      • Honey also counts, as does Mori (although how Mori feels about anyone is rather up to interpretation). The Hitachiin twins and Kyoya are a bit too Jerk with a Heart of Gold to really apply, but once you get to know them they're pretty nice people. Kasanoda looks incredibly scary and his dad is a Yakuza, but he himself is a pretty decent guy.
    • Shiro from Deadman Wonderland is technically this, but she has an Alter Ego Homicidal Yandere.
    • In flashbacks to his youth, Chouji Suitengu of Speed Grapher (or better said, Takeshi Ueno) seemed to be a somewhat haughty, but basically nice boy who really loved his little sister Yui and his parents. Needless to say, this is another It Got Worse example.
      • Kagura Tennouzou is a somber and sweet girl, if very naive, as well as born in onje of the richest families in Japan. At the same time, due to her mother's horrible abuse and her role as the "Divine Goddess", she's one of the biggest Woobies of the series.
    • Siegfried from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. He's both a wealthy Heir and a famous composer, but he is humble and absolutely loyal to his friends. Niijima mentions that Siegfried is personally funding the Shinpaku Alliance with profits from the Opera he wrote about them.
    • Tsumugi "Mugi-chan" Kotobuki in K-On!. Her family owns the music instrument business that the group regularly shops from, a yacht, and at least three summer homes, with the two smallest ones being immense and gorgeous. In spite of this, she's very kind-hearted, always serving tea and cake every day when they meet and gets them huge discounts from the music store. She's shown several times to be eager to feel part of the group such as mixing her fries with the others at a fast food restaurant (a sign of acceptance in Japanese culture) or asking Ritsu to hit her (she felt that the physical altercations Ritsu had with Mio was a sign of their closeness). She's also eager to try out the places of "the common man", like fast food or the local hardware store.
    • Mika Harima from Durarara!!. She's said to be from a very rich family, but wasn't particularly spoiled or petty, since she befriended Anri Sonohara during middle school, who was bullied often and had no other friends besides her at that point. Later, however, the girl went completely bonkers for Seiji Yagiri...
    • Vivi from One Piece is a princess, yet she is probably one of the most selfless people in the series.
      • Kaya also fits this trope like a glove.
      • We can also add Princess Shirahoshi, who may not know a lot about the outside world, but is very kind to those she meets and is willing to sacrifice herself to protect her subjects.
    • Sonoko Suzuki is too flighty and childish to be The Ojou, but she doesn't flaunt her wealth in an overly rude manner. She's actually grateful that Ran doesn't try to mooch off of her.
    • Madoka Ayukawa from Kimagure Orange Road is the daughter of two classical musicians and lives in a Big Fancy House, but she's also a tomboyish Tsundere who is fiercely loyal and protective of her friends.
    • Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach. Her Rags to Riches story has left her the apple of the eye of one of the most powerful aristocrats in the whole of Soul Society. It hasn't stopped her from being down-to-earth, gentle or kind, however.
    • Nogizaka Haruka of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is unbelievably wealthy but still loves anime and gets a very average low class boyfriend. She's also the sweetest person in the series.

    Comic Books

    • Cornelia from the comic version of WITCH is one of these, though in the cartoon version she's just a Alpha Bitch With A Heart Of Gold.
    • Egyptian Princess Theti-Cherie from the Belgian comic Papyrus.
    • Cecilia from Yoko Tsuno.
      • Yoko herself might count, as her family has a Big Fancy House in Okinawa and her dad's a famous professor.
    • Although Veronica Lodge is best known in popular culture as a Rich Bitch, and many stories do indeed portray her this way, the Archie universe's Negative Continuity allows her to be portrayed quite often as entirely likeable: still materialistic and somewhat shallow, but a loving girlfriend to her "Archiekins" and a loyal best friend to Betty, despite neither of them being wealthy.
      • Even when she's being vain and spoiled, she can still be nice to Betty. Some stories show how Veronica frequently gets tired of her wardrobe and decides to buy a new one, pawning all her old outfits off on Betty in the process. These clothes are still really nice, which gives Betty a very impressive wardrobe of her own despite her own lack of wealth.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man's Gwendolyne "Gwen" Stacy started out this way. She came from an upper-class background, her father Captain George Stacy, perhaps the most respected citizen ever seen in the series, belonged to the same gentlemen's club as millionaires J. Jonah Jameson and Norman Osborn (whose son was Gwen's high school boyfriend), but that did not prevent her from becoming very close to Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, both of whom came from a lower social stratum. In her earliest appearances Gwen even sometimes displayed a nasty streak (she got into a quarrel with Aunt May, blaming her for "holding Peter back" through her protectiveness), later she gradually morphed into a fullblown paragon of nice..
    • The Marvel Adventures version of Janet van Dyne is the only incarnation to be this from the very start. As we eventually find out, her father owns a major system of laboratories and a tech company to rival Stark Industries, but she's more comfortable with playing video games with Spidey, helping orphans in Africa, and taking out space threats with the Avengers than going to high society parties, and even went masked for the first dozen or so issues because she thought being publicly known as a superhero (something her other-dimension counterparts have never had a problem with) would get in the way of her being able to actively do good.
    • Richie Rich is so wealthy his family owns two of everything money can buy. Still a nice kid with a generous heart. His parents are pretty decent types as well.
      • In the live-action movie, the antagonist finally manages to gain access to the Rich family vault, only to discover it's full of keepsakes whose value is almost entirely sentimental. Where do they keep the money? "In banks."

    Fan Works

    Films -- Animation

    • Pictured above: When first introduced, Charlotte "Lottie" LaBouff of The Princess and the Frog is shown to have her dad's wealth and influence as the un-crowned king of New Orleans completely under her thumb, and she gets anything she wants. She is a ditz with an obsession with becoming a Princess, but she is a remarkably sweet ditz and is Tiana's best friend. Early in the film she is throwing a lavish masquerade ball to snare the visiting Prince Naveen and hires Tiana to cook her delicious signature treats to help, since "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." However, when Tiana ended up crashing into the table of treats and knocks them to the ground, Charlotte, rather than get annoyed at Tiana or demand that she bake a new batch, instantly realised it was a total accident, took her upstairs and got her cleaned up by lending her some of her (Charlotte's) own clothing. Before that, she was helping Tiana buy her resturaunt by hiring her for the party without haggling the prices of the food. Charlotte's dream is to marry a prince, but she wants Tiana to have her dream, too, so she kisses Naveen the Frog Prince to turn him and Tia human, even if he will not marry her. Her kiss ultimately fails to turn him human again, but she didn't know that at first.
    • In Cinderella, by the third move Anastasia becomes Spoiled Sweet, or maybe a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. The third movie shows her to be not quite the Alpha Bitch in the first movie, not only did she apologize and say "I didn't mean that!" when she accidentally petrified the Fairy Godmother, but gave up her chance to marry Prince Charming because she didn't want to marry him if he didn't love her. And in the second, which gives the story its conclusion, the circle comes to an end as Anastasia falls for a commoner (the local baker boy and Big Beautiful Man, Dimitri), finally confronts Lady Tremaine in her bullcrap, gets to marry the man she loves and fully reconciles herself with Cindy and the Prince.
      • It is also interesting to point out that some versions of the classic Cinderella story actually do have one stepsister who isn't that bad. (This is also played out in the live-action Cinderella adaptation Ever After: Marguerite is a Dumb Blonde Rich Bitch, but Jacqueline is rather nice, just easily cowed by her mother and sister.) In the original, in fact, it was only the nicer sister who called Cinderella "Cinderella". The meaner sister and the stepmom called her "Cinderslut" instead. The word wasn't quite as bad as it is nowadays, meaning something more like "slovenly and dirty", but it's still not great.
    • Jenny in Oliver and Company. She had only a butler and a remarkably spoiled show-poodle for company on her birthday. Her wealth is obvious and it's clear she can have almost anything she wants, but what she really wants is a loveable companion.
    • Maid Marian from Robin Hood. She is part of Prince John's household and his niece, but she is one of the nicest characters in the movie.

    Films -- Live Action

    • Prince Hakeem of Zamunda in Coming to America. Just because he's the absurdly wealthy heir to the throne doesn't mean he's a jerk. Contrast to his condescending father and opportunistic aide.
    • Patty Simcox in Grease is annoyingly this (with just a touch of the Alpha Bitch).
    • Collins Tuohy from The Blind Side.
    • Cher Horowitz from Clueless is nearly the Trope Namer. Rules the school with an iron fist, but it's an iron fist tempered with sweetness. She even attempts to play matchmaker to a couple of nerdy teachers. Justified in that the film is an updated version of Jane Austen's Emma, who was practically the Trope Maker.
    • Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Shallow, yes, but also very sweet and fiercely loyal to her friends.
    • Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills. A stereotypical spoiled Beverly Hills housewife who cares very much for the girls of the troop she leads. She is also genuinely heartbroken over the impending end of her marriage and her soon-to-be ex-husband's new girlfriend. When Velda, an enemy troop leader who has constantly put down and sabotaged Phyllis's troop, is injured and abandoned by her own troop during the Wilderness Girl Jamboree race, Phyllis and her troop carry Velda to the finish line.
    • Jocelyn in A Knight's Tale. She is aristocratic and very into clothes and slightly superficial. But she proves herself and her love for William in the end.
    • Grace Conrad in Unaccompanied Minors. although she seems to have everything, she actually behaves rather well.
    • Allegra in Hitch.
    • Kay in Mildred Pierce.
    • Dinky in Sydney White.
    • Ali from the original Karate Kid
    • Lorenzo Odone comes off as a bit of this at the very beginning of Lorenzo's Oil. When his illness causes him to start throwing what look at first like ordinary childhood fits, everybody is astonished.
    • Sandra from Stahlnetz: PSI has hundreds of Euro as pocket money, but still prefers to be nice and friendly, and rescues the other girl by The Power of Friendship.
    • Arguably Alyssa Callaway from It Takes Two.
    • Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean. She's the governor's daughter but she's friendly to common people like Will and is Nice to the Waiter.
    • Played with in Snow White a Tale of Terror. Lilli is nice to the servants but treats her stepmother very badly.


    • Emma from Jane Austen's Emma, on which Clueless is based. Emma is on the edge of this trope, just nice enough to avoid being a Rich Bitch though she does have plenty of bitchy moments. At her worst, though, she's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold; whatever else can be said of her, she usually means well.
      • While we're on the subject of Jane Austen, there's Georgiana Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Compare her (and to a lesser extent, her brother) to the rest of the family, and you find yourself wondering how they turned out so well...
      • Jane Bennet may also qualify for this. The Bennets aren't as wealthy as the Darcys, but they are a family of local social prominence and own a fair amount of land; youngest daughter Lydia certainly does more than her fair share of shopping. But Jane, the eldest, prettiest, and sweetest of the five, loves and thinks well of everyone, and never has an unkind word cross her lips in the entire story.
    • Lasaraleen Tarkheena from The Horse and His Boy, part of the Chronicles of Narnia series. She's spoiled, whiny and shallow, but ultimately helps her best friend Aravis when she needs it even if she doesn't quite understand why she would not marry the Vizier.
    • Sara from A Little Princess. She is a bit clueless about people below her station at first, but she soon develops a very strong sense of compassion even before things all go to hell in a handbasket for her.
    • Jennifer from Avalon High. She initially comes across as the Alpha Bitch (a beautiful blonde cheerleader who is cheating on her boyfriend with his best friend) but is actually very nice. In the manga sequel she has pretty much become Ellie's best friend.
      • As often as Meg Cabot uses the Alpha Bitch trope, it's only natural a few sweets fall into place. In addition to Jennifer we get Lucy from All-American Girl and Lulu from Airhead.
    • Being a princess with little knowledge of ordinary life, Sisi, from Slaves of the Mastery, is by all standards quite spoiled, but she also has an incredibly sweet nature and is unwilling to hurt anyone. Then she takes a massive level in badass.
    • Ned Maddstone from The Stars' Tennis Balls by Stephen Fry, Spear Counterpart male version, he's the head boy at Harrow School captain of the cricket team and dates a hot waitress... but is incredibly self-deprecating and kind hearted and without even thinking about it agrees to keep secret that one of the boys at the school is working class ... this sort of behaviour naturally makes other character's hate him for what they see as showing off (their actually just resentfully towards him for being a better person then them).
    • Sandrilene fa Toren of the Circle of Magic books is the most wealthy heiress in the Namorn empire, closely related to royalty in two countries, had rich parents who travelled around the world with her having fun all the time, and yet readily befriends those of lower social status, is determined to think well of them, and has such a sense of noblesse oblige that Empress Berenene plays off it in order to keep her from leaving the country out of loyalty to the tenants who work on her lands. Of course, she also has a few Well, Excuse Me, Princess! moments, but they all stem from wanting to do the right thing. Even her foster-sister remarks that she has "too good a heart".
    • There were several pseudo-historical novels based on Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (a.k.a. "Sisi")'s life, portraying her as this. Though sometimes they would go so overboard that Sisi, a Broken Bird Rebellious Princess in Real Life, would end up as a Purity Sue instead.
    • Matilde from the old Chilean novel Martin Rivas. Female lead Leonor would become one as a part of her Character Development.
    • Anita, Rebeca and ultimately Graciela aka Chela from "Golondrina de Invierno" ("Winter Sparrow"), another old Chilean novel.
    • Rose Campbell from Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom. Annabelle Bliss would straddle the line between this and the Alpha Bitch in the second part, as she's vain and superficial but also partially defies social rules by getting engaged to a Chinese man.
      • Kitty Van Tassel is also this, as she's a borderline ditz but genuinely cares for her boyfriend Steve and gets along well with everyone.
    • Lara in Cheri Bennett's Life In The Fat Lane is best described as a failed attempt to create a Spoiled Sweet (we're expected to believe that Lara is a Lovable Alpha Bitch played straight, while a character who acts the same way towards Lara after she gets fat is treated as a subversion of same...but they both come off as equally condescending). However, it's possible that she's intended to be an Unreliable Narrator.
    • In Artichoke's Heart, we have Kay-Kay, despite being blond, thin, pretty and popular, is friendly with the main protagonist, who is subjected to much teasing from the Alpha Bitch of the school.
    • Ky Vatta of Vattas War starts off as having a reputation for this despite her ability to prove herself in a tough Military Academy.
    • Cherry Valance in The Outsiders may be well-off and dating one of the most violent members of the heroes' enemy gang, but she is very kind to Ponyboy when they actually get a chance to talk without other loyalties getting in the way.
    • Lady Sybil Ramkins, Vimes' wife from the Watch books of Discworld. Born to an extremely rich family, never lacked for anything, among the most highly connected families of Ankh-Morpork... but an extremely good-hearted, generous woman who opened a (mostly) charity hospital and runs a shelter for sick dragons. She's nice to everyone and still keeps up correspondence with her friends from school... which includes wives halfway across the continent in either direction.
    • Bertie Wooster of Jeeves and Wooster is a male example, as noted on the Upper Class Twit page. He may be an idiot, but he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. A lot of plots revolve around the fact that he'd do nearly anything to help a friend in distress, and his appreciation for Jeeves is such that he'll often sacrifice something really important to him if he thinks it will make Jeeves happy.
    • Katniss's Prep Team, Venia, Flavius, and Octavia in The Hunger Games. They are unbelievably shallow and foolish but Katniss cannot bring herself to hate them (unlike most Capitol citizens) because she reasons they simply don't know any better.
    • In the Chalet School books, there's the Robin. While Joey does have a tendency to baby her even when she's older and less delicate, it doesn't have a bad effect on the Robin's personality at all - in fact, she grows into a kind, sensitive teenager with a strong sense of right and wrong, who acts as a Cool Big Sis to Daisy Venables. Princess Elisaveta is another example; she might be a princess, but she's not stuck up at all and makes plenty of friends.
    • Lila Fowler in some of the Sweet Valley books. However with so many ghostwriters the characterisation does vary from book to book.
    • Kismine Washington from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novella "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" is this trope meets Conditioned to Accept Horror. Her utter innocence and guilelessness makes the story all the scarier.
    • Ivan Vorpatril of Vorkosigan Saga is somewhat like this. He is no saint and in fact calls common born people proles (though only as a generic; he does not particularly look down on those commoners he actually sees). But he is loyal and helpful even to total strangers and certainly to friends, though not without grumbling. His chief goal in life is to live it as comfortably as he can, but he is not going to let that get in the way of friendship or patriotism or simple kindness.
      • Ivan's wife, Lady Tej Vorpatril is a Mafia Princess whose parents and siblings can be extremely difficult. Ivan married her in the process of a scheme to keep her protected from a Mob War and then fell in love with her. Her father dotes on her but can't understand why she is unenthusiastic about the family scheming.

    Live-Action TV

    • Rachel Green from Friends is this - her parents are willing to bail her out any time she messes up, but she so badly wants to make it on her own. She finds it really hard to break out of her Gilded Cage at first, being so attatched to her credit cards, and has a tendency to mess up tasks that most people do easily (one of her more infamous instances being the Shepherd's Trifle Incident), but eventually she adjusts to having a normal life.
    • Kaori, the White Swan, seems to be a highly pampered Rich Bitch, but she has a good heart... espescially when it comes to The Hero, Ryu.
      • Another Sentai example: Engine Sentai Go-onger has Miu/Go-on Silver, initially set up as a wealthy, shallow drama queen but who rapidly shows herself to be kind and makes an effort to reach out to the Go-ongers rather than writing them off (unlike her brother, who takes a while to warm up to them).
        • In the American version, Power Rangers RPM, Summer (the Yellow Ranger) both averts this and plays it straight. Before the Venjix disaster, she was a typical spoiled Rich Bitch, often treating her butler Andrews poorly. This was due to her parents never being around for her, leading her to cope by being a bitch. However, after her "friends" abandon her, and Andrews dies protecting her in spite of how she's treated him, she changes and becomes a truly nice person. To be fair, she's not exactly rich anymore by that point, but still.
    • Cordelia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer sort of grew into this once she stopped being such a Rich Bitch, especially while dating Xander, although she still had the occasional bitchy moment. It wasn't until Angel that she stopped being an Alpha Bitch and got some serious Character Development. However, at that point she was no longer rich and had a very difficult life.
    • Kurt from Glee is clearly spoiled by his dad (and sarcastic by default), but is incapable of actual cruelty and fiercely protective of his friends. And sometimes even Rachel.
      • Sugar Motta is even more spoiled, since her dad may or may not be in the mafia. She used to be a Jerkass, but softened up considerably during the latter half of the third season. She even paid the club's Regionals fees so they wouldn't have to worry about them.

    They always say "Don't worry about the small stuff". Well, one of the fun things about being rich is that everything is the small stuff.

    • Kelly Gaines in Cheers.
    • The Governor's daughter, from Benson
    • Jenny Swanson from The Hard Times of RJ Berger. It's one of the few examples of the Veronica in a Betty and Veronica being far more likeable then the Betty best friend character, Lily.
    • The Tams in Firefly are something of a subversion. They are both likable despite their rich upbringing (though Simon is rather ponderous), but River and Simon both geniuses and quite competent at killing people and healing people respectively.
    • From the Japanese drama version of A Little Princess, the main character Seira of Shokojo Sera is this, being Nice to the Waiter and always kind and patient to anyone she meets, even those who are rude, cruel and love to Kick the Dog.
    • Rory Gilmore - helps that she was raised by her Closer to Earth single mother, but she definitely benefits from her grandparents' money and influence.
      • YMMV. Clearly, the writers intended Rory to be seen this way, but some viewers thought otherwise, especially after she had an affair with a married man.
    • Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl.
    • Lady Sybil Crawley on Downton Abbey. Born into tremendous wealth, clearly the apple of the earl's eye, and the favorite of her formidable older sister, Sybil never has a mean word for anyone, is interested in social justice and women's rights, and spends half the season helping one of the housemaids try to land her dream job.
    • Even though Kelly and Donna from Beverly Hills, 90210 were both spoiled rich kids (and maybe somewhat shallow), neither one of them really had any Alpha Bitch qualities.
    • In Chinese Paladin 3, Xuejian is partly this: a well-brought up young lady who adores her grandfather, is fiercely protective of her servants, loyal to her family...and is not above throwing tandrums when annoyed. Longkui is another example, as she is very sweet and thoughtful of others (and also is a princess).
    • Princess Mithian from Merlin. The show sets her up so that the audience expects her to be a Spoiled Brat, but she ends up being quite lovely.
    • Alexis Castle is this despite her father being a bestselling novelist who also often acts like a Man Child. This is also with a grandmother who is an overly dramatic former actress and a mother who is rather impulsive and irresponsible. It is arguable that she is actually the most mature member of her family.
    • London Tipton from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody used to be this[1] when she was a little girl before her father's constant disappointments caused her to grow into a Spoiled Brat.
    • Samantha Swift on Take Two is an entitled and rather bratty movie star with an overenthusiasm for sex and narcotics and stereotypical Hollywood vices that gets her in trouble with the law, and with public opinion. However her difficulties have so far mainly hurt herself and in the meantime she means well. She is paired off with a rough and tumble private eye to learn what it is to earn an honest dollar. Whatever her faults she is not a bully and has compassion for those less well-off than she is.

    Oral Tradition

    • Older Than Print: Kaguya-hime, the Shining Princess from the 8th or 9th-century Japanese Fairy Tale of the same name (or "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter"). Despite her adoptive parents lavishing their newfound wealth on her, she remains sweet and kind, and even though she demands impossible things of her suitors, it turns out she has a very good reason for wanting them to fail: She has to come back to the Moon when she's older, so she cannot have any real emotional bounds with Earthians other than those with her parents.


    Video Games

    • Sarina (and Midori) in Kira Kira, though the latter is far from shallow and the former has her problems, too.
    • Both Eirika and Tana from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, princesses of their respective kingdoms, but also very dedicated Action Girls and extremely kind to their companions. L'Arachel is like this too, mixing it with Genki Girl and Large Ham.
    • Silk Fox has a sweet nature... it just takes some digging to find...
    • Super Mario Bros.: Princess Peach. She's quite attractive, and judging by the fancy dresses she wears, the big castle she owns and the fact that she's a princess, she's probably stinking rich too. However, she's depicted as sweet, gentle and will do anything for her friends, and despite being so pretty and rich, she's in love with a chubby, short, not-so-good-looking plumber.
      • Actually, plenty of people, particularly in the RPGs, find Mario attractive, mainly calling his mustache "manly".
    • Estelle from Tales of Vesperia, who had never left the imperial city (and possibly not even the palace!) and had only read about the other parts of the world, yet when she goes out and sees sick and injured people, her first response to this? To use her Healing Artes on them.
      • Natalia from Tales of the Abyss goes this way too. She usually acts princessy around the party, but, after seeing the sick people in Akzeriuth, her first reaction is to help them with her Healing Artes. In fact, when Luke suggests that this "isn't their problem", she gives him the same look you'd give to someone who told you that fire is cold.
        • This is the reason that people of her nation are far more loyal to her than her father, and she is famous throughout the land for her philanthropy.
      • Luke is something like this as well, in a Jerk with a Heart of Gold way. Despite having only seven years of memories, and spending all those years sequestered away in his family's mansion with no knowledge of the outside world (including how to use money), he comes across as a jerk. And then you find out that, despite his favorite hobby being practicing swordsmanship with the master that he adored, he has a ridiculously high Thou Shalt Not Kill rating for a JRPG hero and will try and save anyone no matter the cost to himself, even if he's Tsundere about it until his Important Haircut, after which he plays this trope mostly straight.
    • Marle, aka Princess Nadia, of Chrono Trigger has definite aspects of this. She's had a sheltered life and is used to getting her own way, but she's also very friendly and often surprisingly humble, deliberately downplaying her own rank while praising the abilities of her teammates.
    • Agitha, Princess of Bugs, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She's got a lavish house, no day job (she's ten), an Impossibly Cool Dress, and spends Rupees like water—but she rewards Link with Rupees for bringing her golden bugs, her dear little friends, and appears to not have a malicious bone in her body. You can't help but like her.
      • The only particularly disturbing line she has is when you leave her house without giving up all your bugs the first time, and she mutters, "I KNOW you have bugs with you."
      • There is also the fact that she is one of the few humans in the game that isn't afraid of your wolf form.
        • Which may be because she doesn't see a wolf, she sees a very large puppy.
    • Princess Zelda herself comes across this way in some of the installments of the series. A Link to The Past is probably the best example, not least because it was the first one to give her any significant dialogue or screen time; the manga adaptation makes her seem like this even more.
    • Desiree DeLite from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is set up as a shopaholic, ditzy blonde who would leave Ron as soon as she realized that he was not loaded, but was instead so broke that he resorted to stealing to support her shopping habit. However, Desiree truly does love him, to the point of breaking into Luke Atmey's detective agency office and stealing a piece of evidence that would get Ron freed of thievery charges. When she accepts him despite what he's done, it's a definite Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
      • Regina Berry is similar. She's been raised to be so sheltered that she doesn't understand the concept of death and is so beautiful that Even the Girls Want Her, but she's very kind to everyone around her. Unfortunately her naivete leads her to do cruel things without knowing what she's done, such as putting pepper on Bat's scarf so her lion will sneeze after she tells Bat to put his head in the lion's mouth. Even after the lion's crushing jaws put Bat into a coma she still doesn't get it. In her defense, she wanted Bat to sneeze, it was a bit of Hoist by His Own Petard revenge, since he did it to her all the time. The incident with the lion was an unforeseen side effect.
    • Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools is the Dumb Blonde daughter of a millionaire businessman, but in return she's very cheerful and outspoken and she befriends the Japanese students quite faster than her Jerkass crush Roy. And when she happily hugs Hinata after she and Roy rescue her from Kurow in the Taiyo path of Project Justice, it's time for a big "Aaaaawwwww, so cute!"
    • Nalia d'Arnise of Baldur's Gate crosses this with Rebellious Princess, and as such is listed as Chaotic Good. She is a bit clueless and is by far the least street-wise party member in the game despite her own proclamations of spending lots of time in the streets, but she is genuinely well-intentioned and does try to be nice and understanding to the poor.
    • Bianca in Pokémon Black and White is sheltered by her parents and is a daddy's girl, but she's very open and friendly towards your character and Cheren, and is very eager to go out and try new things on her own.
      • Considering that he lives in a fancy palace, is treated like a king, and is much more concerned with saving abused Pokemon from wicked humans than with his own interests, N very well qualifies.
    • Flora Reinhold from the Professor Layton games. As the only child of an eccentric baron, she's the rightful heiress of Fiction 500. She gives it up so that her Ridiculously Human Robot friends wouldn't be shut down, and spends her time traveling around solving puzzles with Layton, who adopts her. She's the series personification of sweetness, and beloved by the rest of the cast; even resident villain Don Paolo has a soft spot for her. She has a bit of a Tsundere streak if left behind, but the implication is that she's just afraid of being left alone, and it's not hard to soothe her when she does get upset.
    • Sofia from Rune Factory 3. Despite being the rich girl, she is probably the sweetest character in the entire cast with the possible exception of Innocent Flower Girl Shara. In fact, one of the reasons why she started speaking in opposite is so her very weird father wouldn't seem so weird.
      • Another reason why Sofia speaks in opposites is so that she wouldn't have to tell people things that would put them down, such as Evelyn's...questionable taste in clothing that she designs. This is stated to actually be the reason she started, so that her lies become truth.
      • Selphy from Rune Factory: Frontier is heavily implied to be a runaway princess. She's also very cheerful and amiable.
      • Also, Electra from Rune Factory Oceans, though her household isn't as rich as it once was by the time you meet her.
    • Amiti in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is wealthy and very kind, but also rather naiive. He grows out of his Black and White Morality and learns to be The Wise Prince as he'd hoped... and this actually makes him even more compassionate towards others, since it causes him to learn about empathy and that good people can do bad things for good causes (and that yanking his chain doesn't make them evil, either).
      • Sveta also gets a tinge of Spoiled Sweetness due to being a kind and responsible princess, but because of Morgal's political situation, she lacks the naiivete from the start. She also doesn't advertise her status, in part because of said political situation and in part because she fears it will affect how people see her.
    • The Webber twins.
    • The eponymous protagonist of the indie Vera Blanc games is strong-willed and snarky, but doesn't act like her wealth puts her above other people, and after surviving a deadly brain tumor, she dedicates herself to using her talents and resources to help people with unusual problems.
    • The Harvest Moon series has a couple: Lumina from Another Wonderful Life and Harvest Moon DS is rich and beautiful, and although she has her bitchy moments, she is ultimately a good, sweet person.
      • Sherry from Grand Bazaar looks a little shallow and carefree being the daughter of the mayor, but is a very nice girl.
      • Sabrina from Island of Happiness and Sunshine Islands is the daughter of the island's millionaire, but is beautiful, sweet and kind.
    • Kloe from Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.
    • Lady Cloche from from Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. She's a prideful Tsundere, but when you get right to it, she's undoubtedly the most caring, most responsible, most honorable, least petty, hardest working heroine of the three. Though considering the sort of life that she truly leads as a sheltered royal with very little freedom and the harsh truth behind her situation as a figurehead, the spoiled part is up for debate... She's certainly rich, though.
    • Rinoa Heartilly in Final Fantasy VIII has some elements of this trope. She's the daughter of a general from one of the two really prosperous and influential nations in the setting, and was clearly raised in privilege, leaving her with a naivete that sharply contrasts with the other major characters' more pragmatic outlooks, to the point her friends refer to her as a "princess." Nevertheless, she's very caring and highly motivated to help others: when the party meets her, she's acting as leader of a faction of La Résistance against her home country's military occupation and oppression of the city of Timber, and expresses considerable distress and indignation over the way Timber's residents are treated by the occupying soldiers.
    • Mihara Shiki in Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side is wealthy, gorgeous, and an incredibly talented and famous artist, and well aware of it, with an ego that can fill a whole room. For all that he has absolutely no modesty, however, he's rarely ever condescending towards others and is happy to shower affection on the heroine without reservation, moreso than any other potential boyfriend in the game.


    Western Animation

    • Caitlin from 6teen, in contrast with her former friend Tricia, who is an defining example of the Alpha Bitch.
    • Lo from Stoked is also one of these, having formed a fast friendship with Emma and even diving into the garbage to help her earn the chance to surf in the seniors' secret surf spot... at least in the first season.
    • Clover, Alex, and Sam from Totally Spies! are these, though to different degrees. Alex is probably the most straight-up example.
    • Courtney Gripling from As Told by Ginger came off as this from time to time. It was usually Courtney's friend Miranda who egged her on toward more Alpha Bitch-like deeds.
      • Not just "from time to time." Since the pilot episode, it has been shown that Courtney is actually a very friendly, nice person, and can be pretty quick to include the "unpopular" girls in whatever she's doing at the time. Though she's a self-proclaimed "snob," she's actually very sweet.
    • Pops from Regular Show. While he doesn't really qualify for the "exceptionally attractive" part of the trope, he DOES come from an exceedingly wealthy family, and is incredibly sweet and kind to everybody. He also has a child-like fascination with everything, due to him living a sheltered youth. He's also the park manager, but never abuses his position of authority. He's a bit of a ditz, but he's an all-around nice, generous person.
    • Lindsey from Total Drama Island, juxtaposed to Alpha Bitch Heather.
    • The female half of the title characters of Goldie Gold and Action Jack.
    • Beebe Bluff from Doug. Her friends had to explain to her what being "broke" meant.
    • Brittany from Daria has been known to go into this trope when she wasn't The Ditz.
      • Also Stacy from the Fashion Club.
    • It's shown that Sissi can be this in Code Lyoko if given the chance (usually in dangerous, XANA-induced situations), and hopefully she'll stay that way in the end once the main group makes her their friend.
      • As shown in the third season premiere/origin episode, she in fact started as one of these before the other kids in the group (particularly Ulrich) blew her off when she threatened to blow the whistle on Lyoko (out of concern rather than malice.) She then became the Alpha Bitch out of spite. As seasons 2 and 4 show (ignoring that third season...), she gradually reverted back to Spoiled Sweet.
    • Amy Wong from Futurama; her parents own half of Mars, but she's quite nice, in addition to being a ditzy klutz who always dresses like it's laundry day.
    • Most of the female cast of Beverly Hills Teens... except for Bianca Dupree, she's just plain spoiled!
    • Jasmine sort of becomes like this in Aladdin the animated series.
    • Kimiko from Xiaolin Showdown. Then again, she has got to be super sweet not to have killed Raimundo, or Omi for that matter.
    • Male example: Eddie from Class of 3000.
    • Frida Suarez from El Tigre.
    • Stella from Winx Club is the Jerk with a Heart of Gold version. Yes, she's ditzy and spoiled and wants to date a prince, but she's always next to her friends when they need her and when the guy she likes turns out to just be a squire to a prince, she's more upset that he lied to her than for his lack of royal blood.
    • Dana Tan from Batman Beyond. She lives in a Big Fancy House, with a workaholic Overprotective Dad, and offers to lend Terry money like it's no big deal to her. While the Tans are clearly not on the level of, say, the Waynes, Dana's affluent enough to qualify, especially compared to the struggling middle-class McGinnises and Gibsons.
    • Lola Mbola from Robotboy.
    • Muffy Crosswire from Arthur floats between this and the Alpha Bitch. While she is undeniably selfish and arrogant, she really does care about her friends and (usually) means well. Prunella may be a more straight example. She's not as rich as Muffy, but she is more likely to lord things over the other students, while Muffy is generally oblivious of how others interpret what she says.
    • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic has Rarity, a pony who is quite accustomed to the finer things in life and cannot tolerate any sort of fashion faux pas. Yet her defining quality is her generosity: she's willing to go to great lengths to help others (even if you wouldn't suspect it at first glance) and ruin her own carefully-planned look if it helps someone else.
      • A male example from the episode "Sweet and Elite" would be Fancy Pants, shown in the end when he was completely accepting of Rarity coming from a relatively backwater town like Ponyville and called the rest of the Mane Six "charmingly rustic" (even complimenting the rather simplistic dress Rarity ended up giving Twilight).
      • Twilight Sparkle might also be an example. She was largely raised in the royal palace by the reigning monarch, and was clearly a foal of privilege even before that: her foalsitter was a royal princess, suggesting that her parents are high-ranking aristocrats. Yet she is generally humble and, from the end of the pilot onward, friendly. Even before the pilot, she was not cruel or stuck-up, but rather was so concerned with her studies and her duty that she did not make time for friendship.
      • Princess Cadence, the God Empresses' niece, one of three known Winged Unicorns, and one of the nicest ponies in Equestria. The real one, that is; it's rather odd that no one but Twilight (whom she used to foalsit) noticed something was up when she was replaced by a bitchy Changeling. Most handwaved it as being just stress.
        • As mention above, she foalsat for Twilight; however, it's heavily implied that she wouldn't have cared if Twi was rich or not, she just wanted to foalsit.
    • Princess Ilana of Sym-Bionic Titan thinks about the needs of others, whether it's the people of her home world or her fellow students on Earth.
    • Minotoro from Mucha Lucha
    • Daphne was made into one of these in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo While she was kind of a Spoiled Brat sometimes, Daphne still was loyal to her friends when needed.
    • Rhonda from Hey Arnold! fell into this now and again, even though it had to be activated by feelings of guilt most of the time.
      • In a male example there's also Lorenzo, who actually gets taken advantage of for being too nice... and filthy rich.
    • Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs from Swat Kats. Unlike the Lovable Coward Mayor and Inspector Javert-ish police chief, she's depicted as a Reasonable Authority Figure.
    • The Legend of Korra has Asami Sato. Despite her wealthy background, she is very polite and generous, allowing Mako and Bolin to stay at her mansion when the Pro-Bending arena is closed following the Equalist attack. Ultimately, Asami actually sides against her father, who is working with the Equalists, because she wants to do the right thing.

    Real Life

    • Many actresses like Emily Osment, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, and Brenda Song are subject to this trope.
    • Britney Spears: whether it's despite or because of her fame and fortune, she always comes off as nice, sweet, down to earth and giving to her fans (albeit a notoriously bad tipper in restaurants). Even her detractors don't seem to consider her a bad person, so much as someone who keeps getting in over her head. Jamie Lynn Spears also fits this trope.
    • Lady Di is a weird example, considering that while she did help many people in distress, she could be a really nasty Manipulative Bitch in private life, and might have been a bit of a Gold Digger in the beginning. See her entry in Wounded Gazelle Gambit.
    • The Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa was this before she got angry and Took a Level in Badass.
      • Her daughter Marie Antoinette was a more straight example, according to some interpretations. The "let them eat cake" line was never hers, and she was more sheltered and naive than bitchy.
        • Even if she had said it, the line indicates sheltering more than unconcern. Someone who really could afford cake whenever and hadn't been educated on the subject really might consider buying untaxed cake an obvious alternative to over-taxed bread.
        • In addition, the exact quote in French is "Qu’ils mangent de la brioche". Brioche is not actual cake but a denser, sweeter bread. Taking the above troper's entry even further, you could argue that whoever said the line meant that the bakers should adjust the brioche recipe from a sweet luxury to a more nutritious and economical bread.
    • A typical portrayal of Rebellious Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary aka Sissi, given how movies and films often paint her as a Purity Sue. While not a Rich Bitch, Sissi herself was far more complex in Real Life.
    • If a saint of the Catholic Church has noble blood or was born in a rich family, they'll be portrayed like this. Double points if they abandon their life of luxury to follow God's call. Some examples are:
      • St. Francis of Assisi, born as the son of a rich cloth merchant.
      • St. Clare, the Non Royal Princess of the city of Assissi.
      • St. Agnes of Rome, membress of Roman nobility.
      • St. Elisabeth of Hungary, Hungarian princess and wife of the then-Landgrave of Thuringia.
      • St. Virginia Centurione, daughter of a Duke of Genoa and widow of a wealthy nobleman.
      • And many, many, MANY others.
        • In a similar vein to Catholic saints, Buddha is a standout variant of the trope.
    • The anarcho-communist philosopher Pyotr (Peter) Kropotkin was born the heir to the title of Prince. Under the influence of republican teachings, he dropped his princely title at the age of 12 and even rebuked his friends when they called him by title. He held a great respect for the common worker, and due to his political activism and ideologies, he was sometimes called "the Anarchist Prince".
      • "A man with a soul of that beautiful white Christ which seems coming out of Russia." - Oscar Wilde
    1. eg. feeding the hungry during Christmas