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So... How's that 2x effectiveness working out for you?

  • Angels in Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne have a shocked "NO WAY!" reaction when you kill them, which rather nicely compliments the smug look on their faces prior to you kicking their ass. Bonus points for the "NO WAY!" being uttered in a shocked tone that indicates they thought getting the crap beaten out of them was something they thought impossible.
  • Dead Rising 2 Off The Record feature Sandbox Mode where the game's world is stuck in a 3-4 day cycle, got different challenges to keep the player entertained (or to get Protoman's outfit), one may find the challenge "Rooftop Massacre Pt. 2" after completing the first challenge and reaching a certain amount of kills. By the way did you notice why no gas-zombies spawn in Sandbox Mode? They do only spawn during the challenge. They DO NOT despawn once it's over. Good luck getting of the roof...
  • Right after the final fight in BioShock (series) 2 you run down a corridor right behind Eleanor to get to the escape sub before the charges are detonated that will hurl the entire complex into a deep sea trench. Then at the last corner the game changes to dramatic slow motion as Eleanor suddenly stops and it takes a moment for you to get around the corner to see the door blocked by lots of red crates and two gray boxes with blinking lights.
  • Serious Sam is trapped in a tiny 10 foot by 10 foot cage while being harassed by headless zombies that file in one at a time. "Come on, is that the only thing you ugly freaks got?" Cue the giant, scythe-armed, skeletal-horse creatures. "Uh-oh."
    • A similar scene occurs earlier in the game when you run into your first Beheaded Kamikaze. After gunning it down, Sam says "AAAAAAAAHHHH yourself!" Cue the sound of many Beheaded Kamikazes screaming in unison. "Uh-oh."
    • The iconic first Kamikaze encounter is paid homage to in Serious Sam 3: BFE in the first level, Summer in Cairo. A single Kamikaze appears from the dry grass in front of the museum surroundings where the helicopter ruins are located. Sam blows it up and remarks "AAAAAAHHH, put a sock in it!". Then comes a marching band of Kamikazes. "Uh-oh."
  • Perhaps the best fictional video game example is the GameStop ad for New Super Mario Bros. as the bunny, an Expy Mario, takes advantage of his power-up, for a short while. Then it wears off...
  • The discovery of Delta Halo in Halo 2. The look (and reaction) of Johnson says it all.
    • In the first cutscene of Halo's "Assault on the Control Room" level ("I Would Have Been Your Daddy..."), a Grunt guard, who has been checking up on his napping buddies, runs away shrieking as Foehammer's Pelican suddenly emerges from the control room air shaft.
    • "What is it, more Brutes?" "Worse."
      • Lets just say, anything involved with the Flood.
    • "Boo."
    • How about any time you hit a Covenant soldier with a plasma grenade?
      • Or the opposite?
        • Around the middle of Halo Reach, Noble Six is pushed out of a Covenant corvette as a teammate pulls a Heroic Sacrifice. After Noble Six enters the atmosphere, we switch to a view of an orbital telescope. You hear the voice of your AI, Auntie Dot, say "Slipspace rupture detected" as you spot a Covenant ship exiting Slipspace. This turns into an Oh Crap moment due to the phrase coming again, and again, and again as ship after ship pours out of Slipspace, coupled with shocked and horrified reactions of humans watching them come out. For anyone who's read the Fall Of Reach book, you know that this is the real invasion force. And the battle for the planet is just beginning.
    • More correctly, the battle for the planet is over. What follows is merely the cleanup of any humans still alive on the planet without any significant resistance.
    • If you played multiplayer and seen a enemy player with a power-weapon, you gotta have a gut-feeling that you're gonna see that again. Close up. To the face.
      • You've probarly said that during a game versus a Energy Sword/Gravity Hammer wielding enemy. Especially Reach. If you don't know why, it's 'cause that sprinting only works when moving forward.
        • Video Game/Halo series is the most famous game for these Oh Crap moments to happen, right from sword encounters, to sticky-nade. From a Ghost charging your way, to be the driver of a ghost heading face-first into an armor-locked enemy. It's a long list...
  • In Paper Mario, starting at Chapter 4 and up, there are numerous occasions where Mooks will absolutely freak out upon seeing you while they guard an important location, some of which yell out up front that they don't stand a chance.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door had even more of these than its predecessor.
  • In the Prince of Persia series, enemies generally have some variant of this expression in the last moments of the game before the Reset Button is pressed.
  • Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2. Mission 32. One of the best ideas on that mission is to make absolutely sure you do not trigger the reinforcements on the enemy phase. The fact that the reinforcements contain five bosses amongst them AND everyone takes damage during the cutscene makes that good advice to take. There's even more Oh Crap for everyone in the closing moments of the chapter, to boot.
  • Likewise, in Mission 30 of Super Robot Wars W: Leaving the Junk Guild ship too far behind is a bad thing, which you find out when, halfway during the battle, a large ZAFT force shows up behind you. A dozen GINNs with bazookas are not good for the health of a simple salvage ship.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary, characters occasionally do this (without talking). King Dedede in particular gets a good "oh shit" look when Kirby shows up to stop him.
  • Enemy Mooks in Metal Slug tend to react like this when they're talking to each other and then see you.
  • Happens in SWAT 4 as you're arresting in multilayer when a grenade falls next to you.
    • Or, even worse, when you discover a bomb in the campaign. There's never, ever just one, and God help you if your leg is wounded.
  • That's one of the possible reactions of a Combine sniper in Half Life 2, after you toss a grenade in his hideout.
    • Beautifully executed in-game in Episode 2. You have to defend a room with 4 entrance tunnels, each has 3 warning lights that go off when antlions are coming through a tunnel to attack, indicating the amount by the number of lights. For most of the fight, you have to move your two auto turrets and the two rebels assisting you to a new tunnel to defend. Then your Vortigaunt allies arrive and on all four tunnels all three lights light up. The Crowning Music of Awesome of the scene turns it into one of the greatest moments in the whole game series.
  • In Portal 2, Wheatley gets one right before GLaDOS zings him into space. Literally.
  • God of War: Everyone Kratos meets and kills. Hell, that's everyone Kratos meets.
    • A particularly delicious example comes in at the very end of God of War II. As Zeus is rallying his brothers and telling them that they can win the fight against this one mortal, there is a tremor. Then another. The marble bust of Zeus cracks, and its head falls to the floor, and shatters. The gods rush to the balcony, and the look of pure fear on Zeus's face at what he can see is intensely satisfying. The Titans, as strong as they were in the height of the great war, climbing their mountain, and on Gaia's shoulder, Kratos, the Blade of Olympus in hand and bloodlust on his mind. THE PROPHECY SHALL BE FULFILLED!!! AH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

Kratos: Zeus! Your son has returned. I BRING THE DESTRUCTION OF OLYMPUS!

  • Nrvnqsr in Tsukihime was already having a tough time of it in his fight against Shiki, but was far more annoyed than afraid... until Arcueid mentioned that "Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you this, but Shiki even killed me once." Nrvnqsr's reaction is priceless.
    • And, of course, the protagonist (and, at the time, Roa) is subject to one of these. See: To the Pain.
  • In Killing Floor this happens way more than one would expect. Whenever you see a Flesh Pound and, to a lesser extent, the Scrake. Then after you defeat all 10 waves, here comes Patriarch. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY CHILDREN?" and "EVERYTHING"S EASIER WHEN YOU HAVE A ROCKET LAUNCHER FOR AN ARM." In fact, when the Patriarch cloaks, it's the eye of the storm. You wait. He could come at any second. Will he go for you or your team mates? I don't know if I can-OH GOD HE SPAWNED RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME I'M DEAD.
  • Xehanort/Ansem in Kingdom Hearts had a good laugh in the final battle about the naïve little kid, who was trying to tell him, that there was light behind his beloved Door to Darkness. He, however, stopped laughing as soon as the aforementioned door unleashed a massive load of pure light against him, leaving him shouting: "WHAT?! LIGHT?! IT--CAN'T--BE!!!" as he realizes that he's about to be destroyed by the very thing he has been hunting for the past decade.
  • Ganondorf does this in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess right after he realizes that the Triforce of Power, which had saved him the first time he had been impaled isn't working anymore.
    • As well as when he dies when he sees a maskless Zant (probably as a near-death hallucination), who kills him by snapping his own friggin' neck!
    • Link gets one in the same game when he finishes off Morpheel, gets warped to Lanayru Spring, turns around, and...walks right into Zant.
      • Right after that, Midna gets one right before getting hit with a blast of light from Lanayru.
    • Link has quite a few of these moments in The Wind Waker. Gotta be some of the funniest moments in the whole game, really.
      • Though one really has to wonder how he couldn't notice that Tetra just stuffed him into a barrel, until right before she's about to launch him into a wall. Slow reaction, anyone?
    • Tatl has one in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. After defeating the Skull Kid, she starts going on about how much of an idiot he was. An offscreen voice agrees with her, and she emphatically continues, thinking it's the Skull Kid coming to his senses...until she realizes it's Majora speaking. Y'know, the thing she basically thought was, well, an accessory. She may be a glowing ball of light, but you just know that if she had a visible face, it would have a major Oh Crap expression.
    • Another example comes before the final boss in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You watch the king of evil you just killed transform into a gigantic monster called Ganon, which then proceeds to knock the only weapon capable of killing it out of Link's hands to land outside the ring of fire surrounding the battlefield. In addition, this moment is one of maybe three times that Link's facial expression changes from that determined frown.
    • In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link has a priceless reaction when, in the midst of his skydive down to the surface, he realizes that Groose is diving after him - without anything to use as a parachute.
    • In The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening, after you beat the boss from the fifth dungeon onward, the enemies suddenly panic. They know Link is almost there to waking up the Wind Fish and triggering the inevitable Dream Apocalypse.
  • In Team Fortress 2's "Meet the Demoman" includes a fairly accurate rendition of an in-game encounter with a skilled Demoman, culminating in about a dozen sticky bombs hidden on one side of a door frame, and the sudden (but not quite sudden enough) realization that the Demoman is, indeed, a grim bloody fable with an unhappy bloody end.
    • There's another use of this in "Meet the Spy", just before the climax...

'[[spoiler:Soldier: "Alright. Who's ready to go find this spy?"
Spy: "Right behind you."]]

    • How about Meet the Sandvich, where we get an entirely verbal version-as the visual of the scene focuses on the Sandvich that transforms the Heavy from walking-wounded victim to Oh Crap Incarnate?

Soldier: He's getting away, don't let him get to the fridge! DO NOT DO IT...
Scout: Don't do it pal, uh...

Heavy: Omm nom nom nom ahheheheh

Scout: Ohhh...hey, uh, calm down there, you listening, uhh OH GOD! OMIGODOMIGODOMI-- *CRUNCHWHUNCH*\\ My blood! He punched out all my blood!!

    • In game, the player(s) have this happen to them quite frequently. The best evidence would be when you're blasting away, doing quite well- and then the opposite team pops an Ubercharge or a Kritzkrieg.
    • On the battlefield, it is beyond stupid to taunt, as it will likely just kill you. If you see a Pyro doing this with his flame thrower though? Don't shoot. Just run. In about three seconds, pure pain is about to be released.
    • Recorded but unused is a line for the Scout, which is meant to be played when taking damage while trying to use his Bonk! Atomic Punch. Said line is this trope verbatim, delivered with the scout's usual humorous lack of restraint.
  • In Doom 3, the space marine is pretty calm when blasting his way through hordes of demons. This changes in the last boss fight, where the expression on the marine's face transforms to one of utter terror when confronted by the fifty-foot tall Cyberdemon.
    • Yes, if you notice the marine mouths the words "Oh shit" (Or Holy shit) just as the camera stares at the Cyberdemon's crotch-guard, and then at his face when the Cyberdemon roars.
  • Final Fantasy IX: The look on Black Waltz No.3's face when he realises that he's accidentally set his own airship on fire- just before he crashes into the South Gate. [1]
    • Queen Brahne's horrified expression a split second before Bahamut incinerates her ship.
    • Kuja, upon realising that Garland has arrived in the Invincible.
    • Hades is the second-hardest optional boss in the game. However, Ozma, the hardest, can be fought and defeated before you even meet Hades. Do so, and Hades has one of these moments right before the battle begins.
  • In the intro of Left 4 Dead 2, right after the survivors made it through a rather clingy horde of Infected and into an elevator, Ellis' face mirrors despair and fear, as he exclaims "Holy shit!". The camera pans out to show the big Zombie-infested hall into which they're descending.
    • The survivors also go oh crap whenever they hear a Witch is nearby and they have a right to be nervous since she can down a survivor in a single strike.
  • You can tell this is exactly what is going through Orochi's head after Susano removes his other seven in Okami.
  • Chrono Trigger has periodic Oh Crap moments.
    • By far the most memorable are by Ozzie, who persistently tries to hinder the team's advance, and appears noticeably disturbed each time he realizes it hasn't worked. Twice in the game, this is augmented with the narrative comment "Ozzie's in a pickle!"
    • Guardia's Chancellor who is actually the fiend Yakra in disguise also has some visually striking Oh Crap moments, at times when he's suddenly realized that his carefully-planned carefully-executed schemes have instantly unraveled before his eyes.
      • Case 1: Crono impales the Dragon Tank through a vital component and gets clear, and the Chancellor orders its repair. When it self-destructs, it blows up the part of the bridge he and his two flunkies are standing on, causing them to hang for dear life as a makeshift bridge for Crono and Lucca.
      • Case 2: The Chancellor and his flunkies corner Crono, Lucca, and Marle in a part of Guardia Forest. Rather than accept a trip back to jail (more proverbial than physical in Marle's case), the three of them jump into the nearby Gate instead.
      • Case 3: The Chancellor orchestrated King Guardia XXXIII's trial with a forged document and a bribed merchant, even gaining a guilty verdict of four to one on the King. The decision was reversed almost instantly when Marle jumped through the fucking stained glass window and produced a shard of the Rainbow Shell, effectively imploding the plot in his face. This is a case of a Rebellious Princess too wild for an Evil Chancellor to control.
  • In Wing Commander IV, the Vesuvius (a carrier with guns to engage capships directly, as well as attacking them with its fighters) is almost to the jump to Sol System, with the Intrepid chasing it. When the Vesuvius turns around to engage the Intrepid, it's Blair's turn for the Oh Crap face.
  • The Zoness stage of Star Fox 64 involves a submarine boss with two big side-mounted cannons, and a crane to retrieve them when they get shot off. Obviously, the designers intend for you to to shoot the cannons and then Oh Crap out when the crane rolls into action... But if you're smart enough to shoot the crane, you get a priceless "Ohh, shoot!!!" from the boat driver, proving that Gosh Dang It to Heck does work if you ham it up enough.
    • Another boss fight, on Macbeth, consists of a train carrying explosives to a supply depot. If you choose to skip the actual fight and simply change the direction of the tracks, you're treated to one of the game's lovable lines as the operator realizes that he's heading right into the depot's front door at top speed, and his brakes don't work.
      • A third example in the game comes from Area 6, which could also be combined with Mook Horror Show as Fox and his team blast straight through the armada protecting Venom, and the two in charge of the armada are epically freaking out.

Leader: Fire! FIRE! Don't let them through!!

        • A fourth would be many of the Star Fox teams reactions to fighting Star Wolf and their advanced ships.
  • Mass Effect has several of these strewn across the game. The most notable being Shepard's expression when debris of Sovereign comes flying into the tower.
    • If you tell the Fifth Fleet not to save the Destiny Ascension, but to focus on Sovereign, the asari commander of the Ascension gets one of these when the Alliance stops answering their hails.
    • Saren has a little one on Ilos, when he sees the Normandy swooping in and the Mako flying towards him.
    • During Miranda's loyalty mission, you have an opportunity to pull off a Renegade interrupt while facing off against a group of Eclipse mercenaries. It involves Shepard casually snapping the neck of the mercenary squad's commander, Miranda gunning down the man's second and a couple of his buddies, and Shepard shooting a well-placed crane carrying an explosive crate that wipes out most of the rest of the squad. The only surviving mercenary is a shocked salarian with a priceless "holy shit!" look on his face.
    • Also, the Collector General at the end of the second game. The ending cinematic has it looking around with an expression of sorrow and fear as Harbinger releases control and the base begins to explode around it. If an expressionless bug alien could make an Oh Crap face, that would be it.
    • Garrus uses this word for word during his loyalty mission when a pair of YMIR mechs arrive on the scene.
    • Mouse's reaction on discovering that both Thane and Shepard are standing behind him. Immediately lampshaded when Thane informs Mouse that he can change his pants afterwards.
    • If Ronald Taylor is abandoned by his would-be rescuers and left to face the consequences of almost a decade of exploitation, he's wearing this expression... just before the first of the hunters jumps him.
    • Near the end of ME2, when the Collectors board the Normandy, Jokers lines consist almost entirely of "Shit, shit, shit, shit!!!"
    • Big Ben's face says it all in the teaser for Mass Effect 3 as he's hit with a Reaper spotlight. Cue a rapid pan out above London to see not a single but eight Reapers descending on the city. This Is Gonna Suck indeed.
    • Lampshaded in the Overlord DLC, when the satellite dish comes crumbling down on Shepard & Co's heads. As Shepard put it...

Scientist: Oh shit, the sedatives aren't working. SECURITY!!!

    • Similarly, Shepard has one when s/he sees Object Rho, and begins to realize what's actually going on.

Shepard: You have the Reaper artifact just sitting here? Out in the open?! Kenson...this is not good.

    • Later on, a lone mook has a particularly good one.

Project Guard: I have Shepard stuck in the vents, s/he's not going anywhere. *Sees Shepard* SHEPARD'S OUT! GET ME SOME BACKUP!

    • In the multiplayer mode for Mass Effect 3, the Cerberus troops shout "Krogan!" when they see one charging into melee range.
    • Halfway through being converted into another Banshee husk, Rila reveals that she's holding the detonator to a bomb... and she's just pressed the trigger. Cue an open-mouthed gape of horror from the Banshee that was converting her; yep, Rila just made a husk feel fear!
    • During the Mars mission in Mass Effect 3, Shepard meets a group of Cerberus troops that are clearly aware of Shepard's reputation.


    • On the final Rannoch mission, you are dispatched to blow up a Reaper broadcasting device. You use a targeting laser to call in the Normandy for an airstrike, and then you find out that you just woke up a Reaper.
  • Ratchet and Clank gets several. Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal features Ratchet showing identical "we're dead" expressions upon a) discovering that Captain Qwark, their last hope, thinks he's a monkey, and b) when Clank turns out to have been replaced by an evil duplicate, who promptly grows to 30 feet tall and attacks him.
  • Which is to say nothing of the final boss of Tools of Destruction. To sum it up: after the first phase, Tachyon's basically gone insane, and the Dimensionator, being the helpful, predictable MacGuffin that it is, has ripped open a hole in space and sent our eponymous duo and the Big Bad to some random asteroid in the middle of space, leaving no chance for escape. The only option is going on with the fight... I think Ratchet phrased it best, really: "We are so screwed..."
    • A Crack in Time gives us an awesome one from Nefarious's troops, whenever you pull out the RYNO V in front of them-- justified in that it's the proper response to being stared down from behind this glorious weapon:

Nefarious Trooper: Holy crap! ABORT! ABORT!

  • In the World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King is one in-game video available after a quest line, in which Arthas manages to kill Saurfang the Younger and is about to kill Bolvar. But then the Forsaken appear, with Arthas saying just one word ("Sylvanas...") in a real Oh Crap voice before getting his ass kicked and retreating.
    • Relatedly but less dramatically, in the official trailer for Patch 3.1, you can tell this is what Jaina's thinking when she sees that Thrall and Garrosh are going to arrive before Varian Wrynn has left.
      • There's actually a quest after in-game video where both sides raid Undercity simultaneously - and Jaina teleports the Alliance forces out when they meet up with and start fighting the Horde group.
    • Also in the World of Warcraft expansion Burning Crusade, the roaming Fel Reaver in Hellfire Peninsula has been the source of millions of Oh Crap moments from the players leveling in the area -- one has only to hear that metallic roar to start scrambling wildly in any direction to GTFO.
      • Made even worse when, instead of running away from it, you run straight into it.
    • In the Warcraft RTS games and World of Warcraft, the Bloodlust spell. It boosts attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 10%. Oh did I mention this is a specialty for the heavy hitting Orc faction? Yeah, just make sure you are the one getting buffed.
    • Cataclysm gives us a double Oh Crap in the Goblin starting area. The Goblin captain and navigator are piloting Trade Prince Gallywix's slave ship, and get lost in a fog; when the fog clears, they find they've steered right into the middle of an Alliance-Horde naval battle.
    • You called, little shaman, and The Firelord has answered!
    • This basically sums up Thrall's reaction in Rise of the Horde that the draenei, the orcs' old neighbors-turned-enemies who they nearly made extinct, have arrived on Azeroth and joined the Alliance.
    • In the finale of Cataclysm, when Thrall gets ready to use the Dragon Soul to blast Deathwing we get a brief but satisfying close-up of Deathwing's eye widening in panic as he recognizes the Artifact of Doom he created -- he knows all too well just how badly the thing can screw him over.
    • The reaction of players back in Vanilla WoW, when Molten Core was new and they first met Ragnaros was summed up as "Oh shit."
  • Believe it or not, but in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade at the end of the Necron Headquarter map. Their voice when they realize you have planted a bomb is awesome.

Necron Pariah: My Lord, the living have--(KABOOM)

    • Most times a stronghold is defeated there will be one of these, for example Eliphas realising he's about to be on the receiving end of a You Have Failed Me..., or the entire Tau army before they go into Heroic BSOD when their Ethereal dies, especially in Soulstorm.
    • The Imperial Guard respond to coming up against Necrons with a terrified "Oh no...not them!" Since most other enemies earn relatively calm phrases like "Orks are in the perimeter", this reinforces that Necrons are really bad news.
  • In Street Fighter IV, when your character unleashes an Ultra Combo, your opponent will get a seriously scared look on his/her face right before the first blow connects.
    • Plus, newcomer Rufus yells this out verbatim when he gets knocked out.
    • In the full introduction movie (not whats on the game CD), Gouken does this after giving what seems to be a knockout blow to Akuma, only to have him warp behind him and unleash the Raging Demon. Especially funny when you see the timing of the actions matched up with the lyrics: Akuma recovers into the RD just as the lead is saying "My spirit's in-de-struc-ti-ble," followed up by one long "Ooohhhhhhhhh" as Gouken eats the attack. You can almost add the crap yourself.
    • Also, any Super Combo or Ultra Combo KO is sure to make anyone exclaim this... especially if it's a counter-move and the finishing move is inevitable.
  • Similarly, in the Wii Punch-Out!! game, the opponent will make a distinct expression just before the player lands a Star Punch. Among the best are Piston Hondo (who actually mutters "Shimatta!" - "Oh, crap!" in Japanese - before it lands) and Bear Hugger ("Aw, no...").
  • Absolutely everybody had an Oh Crap moment when they first saw the boss of the Waterfall level in Contra.
  • During the final gunfight of Call of Duty 4, if you shoot Zakhaev's goons first, you'll have just enough time to see him spin around and give you a priceless "OH SHI-" look right before you shoot him.
    • Probably the BIGGEST Oh Crap moment in all of Call of Duty happens as you assault Zakhaev's base (which is in fact a missile silo). You see a nuclear ICBM launch into the sky (remember, each of them has 6-12 high yield nukes in them...and they only take about 30 minutes to reach their target...and with no warning, it's unlikely to be stopped at all). And then ANOTHER ONE LAUNCHES. You've now got (maybe) 20 minutes to stop World War III and The End of the World as We Know It.
  • In Modern Warfare 2 online, getting 25 kills in a single life will net you a Nuclear Launch. Upon said launch, the enemy's radio will suddenly scream "WE'VE DETECTED A NUKE! I-IT'S OVER!!" or something to that effect. It's up to you to imagine the face of that radio operator.
    • You essentially get the same effect if the enemy should ever get an AC-130. The announcers tend to be calm and focused for most of the match until either a nuke or AC-130 appears. Especially the Spetsnaz announcer. Listen for yourself.
    • There's also one instance during the campaign: When Price boards the Russian submarine all by himself and launches an ICBM, all that Ghost can do is helplessly scream "CODE BLACK! CODE BLACK!!!" into the radio.
  • Armored Core For Answer: "Please Accept My apologies, the briefing you saw was manufactured. This is the end of the road for you. I think you understand why." (Cue 4 of That One Boss Flying into the battlefield.)
    • Oh, your on Hard difficulty? "Please Accept My apologies, the briefing you saw was manufactured. This is the end of the road for you. I think you understand why." (Cue 5 of That One Boss Flying into the battlefield. The additional member? Your mission control.)
    • Also when the player sees or hears a very distinct sight/sound: the sight of the AC Nine Ball and its theme 9.
  • Chrome Hounds: About any player/squad's reaction to seeing an Unidentified Weapon. An in-game example is the friendly ACV squad in the Sal Kari Unidentified Weapon's intro. The pilots know all too well what's going to happen after the Ghalib unfurls its massive missile silo.
    • Alexei Ismailov has one when he sees Carlos Nadal's Cerberus HOUND. The player knows that they're royally screwed when someone as stone cold and uncaring as Alexei suddenly screams frantically at his Tactics Commander to tell you to get the hell out of there.
  • Dagoth Ur from Morrowind completely breaks down in a rather short amount of time. In the first encounter with him, he is calm, collected and quite civil, even to the point of carrying a rather lengthy conversation with the player character before fighting him. After Ur retreats, he becomes more noticeably annoyed, but remains confident in himself and berates the player-character for being foolish. It's only when the player-character begins removing the enchantments (that allow Dagoth Ur and the Tribunal to connect to it) from the Heart of Lorkhan that Dagoth Ur loses it. Considering that is one thing he never expected anyone to do, his breakdown is plenty justified.
  • Ace Attorney has plenty of these, both heroic and villainous. The best villainous one is in Apollo Justice case four, when Gavin gets told that the murder he all but just admitted to committing is being tried by a jury... that just saw his huge streak of gloating. Then there's Ace Attorney Investigations where Edgeworth gets one when Dangerously Genre Savvy Calisto Yew pulls a gun on him after he does the usual "corner-the-murderer" thing.
    • The absolute pinnacle of them however is Matt Engarde in the final case of the second game, when he realizes he's a dead man either way. The look combined with their Villainous Breakdown is one of the best moments in the series.
      • It was also funny before when Shelly De Killer does an Oh Crap through a radio. Complete with it falling apart multiple times and sweating oil.
    • Not that it tops the others, but in the 5th case of the first game, Damon Gant. He gloats for about 10 minutes about how horribly he's going to punish Phoenix, Edgeworth, Lana, Ema, Gumshoe, and every single person who tried to turn the tables on him using a very critical item as evidence. A minute later, Phoenix reveals one contradiction in the evidence that results in an Oh Crap moment where Gant literally SCREAMS at the very moment of realization that said evidence suddenly makes the situation even WORSE for him.
  • At the end of Dead Space Kendra has just enough time to exclaim "Oh my God!" before the Hive Mind smashes her into paste. Isaac doesn't talk much but judging by his body language, he's having the same thoughts.
  • In Fallout 3, President Eden has one of these moments if you tell him you know his self-destruct code. He thinks you're bluffing. Your character then casually rattles it off. His (more or less) last words consist of a horrified and almost heartbreaking "Oh! Oh... my."

Sarah Lyons: Take cover! BEHEMOTH!!!

    • The raiders have rather amusing Oh Crap moments should you toss a grenade their way.
    • Benny gets a good one in Fallout: New Vegas, in which confronting him about trying to kill you early-game and stealing the Platinum Chip, he sends you up to the Presidental Suite for a "chat" which turns into him ambushing you with four of his goons. After you kill them, this exchange can take place on the intercomm:

Benny: The cleaners will knock twice. Make sure they're thorough.
The Courier: Yeah, it's a real mess up here - four bodies.
Benny: What the fuck?

    • General Lee Oliver gets one of these at the Battle Of Hoover Dam when the walls fall down to reveal your army of upgraded Securitrons standing right behind him.

Courier: "I see. Yes Man, please throw General Oliver from the Dam."
Oliver: "What the hell? No, get away from me, you goddamn TV on wheels!"

  • Company of Heroes: So you're cutting a swath through German lines with your M10s and Shermans...and then the Wehrmacht brings up their armor. To quote the Allied tank commanders: "Oh shit, that's a TIGER!" Usually followed by frenzied commands of "Drive, driiiiive!" or, very frequently, loud explosions.
  • In Devil Survivor, Smug Snake Azuma assumes they're a Magnificent Bastard, and responds to being threatened with a Badass Boast. Much to their shock, however, the one making the threat then proves they weren't joking, causing them to inadvertently blurt out that Naoya was supposed to make the COMPs incapable of harming 'ranking tamers', rendering them useless against the Shomonkai. Only...he didn't. Leaving you free to kick his ass.
  • In Spore, this is one of the animations that creatures can do, and EVERYONE RUNS IN SHEER PANIC whenever there is a meteor storm or a UFO.
  • There's a beautiful Oh Crap moment in the teaser trailer for Mechwarrior 5. Its 3015, and the view-point character is piloting a Warhammer, which is a good, solid, heavy mech, but not the biggest. After taking down a light Jenner mech with little effort by collapsing the building it was standing on, the viewpoint character rushes into the ensuing dust cloud, not noticing some movement on the other side of the cloud. A few seconds in, the Warhammer stops on account of having run into something. Staring down a wall of unrecognizable metal, the pilot pans the camera up...and realizes he's staring up at a skull-faced Atlas, which is the single biggest baddest Mech of the era and fully capable of taking him to pieces. It does. The Warhammer pilot ejects after being brutalized, his mech's computer warning of critical damage to internal systems. The pilot's Ejection Seat launches him straight up, and his parachute brings him straight down. He looks down just in time to see his Mech's ammo bays explode below him.
    • On the other hand the bird's eye view from the probe he launched seconds earlier clearly shows two mechs and its fairly obvious that the Atlas was one of the scary heavyweight assault mechs, the skull face itself is visible, so the Oh Crap is a result of the pilot forgetting about the second mech and not recognising the largest mass-produced humanoid chassis in the Battletech timeline. Too Dumb to Live most definitely.
    • In a Call Back to the Mechwarrior 3 intro (see below), the Atlas pilot realizes too late that the 'Mech he'd just wasted is going critical. He already has his Atlas in full reverse by the time the Warhammer pilot looks back down.
    • Opening cinematic for the first Mech Commander. Light squad of Inner Sphere mechs is scouting an urban environment, when out steps a Clan Mad Cat -- a 75-ton assault machine somehow undetected by the Raven scout mech whose entire purpose is sensor recon. The Mad Cat pilot wastes no time, disposing of the second-heaviest IS mech with his first barrage. Commands from overhead result in everybody except the Raven pilot running for their lives, as the Mech Commander's superiors watch in confusion. The Raven is instructed to GET THE MAD CAT'S ATTENTION. The Raven pilot follows orders and unleashes his scout mech's weapons against the Mad Cat, a move that which does little more than nothing. Except piss off the Mad Cat pilot, which turns to face him. Cue background-stretching perspective shot and, "...I've got his attention, sir..." as the Raven pilot realizes he's staring down the guns of a Mech that is double his weight, almost as fast, and had already effortlessly wiped out one teammate. The Mech Commander leads the Raven into a dead end while fleeing the pursuing Mad Cat. it was a distraction to give the rest of the squad a chance for tactical movement and a clear shot at the Mad Cat's back. The Mad Cat falls for it, tunneling on pursuing the Raven and getting shot in the back before he can deliver a coup de grace. Of course, a well-trained Clanner would have been slow to remember that while Clanners like samurai-style duels, Spheroids are Combat Pragmatists.
      • Or perhaps, "KODIAK, base, KODIAK!"
      • How about: "Ammunition, depleted." "HQ to Alpha Assault, what is your situation?" BLAM!
      • There's always: "There's still room in hell for your sorry carcass. AHH-" BLAM!
    • Honestly, its not a proper Mechwarrior/Mechcommander game if someone doesn't Oh Crap in the opening cinematics.
    • Mechwarrior 3 provides a couple on both sides for its introduction. For the Inner Sphere, there's Ground Commander watching one of their Firefly Mechs go down in a single shot and the Atlas pilot's reaction to the Mad Cat Going Critical. For the Clan Smoke Jaguar Mechs, the aforementioned Atlas showing up out of nowhere to surprise the Mad Cat and the realization that there's two-score missiles coming straight for your cockpit for the Thor.
  • Gilgamesh vs Shirou at the end of UBW route in Fate/stay night. To his credit, a lot of the fear is more irritation at the fact that some no name brat just cut his arm off before he could even try using his Wave Motion Sword. The "oh crap" factor of the realization he is losing is still partially deflected by how gigantic his ego is.
    • From the first route, both Kirei and Gilgamesh get a moment of this in their duels with Shirou and Saber respectively. Kirei gets his when Shirou survives two curses containing ALL the evils of the world, ever, Past, Present and Future. (To be fair, Shirou did use Avalon to survive the second one), before Shirou runs up and puches his chest out via an explosive magical dagger. Gilgamesh gets his when Saber uses Avalon to block Ea, his World Breaking Wave Motion Sword, before she charges and cuts him in half with an Excaliblast. Gilgamesh gets quite a few of these, mostly when he realises that yes, there are people who can beat him.
    • From Heaven's Feel, there is the moment when True Assassin discovers that Rider's chain-dagger is lodged in his shoulder. Wall-slamming ensues.
  • The Quarter Knights in Wild ARMs 1 have one when Mother reveals her true intentions. Apparently, they didn't count on their leader being an Omnicidal Maniac.
  • Karen Parker in Prototype.

Karen: You know what he can do? He'll kill me! (thump) Oh my God. Oh my God, he's here! He's in the building!
Alex: (transforming) I know. (Fade to Black)

    • Prototype, having as it basically does The Thing as a protagonist, inspires this trope a lot: Alex walks up behind Doctor McMullen and says cheerily (for him, anyway), "Hey, boss." The good doctor falls right out of his chair in horror.
    • "Oh shiiit!!" The last words of many a Marine right before Alex digs in.
    • Alex lets himself drop an "Oh shit," when his cover is blown at a Blackwatch briefing due to Bloodtox.
  • Thief II: Father Karras has a plan to cover the world in gas that dissolves living matter while he stays sealed in an air-tight chamber. He didn't expect Garrett to turn the plan back on itself and pump the stuff into his hideout. The close-up lingers just long enough to catch his expression changing.
  • In City of Heroes, the first reaction enemies have to you entering their perception is a "turn and look" that lasts for one or two seconds before they start shooting. This can have a distinct "Oh Crap" effect when the player is able to get in a hit during the period of delay. One of many especially satisfying ways to accomplish it is to use super-jump or teleportation to drop your character into the midst of a group of mooks and then use a player-based area-of-effect knockback attack to send them flying in all directions.
    • There's also a few scripted instances of this. In the Statesman's Task Force, Dr. Aeon gloats at you from a hidden room, explaining how you'll never escape from your predicament without getting the codes from the 4 Arch-Villains scattered through the zone. He then berates himself for telling you how to escape, and orders one of his goons to erase the recording they just made. The following exchange occurs:

Goon: "Uh, sir?"
Dr. Aron: "What?"
Goon: "You, uh, said you wanted to transmit this, uh... live."
Dr. Aeon: "AAAAAGH! Turn it off, TURN IT OFF!"

    • An example for the player occurs during the Apex Task Force. All the enemies are 4-8 levels above you. You fight one War Walker, a giant EB with devastating attacks. Then 2. Then SIX at ONCE. Of course, YMMV, some people Squee'd at the challenge.
  • After being defeated for the last time by the protagonist and friends, Jon Irenicus from Baldur's Gate 2 can only grimace helplessly when he realizes that his magic doesn't work anymore. And he's trapped in a barren hellscape. And he's surrounded by hungry demons.
    • Throne of Bhaal features one of the more entertaining examples of the trope. As you invade the layer of the Drow Bhaalspawn Sendai, you are repeatedly shown cutscenes of Sendai with her lieutenants. Since by this point your character is easily one of the most powerful mortals on Faerun, when her captain stumbles in stuttering that it's you invading her layer and slaughtering her minions, she falls into an Oh Crap moment that just keeps on getting worse and worse as you leave more and more of her best minions in bloody pieces behind you. It doesn't truly stop until she's dead.
  • Done rather marvelously in Final Fantasy V; after repeatedly failing to save the other crystals your party finally reaches a crystal that didn't shatter shortly after their arrival. Galuf finally recovers his memory, and is reunited with his granddaughter, Cara/Krile. Then Lenna and Faris are reunited with their father, King Tycoon. So the crystal's secure and three of the party members were reunited with their loved ones... Things are looking up now, right? WRONG. After the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, The final crystal shatters anyway, giving the entire group a huge wake-up call, and the Big Bad Exdeath makes his grand entrance, ominous entry scene, Leitmotif of Doom, Evil Gloating, and Evil Laugh in all thier full glory. Bartz muttering "Shit!" as the entire scene quickly goes downhill doesn't even touch how much of an Oh Crap moment this was.
  • After defeating the Succubus in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, she finally realizes that the guy whose mommy issues she tried to manipulate is, in fact, Dracula's Badass rebellious son and that he is not amused. The moment of total astonishment is just icing on the Fate Worse Than Death.
  • General Lionwhyte gets two in Brutal Legend. First, before the final Stage Battle against him, when he notices the sword Lars has levelled at his throat, and finally realizes that the resistance aren't just bumbling idiots and will actually kill him if they get the chance. Later, after the battle when a mirror from his tower is about to fall on him, he attempts to stop it... only to shatter it instead and make it even more lethal. The look on his face reflected in the shards of mirror as he realizes just how badly he screwed up is priceless.
  • Nathan Drake of Uncharted has this almost as his catchphrase. He says it, or some variation, every five minutes. Either that, or he's so far beyond panic that he gets irritated at the insurmountable odds stacked against him.
    • If Drake falls from a high place to his death, he will occassionally shout out "Oh Shiiiiittttt!!!!!".
  • The CO's in Super Famicom Wars and the Advance Wars games (Except 2) get an "Oh Crap" look on their faces whenever one of their units is about to be destroyed.
  • Done marvelously in Tales of Monkey Island: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood. That phrase WILL go through your head when LeChuck casually reveals that he has been evil all along, right before stabbing Guybrush through the gut.
    • Morgan LeFlay gets one in Chapter 2 when she realises that she's about to be knocked overboard.
  • Many players of System Shock 2 got this reaction after The Reveal (especially if they played the first one beforehand), from "The Polito form is dead, insect" to "I AM SHODAN".
  • Ace Combat enemies frequently have this reaction upon encountering the player character late in the game. The target of any superweapon attack also do this. The two words are explicitly dropped in X: Skies of Deception when your allies see that there's another Fenrir in Archelon Fortress trying to escape to Leasath and they can't do anything about it themselves.
    • "The 8492nd Squadron doesn't exist!!!" Cue about 30 enemy planes appearing out of nowhere.
      • The shining example in this series is the final mission of Ace Combat 04. Yellow Squadron, defending Megalith, is ordered to ignore all incoming aircraft except Mobius One, reasoning that the remaining attackers are of little threat (a signal of how much they fear the player.) Then they realize that they're up against Mobius Squadron. The reaction: "They ALL have ribbons!"
      • Also, in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, "Colonel, it's him, the shark bastard!" "Shit."
    • The player's first experience with the Excalibur in Ace Combat Zero: right after it cuts through three allied transport planes in one attack, you hear about five different pilots loudly wondering what the hell just happened.
  • "The Magick Pot is shocked and dismayed!" Despite what it sounds like, trust us, the Oh Crap here is allllll the player on reading that.
    • Any player that didn't read a guide or walkthrough had one when they stumble across a living Save Crystal.
  • Syphon Filter: "This one's different from the others..." :beep: :beep: :beep: :KABOOM:
  • In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Bowser becoming a massive beast usually causes this reaction amongst witnesses, the best being the toads running around like headless chickens and screaming in absolute horror.
    • Against the bosses sometimes as well. The reaction of Midbus and minions in Bowser's Castle when Bowser nearly throws it halfway across the kingdom is priceless. As is the reaction of the Monty Moles driving the Fawful Express after seeing Bowser's massive eyes through the windscreen.
    • In contrast, when Midbus is roasted by giant Bowser, he reacts in an unimpressed deadpan manner.
  • In BlazBlue, Rachel's familiar Gii gets this expression when Rachel's Astral Finish gets countered by Hakumen's. See 1 min 45 sec in this video.
    • Iron Tager's Genesic Emerald Tager Buster is good for causing this in the receiving player. It deals Real Soviet Damage! that can and has turned tables.
    • Pretty much anyone who goes against Hazama the first couple times around.

Hazama: "Restriction 666 released, Dimensional Interference Field Deployed! Code S.O.L., BlazBlue, Activate!"

    • To explain how that works, Hazama has an Azure Grimoire - the titular BlazBlue - and can access it freely, which puts him a couple orders of magnitude above what most characters can handle. Ragna, all too familiar with how he works, is more than willing to just get on with it, as is Hakumen. To show that the horror of witnessing the BlazBlue being unleashed can be overcome, Makoto goes into her first round fearless, but her mind and body just disagree on how to proceed when he gives her a Death Glare afterwards, as well as when he does it again after she ruins his plot. Jin and Rachel are there to bail her out, so she doesn't suffer anything more than psychological shock, but she quickly adapts and overcomes the paralyzing effects - by the time she faces U.Hazama at the end of her Arcade mode, all he gets out of her when he invokes Code S.O.L. is a cold tempered "Just as I thought...".
    • Ironically, Hazama gets his own in his gag reel, where he unwittingly winds up bathing in 100% Spanish Catnip. Tao and two Kaka kittens nom on him uncontrollably, Jubei wants to take in his scent deep before killing him, and Kokonoe wants to sharpen her claws on his chest; it's not until Kokonoe fully explains what his cat allergies are doing to him that the viewer realizes this is effectively the worst day in Hazama's life, and by the end of it all, every feline in Kagutsuchi wants him badly. Run, fat boy, run!!
    • Ragna the Bloodedge often gets these a lot in gag endings, often coupled with a Big "What?", for plenty of good reasons. For example, he even gets one in Rachel's gag ending when Jin enters, having been attracted by the effects of the Spectacles of Eros.

Ragna: Hey! Not you too?! And what's with those eyes? They're... heart-shaped...?!

  • In Persona 3, the player may encounter this if he or she stays on any one floor of Tartarus too long. The simple sound of chains rattling will send you running for the exit, unless you've come extremely well-prepared.
  • In Free Space 2, it takes a massive fleet-wide effort to coordinate the weakening and eventual destruction of the Shivan juggernaut Sathanas, culminating in an epic slugfest between the Not Quite Dead Sathanas and the GTVA Colossus. In your tiny fighter, you can only watch the titans slug it out, until the Colossus emerges - Battered, but victorious. And then another, fresh Sathanas warps right in on top of the remains of the old one. Through a Subspace Jump Node that you had already collapsed. And more are on the way.
    • Lt. Snipes has an epic one later on, which he helpfully passes on to the player. "DIVE DIVE DIVE! HIT YOUR BURNERS PILOT!" And then you just barely dodge a speeding, screen-filling juggernaut jumping out just as you jump in. If you try to dodge in any direction except down as he tells you, your tiny little fighter will be crushed like a tin can in a trash compacter.
  • In Otomedius Gorgeous, you're faced with Big Core DX. Okay, sure, it's just a regular Big Core, it's not so dangerous looking. And then it deploys Options. Six of them. Oh Crap.
  • In Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Zero uses these exact words in his ending when he realizes the Big Bad is Not Quite Dead.
  • Veger has this look on his face near the end of Jak 3, right when he puts two and two together: He was bathed in a light that would turn him into a Precursor... Precursors are ottsels... therefore, he will be turned into an-- POINK!
    • Not to mention the part in Jak X, when Jak (and, consequently, the player) realizes Jak's weapons aren't working. In the middle of a race. One can only imagine Daxter's reaction...
  • From an early scene in StarCraft where two Terran soldiers hit what they think is a dog with a jeep.

Lester: Looks liak yew mashed sum powr fella's dowg, Sarge.
Sarge: It's a Zerglin', Lester. Smaller taip'uh Zerg. They woun't be owt this far unleyess... owwww sheyat.
(Hydralisks proceed to disembowel the two men off screen)

    • Another one where the player is the one reacting. "Alert. Class twelve psionic waveform detected. The Queen of Blades has returned."
  • Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, 3-13, turn 10 Enemy phase: "General Ike, we're here!" (Cue ARMY of That One Boss showing up (Well, they're your units... just on the enemy side.) and the actual boss of the mission starting to move (Said Boss is a Game Breaker who can clear entire maps on his own.)). You don't have to say it.
  • Episode 3 in Lost Planet 2 is just about full of these moments. Especially near the end just after you've escaped a town infested with both a massive amount of snipers and some medium-huge akrid on train, you meet another MUCH BIGGER train with a pretty massive railway-gun on it. Then when you board it your train gets rocket'd. Then after you've successfully killed every last Snow Pirate on the enemy train, the biggest Akrid you've seen up to that point (a humongous worm that actually ate your first train) comes rushing in from the back, wanting to eat this train as well. The moment it emerges from the sand is really just... "Oh Crap!" And THEN you kill it and find that your hometown has been covered under snow because an even bigger akrid (seriously, this thing's a MOUNTAIN!) has absorbed all the heat in the area... Yeah...
  • In Dragon Age: Origins provides a great Oh Crap moment in the Female City Elf origin: shortly after being kidnapped by Bann Vaughan for a "party," the PC ends up in a back room, cornered by two guards who know that she's been trained as a warrior/rogue, about to be tied up for the ensuing atrocities. Then her cousin Soris shows up at the door and tosses her a sword; the guards look from Soris to the PC, and one of them mutters "Oh sod..."
    • In the cutscene at the beginning of the Battle of Ostagar, Cailan realizes that he underestimated the size of the Darkspawn horde. His expression says it all.
  • In Monster Hunter, your hunter will literally flinch when spotted for the first time by a large monster, accompanied by some fitting music (heard here at around 1:09) and an eye icon that changes from yellow to red (monster spotted you to monster has targeted you respectively). Not to mention that some of the larger monsters will roar so loud your screen blurs.
    • Actually, the condition has change you only flinch if you are walking with your weapon undrawn. However, unless you become knowledgeable with that monster, you will say oh crap at the higher level ones.
      • Barroth seems easy, just like that gigganox but more jumpy, right? Alright got my sword and- HOW DID IT HIT ME! NO! TARGET MY FRIENDS! DAMNIT!
    • Deviljho, Enough Said.
  • In Archimedean Dynasty the moment comes when, during a routine patrol, a massive Biont battleship silently passes in front of you, knocking out your electronics with its mere presence. And then things go to hell. Really, really fast.
  • Rayman 3. When you defeat Reflux's third form by shooting him in the power crystal embedded in his back with a missile, causing him to plummet back down to the arena, Rayman does the usual victory pose, blows a raspberry at the now unoccupied air in front of him, and two seconds later, Reflux simply floats back up unharmed. Qualifies for both Rayman and the player. Also triggers the True Final Boss battle, where another one is experienced by the player. Since the final battle consists of riding Globox's ship, which isn't exactly in good shape after the effort of getting it there, it cuts your lifebar back into its original size, which is absolutely tiny. And there's no way to restore it.
  • This is a combat ability in Pokémon. "GYARADOS' Intimidate cuts foe GEODUDE's Attack!"
    • Ghetsis/Ghestis/Geechisu/DENNIS in Black/White expresses his eagerness to see the look on your face when you've lost all hope. Unfortunately, you can neither wish him likewise nor get a good look at his face when you stomp his fancy hax dragon into so much paste on the floor, along with his World Domination plot.
      • [Shiny Pokemon] fled!/used WHIRLWIND!/ROAR!
  • From the climax of Psychonauts.

Raz: Where's your dad?

Little Oly: He's over there, talking to your dad!

    • The look on Lili's face just before the brain tank bursts from the rubble in at the asylum.
  • In Red Dead Redemption, a random encounter has Marston coming upon two men working with dynamite and surrounded by barrels marked TNT. When Marston gets close, one of the men will exclaim to the other "Time for a cigar. Got a light?" Marston gives no remarks, but surely must be thinking the same thing as the player at that point, a second before the camp and the two men disappear.
  • You can't escape from the Nightmare House.
  • If you're unlucky enough to shake a beehive out of a tree in Animal Crossing, well...OhCrap!
    • Which is even more of a problem in the DS and Wii titles when Scorpions and Tarantulas chase you...
  • In the opening to Epic Mickey, Mickey Mouse has this moment when he hears Yen Sid returning (after creating a monster AND spilling paint and thinner on another world)
  • Moebius spends the entirety of the Legacy of Kain series as the Smug Snake to end all Smug Snakes. Being The Omniscient, he can see that all his schemes are going to work, and if Kain or Raziel try to stop him, he can give the former a heart attack with his staff, and disable the latter's Reaver. That is, until Kain comes back from the dead... again. Moebius is completely caught off guard, and since Kain's heart was ripped out, he has absolutely no way to stop him. The look on Moebius' face the whole time is priceless.

Kain: First your omniscience, and now your powers. You're slipping badly.

    • Kain gets one himself in Defiance: after having lived thousands of years, and spent most of those years plotting and snarking, he's left nearly speechless when Raziel allows himself to be absorbed by the Soul Reaver, allowing him to see the Elder God. Just realizing what his true enemy is, and what he sentenced Raziel to when he killed him, gives Kain the only dumbfounded look we've ever seen cross his face. Then, he gets angry...
    • Moebius' reaction to Kain's revival and newfound immunity to his power pales in comparison to his sheer horror when he finally sees the true horrifying form of the Elder God.
  • Drakengard 2: Manah has an epic Oh Crap moment when she first meets the one-eyed man a.k.a. Caim. There's even an FMV devoted to it.
  • Minecraft: You, as you meet (or possibly don't meet) a Creeper and hear that iconic "Ssssssssssssssssssssssss"
    • Or do something to ruin your plans with one simple mistake. Case in point. Only .5 seconds between action and realization, but the aftereffects are hilarious.
    • Let's not forget that moment of complete despair as you mine the block below you and realise that beneath that block is either a pool of lava of a room full of creepers.
  • Done hilariously in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, where you can find Pirate logs detailing an ill-fated expedition. The logs end with them panicking about the destroyed stealth field and two Samuses.
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows: Spidey has just planted bombs in key locations on a SHIELD Helicarrier infested with symbiotes. Suddenly huge, black, oily tentacles grab the ship:

Spidey: Ohhhhhhh boy.

    • In a similar vein, in Ultimate Spider-Man, Spidey is chasing after the Rhino. When he first comes across the trail of destruction, he knows that fighting the Rhino is going to suck ("Ooooh, this hurts already."). When he meets the Rhino, who in this continuity is a 15-foot tall robotic armor-tank?

Spidey: Hey, why don't you pick on someone your...own...(Rhino turns around and stands up to his full height)...I am so scared I can't even finish my lame joke.

  • The default expression of Altair's and Ezio's targets.
  • Umineko: Episode 6: From USHIROMIYA KYRIE CANNOT SAVE BATTLER to You told me I could make the detective proclamation whenever I wanted, right? ......Well, unfortunately, ...I am no longer capable of making that proclamation.
    • In an earlier episode, Episode 3, this is Eva-Beatrice's reaction to Beatrice deciding to deny the existence of all witches, after which she panics but is held down by Ronove until Beato's denial burns her away.
  • Despite being an unstoppable war machine, Horny from Dungeon Keeper 2 gets a brief 'Oh Crap' moment when he first attacks a Stone Knight, and it just looks at him as his scythe bounces harmlessly off its neck.
  • At the end of Back To The Future The Game: Episode 2, Kid Tannen holds up upstairs in a building full of explosives. Marty makes a fuse out of liquor and lights it. Kid's reaction could double as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Golden Sun: TLA has one at the end. Alex is at the top of Mt. Aleph as the Golden Sun rises, preparing to receive godlike power. Then, the Wise One shows up and explains how Alex's plan was doomed from the start. Alex is quite upset.
  • In Adventure Quest Worlds, Vath, the third Lord of Chaos and first Chaos Lord to be a jerkass Complete Monster in his own right, gets an Oh Crap moment when the hero destroys both his Chaos Dragon Amulet and his Legendary Sword of Dragon Control via Accidental Aiming Skills. His Oh Crap moment gets turned up a notch even more when he realizes that his dragon that he enslaved, Stalagbite, has turned against him now that he has been free of his control.

Vath: (after his sword and amulet are destroyed) No. NO! You fool! You have no idea what you've done!
Stalagbite: (wakes up and looks at Vath) You...
Vath: No! WAIT! This wasn't supposed to happen! (Stalagbite roars and pins him down)

    • Zahart, controller of the Eighth Lord of Chaos, Tibicenas, also gets one when he sees that Zhoom has destroyed his magic ring. This happens right before Tibicenas proves that Evil Is Not a Toy by lifting his former master into the air and brainwashing him into his new slave.
    • Artix also gets one whenever he notices the Fear Feeder and receives sudden fear of it. Pretty unusual for a paladin, if you ask us (He normally only fears the color pink, but still...).
  • Whenever you play Through the Fire and Flames on Expert in Guitar Hero 3, there's only two words that greet you on the loading screen: "Good Luck". And that's all they need to say, too.
    • And as of 3/25/11, Harmonix just announced that it's DLC for RB3, and with PRO GUITAR, no less. Better kiss those hands good-bye.
  • Iris gets one in Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert when she realizes that Grolla has overheard her plans to have RKS fight against the Holy Empire For the Evulz.

Iris: ...! How careless of me. I wasn't expecting an audience so soon.

  • These happen in Half Life at random; if you shoot a grenade at the marines, sometimes they'll yell "Oh, shit!". Often times they can't complete their sentence, resulting in a Curse Cut Short. Similarly, snipers in the Half Life 2 series will sometimes yell "Shit!" before a grenade you've thrown at them goes off.
    • "Doctor Freeeeeemannn..."
    • At the end of the first chapter of Episode Two when you finally see what exactly is "snooping around out here".
    • When you destroy the barn Advisor's generator, and instead of it dying, the pod opens and the Advisor inside psychically lifts you and Alyx into the air, immobilizing you so effectively that you can't even raise your weapon.
    • You're leisurely driving past the White Forest Inn, when suddenly your car smashes into a Combine forcefield.
      • "It's a trap!"
    • The final Strider battle at the end of Episode Two:

MIRT: Looks like that was the last one! [beat] ...Wait a minute.

    • In the final scene of Episode Two, when you start seeing flashes of light as you enter the helicopter hangar.
  • The Player invokes this in Batman: Arkham Asylum during the stealth segments. As Batman takes out more and more mooks from the shadows, the remaining mooks will notice their missing (or incapacitated) friends, and they will appropriately start freaking out. All more the fun with detective vision on, since you can slowly see their heartbeat rise and their emotional well-being plummet.
  • The Star Ocean series features this in the sound bytes for each character at the start of a battle. Against an enemy that outmatch your level sufficiently, the general consensus is barely restrained panic. (Dias from Second Story averts this pretty much forever, and even inspires it himself sometimes. This is because Dias is Dias.)
  • In addition to featuring similar bytes for bonus bosses and high level monsters, Luminous Arc features -strategic- Oh Craps. The characters will inform you, in varying shades of worry, if the enemy is going to do something nasty on its turn, and ignoring their warnings can quickly lead to disaster.
  • Tales of Phantasia, right at the beginning.
  • You can't see the infantrymen's faces in Final Fantasy VII, but it's pretty easy to imagine this look on their faces when Cloud brings out whatever sword he happens to have equipped.
    • Happens several times in the Final Fantasy VII movie Advent Children:
      • Cloud has a perfectly understandable moment when Sephiroth first appears, literally inches from Cloud's face.
      • Sephiroth gets one of his own when Cloud brings out the new and improved Omnislash.
  • In In Famous, Cole has one of these moments the first time he faces against a Dustman Golem.

Cole: (seeing Alden's boss form) "Holy shit..."

    • Also in the sequel, when he first fights the Behemoth.
    • As well as in the 2nd game's DLC "Festival of Blood" ending, Zeke reacted like this when he realised the lady hes been sharing the whole vampire story with was actually one herself.

Zeke: "Aw shit..."

  • Oh Shit! for the MSX, one of the laziest Pac-Man ripoffs ever made, had a digitized voice saying the game's title whenever the player lost a life.
  • In Geist, one of the possible death sounds for the standard soldiers.
  • In Mother 3, after you learn of the Ultimate Chimera being loosed in the Labs, the creepy music that had been playing gets replaced by silence, save for the roars of the beast and the screams of the Pigmasks. When Lucas and Boney (and possibly Duster) get cornered by it, the sound of Lucas' heartbeat is the only sound to be heard, speeding up as it draws closer. Later on, this is likely the reaction the player will give when finding the Chimera in the toilet dungeon of the Empire Porky Building.
    • Also likely to be uttered by the player in the same toilet dungeon, if they don't defeat the Men's Bathroom Sign fast enough - Men's Bathroom Sign tried PK STARSTORM!
  • In Baten Kaitos Origins, Shanath, who is three parts Smug Snake and one part Complete Monster, gets an incredibly satisfying one when Sagi powers himself up and cripples his machina arma.
    • In the first game, Melodia had a big one when Kalas ripped off his wing and rejected Malpercio.
  • Moments of Oh Crap can be encountered by the player in Trainz Railroad Simulator of all games. The AI drivers are somewhat notorious for their occasional lapses of intelligence, often leading to derailments. The Oh Crap comes into play in situations where one can see the accident about to occur, but does not have enough time to take control of the offending train to prevent it. The fact that trains cannot be rerailed without the use of addons adds to the feeling.
  • In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the intro to Milky Way Wishes explains, "In this game, Kirby can't copy the abilities of his enemies!" His reaction is hilarious to behold.
    • Similarly, when the characters of Kirby's Return to Dreamland learn that Magolor has been manipulating them the entire time to obtain the Master Crown from Landia, at which point he dons it and becomes incredibly powerful, Dedede's face is priceless.
  • Ryu Hayabusa's Oh Crap moments in the Original Trilogy is summed up in two words: "What the...?!" The Angry Video Game Nerd even lampshades this in his review of Ninja Gaiden.

AVGN: "What was he gonna say? 'What the fuck?!'"

  • Poor Prince Eonia in Galaxy Angel when he sees the light of the Chrono Break Cannon comming toward him all he can do is stand up and look horrified. Oh crap indeed.
  • Shown in Asura's Wrath when After Wyzen, now the size of earth, tries to kill Asura by using his finger to crush him, Asura starts lifting it BACK UP! Wyzen has this type of look on his face. Before being punched into oblivion.
    • In episode 15.5 Yasha vs. Deus, near the end of the fight, when Yasha activates his Vajra and tries to attack Deus with the same punch that broke Asura out of his Wrath form... Dues takes it without even flinching, cue Yasha having this facial reaction.
  • Seath the Scaleless in Dark Souls roars in fury and likely fear when he realizes that the player is within striking distance of his Soul Jar.
  • In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Gadflow's eyes widen and his mouth falls open in shock and terror when he finally sees his "goddess" Tirnoch for the first time in the flesh. He likely wasn't expecting Tirnoch to be a gigantic and fearsome dragon.
  • Dynasty Warriors series: Pretty much the only appropriate response when you notice Lu Bu heading in your direction.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, Rin has this when she realizes that on Friday night, she only has one more day to complete her mural before the festival on Sunday.
  • In Final Fantasy XIII, the look on your party's faces when Galenth Dysley reveals himself to be the fal'Cie Barthandelus is this trope in its purest essence. For the first time in the entire game, all six of them are visibly terrified, and considering some of the crap they've already been through up to this point, that's saying a lot.