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"Hang on, the quicksand is sucking all the cool stuff I found in that snake from my pants. *slight pause* Now THERE'S an odd sensation..."
Guybrush Trepwood, from Monkey Island.

Note: Keep the game's ratings in mind when adding examples. If a game has a rating which says it's aimed at older audiences, it might not be a proper example. Also note that what got past the radar in some countries may not get past the radar in others.

  • In Heart of Darkness, when Andy is talking with the Amigo elder, the elder accidentally shows him a picture of a female member of his species who is topless. With visible nipples. And this is not mentioning all the violent deaths that Andy can experience. Oh, and did I mention this game is rated E?
  • During the Piston tutorial in LittleBigPlanet, the narrator mentions one of the options that "controls how erect your piston is." After a brief pause, he realizes what he said and follows up with "Oh, I do hope you're not smirking..."
  • While EarthBound certainly got hit with the censor stick, they still, literally, got the word "crap" past the radar multiple times. A big deal for a 90s game from the Mario house. Need proof? Itoi himself said that... well, read the interview for yourself.
  • Donkey Kong Country 2 literally got "crap" past the radar (though, technically, it's K. Rapp), an alternate name for K. Rool during the Quiz Mini Game.
    • Another example during the quiz minigame is K. Rappy Keep.
    • The N64 game got "one hell of a guy" through with an E rating (that gaming era is when Nintendo started loosening up and leaving censorship rules to ESRB since the ESRB didn't exist for part of the previous era, but this is an E-rated game).
  • Sometimes, all one needs is a well-placed black bar or two to get something past the radar but sometimes that bar doesn't stay placed all that well as was the case with the Naked Ninjas in the Sega Saturn game Three Dirty Dwarves. The Ninjas were quick while their censor bars were slow, making them the ultimate in Highly Visible Ninjas that make Mai Shiranui look downright prudish by comparisson.
  • In the add-on to Medieval: Total War, the ESRB apparently cringed at generals being described as "craven whoresons". However, their radar didn't twig on the Cunnywarren, last stage of the tavern line of buildings, until after the game was released. They've been quite angry at the Creative Assembly from then on...
  • In Empire: Total War, one of the traits a general can get if they're an artillery expert has the description 'He knows when to blow his load'.
  • In Bionic Commando, not only is the villain at the end obviously Adolf Hitler (who calls you a "damn fool"), but when you kill him you get a close-up portrait of his head graphically exploding. Amazingly considering this is a Nintendo game from the heavily censored 1980's.
  • An old NES game called Kid Niki: Radical Ninja features, at one point, a mountain that resembles a fist with its middle finger raised. It was released in America, right in the middle of Nintendo's "everything has to be kid-friendly" mindset.
  • One song in Elite Beat Agents is "La La", a pretty blatant Intercourse with You song.
    • Another song is "The Anthem", which has a masturbation reference.
  • Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan gets some crap past the radar too, including the "Bambina" stage. Here's an excerpt from the lyrics:

Don't let me down
My sweet baby Bambina
That night that I held you was a secret
When you get nude, your angel wings
Are exposed, Bambina

  • Yoshi's Island has the level "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy". It's filled to the brink with fuzzy white seedlike creatures which cause Yoshi to have psychedelic hallucinations when touched, and induce an Interface Screw which makes Yoshi stumble around uncontrollably with a glassy-eyed stare and causes the screen to wave around so that the player can't judge distance correctly. The German version of the level is named Lustiges Sporen Drama.
  • The intro to one of the levels in Katamari Damacy has the King of All Cosmos say "Russia is very large, but Our royal thing is much larger." This from the character who appears to be wearing a rather prominent codpiece.
    • Also, in the descriptions of the items you pick up, the game notes that handcuffs are used when you've been very bad... or very good.
      • He also says that peaches are a "butt-shaped fruit that are tastier than most butts".
  • In Samurai Shodown 2, when Cham Cham is confronted by final boss Mizuki, she says "Shit! You really make me mad!", which not only contains a cuss word, but is also surprisingly coherent given Samurai Shodown 2's general Engrish.
  • Lego Batman (!) included a few such things. Most subtly (and most literally), there are little brown cylinder Lego pieces floating in the water of the Absurdly Spacious Sewer level. Then there's an image of Riddler on the toilet as part of a "How Did That Get in There??" gag. And most shockingly, when the Joker gets thrown in jail he puts a gun to his head -- before showing that it's one of those prop guns with the "BANG!" flag. But still, the Joker puts a gun to his head. In a kid's game.
    • In Lego Star Wars whilst playing Slave Leia, holding the "action" button without interacting with an object (does not happen in the DS versions) will cause her to dance in a way that possibly should include a pole.
  • In Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction, Qwark's color commentary during Ratchet's arena battles provides some eyebrow raising moments. When Ratchet is fighting two huge enemies at once, Qwark mentions that he "Hasn't seen two on one action like that since the new Courtney Gears video hit the web" and also talks about himself starring in something called "Hero Sandwich".
    • The pirates in the fifth game:

I'll sing a shanty for girls in loose panties
Who linger by the shore
For sixpence I'll love 'er, then ditch that landlubber
A pirate evermore!

    • The first three games were either proof of British and European liberalism or proof that the developers are experts at this trope.
      • The original game got a fair bit past the ELSPA, which rated it 3+. Aside from the Breast Expansion Easter Egg, one of the unlockable spoof magazine covers is blatantly a robot girly mag. They also got the famous 'plumber's crack' part past the censors and a reference to 'going commando' in a skill point title.
      • Locked and Loaded was rated by the PEGI but got the same rating, despite plenty of blatant sexual jokes and the use of the word 'arse'.
      • Ratchet and Clank 3, again, 3+ in the UK and arguably a triumph of radar avoidance. A contributor to this could have been the removal of the subtitle Up Your Arsenal. However, that doesn't change the fact there's an on-screen depiction of a sex toy (which Clank observes is still warm - and that's a minor plot point), various jokes about the same device, a reference to Ratchet being "good with his hands" (which he comically assumes is sexual), a soap parody which implies things, and this gem...

Captain Qwark: I'll bet your prom date came in a box that said "batteries not included"!

    • Some of the titles for the games are quite innuendo-ridden too. "Going Commando", "Up Your Arsenal", and "Size Matters" are a few examples.
      • They finally got caught with "A Crack in Time". The original title was going to be "Clock Blockers". And "All 4 One" had working titles such as "Bros before Foes" and "Fiends with Benefits".
  • Metal Gear Ghost Babel didn't even contain any swearing except for a single Foreign Cuss Word and several uses of the word "hell", didn't let Snake smoke, and hardly even used words like 'die' and 'death' (in a game about nuclear war) thanks to censorship on Nintendo portables, but manages to get away with an androgynous male villain complimenting Snake's 'beautiful' bone structure; the same androgenous male villain very viscerally describing a brutal murder/rape (without using either of those words and concentrating on descriptions of entrails); and a villain committing suicide by setting fire to himself and screaming in apparent orgasm. They also got a brief shot of Snake smoking in the intro past the censors, and even has use of the word "Christ" (which was a word Nintendo didn't allow on portables at this time because it's religious).
  • Score One for Ultra Games Konami when Metal Gear for the NES, managed to get away with not only letting Solid Snake keep his cigarettes, but also with printing a picture of him smoking badassedly in the manual. While that artwork was taken wholesale from the Japanese MSX Metal Gear manual, there was no reason that they couldn't have used the more innocent picture of Snake from it instead, and it's impressive they managed to get it printed. (Shows extra diligence when the F.X. Nine novelization of the NES game refused to let Snake kill anyone (although he was allowed to graphically blow up a giant scorpion) and had him turn down cigarettes at one point because they were bad for him.)
  • In the Snake Vs. Monkey minigame in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, developed by Kojima as a child-friendly tribute to his young son (whose favourite game was Ape Escape), there's a monkey looking a poster of a bikini model while spanking himself.
  • The MMORPG Ragnarok Online seems almost to be made of this at times. A cute, 2D sprites on 3D backgrounds setup, underneath which loiters not just Fan Service, but all-out Fetish Fuel for nearly all genres of Hentai, including Naughty Tentacles, BDSM, Lolicon, Gore, and maybe even implied Rape. One of its signature monsters is a little girl dressed in fox-fur gloves, hat, panties, boots and bra... and nothing else. One can only assume its miraculous Teen rating is thanks to the 2D sprites, or loads and loads of Barbie Doll Anatomy... though many seem to find that format evocative in and of itself.
    • One of the monsters is a naked, apparently female pre-pubescent child sitting on the front of a vibrating plant made of Naughty Tentacles growing from a tree stump and making faces that could only be interpreted as intense pain or intense pleasure. It appears to be bait, like an anglerfish's forehead thing, if it is part of the same creature. If it's actually a separate creature that's part of the monster's animation, then it's just plain Refuge in Audacity.
    • Here it is. Click on the picture there for all animations. Oh, and it's definitely part of the plant.
    • And here's the fox-girl one.
    • Another of the monsters in the game, who spawns in what is literally a prison/torture chamber en mass, is literally a naked man with spikes shoved through his arms, legs, and shoulders. You can even see how much physical pain he's in when he walks.
  • The US version of DDR Extreme included the song "Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix)" with the line "fucking you up every time". In an E game. How it did, we're unsure. It didn't go completely undetected, though -- it was the only US release until DanceDanceRevolution X to get the ESRB "Lyrics" content descriptor as opposed to the "Mild Lyrics" of every other DDR game. Still, not getting at least a T rating is surprising (DDR X has an E10+ rating, for what it's worth).
    • This is also the game that has "Little Bitch" in the song list, as well...
    • Most any song by the band E-Rotic counts here. Next time you see a teen kid DDR'ing to Oh Nick Please Not So Quick or Do it all night, eh, don't say anything.
  • In Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Lucia walks in on Hiro while he's taking a bath. Stark naked. Ruby blocks the good stuff.
    • In Silver Star Harmony (and possibly Silver Star Story Complete), Nash's response to Nall's amazement at a city built entirely on top of bridges when walking into Meryod:

"I'm surprised these hicks could nail anything that's not related to them."

  • In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney case 4 while talking to Larry about the "Samurai Dogs" that are on sale, he says: "Kids just can't get enough of those Samurai dogs." Seems like nothing however Maya then replies with: "For some reason that just sounds wrong...".
    • In the last case of Trials and Tribulations, Godot compares the witness's state of mind to a Cafe au Lait, to which the Judge responds, "Cafe au Lay? Is that even legal?"
    • In the first game, a woman tells Phoenix she likes a man with a big... vocabulary.
    • Jean Armstrong, a man so Camp Gay that the judge asks if he's a man or a woman, has fun hitting on pretty much every man in the courtroom. Yes, including the judge. There's also Phoenix questioning Victor Kudo as to whether he has a "straps fetish" because of his Dirty Old Man habits of staring at waitress uniforms.
    • During Apollo Justice, Phoenix asks Apollo to "pick up a bag of white powder" in his office. Apollo's inner monologue: "I hope it isn't what I think it is". It's clearly a reference to cocaine. Luckily it doesn't turn out to be that.
    • Shortly thereafter, during a trial, Apollo says "I'm interested in something big!"
    • In Ace Attorney Investigations, presenting Kay with the "Badger Hunt" flyer while investigating the Kidnappers Hideout leads into a conversation over the prize for the hunt:

Kay: I'm going to snap a shot of all those badgers and win that grand prize!
Edgeworth: What IS this "grand prize anyway?
Kay: I think it's a notepad in the shape of handcuffs...or was it a set of handcuffs in the shape of a notepad...?
Edgeworth: Either one seems useless too me. (I guess I can see her having a use for a notepad, but I can't see when she'll ever need a set of handcuffs...that is, not for another year at the least)[1]
Kay: ...?

  • The "trophy girls" in Crash Team Racing. Not only do they have noticeable chests, but they also come with Jiggle Physics.
    • The original game had Tawna, Crash's love interest, a tall female bandicoot with blonde hair, short shorts, and large breasts. And that's the bowdlerized version! Tawna's original design" modeled after Pamela Anderson but "with a brain" (according to Naughty Dog's artist), had even larger breasts and wore high heel shoes and a skimpy miniskirt. This form somehow made it into the scrapbook of Crash Team Racing.
    • Crash Twinsanity got away with a fair bit, mostly from Cortex. Coco eventually assaults him, at which he says, "My crystals!" (he was holding crystals). Another stage sees him masquerade as Coco, where he says, "It's true! Blondes do have more fun!". And of course, the cut-scene where they pass through Moulin Cortex...
    • Crash Tag Team Racing. Ah, where to start? Aside from the fact the final world is essentially an exercise in squeezing as many 'Uranus' jokes as possible out of one game, there are numerous euphemistic references to genitalia, including an obvious Double Entendre; N. Gin's blatant masochism and Pasadena's masochism of a different variety - not to mention her not-so-subtle exhortations to Crash. And the rating? 7+.
    • In Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Cortex says this after being defeated: "Maybe I should retire to a nice big beach, with a nice big drink, and a woman with nice big... bags of ice for my head." Complete with hand gestures.
    • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back has a level named "Piston It Away".
  • In another example from Rare, development of Grabbed by the Ghoulies began with only a double entendre name, and the game itself is laden with innuendo. Fiddlesworth the groundskeeper is the source of much of it, with references to his nephew, Little Willy (who happens to own the water squirter weapon Cooper occasionally uses...), and his habit of frequently spouting vegetable-based euphamisms (some of which didn't make the cut, such as "rub my radish!"). Additionally, "Ghoulsville in the Gloom" was refered to as "Neede in the Nuts" before Microsoft deemed it too risqué.
  • Unusually, Harvest Moon Cute let some things slide. Such as Kate saying "sucks" while arguing with her depressed father.
    • If you tried to milk a male cow in A Wonderful Life, instead of being annoyed, it would respond with a green heart. And then there are the miracle potion scenes...
    • Also in A Wonderul Life, during the Happy Harvesting chapter your child will sometimes ask if you've "ever had a bath with Mom?".
    • Cute left out the marriage, but still left in the lesbian romance.
  • Jak and Daxter:
    • Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy literally got crap past the radar: Daxter says the word in the opening cutscene. On top of that, another character says "buggers". Also, as Jak and Daxter are first alone with Keira, Daxter suggests he likes her. When she fails to return interest, he claims she doesn't know what she's missing while bouncing his hands.
    • In Jak II Renegade Daxter makes a vibrator joke ("Whoa, this puppy's got some vibration to it... This baby will put a smile on your face!" he says, as he rubs the item in question against his body).
      • He also calls Onin "the world's oldest professional", a reference to the notorious 'world's oldest profession', flint knapping prostitution.
    • In Jak 3 Daxter says that watching 'hot babes' prancing around in bikinis gives him 'that special tingling feeling in his "tail".' And this wonderful little exchange before taking part in a turret gun minigame:

Kleiver: I used to be the tall poppy on that baby. Wanna try to beat me score?
Daxter: Oh, don't worry. Jak "beats" things all the time. Eh, Jak?
(cue Dope Slap)

  • One of the most blatant examples occurs in Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, with grabbing his crotch being one of the titular star's moves. The Angry Video Game Nerd did a mortified Lampshade Hanging in his review.
  • In Breath of Fire 2, Nimufu's name was supposed to be Nimpho Mani, and Witch Tower was supposed to be Womb Tower. And the Fire Shaman hitting on Ryu. Hell, the whole game was filled with innuendo.
    • Katt is practically half-naked and pantsless, going around with her furry butt for all to see.
    • Breath of Fire 2 appears to be one massive under the radar game. The story revolves around an evil religion (flag one) trying to steal souls (flag 2) to resurrect a demon from the previous game (flag 3). One of the most stunning "how'd this get through Nintendo" moments was when the protagonists storm the said religion's HQ where an NPC gets killed on the spot.
      • The "evil religion" bit is probably aided by its Blind Idiot Translation; the antagonist, Deathevan, aka Eva, is alternately referred to as "St. Eva", "the God Eva", and even "St. Eva's God" in it. It's a fair bet the censors just didn't even know what to make of it and waved it through.
  • No mention of Breath of Fire III's mayor and his... 'cheeky vixen'? PSP remake got rated 7+.
    • And full-frontal female nudity. Female human, at least in that form.
  • In Breath of Fire 4, the team needs an item called the Fairy Drop. When the team asks a fairy for one (to return a favor), the fairy is embarrassed to give one to them. Even more so when Nina marvels in its rainbow beauty. Scias knows better, and right after you get it in camp, mutters "This is fairy s-sh-sh...", along with a priceless portrait.
  • The intermissions (possibly NSFW) in the NES boxing game Ring King. Just look at it. That can't possibly be anything else other than what it looks like. It actually looks even more obvious in the arcade version.
  • World of Warcraft has some... very interestingly posed rocks, textures, and models in certain places that look suspiciously like a certain piece of male anatomy. Examples (NSFW)here, here, and here. Of course, this could also be an example of people seeing what they want to see.
    • In Zangarmarsh, a troll who wants to seduce a female by demonstrating his superior skills asks players to kill a huge wasp and take its gigantic stinger. The object is described as still oozing venom. The wasp is called Blacksting. The quest is called Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Big Stinger. I'm just sayin'.
      • "Thrusting Hodir's Spear" anyone? How about "Polishing the Helm"? "Hot and Cold"? "Blowing Hodir's Horn"?
      • One of the quests in Durotar in Sen'jin Village is "Don't Trust a Big Barb and a Smile."
    • Most female Draenei quotes were cut at the last minute, but here's one that got through:

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ...Good! Bring ample supply of butter and goblin jumper cables."

      • Worth noting: Gobin Jumper Cables are an in-game item used to revive dead players.
    • That's nothing. Another female Draenei quote is: "Yes, they are real. And they can cut glass." They meant their horns, of course!
    • The female Blood Elves have some very interesting flirt lines in Germany, for example "Is that a Mana Worm in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" and "Normally, I only ride mythical mounts, but maybe I could make an exception."
      • They have similiar lines in the U.S.
    • Female Dwarves also have the flirt, "I'll have you know I can flatten steel with my thighs."
      • And amongst the dwarf female jokes is this gem: "My Uncle has brass balls, no really!"
    • Trolls are just dirty. One female flirt states, "When enraged and in heat, a female troll can mate up to eighty times in one night. Be ya prepared?" Not very subtle.
      • Male trolls say this: "I heard if you cut off an extremity it'll regenerate a little bigger. Don't believe it."
    • Both male and female Gnomes have a flirt line "Hey, nice apparatus!" which seems to be both this and a reference to Geeky Turn On.
    • Female Undead: "Yes, they are real. They are not mine, but they are real." Squick.
    • Male Blood Elf: "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"
      • The fact that it's Cam Clarke saying this in perfect deadpan is either hilarious or just plain sexy.
    • Then there is the pet (in the U.S.) named Willy, that you get from the Children's Week holiday event. Did I mention he has one eye? Yeah....
    • In the Orgrimmar Auction House is an orc auctioneer named "Thathung."
    • There's a trinket called Chuchu's Tiny Box of Horrors that has a random chance to increase your critical srike rating for 10 seconds. To do this they put a buff on you called... tentacles. So these tentacles allow you to better hit your enemies vital points.
    • There's a quest in Uldum called "Just the Tip" - referring to the point of a spear. And another quest called "Camel Tow".
      • Alongside "Camel Tow" is "Master Trapper." In the beta, it still had it's original name - "Master Baiter."
    • The worgen and goblins were given even dirtier lines.
  • Guild Wars also has a few innuendos, such as the "Seamen" in the quest "A Sticky Operation", not to mention the infamous among players PVP sword, the "Greater Arced Blade". In the Domain of Anguish, there is the "Dreadspawn Maw", a writhing vagina dentata.
  • Mega Man ZX Advent has a very slick example that you probably won't notice unless you know where to look. When Rospark is unfolded and hanging onto a vine/rope/cable, he has 2 large, pink, rods which are used in his electrical beam attack: one sticking up 45 degrees from his head, and another sticking 45 degrees down from his crotch in a VERY phallic manner, and... well... see for yourself. (May be slightly NSFW.) Apparently, the ESRB didn't notice, because as of May 16, 2009, the game is still rated E10+.
  • The Capcom game FLOCK! requires you to move sheep to the "Motherflocker." Yes. Motherflocker.
  • The original arcade version of Super Punch-Out!! featured a character named Vodka Drunkenski. The NES version had him renamed to Soda Popinski, which apparently was enough to get by Nintendo's strict policies at the time, since his in-between round dialogue snuck in lines like "I can't drive, so I'm gonna walk all over you!"
    • In the Wii entry, his name is literally the only thing suggesting it isn't alcohol. Between his beverage related animations, the pink liquid in the bottles, and no clear labeling (as opposed to prior when 'soda pop' was labeled onto the bottle), it should be obvious what he's drinking.
  • In Skate or Die 2, our skater hero shatters into a dozen pieces if he falls off the ramp, and gets cut in half down the middle if he lands wrong on the middle "spine ramp".
    • And speaking of that, how did the title make it past Nintendo's Never Say "Die" radar?
  • The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series has a few of these. Multiple games include references to bestiality (such as a character behind a building positioned so that he's dancing directly behind his goat), and THPS 4 even has a very quick shot of hippo mating in the zoo level.
  • Taboo: The Sixth Sense for NES. This game has nudity, and somehow, it actually managed to get licensed by Nintendo.
  • Another obscure (but licensed) NES game, Arkista's Ring, features boxart with a somewhat Stripperifically dressed female protagonist.
  • Legend of Legaia got away with references to (heterosexual) anal sex and a character being compared (derogatarily) to a pimp, including the immortal line,

"Pimps are bad! I hate pimps!"

  • The third stage of Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (an old Sega Master System game) features naked punk rockers as enemies who attack the player by shooting blue skulls out of their asses.
  • One of Great Tiger's taunts in Punch-Out for Wii is pretty much telling Little Mac to suck his mother's teat in Hindi.
    • Also, Bald Bull might repeatedly say "Damn you!" in Turkish between rounds.
  • Final Fantasy IX has a rather uncomfortable character design for Eiko: her pants are somehow cut and show part of her legs. Unfortunately, it's the inside part of her legs which is shown. Including the crotch. Of course, she is supposed to wear slim underwear and not actually be naked, but you'd think they could have chosen a less confusing colour than pale pink for that!
  • In Final Fantasy VI, there's a scene about a third of the way through the game when Cyan, Sabin, and Gau arrive in a port city after getting off The Veldt. There's a woman hanging out inside a bar in the town, who begins flirting with Cyan, and showing him 'humpty and dumpty' (Direct quote.) If that weren't enough, Gau, a thirteen year old boy, fully witnessed it.
    • You'd be daft not to forget Edgar's hitting on everything in a skirt: even 10-year-old Relm is not safe from him.
    • Also, teen pregnancy.
    • "Bushido in the Bedroom."
  • Final Fantasy V was already more comedy-oriented than much of the series, but this line is golden. From Ghido, an elderly talking turtle: "I'm a bit too old to do much on my back anymore." How on earth that got past the radar, we may never know.
    • Then there's the spellbook with the centerfold (yes, again) ...
    • (Searching for a book) "A...As... Oh! it's about Donkeys!"
  • Crazy Taxi managed to get F-bombs in its soundtrack in a T-rated game. The fact that its lyrics aren't always distinct helps a bit though.
  • Majesty has decadent elves who are good for your economy. Their Elven Lounges drain money from heroes who go there, play a woman giggling sound effect when clicked, and has an abundance of curtains, and contributes to the vice rating along with a gambling house. Due to the way the willpower stat works there are more male heroes that go to it than female ones and monks never go there. It claims to offer "excessive luxuries" but it's pretty clear that it's really a bordello.
  • Escape from Monkey Island:

Ghost Priest: (about the heroine Elaine Marley) ...beautiful, pure and chaste...
Guybrush: "Chaste"?

    • Mind that Guybrush is her husband.
    • And in Curse, Guybrush is swallowed by a snake and finds a bunch of stuff inside it. After escaping, he then falls into a pit of quicksand and loses it all. His remark?

Guybrush: Hang on, the quicksand is sucking all the cool stuff I found in that snake from my pants. *slight pause* Now THERE'S an odd sensation...

  • The spell book with the nude centerfold in Secret of Mana.
    • Which you kinda have to go out of your way to see, and even then it's pretty easy to miss due to the book's rather flustered reaction.
    • In Seiken Densetsu 3, if you choose Angela as one of your three party members, but not the first, when she joins your party, she will blow a kiss at the screen and flaunt her apparently nude butt at the screen (this being a sprite-based game, it's open to debate)
    • Secret of Evermore had several small enemies explode into a cloud of red blood once they died. In a game that got a KA (Kids to Adults) rating.
  • Ayla is the source of this trope in Chrono Trigger, she says for instance that "Ayla like both man and woman", if they're strong. Also, the best example is the following (Kino is Ayla's boyfriend):

Marle: You're my distant ancestor. So you'd better have strong, healthy kids or I'll be in trouble!
Kino: Heh, heh! No worry, Ayla MUCH energy!
Marle: Yeah she does!

Marle: Wait... What did you mean by that?

Ayla: Kino dumb! Ayla go now!

*Ayla drags Kino through the time portal and they leave*

    • More fun with Ayla: have both her and Marle in your party when you find the Rainbow Shell. Somehow, the party gets into a discussion of maternity. Ayla will squeeze Marle's boob, and declare the princess isn't ready for motherhood yet.
    • Marle gets some of her own during one of the endings, where she and Lucca give their opinions on various men throughout the game.

Marle: [on Johnny] I don't know about a guy whose greatest talent is being fast...

    • Again in prehistory, Marle and Lucca's dialogue waking up after getting heavily drunk at the party is quite ambiguous:

Marle: Wasn't that fun?
Lucca: Liar! I was a perfect lady last night! Uhhhh.... why does my tummy hurt?

  • The Rock Band series is known for muting inappropriate words in songs. However, in Rock Band Unplugged (a T-rated game) and now the main platform as well, when one hovers over the "Rock Your Socks" choice, the vocals in the excerpt are left unmuted, compared to the same place in the gameplay itself. Sure it's two occurrences of the same word, but...
    • From the same song, the line about a Cleveland Steamer went completely past the radar, and then did it again when the song became DLC for the console game. The censors had to be dead to let that one go by.
      • So just to be clear on this, there's a section of the song that is total silence (i.e. the drummer, guitarist, and bassist, are doing nothing), and the vocalist says "All I want you to do is... drop trou... and squeeze out a Cleveland steamer... on my chest" (emphasis JB's).
    • "Stupify" by Disturbed is DLC, but they still keep the f-bombs in it. Also, how did it come to be that "Hey Baby" by No Doubt is labelled "Family Friendly" and therefore importable into Lego Rock Band with its explicit sex references? Something about "boys and girls in the sex appeal"?
    • Guitar Hero III also mutes inappropriate words, but the singer still mouths them out.
    • There are some seriously questionable choices for songs that are considered "Family Friendly" (and thus playable on Lego Rock Band).
    • This one takes the cake: the downloadable Marilyn Manson song "Get Your Gunn" for Warriors of Rock features the uncensored lyrics "you stir me into shit".
  • Magicians Quest Mysterious Times has the hairdresser Roley, who's Camp Gay. Not radar-passing crap in and of himself... ...Except that there's a side-conversation with him where he distinctly talks about finding the man of his dreams. In an E10 rated game. It might possibly be empowering if Roley weren't so obnoxiously Camp Gay. Of course, this game was put out by Konami...
    • This game gets away with a lot of Ho Yay because of the strange way the rumor system works. Also, your same gender "best friend" and your opposite gender boyfriend/girlfriend are virtually the same thing, even having the same magic ceremony to celebrate reaching that stage of a relationship.
  • In Half Life: Opposing Force, in where you play as Corporal Adrian Shepherd, a member of the remote H.E.C. Unit, (which stands for "Hazardous Environment Control Unit"), you get to a level where everything goes to hell. The name of the level? Foxtrot Uniform. Which is, in fact, army code for "Fucked Up".
    • In Half-Life 2, when Barney says "If you meet Dr. Breen on the way, tell him I said F(crashing sounds) you.". It's even in subtitles. And very much uncensored in the audio files, as his dialogue and the sound of the wall crashing down are separate audio files.
  • Scribblenauts: One level toward the end of the game is a long, vertical drop. Part of the scenery: a cat watching you through a hole in the sky. The level's introductory text: "Ceiling cat is watching you... fall."
    • Spawn a rabbit. Then spawn another rabbit. Watch your item meter skyrocket. You are never going to think the same thing about that emotion bubble that comes up again.
    • Scribblenauts is a game where you can summon almost anything. It eliminated, however, anything extremely vulgar, but several torture/exectution devices ("guillotine" and "gallows") exist in it. Also, its ESRB rating summary is awesome.
    • "You can attach a steak to a baby to lure lions," by the ESRB no less.
    • It also accepts the term "flunitrazepam", which is the generic form of the infamous drug Rohypnol.
      • As well as "fallopian tube." Breasts, somehow, are too sexual to include, but a part of a female reproductive system? Go ahead.
    • You can also summon a "virgin" in either game. The first one summons a gamer, the second, a bride.
  • There are a few throughout the Star FOX series, mostly involving Krystal.
    • Fox McCloud agrees to help save her after hearing her cries of pain via telepathy, but when he gets to her (unconscious in a crystal prison), he stands gawking for a good long while, describing her as 'beautiful'. After Peppy snaps him out of it; he proceeds to turn and leave, but then looks back with a very sly look on his face before leaving.
    • And then there's the constant attempts to flirt with her by Panther, most of which are outright rejected, but one of which stands out especially;

Panther: You wanna ride on my wing Krystal?
Krystal: As long as I'm covering Fox.
Panther (somewhat disgruntled): Heh. OK, fine.

  • In Disgaea, the creator of the ultimate zombie mentions that he made him by using a Horse Wiener, among other things. You can actually steal the Horse Wiener and use it as an accessory for your characters!
    • A horse wiener!? Now THAT'S dangerous!
    • Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? has too many to list. One example is the character Turmeric, who is described as passionate: "Eats passion bowls! Wears passion diapers! Shoots his passion seed!", the last of which you can get from him and turns out to be a literal seed (description: "Lots of protein, but hard to swallow.") Another such item is the Choc-in-a-Box ("The second best thing to get in a box.") These and many others in a T-rated game.
  • Xenogears: One of the characters who joins your party is Billy Lee Black. He is a young priest who confesses to considering selling his body for money when he was young.
    • Fei and Elly are shown in bed, together, almost completely naked. Elly uses a sheet to cover her chest. Implications of this are obvious. In a similar vein, Ramsus and Miang share a bed as well. Again, both are almost completely nude.
  • It's pretty obvious to anyone with eyes and basic reading skills that Julius, one of the main antagonists in Sword of Mana, is flamboyantly gay. This doesn't have much impact on the story, but while you're exploring Dark Lord's airship, the first thing you'll notice is that Julius' room is the only one with no bed in it. A further investigation will show that every soldier's room has a twin bed, but Dark Lord's room is the only one with a bed large enough for two. Julius has to sleep somewhere on this thing, and he has a very affectionate relationship with Dark Lord as it is. Connect the dots.
  • Rabbids Go Home is consistantly playing Ding-Dong Ditch at the radar's doors. Shall we discuss?
    • One NPC: "Hey! My wife is almost pregnant!" ...Almost?
    • Patient, eagerly: "Oooh! Is it time for my suppository yet, Nurse Betty?"
    • In the Wiimote design mode, you can "tickle" the Rabbids with an electric prong. But they have the greatest, most giggly reaction if you prod them... in the crotch. Erm...
    • And in a group of characters with a "Boy/Girl Scout" theme...

Guy: "Aah! I'm naked! Everyone's going to see my little totem!"
Girl: "No peaking! Especially you, Slippery Beaver!

  • Mana Khemia was clever enough to hide this kind of thing. The sequel, Fall of Alchemy, on the other hand...
  • City of Heroes has certain standards that character names and biographies must adhere to (no trademarked superhero names, no swearing, etc.) The community is generally quite creative in skirting the fringes of this policy, such as a hero named Nightsoil, or one who is totally not Superman.
  • Jewelry Master Twinkle, an Xbox Live Indie Game rerelease of the PC game Jewelry Master with Dating Sim elements, has the character for Hard difficulty come mention in her dialogue that she found a pickle on the ground. Given the game's Dating Sim elements, you might be misled by what this piece of dialogue may lead to.
  • One conversation in Neverwinter Nights 2 that a male character can have in Jerro's Haven consists of a demon questioning the PC's gender, the PC offering to demonstrate with the immortal line "Stand back...I'll need a lot of room", the demon asserting that his eyesight is too poor to observe the PC's small genitals, Neeshka commenting that she doesn't think the PC's genitals are small, Elanee acting shocked, and the demon dropping the subject. Without explicit mention of genitals of any sort.
  • In retrospect, Knights of the Old Republic 2 has Kreia talking about sex relatively often, though always in her mysterious and detached wise-old-mentor way. Atton's mind, she reports, is clouded by "certain... base lusts". To say nothing of the curious word choice she uses to ask if a male PC has ever imagined Handmaiden "defeated utterly, completely at your mercy". Also, when a male Exile says he wants to build a lightsaber, Kreia tells him that there is great significance attached to lightsabers, "especially for the male."
    • Mira, one of the Exile's party members, implies (not very subtly, I might add) that Atton likes to... shake hands with the bishop.
    • And one from a male Exile, in conversation with Kreia regarding a party member: "Just because I saved her doesn't mean I was going to charge up her loading ramp."
    • Kreia mentions lightsabers as being phallic, tells you not to have sex with the female members of the party, implies Atton is, literally, a wanker, schutta seems to mean fu** er, sex is implied in the cantina on Nar Shadaa. I kid ye not.
    • The Twin Suns. They're Twi'lek dancers- and that "twin" is literal.
    • Atton's dialogue before a female Exile finds some clothing on Peragus. and how about his reaction when clothes are found?
    • At the beginning of a conversation with Mira, she will inform you that you look like "someone shoved a power coupling up your ion engine and switched it on". Erg.
  • Jade Empire had this trope in spades with the Minister of Culture... with his servant laughing at his apparently Innocent Innuendo. Cunning Linguist, Master Debater, and
  • In Gothic 2 there is a fairly cheap brothel in a city that is entered very beginning of the game and no one is being subtle about it, in a teen rated game. And buying their services gives you a cutscene that shows fair amount of the act. In comparison, Moral Guardians thought it was an outrage that Mass Effect had a scene that shows less and is a lot harder to achieve due to high amount of dialogue.
  • Douglas Crockford wrote a full article on how Nintendo's censors were so anal about the NES port of Maniac Mansion, and they had to remove a game called Kill Thrill (they tried Muff Diver, but of course that didn't work), a nude statue, a Playboy for Mummies calender, and even the acronym SCUMM, which stood for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion (the version they made for the NES was called NES SCUMM, which Nintendo of America didn't think was very funny). They went through all of that trouble to have the creators remove these very innocent things... and completely missed the fact you can put a HAMSTER in a MICROWAVE and NUKE IT, then give the EXPLODED HAMSTER back to it's previous owner who MURDERS YOU AND BURIES YOUR CORPSE IN THE FRONT YARD. They fixed it in the international release, but only after NOA discovered you could do this, and only after the game was already on shelves.
    • Referenced in the sequel, Day of the Tentacle, where the player puts a frozen hamster in the microwave to thaw it, this time as part of the main plot. Laverne comments: "Those things could really pop a hamster good," and, "Kids who put hamsters in microwaves back where I'm from get taken away from their parents and put up for adoption so don't do it!"
  • Mystery Case Files: Huntsville had a case involving someone pulling fire alarms around town. It turns out to be a guy who wanted to slide up and down the firehouse pole. This would be harmless fun, except he's in a fursuit. One wonders why it wouldn't be cheaper to just buy his own pole instead of risking exposure, a fine, and community service, unless it was something specifically about the fact that it was touched by firemen-oh.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's: The Battle of Aces, the three Evil Twins of Nanoha, Fate and Hayate are designated Materials S, L and D. It probably stands for Stars, Lightning (Nanoha and Fate's respective callsigns in Riot Force 6), and Darkness (referring to Hayate being the master of the Book of Darkness). But if you rearrange the order, you get a certain drug. Oh, sure, the main series is very Fanservicey as it already is, but still...?
  • Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume has an example early on - Cheripha tells protagonist Wylfred she intends to follow him to see more of the world, and hopefully a man to love. Wyl tells her quite bluntly to save such fantasies for the bedchamber.
  • Too many to list in Ar tonelico. This is just one of them.
    • Even better example. Skip to around 5:35.
    • On the back of the box it says "You never Forget Your First." Granted, it's refering to the Dive mechanic, but still!
  • In Jet Set Willy 2 when you complete the game, you end up back in Manic Miner in a room called Oh $#!+! The Central Cavern!" Is it just your ordinary Symbol Swearing? Well, not quite ...
  • In Episode 1 of Strong Bads Cool Game for Attractive People, Homestar's clothes are stolen, forcing him to run around naked. After causing a mass uproar and hiding from the law in Strong Bad's house, he expresses concern about not being able to show his face in public again; Strong Bad responds by saying "I don't think it's your face you should be worried about showing".
  • It's weird enough that Muscle March, a WiiWare game that involves watching overly-muscled, thong-wearing body-builders shaking their butts as they chase a protein-supplement thief, got official Western releases. But even with all the suggestiveness, the PEGI only gave it a 3. The ESRB gave it E10+, but even so...
  • This could be blamed in the sheer amount of pre-battle quotes Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 has, but one of Giant Ape Baby's quotes goes as follows: "Time for this monkey to spank YOU!".
  • For a Teen-rated game, Infinite Space has plenty of gruesome scenes, such as when Kira literally blasted Argun's head with a laser gun (complete with event CG). And then there's this line from the opening animation:

Nia: Hmph, men. A quick few shots and they're gone.

  • The original Strikers 1945, a Vertical Scrolling Shooter with otherwise no objectionable content, has special Fan Service endings (kinda NSFW). Despite the game being released in American arcades, it managed to avoid the wrath of Media Watchdogs, presumably due to the challenging requirements to unlock the special endings (get a gold medal on every mission) and the very low ratio of dedicated shmup players to casual ones in the US.
  • Mega Man Legends 2. Let's see, completely naked girl (Sera) just barely avoiding full-frontal nudity (Barbie Doll Anatomy, yeah, but still), check. The titular character seeing Roll getting out of the shower, check. A villain getting her clothes burned out (offscreen) with the titular character staring at her for a good 20 seconds, check.
    • The best is a scene where Mega Man walks in on Roll changing. She freaks out, he apologizes and rushes out into the hall... and then pumps his arm like he just found a prize.
  • In the first level of Rayman 3 (not in the GBA version), Murfy claims that he was promised he'd be cast "as a tormented artist who falls for a girl with great big... erm, eyes." He actually gestures around his chest area as he says this.
    • The manual then says to Murphy "The only role you'll ever play is in an X-rated film wearing your birthday suit".
    • Throughout the game, Andre makes Globox drink plum juice, and he clearly gets drunk off it.
    • And then there's the part where Rayman falls into a woman's outhouse, causing the woman to call him a "peeping tom", and "filthy" as she runs off. After you follow the woman into her lair, she says "The pervert is back again!" I'm not making this up.
    • Even the US magazine ad got crap past the radar. Honestly, just LOOK at all those penis innuendos. Also, where exactly DOES Rayman put his penis when he's not using it?
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift... where to begin. Perhaps the ESRB just didn't review the console version, since the story mode seems to love this. Heavy cursing (to the point that only the F bomb and racial slurs are the only things not heard), EXCELLENT use of Calling Your Attacks to censor out one particular conversation (similar to the first game's GIGANTIC TAGER!!! to the point that the same character is speaking), and more than enough suggestive humor to keep you laughing for awhile.
  • In Kingdom Hearts, Donald Duck is hugged by Terk who gives him a rather suggestive look, prompting him to protest "Oh no, Daisy would kill me!"
    • Kingdom Hearts II, some clever camera manipulation allows the player a full view of Kairi's panties.
      • The linked video is itself an example. It's flagged on youtube as objectionable, but the thumbnail for the video contains the objectionable content.
    • In Birth By Sleep, Phil agrees to train Aqua without question. When Hercules asks why, Phil's reply is "Sh, pipe down kid! You and she ain't got the same attributes, if you know what I mean." Yes, he invokes the trope word for word. Oh, and then Hades meets her and gives her a once-over with a very creepy grin.
      • It doesn't take tricky camera manpilation to see Tinkerbell's panties - they're rather obvious in some scenes, particularly when Ven first visits Neverland and the world logo appears.
    • In Chain of Memories, Larxene practically molests Axel on-screen, stroking his face, pressing her whole body up against him, and generally ignoring his personal space. It mostly passes for shipperbait in fandom, but Axel's expression is distinctly uncomfortable and distant, and Larxene's suggests that she really doesn't care whether he likes it or not.
      • Marluxia, her fellow conspirator, shares her disdain for personal space. His demonstration of that suggests even darker things -- it's hard not to read more into the utterly terrified way Namine reacts to his hand on her shoulder. *shudders*
    • Birth By Sleep has Master Xehanort, about whom some very nasty things are implied. He carries an eleven-year-old, unconscious Ven to Destiny Islands wearing a white shroud with no shirt underneath. That's odd enough on its own... but Ven was fully clothed before going unconscious, which suggests that Xehanort took it off afterwards. He also gets rather... excited when Terra can no longer resist the darkness. When the one doing all that is an old man who says things like "at last, our moment is here" while executing a Grand Theft Me,it's no wonder he's seen as a Memetic Molester.
  • In the beginning of Shantae, the titular character encounters her foe Risky Boots and Risky says such jewels like "Gotta haul booty!" and "Men! Spank this one extra hard for Mommy!" Make of that what you will...
    • Squickier example in the sequel: Mimic is telling an audience exactly how he recovered the relics he's displaying. Most of his monologue is drowned out (for the player) by a conversation between Shantae and Sky, but the snatches we get to hear suggest that he defeated a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style pressure trap not by replacing the treasure with a sandbag, but by taking a crap on the switch.
  • The E-rated Mega Man Zero 2 has Harpuia telling Zero that he is "the only one who can make me feel this alive" and how much he "loves the pain" after their battle. The Compilation Rerelease gave the radar another chance, which was used to invoke Never Say "Die" on the first two games, but very little else.
  • The colorful, kid-friendly casual match-3 shooter Svetlograd features levels with extremely phallic rocks. There's simply no way this was accidental.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds: Whenever you play as Willow and pick up a medipack, she comments on how much Tara would love to see her play Nurse Willow. Tara also brings up how Willow likes how submissive she is, and discusses changing roles so she's the dominant one. As mentioned elsewhere, Faith alludes to masturbation.
  • The NES game Abadox regularly shows blood and guts from the very first level, and almost all the enemies are really frightening or disgusting. And it was published in the U.S. by MILTON-BRADLEY!
  • Sword of the Stars got a G rating - E-for-Everyone equivalent. The event card for a Tarka research project going over-budget? A very unambiguous silhouette of a Tarka stabbing himself through the stomach. There's also a loading screen of a naked Tarka curled around an egg.
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn joins the list. When you're basically just starting out, Tyrell's anger nearly makes him lose control and burn down Patcher's Place. When Karis snaps some sense back into him, she says "Now, keep your fireballs under control." Tyrell, visibly disturbed, says "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that."
    • After hinting about the location of a MacGuffin you need, vampy villain Chalis gives an obvious bust shot and asks, "Ah, so have I enticed you?" "No" is not an option.
    • One of Golden Sun's best uses of this trope is probably this gem from the first game, after rescuing the tree knocked into the river and getting it changed back into a girl:

Jill gave Isaac a nice surprise! Isaac got a Hard Nut!

  • The SNES game Star Trek Starfleet Academy features a recreation of the final battle in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, after which the crew of the Enterprise are told that they're all being forced into retirement and the Enterprise herself is to be scrapped. Spock's response to this in the movie is "If I were a human, I would tell them... go to hell," which obviously couldn't be put the SNES game because of Nintendo's policies at the time. So, the development team substituted it for a Klingon phrase which is actually far more offensive (well, assuming you're fluent in Klingon) than the original phrase would have been.
  • Tux Racer has the expansion pack courses Big Ass Jump and I've Got a Woody.
  • In Star Trek Online, it's possible to sneak up on enemies in story missions and listen to them talk amongst themselves. In the mission "Under the Cover of Night", one of the Orion Syndicate members (The Orions are the original Green-Skinned Space Babe) says to another, "I've got some things that will blow your mind. How does the unrated cut of Vulcan Love Slave VI sound?" Fans of Deep Space 9 are sure to recognize that as the name of a Holodeck program...
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box gives us one at the beginning when everyone's favorite Wrong Genre Savvy Inspector Chelmey questions why a Layton has an Adorably Precocious Child hanging around as his apprentice. Luke's reaction doesn't help.
    • In Professor Layton and the Curious Village, touching the breasts on a painting you are examining for a hidden switch will say "Now, Luke, it's important to be a gentleman". While the solution is made obvious, the promiximity of the hitboxes makes it fully possibile to hit it acidentlly.
  • Kupo sounds a lot like kuso. They literally got crap past the radar.
    • If that's not enough to convince you, in one installment there's a Moogle whose dialogue is practically swimming in "kupo". What does the game refer to him as? "Foul-Mouthed Moogle".
  • Done rather skillfully in Rule of Rose, which despite of its infamous trailer is extremely subtle when it comes to sexuality or violence against children. For example, the issue of Clara's sexual abuse: near the end you can see obviously reluctant and frightened Clara summoned to Mr. Hoffman's office, and you can spy through the keyhole what's going on. Clara is kneeling in front of Mr. Hoffman in a rather suggestive position...scrubbing the floor vigorously. The fans consider the scene an obvious stand-in for much less innocuous activities.
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves has Hotaru, a Cute Bruiser with a very... interesting super. (Just watch...)
  • Lampshaded in Sam and Max Season 2. In Moai Better Blues, a character tells Sam to board a motorised surfboard ride by aggressively telling him to "get on that bucking surfboard". Three games later in What's New, Beelzebub, Sam encounters an employee of Hell, whose job it is to bleep out all the swearing in the game. He accuses him of being a lousy censor for letting the 'bucking surfboard' line slip through, and is told that "'bucking' doesn't appear on the list".
    • Another possible example: At one point in the same episode, Sam has to find out Peepers's real name, but every time they hear it, it's heard as three censor bleeps. After they change the list of censored words, his name is revealed to be Dick Peacock.
  • Mega Man Battle Network 1: Lan's peeping on Mayl changing clothes.
  • The Sims has this a little, even for its T rating. For example, in the first game you could "Play in Bed" in one of the beds, and in the second and third games this is turned to "Woo Hoo" and results in pregnancy. Hookahs were presented as bubble blowers that actually made bubbles, but also made Sims literally float while using them. Kegs and bars are always referred to as "juice kegs" and "juice bars," or "nectar" in the case of the wine bar.
    • In one of the expansion packs it's possible to "Woo Hoo" in an elevator. The little text bubble that comes up afterwards finishes with "going down."
  • Viewtiful Joe, although it is rated T and has "Suggestive Themes" as a descriptor, still got a bunch of strip clubs in. They are in the background of Episode 2, plain as day, and have things like "Bottomless and Topless!" on their marquees with pictures of women who only have their nipples covered. And then when you are going back through the area in Episode 5 the clubs are up and running with full blown neon signs.
  • The World Ends With You, rated T in the US and 12+ in UK, features the song "Give Me All Your Love" on its soundtrack. A song complete with lines such as "Feel me when you come inside".
    • Also Noise No. 31 in-game description: Let this jelly violate your space, and that obscene tentacle may start violating your HP!
  • Mega Man X Command Mission is rated E. It also has Ferham, a high-ranking villain who is quite clearly meant to be a dominatrix. That's not too bad. Then you get an extended scene of her whipping Zero. Then you get this:

Ferham: Forget about [your friends], and come over and see me. Come on, Zero. I know you want to beat me!
Zero: Don't worry, I'll beat you soon enough!


Nabooru: I want to ask you a favor...Will you go into this tiny hole and get a treasure that's inside?

    • The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword has examples as well. This includes Groose getting turned on over the thought that Zelda made the sailcloth, the fact that the sailcloths description says (just after Zelda has taken it of herself) "...It smells nice too..." and the fact that they managed to sneak the F word into the game. [2] Word of God confirmed that they tried as best they could too hide in many adult moments while still keeping it an all ages game.
  • Dragon Quest has puff puff therapy, over and over again. Since puff is the sound you make when you blow...Bonus points for the first "puff puff" in III ultimately having her father give the actual massage. And we thought only the dungeons had traps.
    • Dragon Quest is also illustrated by Toriyama, whose original Dragon Ball manga is VERY clear about what "puff puff" means. In Dragon Quest VIII it's possible to see an uncensored puff puff session ... mind, there at least it's not what you're expecting.
  • Final Fantasy does this occasionally:
  • The NES manual for Kid Icarus has a depiction of a fully nude (nipples and everything) Syren.
  • The cover art of Psychotoxic does this in a weird way, apparently intended to look LESS suggestive. The main character is depicted precisely as she is in the game (bare midrift, lowrider pants) except they don't show her wearing her (quite visible in-game) thong.
  • Tactics Ogre, originally for SNES but re-released for PS 1. The Bonus Dungeon has a floor named "Orgasmic Dream"! The Help text description (which in that series of maps follows the life of of an in-game former ruler) says that particular floor is a garden that he built as a playground for his son.
  • Even Plants vs. Zombies has one, in the Almanac entry for Garlic:

...He even pushes things into alternate avenues at home. Somehow his wife puts up with it.


Sparx: You with me? Let's blow this dam thing up!

  • In the eighth "Leisure Suite Larry" game Magna Cum Laude we have the mascot Twiggy. Twiggy is a bundle of sticks that is on fire. Take a moment and think about what slur also means "tightly woven bundle of sticks" and you will wonder how it got past the censors. In case you don't know the answer Twiggy is a flaming faggot.
  • In Daggerfall, characters with no armor or clothing are shown as...nude. There's even an option to turn nipples on or off. This game is rated T, by the way.
  • In Mischief Makers, one level has you hunting down three kids for a mother. A later level has you do the same thing, but now there are seven you have to find.

Mother: There are seven now, I added a few.
(She turns to her husband)
Husband: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

  • The PSN game Super Stardust HD has some enemies that bleed heavily when you kill them (and it's all red blood by the way). And this is in a game got an E-rating for "Fantasy Violence". It's obvious that the ESRB hadn't even played the game, or they only played the first level.
  • Ken Masters from Street Fighter manages to sneak a pretty good one in the middle of his Alpha 3 win quotes:

"I need a better work-out than this! [panting heavily] Where's Eliza?"

  • In Star Wars: Force Commander the driver of the Rebel scanner jammer sometimes says "ready to muck up the enemy's sensors." At least, that's what the subtitles say...if you listen closely to her recorded dialogue, the "f" sound seems quite clear.
  • In the London Suburbs stage of Zatch Bell: Mamodo Battles, there is a billboard of Parco Folgore holding a bare breast that can be seen in the background. The game is rated T.
  • Super Castlevania IV managed to get a topless Medusa past Nintendo's censors (in a 1991 game, nonetheless, when they were iron-fisted with censorship). This is noteworthy because the previous game had Medusa Bowdlerised into a man.
  • Cloud Man.EXE in Megaman Battle Network 5 announces that he'll "fog ya up!" before using his field attack, which consists of enveloping your characters in a purple fog that paralyzes and causes damage. He's an early game boss, so this can really end up fogging you up the Bass.
  • In Dissidia 012, Tifa, legendary spawner of more pornographic fanart than basically every other Final Fantasy character in existence, finds a Pearl Necklace as the first equippable item in her storyline.
  • A Rugrats computer game had Betty DeVille's recipe for "Cupcakeless Cupcakes", which require egg substitute, artificial sweetener, non-dairy milk, and "de-floured flower". You may need to say it aloud.
  • Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (or just Fire Emblem in the States) has some dark moments for an E-rated game. Specifically, the ending you get when Bartre and Karla are paired; Karla dies of illness after giving birth to Fil/Fir. Bartre "takes their daughter to her uncle and joins Karla."
    • This might actually be a Dub-Induced Plot Hole ...but given that there were no plans to release fire emblem 6 out here, they figured they'd probably rather just imply that than state what really happened - Barte is alive and well in Fire Emblem 6.
  • Monster Party has lots of blood and gross things. It was also able to sneak in the words "hell" and "die", when the Never Say "Die" rules were in effect.
  • In Duke Nukem 64, in E1M2. In the back of the gun shop, there are surprisingly erotic looking gun based films in booths, complete with bar stools and tissue dispensers. The radar being that, at the time, Nintendo wasn't allowing sexualized content, causing almost every other instance from the original game to be replaced.
  • In Wii Party, Miis do a dance when they get 100 points in Friend Connection. This makes sense with a male and female Mii, but with a male and male or female and female... awkward thoughts.[context?]
  • In Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, some of the characters were made to swear in the American version, and they don't just say a few swear words like "damn" or really rude insults like "Bastard", they even drop a Precision F-Strike into their phrases. This would have earned the game an "M" rating at the time, but because they bleeped them out (And mind you, they made no attempt to hide what they were saying!), they managed to get crap around the radar. (For example, Ulala may start a battle out saying, "Don't underestimate me you *bleep*ing bastards!" and Baofu once proclaims, "Who the f##k are you?")
  • An in-universe book in The Elder Scrolls, called "The Lusty Argonian Maid" has a short scene where a lot of innuendo sent straight past the radar, with the noble unsubtly flirting with his argonian maid and directing her to "polish his spear". The first time this book appeared was in the T rated Morrowind.
  • One of the Odd Jobs for Stuntman Ignition has you driving a car called the "Venus Vexation". It sounds like "Penis Fixation".
  • There’s a game called “Icarus Proudbottom In: The Curse of The Chocolate Fountain”, where you play the title character with bowel incontinence that allows him to fly. If you get hit, he loses parts of his clothes but still constantly taking a dump. You heard that right, taking about getting crap past the radar to the next level.
  • There was a Japanese-only game for the PC Engine (Turbo Grax-16) called “Toilet Kids”. In the opening scene, a little boy is seen going to the bathroom, pulls down his that showed his ‘privates’ before being sucked into the game. The game evolves around him beating bad guy with his crap, seriously. This wasn’t released outside Japan until emulators came out.

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  1. Kay's 17, so she legally would be able to use the cuffs when she turns 18 in a year, if you get me.
  2. While they don't say the word outright, there's times when characters say the first half of a swear, then they add in some letters, before saying the last half. Eg: Someone saying "Fueeeeck!" when suprised.