Tales of Rebirth/Characters

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Main Characters

Veigue Lungberg

The slightly antisocial Huma hero of Tales of Rebirth. Veigue is a distant person of few words, but he softens up when around his childhood sweetheart Claire. Having grown up in Sulz, a village that treated Huma and Gajuma as equals, he is unaware of the racism that runs outside of his home. He possesses the Force of Ice.

Claire Bennett

Veigue's childhood sweetheart, whose family adopted the boy as a young orphan. Claire is a beautiful, kind-hearted and optimistic Huma. She possesses no Force and does not participate in battle.


A young Huma boy with the Force of Fire. Mao has no memories of his past, and after being found wandering in Callegia Castle by Eugene, was taken into his care. Mao usually serves as the mood-maker of the group, and loves to sing. He is primarily a mage, specialising in Fire, Wind and Dark magic.

Mao's true identity is Olself, a creation of the Sacred Beasts. He was created by Fenia, the Sacred Beast of Flame, to observe Huma and Gajuma and determine whether they were ready to be left to carve their own destiny.

Tropes associated with Mao:

Eugene Gallardo

A Panther Gajuma, Eugene is a powerful melee warrior with the Force of Steel. He was once a high-ranking general in the Callegia Kingdom Army, until the day that he was accused of the murder of a respected Kingdom doctor. Eugene admitted responsibility and the exile that followed, later working outside the system to discover the truth behind the suspicious actions of Agarte.

Tropes associated with Eugene:

Annie Barrs

A Huma teenager with the Force of Rain. She is the daughter of Doctor Barrs, a respected Kingdom doctor who was supposedly murdered by Eugene. Because of this, Annie despises all Gajuma and is on a mission to avenge her father's death.

Tropes associated with Annie:

Tytree Crowe

A Hot-Blooded Huma labourer with the Force of Plant. When Tytree's beloved sister is kidnapped by the Four Stars, his Force goes berserk until brought under control by Veigue's party. Tytree joins up to help rescue his sister, and immediately becomes one of the most positive members of the party, believing in the power of justice and equality between races.

Tropes associated with Tytree:

Hilda Rhambling

A mysterious wandering fortune teller. She first meets the party as an adversary working for the Four Stars under Tohma, only to be betrayed. Though mature and intelligent, Hilda holds a particularly bitter viewpoint of the world and a tormented past. She possesses the Force of Lightning.

She is actually a Half, the offspring of a Huma and a Gajuma. Halves possess weak bodies (resulting in a high infant morality rate) and are openly and universally discriminated against. She was kidnapped as a child by Tohma, who raised her to believe that her parents abandoned her out of shame. Because of this, Hilda despises her own Half body to the point of mutilating herself by cutting off her horns and hiding the stumps with her hat. She is searching for a way to be rid of her Half body for good.

Tropes associated with Hilda:

Kingdom of Callegea

Agarte Lindblum

A cat Gajuma, and the current ruler of the Kingdom of Callegea. She inherited the throne after the death of her father, King Ladras Lindblum. On her orders, the Four Stars kidnap the most beautiful Huma girls across the kingdom and imprison them in her castle. She is in love with her general, Milhaust Selkirk, but dares not voice her affection.

She possesses the Force of Moon, which can be used to swap bodies with someone. At the urging of Zilva, she sought to use her Force to obtain a Huma body, as she believed that it was impossible for a Gajuma and a Huma to become romantically involved and that becoming a Huma was the only way she could be together with Milhaust.

Milhaust Selkirk

The general of the Callegea Kingdom Army. Milhaust is possibly the most powerful Huma soldier in the world; possessing unmatched prowess in battle despite having no Force. He is a good and honourable man who serves his kingdom faithfully and although his duty sometimes brings him into conflict with Veigue and his party, their encounters are rarely antagonistic.

  • The Ace: Zigzagged. He starts out as one, then his wavering resolve puts him on the path to being a Broken Ace, then he starts to get on back on track by the game's ending.
  • Badass:
    • Badass Normal: And how. He's a Huma with no Force, he can easily own Veigue and has his own solo Hi-Ougi in a game where Hi-Ougis are done between two people.
    • Badass Long Hair: Except, unlike Veigue, he doesn't tie his up. Rather, it's concealed by his helmet.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Implied to have on on Agarte as the ending draws closer.
  • Duel Boss: Given away by the Spoiler Opening.
  • Foil: To Veigue. Both are dedicated to a woman in their lives, first out of a sense of duty and later out of love. Also, on a more superficial level, they both wield greatswords.
  • I Let You Win: Veigue realises after their final confrontation that Milhaust was holding back; his own conflicted heart preventing him from fighting at full strength.
  • Knight in Shining Armor
  • My Country, Right or Wrong
  • The Rival: To Veigue.
  • Shadow Archetype: Zigzagged. In the beginning of the game's second half, Veigue effectively becomes his due to his conflicting ideals about how to protect Claire whereas Milhaust always seems to know exactly what to do about everything. By the end, the roles are reversed as Veigue gets over his issues and Milhaust becomes clouded with doubts.

Zilva Madigan

The senior advisor and confidant to Agarte Lindblum. Prior to this, she served the previous king- Agarte's father- in the same role up until his death.

She despises Huma and wishes for nothing less than the complete genocide of the Huma race. To achieve this, she masterminds the murder of Ladras Lindblum and Eugene's exile, then manipulates the naive Agarte into reviving Geyorkias so that he can cleanse the world of Huma. She also possesses the Force of Moon, and frequently uses its body-swapping power for her own machinations.

The Four Stars

The Four Stars are an elite division of the Callegea Kingdom Army who serve directly under Agarte Lindblum. Their actions frequently place them in an antagonistic role against Veigue and his party. Their true allegiance lies with Zilva Madigan, and her ideal of a world without Huma.

  • Co-Dragons: Collectively serve as this to Agarte. But actually Zilva.
  • Dual Boss: They love pulling Veigue's party into these. The final confrontation with them is against all four at once.
  • Leitmotif: "Scutum", which comes in multiple flavours depending on the mood of the scene, including two battle mixes.


A cruel Huma who delights in causing suffering to others. He possesses the Force of Storm and is partnered with Tohma.


A brutish bull Gajuma who hides an evil, manipulative intellect. He possesses the Force of Magnet and is partnered with Saleh.


A Half who serves in the Four Stars. Though a kind friend to Hilda, she is slavishly dedicated to the Four Stars as she believes (due to the brainwashing of Tohma) that it is the only place a Half can be accepted. She possesses the Force of Rainbow and is partnered with Waltu.


A bat Gajuma who is good friends with Eugene. He is an honourable man who fights in the name of the Kingdom of Callegea. He possesses the Force of Sound and is partnered with Militsa.

Other Antagonists


The King of the Sacred Beasts. He believes that the Huma race is the source of all evil in the world, and wishes to wipe them out completely.


A being of darkness created from the negative thoughts of Huma and Gajuma. If left unchecked, its power could grow to consume the world entirely.