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This is the character sheet for the the Teen Titans, villains, and various Original Characters as they appear in the Legendverse fanfics. See here for the characters from the Titans animated show that the fanfics are based on. The tropes mentioned may overlap with the referenced character sheet.

The Teen Titans


Robin is the leader of the team. Trained by Batman, he manages to keep on an even keel with a team of metahumans through his intelligence, tactical skills, and martial arts prowess. Robin left his position as Batman's sidekick and moved all the way to Jump City to start working solo, only to end up taking charge of the Teen Titans on his first night there and deciding, afterwards, that heading a team might not be so bad after all.

Robin is, at heart, a fairly normal teenager, enjoying hanging out and chilling as much as his comrades do. However, he's Batman's ex-sidekick, and this means he shares his mentor's fixation on discipline and hard work, which can put him at odds with his more relaxed teammates. He's also got issues of his own, namely a tendency to fixate on problems to such an extent that he stops paying attention to anything but "the mission", which has damaged his friendships on more then one occasion. Despite this, he is loyal to his team and takes threats against them seriously indeed.

Due to the ambivalence in the show, Legend Maker was unsure of which Robin to portray in the story and decided on Timothy Drake (the Third Robin). This resulted in royally screwing up the timeline, as it was revealed through Mythology Gags he was Dick Grayson, the First Robin. This resulted in a very different characterization of Robin over time in the Legendverse stories.

Powers and Abilities: Badass Normal with a variety of weapons and devices.


Technically the reason the Teen Titans exist in this show, Starfire is the second of the three children of the Royal Family of Tamaran. When her planet was attacked and devastated by the Gordanians, Starfire's elder sister Blackfire made a peace settlement with the invaders by giving them her younger sibling as a slave. Unfortunately for her captors, Starfire, while apparently rather naive and gentle by Tamaranian standards, was too much for them to handle, breaking loose and flying to Earth. There, she had an... interesting... meeting with the other future Teen Titans, who came to her defense against the Gordanians. Like all her species, Starfire can fly, is super strong, is extremely durable, and can hurl energy blasts called "starbolts".

Starfire is a strange mixture of personality traits; most of the time, she acts quite gentle and demure, possibly due to expectations of Earth culture and desire to better assimilate in her adopted home, but when the need arises she can be as much the fearsome warrior as any of her comrades. Starfire is deeply fascinated by Earth and enjoys learning new things... perhaps partially because it gives her an excuse to get closer to her leader.

Powers And Abilities: Flight, superstrength, projecting "starbolts" from hands and/or eyes, learning languages by kissing

Beast Boy

The son of two scientists studying wildlife in Africa, Beast Boy was infected as a child with a mysterious disease, the experimental cure for which gave him the ability to turn into any animal, but permanently dyed him green. His parents drowned in a boating accident -- Beast Boy being too inexperienced to save anyone but himself -- and he was subsequently adopted by the Doom Patrol. It wasn't a very stable family, and Beast Boy subsequently ran away after he hit puberty.

Beast Boy is the unofficial comedian of the team (though he now has competition for that title with Gauntlet and Metatron), though most of his teammates consider his typical array of jokes and pranks to be pretty groan-worthy, and it is implied that, like his comics counterpart, he is one your "jokes to hide the pain inside" types. Whether he is or isn't, he is the youngest, in terms of behavior, of the team, obsessed with video games and goofing off, which means he's often chewed out by Robin. Beast Boy is a vegetarian, refusing to eat any meat due to a sense of sympathy engendered by his power (it might be more accurate to a call him a vegan- he eats tofu eggs rather than regular ones in "Nevermore"- but the show always refers to him as a vegetarian.).

Powers And Abilities: can change into any animal, living, extinct, or alien, so long as he knows what it looks like, plus extra-powerful Beast form from "Beast Within" onwards (his use of animal forms is less a limitation and more a personal style).


The half-human daughter of Arella Roth, a human woman who managed to find her way to the other dimension of Azarath/a native of Azarath (the show isn't clear) and Trigon the Terrible, a dread and powerful demon lord who intended to use Raven to open a portal that would allow him to enslave Earth. As a result of her race, Raven has powerful telepathic and psychokinetic abilities that are destabilized by her emotional level -- in other words, if she fails to keep her emotions tightly in check, her psychic power runs rampant, breaking and destroying her surroundings until she calms down. Presumably due to her birthplace, she is also versed in a wide variety of occult lore and a skilled practitioner of magic. She also has the power to astral project, dispatching her soul from her body to teleport herself or others, and to heal, though it's left unclear if these are Psychic Powers innate to her or mystical powers she has learned from her studies.

Because of her background and powers, Raven is a solitary, quiet individual who prefers to avoid interacting with others much, but displays a biting, acerbic wit and a love for sarcasm when she does.

Powers And Abilities: Flight, telekinesis, teleporting, Healing Hands, empathy, general magic


As a teenager Cyborg was hideously mutilated in a car accident, forcing him to be integrated with a variety of advanced cybernetic components in order to save his life. For quite some time afterward, he was despondent about his change, and even in the series he remains somewhat unhappy with the loss of his normal life. But he retains a strong zest for life and devotes himself to making the best of his situation, to the extent he usually appears much happier then Robin does. As a cybernetically augmented human, Cyborg has several built in weapons (mainly a sonic cannon), the general resilience you'd expect of someone who's only partly squishy flesh and covered in armor, and super strength, as well as a considerable IQ that he puts to use as a Gadgeteer Genius.

Powers And Abilities: Super strength, armor, various built-in weapons and devices, great skill with machines


Noel Collins, the first Original Character to be introduced in the Legendverse. He undergoes a lot of character development, starting out as a Fan Boy (he just wanted to meet Batman...) and eventually becomes an Ascended Fanboy when Robin recognizes that his abilities could be useful to the team. He sways from being the Optimist to the Cynic, then eventually ends up as the Realist. While he is a central character to many arcs, he does not take over the team or get away with much beyond being crabby (similar to Raven's dour mood in the animated series). That doesn't change that he tends to be quite a Jerkass, particularly to Gauntlet.

Powers and Abilities: The Shimmer, a semi-sentient nervous system that can form shapes and perform tasks with greater strength and resilience than the average human. He can use the Shimmer to link nervous systems, repair nerve damage, and eventually read minds, so long as the Shimmer is in direct contact with the person.


Real name Robert Candide, he's pretty much described as "Spider-Man minus the Angst". He comes from a city full of metahumans, and he wasn't too shy about robbing a few banks to finance his personal war on crime. After being caught, he was sentenced to community service - that happened to be with the Titans. They couldn't refuse him because they didn't get the notice in time.

Powers and Abilities: Has the "Gauntlet", a Green Lantern Ring type device that allows him to do anything he can imagine. He usually uses it as a hammer.


Real name Tara Markov. She attempted to join the Titans, but situations arose to where she felt the need to leave the team. Fortunately, since this is a different continuity, Gauntlet was there to talk her out of it, and she joined the Titans for good this time.

Powers and Abilities: She can control the earth - generating quakes, throwing rocks at opponents, and so on.


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Big Bads

The Lord of the Night

Abilities and Powers: Orginally none, but obtains mastery over darkness through a magical ritual in Black & White. The abilities originally are vague and seem similar to Raven's demon abilities, but as the stories progress it becomes clear that he was not aware of the limits or range of his abilities when he first received them. Over time, he experiments on anyone he crosses to see what forms of darkness he can manipulate and use to empower himself.

The biggest bad of the series.

  • The Abhorred
  • A God Am I: The intention of the magic ritual was to obtain power so that heroes such as the Titans would be incapable of preventing him from remaking the world as he saw fit.
  • Arch Enemy
  • The Chessmaster: Even Lampshaded with a chessboard that appears in many stories.
  • Complete Monster: Crosses this line when he kills Murdercrow after leading her on so he could use the blood of a broken heart to complete his ritual.
  • Death Is Dramatic: At least it seemed so in Black & White, until it's revealed that he managed to survive.
  • Enigmatic Empowering Entity: Only recently began experimenting with his ability to do this to recruit Genocide version 2, though it's implied that he can only do so with stolen magic.
  • Fatal Flaw: A vampire-esque weakness to sunlight, as well as an obsession with psychologically breaking the Titans before killing them.
  • Freudian Excuse: Implications dropped in multiple stories that he suffered immense torture and trauma, repressed it, and somehow it led to his obsession with efficiency and perfection.
  • Evil Scars
  • Hobbes Was Right
  • Horror Hunger: After some experiments in multiple stories, the Lord eventually masters the ability to drain negative emotions from people for his own power.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: His preferred weapon, even after his ascendency.
  • Magnificent Bastard
  • Meaningful Titles: The Lord of the Night. Who claims to be a god. Who learns to create life in one of the AU's in Time and Time Again. The blasphemy is hard to ignore.
  • More Than Mind Control: The Lord experiments with his powers to manipulate the memory and psyches of his later allies, particularly with Marissa Mori in general, and with Savior in Boogeymen IV.
  • The Nicknamer: He has a new name for everything.
  • Nietzsche Wannabe
    • The Well-Intentioned Extremist part of him decides it's by killing all of the "useless" people, hence the "wannabe" part.
    • Also a possible Ubermensch, since he realizes no one else thinks his method is the solution.
  • Nigh-Psychotic Genocidal Misanthropist Cat Lover: The Lord, who has a hidden room of kittens in Boogeymen III and a small black cat he defends from the Black Lanterns in Boogeymen Gaiden (said cat also appears in Hearts of Darkness).
  • Person of Mass Destruction: In his second appearance in a fight in the Sahara Desert, he briefly summons a black hole that burns a hundred mile crater of glass in the landscape. And then with Crisis Point, he's able to go toe to toe with Physical God villain Superboy-Prime and win, and then, albeit with a Deus Ex Machina or two, kill his way across half of DC's 'lesser-knowns' and battle Superman and several other equally powered characters to a standstill.
  • Put Them All Out of My Misery
  • The Presents Were Never From Santa: He loves to utilize this trope to recruit mook armies for his Xanatos Speed Chess plans.
  • Xanatos Gambit: Utilizes these in every one of his appearances; he only makes himself known in a plot when he wants to be known.


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Real name: Jack Djinn. An Australian psychopath who, throughout his entire life, has been obsessed with strangling women, claiming he enjoys the feeling of power it gives him. He happened to be present at the accident that gave Noel Collins his powers - he got similar, yet different powers.

Powers and Abilities: Capable of utilizing the Grimmer, a Shimmer-esque ability that is linked to his bloodstream. It's harder to cut than the Shimmer as well.


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Team 1: Murdercrow, Shadowmaster, and Sizzle were recruited by the Lord for his second appearance in Black & White, where he gains his new powers. Team 2: Carcinogen, Aguardiente, and Hyperthermia were recruited and empowered to protect the Lord's new project in Hearts of Darkness.


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Marissa Mori

Quiet, introverted, and psychologically scarred by abuses. She first appears in Wings of the Eagles as a rape victim gone crazy. She develops a Split Personality named Zia, who massacres her school before Marissa re-emerges and is Driven to Suicide; though Raven manages to save her life, she remains stuck in a coma for an unknown amount of time. She later recovers somehow and makes brief appearances as an aid (or an experiment) of the Lord of the Night, eventually becoming known to the Titans in Boogeymen Gaiden: The Carriage. In her later appearances, Marissa seems "cured" of her Dissociative Identity Disorder, but the appearance of a Doppelganger going by the name of Zia implies that they were somehow split apart.

Powers and Abilities: None innately, but seems to be a Gadgeteer Genius with the creation of a mind-warping helmet and several versions of killer robots.

Maxwell Collins

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The White Hole

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Elijah Versaw

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Alternate Titans

Titans from an Alternate Universe, usually for spin off fanfics from the Legendverse that aren't considered canon.


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