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The Fool

RV: i can do i+ on my own
RV: im okay
RV: im waking up from +he dream ~oon

Orphen Sangrn, AKA repeatingVirtue - Restorer of Sanity in the Land of Confusion and Noise.

The Magician

The High Priestess

Pythia Socrat

AA: All I know is that I know nothing.

Her chumhandle is "alethiologyAncress". Has STRIFE SPECIBI of STAFFKIND and KNIFEKIND. She is the Oracle of Mind in the Land of Truth and Flow.

  • Anarchy Is Chaos: Averted. She is philosophically an anarchist as she is not convinced of the necessity of the state, but is not opposed to order or law. Furthermore, she realizes that there will always be those who lead and those who follow, but merely wishes that such arrangements be voluntary. One of the first trolls to attempt to systematically define and defend the non-aggression principle.
  • Badass Bookworm
  • Battle Couple: With Carina
  • The Big Damn Kiss: So much. [dead link] Complete with a usage of the same quote as the page quote.
  • The Confidant: To her moirail, Setern, and Carina's main confidant until she became moirails with Lohqua.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Here Pythia almost falls to her death or at least rather nasty injury because she gets distracted watching Carina dance.
  • Everyone Can See It: It was pretty obvious she was destined for matespritship with Carina long before it happened. Even her DREAM SELF knew but just wanted the waking self to figure out what the signs are for such emotions.
  • Freudian Slip: Pythia, they're called cuttlefish, not CUDDLEFISH [dead link].
  • Lady of War: With long hair, a tendency to dresses, and a penchant for staffs in battle rather than bulkier or flashier weapons, Pythia's shaping up quite nicely as one of these.
  • Leitmotif: Schala's Theme
  • Meaningful Name: Socrat because she is HIGHLY inspired by Socrates, Pythia as it is the title of the Oracle of Delphi.
  • Morality Chain: Comes with the territory of being Setern's moirail.
  • Neutral Good: With some tendencies towards Chaotic Good. She's fiercely independent and questions the necessity of the state, but is not opposed to order qua order.
  • Onee-Sama: She's a very maternal troll, and tends to act as this to many of the younger trolls she befriends.
  • Petite Pride: Her relationship with Carina is doing well to move her towards this and away from the little bit of A-Cup Angst she had before.
  • The Philosopher: Perhaps the defining part of her persona.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Long, straight, thick, and down to her waist.
  • Relationship Upgrade: With Carina here [dead link] to matesprits.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
  • Shorter Means Smarter
  • The Smart Girl
  • The Stoic: She has some tendencies towards this with people she doesn't know well, but her dream self is the queen of this trope. Except when dealing with Setern and, to a greater extent, her potential matesprit, Carina.
  • Strange Girl: She has a lot of trouble hating properly, abhors death, and can stand the sunlight. For trolls, she's about as weird as it gets.
  • Teacher-Student Romance: To an extent. She's not even a sweep older than Carina but has for quite some time acted as her teacher in grammar, philosophy, ethics, and leadership. Pythia hardly sees Carina as a child or less mature than herself, though.
  • Too Clever by Half: Can edge into this territory sometimes when, despite her personal motto quoted above, she lets herself get too confident in her knowledge.

Hipparchia Maroneia

Vi veri universum vivus vici. By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe.

Pythia's ancestor, an outspoken philosopher around the time of the Drone Revolution. She spoke out and questioned everything, even the state, and wrote numerous philosophical texts. In the end she was executed in the midst of the Drone Revolution. Her books are banned and Pythia has some of the few remaining copies of them.

The Empress

Septor Ordina,AKA reigningBurglar - Thief Of Blood in the Land Of Leaves And Shade

The Emperor

EH: IIII don't know if IIII c4n ever be 4nything but wh4t IIII 4m. 4nd th4t is the only thing th4t sc4res me.

Carina Mellik, AKA exigendaryHero - Seers of Life, Land of Tiers and Roses.

EH: IIII'm going to help her even if it kills me. Bec4use everyone deserves to be h4ppy.

She raised one hand to lay a finger over Pythia's lips, a breathless whisper passing her own lips as she leaned in. "I know."

The Hierophant


Inifei Azeiga

  • The Big Girl
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner: If Inifei thinks you're guilty, then you're guilty, and she's going to come for your head.
  • They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason: So stop asking.
  • More Than Meets the Eye: Inifei's intelligence suggests that she's about as deep as a puddle, but the secrets she refuses to tell indicate otherwise.
  • Mysterious Past: No one knows much about Inifei's history prior to their game session and how she ended up the way she is now. She intends to keep it that way.
  • Dumb Muscle
  • Broken Bird: It is strongly indicated that Inifei used to be a more normal, friendly person, as opposed to the insanely illogical murder machine that she is today. However, a few characters do seem interested in helping her mend her wings.

The Lovers

Carsha Tashil

The Chariot

Sileia Polyte


Athesi Pallat

The Hermit

Sibyl Pitcairn

The Wheel of Fortune

Moirai Kismet, AKA animateGamble - |Pupil of Fate in the Land of Crystal and Spheres.

Parcae Specheel


Ferros Iohari

II: We are going to win, the outcome was never in question.

Ferros Iohari, AKA ironcladIconoclast - Prince of Void in the Land of Depths and Corrosion.

  • Berserk Button - How dare you accuse me of such ridiculousness! The C is in my noble blood!
  • Cultured Warrior - Unlike you I am a man of honor, I prefer to face my foes on the waves, not sneaking under them.
  • Gunslinger - The pistol is the weapon of a true gentleman. Back to back, twenty paces, turn and fire.
  • Jerkass - How kind of you to offer. Cull the Cripple is my most favourite game. >:]
  • Lawful Neutral
  • Madden Into Misanthropy - Tell that Cerulean-blooded Coward that I am about to take from him all that he took from me.
  • Morality Chain - You were always the better of us, Savitr. Never forget that.
  • Murder Mode - Ferros’ face was a mask of animalistic rage. His eyes were black as pitch, lips pulled back in a wide, wide snarl that bristled with jagged teeth. Fresh blood stained his chin in a mix of blue and purple that ran down his neck, soaking heavily into his grey scarf. Wisps of black mist curled from his form, the Prince of Void’s anger made manifest.
  • Officer and a Gentleman - Civility is a measure of one's Character, especially in Conflict.
  • Pride - Under my leadership I am Certain we shall make quick work of this... game of yours.
  • Purple Blood - It is simple fact. Our position on the spectrum predisposes us to greatness. We shall rise to destiny, while those below are left behind.

Admiral of the Fleet, Siderias Ironclad

The Navy is loyal to the State. This paltry uprising shall be washed away in a tide of blood.

  • All Crimes Are Equal - All rebel sympathisers faced one punishment; death.
  • The Chessmaster - A tactical genius far beyond his time. He may have been instrumental in the eventual defeat of the rebellion had it not been for a rogue factor he had not foreseen - Bluehilt.
  • Disproportionate Retribution - Ironclad authorised and personally oversaw the slaughter of thousands in the service of the Empress during the rebellion.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones - In more innocent times Sideras met, and fell for, the prophetess Kassandra.
  • Lawful Evil
  • Moral Event Horizon - As time passed Ironclad's crimes grew, until under the premise of serving the state he became a greater monster than the threats it faced.

The Hanged Man

Jarden Remdee


Adriel Lethyx


Adriel Lethyx, aka forgottenForsaken, Bane of Time in the Land of Mirrors and Fear.

  • An Axe to Grind: Specializes in greataxes, but also uses small hand-axes as necessary.
  • Armor Is Useless: Completely subverted. Adriel's armor does not only protect him effectively from harm, but he uses it to kill people. And when he alchemizes cooler-looking, less-covering armor, he becomes considerably more vulnerable.
  • Ax Crazy: With an actual axe!
  • BFA: Big-ass axe!
  • Black Knight
  • Break the Cutie: Inverted. Adriel does the breaking.
  • Chaotic Evil?: He certainly leans that way, but he restrains himself with the aid of a moirail.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: Using his enemies and teammates as weapons is one of Adriel's favorite tactics.
  • Leitmotif: Sky is Mine, by Amorphis.
  • Lightning Bruiser: STRONGRUN!
  • Magnificent Bastard: Adriel is a master of the art of trolling, such that he uses a solitary anonymous message to make people mistakenly troll one another, particularly on the trolls' non-canon Formspring accounts.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Adriel skirts this at times. His moirallegiance is the only thing that keeps him from crossing it completely.
  • Spikes of Villainy: And they're not just ornamental, either. He just barrels into people and rips them apart.
  • Stable Time Loop: As the Hero of Time, understanding and using (and abusing) them is all part of his role. Early on, slightly inverted. He didn't bother with them, and just threw doomed copies of himself at enemies. A lot of dead Adriels piled up.


Atropa Ferox, aka threadedAconite, Sylph of Balance in the Land of Low Waves and Tiles

The Devil

Gudask Kamivori

Gudask Kamivori, aka bluntFissure, Duke of Disorder in the Land of Shifts and Storms.

Suborned Firebrand Fajukara

The Tower

Setern Uvagrae

RA: We are way past words, my friend. Talking isn't going to resolve anything as of now.
RA: The present situation demands action.
RA: And while I may not be particularly happy to be the one that acts, If not me then who?

Setern Uvagrae AKA reflectiveAdvisor, bookworm, cripple and pathetic sob story. Also, Setern Uvagrae AKA renegadeAntihero, wanted terrorist.

  • Anti-Hero: This trope fits him like a glove. So much, in fact, that it's even in his trolltag.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Black Suit, white shirt, black tie. Subverted in which this is only how he dresses when he's not out to kill.
  • Becoming the Mask: Setern is scared this may happen to him. But for the moment he's convinced he's doing the right thing - the fact that it's an outlet for his violent side is a welcome bonus.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He doesn't really have actual brothers, but there are a few people he's overly protective about and he would think of as his little brothers - if he knew what a brother actually is. This include his moirail Pythia (which would be, after all, rather normal), Angast and Orphen (which is rather fun since Orphen is actually older than him).
  • Bomb-Throwing Anarchists
  • But I Would Really Enjoy It: He feels guilty about the black leanings he's starting to feel towards Inifei. Still doesn't know how this will work out.
  • Did I Just Say That Out Loud?: He does this a lot about his identity. Usually, though, it's only if he knows he's talking to someone dumb as hell so they usually don't figure it out.

RA: Nothing... Nothing really.
RA: Sorry... Sorry I tend to ramble sometimes.

RA: Well, that's a start I guess. Now if we are done with business you can go all dramatic revelation if you want.

  • The Stoic: Especially in chat, since he almost never emotes. Subverted in which his face actually shows emotions, even though he rarely acts surprised.

The Star

Ekotra Vesper

The Moon

Angast Ignore

The Sun

Savitr Helian

UR: ~ well with every ebb ☼f the tides there is a fl☼w t☼ f☼ll☼w... we just have t☼ be there t☼ help them t☼ rise back up ~

Savitr Helian, AKA ultravioletRadiance - Huntress of Light in the Land of Clouds and Graphite.

Kassandra, Legendary Prophetess

The future, ☼nce seen, has been set in st☼ne. Just as ☼ne is p☼werless t☼ st☼p the tides ☼r the swell ☼f an ☼cean wave, all ☼ne can d☼ is t☼ prepare ☼neself and await the inevitable...


GT: hold onto your ass, 'cause we're going for a ride.

Xerxes Garuda, AKA gyroTempest - Envoy of Secrets in the Land of Storms and Canyons.

The World

Varzin Trylet

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