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  • YouTube - So many it has its own page.

Formatted examples

  • First! [1]
    • First? Yaoi for you.[2]
    • First? Boobies!
    • Comments on "I Can Haz Cheezburger" and related sites take it further, with people sometimes posting "Third!" "Fifth!" "Ninth!"
    • Alt. version common in anime fandom: "lol, I stole your comment virginity."
    • The art site Elfwood had this in the form of the first comment dance, with variations including first comment breakdance, tapdance and tango.
    • The meme itself predates Slashdot, having appeared earlier on Segfault back when Segfault had a comments section. But it truly entered the internet zeitgeist via Slashdot's "first post" trolling.
  • [Citation Needed] [3]
  • !!!!!1111oneone111eleven [4]
    • !!!!!!111!11one!11!cos(0)
    • !!!!111!!!!1one!11one!!!(lim from x to 0 of sin(x)/x))
  • The site You're the Man Now, Dog (named after a Sean Connery quote from the movie Finding Forrester) is nothing but a giant Memetic Mutation generator. Most remain there, but some escape into the wild.
    • One of the more notable Memetic Mutations born at YTMND is actually a mutation of something that began as a meme in the first place; namely, the depiction of World of Warcraft player Leeroy "At least I have chicken" Jenkins as Martin Lawrence's character from the movie Black Knight holding a bucket of fried chicken.
    • A Dramatic Reading of a Real Breakup Letter from a Real Person has become one of the most quotable things on the entire Internet.
    • Note also Olmec, the giant, well, Olmec head from the kids' game show Legends of the Hidden Temple. YTMND of him usually feature him giving extremely long directions for how to get through said temple. A common variation is to substitute other memes for the various artifacts in the temple that he describes.
      • ...which will bring you into the SHRINE OF THE SILVER MONKEY
      • Did somebody said silver monkey?
    • Another meme from YTMND is the Epic Maneuver meme, which began with Geordi LaForge rolling in an epic way set to Ghost Love Score. It expanded into characters doing anything mundane in an epic way, always set to Ghost Love Score by Nightwish. It also started the increase of the usage of the word "epic" throughout the Internet.
    • And one that was purely internal to YTMND, based on nothing outside, and for that matter, precious little inside... NEDM. No, we're not going to explain it, other than mention that it's tied to a loop from the song "We Interrupt This Program(Jean Claude Ades Remix)" by Coburn, starting at around 2:15 into said remix, and the I Can Has Cheezeburger cat.
      • Screw it. Originally, a video of a cat being set on fire was uploaded, and a comment was made that "Not Even Doom Music" could make the video anything but horrifying. It then took on a life of its own.
  • There are hundreds of "Chuck Norris Facts" purporting examples of the Walker, Texas Ranger star's bad-assness, a common theme being roundhouse-kicking someone into oblivion. Examples include "Chuck Norris's tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried. Ever." and "Chuck Norris doesn't sleep; he waits." One of these Chuck Norris facts (that Norris has a third fist in place of a chin) was even shown being literal in an episode of Family Guy. Similar cases have even been given their own trope.
    • ...which spawned the Norwegian 'Lars Monsen' facts about a well-known outdoorsman, playing off his 'man of the wild' image. When asked by a Troper whether he had heard of them himself, Monsen responded with a pained "yes".
      • Lars Monsen was born in a hut that he built for himself!
  • And speaking of Mr. T, there are so many "Mr. T vs." sites on the web, consisting of everything from fanfic to Photoshopped comics to Flash cartoons with Mr. T fighting people, that a site entitled Mr. T vs. Everything was founded.
    • A World of Warcraft commercial has Mr. T laying down his "Night Elf Mohawk", and then verbally bitchslapping the director with essentially an admission of hacking the game to create a Mohawk class when the director points out there's no such class, and his Night Elf is actually a Warrior. If that doesn't add to his Memetic Badassery, then we dunno what will. Because of said commercial, the mohawk is now a selectable hairstyle.
      • And some smack-talkin' fools will try to say that Mr. T can't change the World of Warcraft, he ain't no computer hacker! But answer me this, sucka'! How do ya explain the Mohawk Grenades?!
  • Spider-Man Will Make You Gay.
  • Who in the gaming/lp world can forget IN THE BATHROOM
    • Need to get some more TOILET PAPER!!!
    • NCS makes this troper sooooo happy
  • One of the more infamous and objectively creepy memes on TwoCh involved a cute anime version of Nevada-tan, based on the real-life, unnamed, Nevada-logo-sweatered Japanese schoolgirl charged with murdering a classmate with a boxcutter.
  • The pool is a planet and the man is a room outside.
  • The seven-minute "Dr. Tran" video is still all over YouTube: it features a little boy in an undefined Asian country being harangued by an obnoxious movie trailer Narrator. The man keeps claiming that the boy is Dr. Tran, a sexually promiscuous James Bond-style action hero that has starred in over thirty-thousand films. Just... watch it. Be warned, it's got language that's NSFW.
  • "DON'T TASE ME BRO!", derived from captured footages of a University of Florida student being arrested by a police squad at a forum held by John Kerry, resisted the police, and was tasered. You know something's a meme when it's quoted in CSI.
  • Memetic Mutation even goes back to before the Internet went mainstream. "____ Ate My Balls" is one of the earliest known examples of an Internet meme, having started in 1996. Usenet newsgroups were also once fertile grounds for Memetic Mutation.
    • Crosses over with the aforementioned "Mr. T" trope (also a staple of the early web) to form "Mr. T Ate My Balls".
    • And suddenly the troper finding photos of Spock making various comments about eating balls in old late 90's back issues in his old college newspapers several years ago makes sense.
  • Musn't forget The Slender Man Mythos. But that's all I can say. If I dig too far, who knows what will happen. I'm already too entrenched with this as it is....
  • Internet-related but not directly from it; In the 2000 Presidential campaign, Al Gore claimed partial credit for sponsoring legislation in the early '90s repealing a ban on commercial use of the Internet; this got twisted (by either the George W. Bush campaign, the news media, or a late-night comic who started it), into him claiming to have "invented the Internet".
    • Civilization IV references this by having the icon for the Internet advancement being - what else? - a picture of Gore.
    • In fairness, what he actually said was: "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in moving forward a whole range of initiatives that have proven to be important to our country's economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our educational system." In the quote's whole context, it's clear he was talking about lawmaking.
      • And trying to make people think he had something to do with creating the Internet.
      • Honestly, when Vint Cerf basically says you're allowed to take credit for creating the Internet, I think that means you're allowed to take credit.
  • Tay Zonday. Chocolate Rain. That is all.
    • Don't forgot Cherry Chocolate Rain.
  • German example: Bielefeld does not exist.
    • Hilarity Ensues when people form Bielefeld interact with the rest of the country. This Troper has seen signs put up at a conference that read "Bielefeld - Yes, we do exist. Fuck off!"
      • A particularly humorous example of this backlash graces the Wikipedia page; At one point in 1999 the Bielefeld city council released a press statement titled "Bielefeld gibt es doch!" (Bielefeld does exist!) to fight the meme—that point in 1999 being April 1st.
    • This has arrived stateside as "Maine does not exist."
    • Perhaps not related, but similar in theme: The Onion's pseudo-atlas Our Dumb World claims that Cameroon is a fictitious creation of an 18th-century cartographer, and the islands of Tonga are something they, the editors, just made up.
    • In 90's Chile, the TV show "Plaza Italia"'s host always said at the beginning of the show that "Combarbalá does not exist". Even when people from Combarbalá (either missing the point or keeping up with the joke) sent him letters and packages from there to prove they did exist.
    • John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise frequently denies the existence of Chicago.
    • Daniel Pinkwater's The Worms of Kukumlima features a character who declares that the alleged existence of Los Angeles is a practical joke.
    • As they explained on Garfield and Friends, "There is no such state as Wyoming. Think about it: Have you ever MET anyone from Wyoming?" If you heard it on television, it must be true!
    • Later referenced by Scott Adams in one of the Dilbert text books, with Switzerland. It was being used to explain why all "aliens" are actually Swiss people. Jokingly, of course.
    • In Brazil there are those who claim that the district of Acre does not exist.
      • This Brazilian troper agrees with this theory. He lives in Pará (not so far away from Acre, relatively speaking), and he never heard of anything related to Acre. People going to Acre? Nope, never. People coming from Acre? Never saw, never heard. News from Acre? Nevar. There's news from a lot of places in the TV, but Acre? Never. There is no Acre, gentlemen.
    • Perhaps related to all the above, in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Rosencrantz claims he doesn't believe in England (meaning he has no clear idea of what it's like, or what will happen when they get there - perhaps metafictionally reflecting that they completely disappear from Hamlet at this point) Guildenstern sarcastically replies "Just a conspiracy of cartographers?"
  • "IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER" (also known as "IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER" and " SHOOP DA WHOOP ") is an Image Macro meme where various people and characters (notably Cell) are depicted in poorly drawn blackface firing lasers out of their mouths. The Lazer meme originated from a bad photoshop of Imperfect Cell with his mouth open.
  • The trope-making internet parody Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series has been memetically mutated on TV Tropes. Check out its entry for Recycled in Space. In addition, the series frequently references existing memes, including the above Dr. Octagonopus.
  • In addition to making use of memes from around the Internet, YouTube Poop has come up with a number of memes of its own, such as Uctions, the many alter egos of Luigi (among them Mama Luigi, Gay Luigi, and Emo Luigi) and Pedo Ed.
  • Doom: Repercussions of Evil - the legendarily silly Doom fanfic, known for its famous twist ending.
  • Dramatic Chipmunk (and I think by this point most of us are well aware that, yes, that's actually a prairie dog).
    • The original, unedited clip that it was taken from: [1]
    • Was even included into the Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary special with Mojo Jojo performing it.
    • Also appeared on the music video for Weezer's "Pork and Beans," along with many other Internet memes.
  • We could explain the Rickroll to you, but this video explains it better than I ever could.
  • The Muppets have been all over YouTube, but it's OK, because Muppets are awesome.
  • Just ask any Farker about Rotsky. Go on, what do you have to lose loose lose? (Sorry, pet peeve.)
    • itself has spawned a number of memes and in-jokes over the years (which they've dubbed "Farkisms"). For the record, Duke sucks, Hollywood has run out of ideas, and your dog wants steak.
    • You're a Farker who wants to make a snappy headline with fake multiple-choice questions. Do you C) leave out A and B and just Take the Third Option?
    • That's no UFO! That's a streetlight!
    • I [X] for a living, so I'm really getting a kick out of most of these replies.
  • Powerthirst ads take What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome? to levels previously unseen by man or beast.
    • "400 BABIES! Give Shockolate to your babies so they'll be good at SPORTS! Make your babies run ABNORMALLY FAST! They'll run as fast as KENYANS! People will watch them running and think they're KENYANS! They'll run as fast as KENYANS against actual KENYANS and people will see them running and think they're KENYANS and it'll be a tie and they'll get deported back to KENYAAAAAAAAAA!"
    • What if everything you ever wanted... CAME! IN! A! ROCKET-CAN?! POWERTHIRST: ROCKET EDITION! Contains flavours like MANANA! FIZZBITCH! and...GUN! You've had the worst, now try the THIRST!... QUENCHER!
      • You'll win at running, football, arson, weddings, and ART!
      • You'll even win at IRONY!
        • TOP SCORE.
    • SNAKE EYES!!!
    • You'll be so fast Mother Nature will be like "Slooooow Dooooown" but you'll be like "Fuck you!" and kick her in the face with your ENERGY LEGS!
    • Now with preposterous amounts of testosterone! PREPOSTERONE!
    • When life gives you lemons, you find a new god!
    • "It's like crystal meth in a can! It's crystal meth in a can! Powerthirst is crystal meth!"

*Warning: may contian Anna Kournikova.*

You're going to die. A lot.

  • Super Mecha Death Christ.
  • This page: 5000 hours in MS Paint.
  • "inb4mogar" is a meme deriving from a person with the username "Mogar" being, if not the first, then close to it, poster on the forums of the game Cyber Nations.
  • Every time you masturbate, God (or Kaworu) kills a kitten. Please...think of the kittens.
    • I know I always do.
  • Happy Falker Satherhood! Now with origins and new cakes.
  • Good luck. I'm behind seven proxies!
  • The Straight Dope Message Board has its own quirky in-jokes and memes that occasionally require some explanation. Among them:
    • Given that the tagline for the Straight Dope is "Fighting Ignorance Since 1973", any claim made by anyone, especially in the "Great Debates" section (the board for controversial topics), are met with cries for "Cite?", though this is also used humorously in other contexts as well.
    • Because of the user named "Opalcat" complaining that lists have to come in items of three or more, the third item on any list of any length is now "Hi, Opal!"
    • A user named "Hal Briston" once left his workstation unlocked while signed on, and a mischievous colleague started a topic for him: "Sex with sheep is fun." Needless to say, he has yet to live this down.
    • Simultaneous posts involving a question about the Duran Duran song Rio has resulted in the joke answer of any question being "Rio by Duran Duran".
    • Multiple attempts to send a post through about the Marianas trench results in other things having been attempted "once, in the 1960s, for about twenty minutes".
    • A question about weapons of mass destruction garnered the (then dead serious) answer of "1920's style Death Rays".
    • Any anecdote about cats (and occasionally other pets as well) will be bombarded by requests for pictures.
    • It's pretty much an open secret that The Straight Dope column writer Cecil Adams is the Pen Name of "editor" Ed Zotti, but most long-time posters, including board moderators, like to pretend that this isn't the case.
  • Speaking in the case of, these examples don't appear to be very dongtacular.
    • I don't believe it!
      • Habeeb it!
        • TWINKIE HOUSE!
  • On Rotten Tomatoes, one user dared to go against the simple majority opinion that The Ugly Truth is not a good movie. She summed up her thoughts on the movie thusly and posted them (several times) in the comments section of some of the rotten reviews: "What movie were you watching? The sold-out audience in the Friday night sneak preview giggled and laughed out loud throughout the entire film. We all left in a good mood." Because of her persistence, people decided to sarcastically copy and paste that onto other rotten reviews of the film (y'know, to save her the trouble). People have begun to do this on other negative film reviews on the site. "And that, little Billy, is where bab--er, MEMES come from!"
  • I am aware of all Internet traditions.
  • I'm droppin' the banhammer on this Troll! Get the f* ck outta here!
  • An old Wizards of the Coast forum response to bad/stupid DMs was suggesting the use of a hammergun. This originated when someone suggested someone be shot, with a hammer.
    • Chimney Imp is the most broken card EVAR!
      • It untaps every turn for free.
  • 2009 may be remembered as the "year of the fail" since a number of clusterfucks involving racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, and other failures have been snowcloned as "X Fail":
    • The fail-meme began with RaceFail '09, over racism in science fiction and by Sci Fi authors in their blogs after fans point it out.
    • In April, suddenly removed books with LGBT themes from its search listings, calling them "adult." Neil Gaiman helped propagate awareness with the Twitter hashtag "#Amazonfail."
    • MammothFail. Because First Nations are just too inconvenient to write about when there's cool megafauna.
    • An Electronic Arts contest encouraging gamers to "commit acts of lust" on "booth babes" at Comic-Con was dubbed #EAFail.
    • An epically fail-tastic survey done by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam that tried to use fans' love of lemons and Slash Fic to somehow prove there were hard-wired gender differences in the brain was tentatively dubbed OgiFail, BrainFail, and finally SurveyFail.
  • Move faster, Pokey! Faster!!!
    • DEATH WATER!!!
  • I roll with gangs!
    • 20 Dollars!
    • Son of a Bulbasaur!
    • FROM MONA?
    • You joined Forceses with the Darkness?
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • "You know who else did something I don't approve of? Hitler."
  • So I'm sitting here editing All The Tropes, when Bill Murray strides up next to me, pulls the keyboard out from under my hands, and starts vandalizing every article I have open. With gay porn. I'm dumbstruck. Just as he gets up to leave, he turns to me and says, "No one will ever believe you."
  • Cool story, bro!
  • i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
  • <insert your Forced Meme here>
  • Herbert Cumberdale, you taste like soot and poo!
    • I like rusty spoons... I like to touch them...
  • FSTDT has a number of memes, running gags, and in-jokes:
    • "Shiny Mirrors" and the destruction of "Irony Meters", both as responses to hypocrisy from the fundies being quoted.
    • Various image macros mocking the tendency of Christians to claim they're being oppressed despite being the majority religion in the US. A pie graph with the massive Christian segment saying "Help! I'm being oppressed!" is a favorite. There's also an animated version of the graph in which that segment eats the rest Pac-Man style, and the "persecuted/not persecuted" photo montage.
      • "They'll know we're Christians by our love, by our love" is another big one.
    • "All The Tropes is not a documentary!"
    • "All The Tropes for Jeebus!"
    • Dropping Flat Whats and links to the All The Tropes Flat What article.
    • Accusing people who claim to kill demons of "murdering vagrants again".
    • Blood For the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! in response to fundies advocating the deaths of people they don't like, or fantasizing about Jesus coming back and killng said people.
  • A number of years ago, RPGNet had the evil Scree-fice Menace, alien Eldritch Abominations that ate people's eyes and kidneys, could shapeshift, could take over people's bodies, and could only be stopped by mango tea, which was toxic to them and when ingested made people's kidneys inedible to them.
    • The name came from a typo of "sacrifice" on a Tangency thread (where it was spelled "scrifice"), and the community just picked it up and ran with it.
    • RPGNet member TrapperQ made a LittleBigPlanet level based on the meme, which can be seen here.
  • "I wasn't being an asshole! It was, uh... a 'social experiment'. Yeah..."[27]
  • I give this meme an A++++. would lol again.[28]
  • No one listed Rage yet?! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU'''''-
  • [X] is the cancer that is killing TV Tropes.
  • I liked the part when That Troper posted an example.
  • I am showing you a really weird picture. Your argument is invalid.
    • My hair is a bird. Your argument is irrelevant. (Possibly the original one.)
  • Please Stop Let's Playing I Wanna Be The Guy, SNES9X, and anything from the NaviGTR/Flights of Fantasy video Retsupuraes count as memes for Retsupurae.
  • The journal roleplaying community in general is a fan of memes, and has spawned its share of their own, including "DO YOU FEEL LIKE THE ONLY ONE?" and "spooky jamjar".
  • "Nie mogę ci pomóc, jestem koniem" (I can't help you, I'm a horse), spawned by a simple comic strip drawn in MS Paint. Three frames: a girl crying "Help me! Someone stole my car!", a horse looking at her and saying "I can't help you", the horse staring creepily and saying "I'M A HORSE!" It became an instant hit on Wykop, the Polish equivalent of
    • Which on its own was spawned by eRepublik Poland's political statement towards Russia, and almost immediately led to Poland being called "Horseland".
  • "Daj kamienia" (Gimme a stone!), which comes from a recording of a soccer match between two small-town teams. The guy holding the camera screams "Daj kamienia!" when the goalie lets a particularly lousy shot through. A lot of Memetic Mutations were created.
  • READ THE STORY! Born here. It gets ridiculous.
  • A far-from-comprehensive list can be found here. (The fact that we are not one of the sites listed should be evidence of its incompletion.)
  • While the origin's uncertain, there seem to be a lot of pictures of anthropomorphized animals accompanied by the caption "Yiff in Hell, furfags!" The most popular, which may or may not be the original, shows the title character of Disney's animal version of Robin Hood surrounded by flames. This has mutated at least twice, into the pornographic version "Yiff in heaven, furfriends!" and into the 300 crossover "Tonight we yiff in hell!"
  • Basically anything to do with Sonichu and the TRUE and ORIGINAL Christian Weston Chandler. It helps that Chris-Chan is such an utter failure it's hilarious. Seriously, he's got a wiki, albiet for all the wrong reasons.
  • It's hard to tell if publications take this seriously or not, but every year since 1999 has been the Year of the Linux Desktop.
  • Wyoming'd.
  • >implying that implications don't need to be on this list.
    • >reactionimage.jpg
      • On the subject of reaction images, many people have taken to misnaming them humorously. This may have been started by laughing_elf_man.jpg, which may or may not have been unintentional (this troper doesn't know). A misnamed reaction image sometimes leads to a long chain of people reacting to the filename of the previous image with a misnamed image of their own.
  • I fucked it. I fucked it and I hated myself, and now it's gone.
  • That's not funny, my brother died that way
  • pic unrelated.
  • This page is TOTALLY AWESOME!
    • It's on Mars
    • I love Zefron the most!
  • im in your allthetropes editing ur page
  • I've been a [noun] for [number] years, and I'm highly offended!
  • Awesome Smiley of course.
  • "GINGERS HAVE SOULS!" Now accompanied with Stupid Statement Dance Mixes galore.
  • Whether you're pissed over Shipping, or anything else that is Serious Business, posting "I RAGED. HARD." will usually suffice.
  • The German The Lord of the Rings parody "Lord of the Weed" (which is practically an Abridged Series of the first movies first hour) was extremely popular for several months, that practically every single line has become a permanent meme among german Tabletop RPG groups.
  • TL;DR
    • Sorry, I skipped some posts.
    • Laconic Version:
    • Both of these variants are due to different filter configurations on the TV Tropes forums.
  • (X)star doesn't like Y!
    • Firestar doesn't like cookies!
    • Homestar doesn't like marshmallows!
  • The internet is Serious Business.
  • You will never discuss tropes with your waifu. ;_;
    • You will never find the person responsible for this meme and kill them with your bare hands.
  • The SMBC Theatre: Post a meme, then touch him on the penis.
  • Pictures of Joseph Ducreux, the unorthodox French painter who painted a couple of really... awesome self-portraits, captioned with Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe song lyrics. Damn, it feels good to be a gangster, I like big butts and I cannot lie, It's gettin' hot in here, Fuck the police, among others.
  • [image of a woman] So, All The Tropes, what would you do to her?
    • Sex, in the missionary position, for the purpose of procreation.
      • Reported, filtered, hidden and called the cops! You sick f*** !
  • The Tourist Guy, a photoshopped image of a tourist caught at the top of the WTC building during the 9/11 terrorist attack. Follow-up photos showed him at the sinking of Titanic, the assassination of JFK, and numerous other events real and fictitious.
  • This page wins the internet.
  • I like the part where (describes what happens throughout the most or all of the said video).
  • Has anyone seen Kyle? He's about this tall. Seen Kyle?
  • So I was going on All The Tropes, and looking at this Memetic Mutation page, it was really... inspiring... to see all these memes. AND THEN I JUST CHUNDERED EVERYWHAAAR.
  • Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  • Edits of "Laws for Kids" based off a series of poorly done educational comic.
  • Hi. I'm 12 years old and what is this?
  • "WHAT THE FU-"BOOM! * Evil Laugh*
  • We will now place these memes in a time capsule, so future generations can learn everything there is to know about our civilization. Poor bastards.
  • Please stop Lets Playing I Wanna Be the Guy.
    • Dissenters will inevitably abhor.
  • JxcelDolghmQ
  • Even though very popular among teens and young adults outside of Austria and Germany, the band Tokio Hotel was the equivalent of Justin Biber over here. Once, a girl, Angie, spoke up against the haters in a youtube video. Her infamous line, "Haltet euren Maul!" (Shut your mouth, only with slight grammar fail, as it should be, "Haltet euer Maul!") was quoted for months as a joking response to haters.
  • In Canada, milk comes in bags.
  • Because I backtraced it!
      • The above posts has been reported to the Cyber Police, and the State Police!
      • Now that she's back (bitches!), Jessi Slaughter's gonna pop a Glock in all of our mouths, and make brain slushies.
      • For some backstory, Jessi Slaughter was rumored to have a sexual relationship with the lead singer of her favorite band, Blood on the Dance Floor, and then Jessi retaliated in one of her videos by saying the aforementioned "brain slushie" line, talking about how perfect she is, and cursing up a storm.
      • Her father was arrested for child abuse in March 2011, which would explain a lot about Jessi's behavior. Not only did 4chan harass an 11-year old, the actions they were harassing her for may have been caused by child abuse. And since she's in therapy now, they probably made it worse.
  • How's college? @w@
  • This page is educated stupid. Pointless meme cannot exist without equal and opposite pointless meme.
  • With YouTube's new voting system, X People Missed The Like Button. And more creative versions of it, depending on the content of the video.
    • On the comments for a YouTube video, there's usually "[Number of dislikes] are [antagonist of video's subject]". For instance, for Portal videos it's "x people work for Black Mesa"; for Team Fortress 2, (whose "Meet The..." videos see the RED team win) it's "x BLUs disliked this."
  • Is this real life?
  • Disney Princesses doing funny faces
  • A local meme from The Daily WTF:

Dear Troper,

In case you can’t tell, this is a grown-up place. The
fact that you insist on using your ridiculous handle
clearly shows that you’re too young and too stupid
to be using pmwiki.

Go away and grow up.

Bert Glastron

  • >my face when X
    • also rendered as MFW.
  • "You have two cows". See Uncyclopedia's take on it for proof.
    • To elaborate, the meme is a parody of examples used in introductory economics, from which the two cows mutated into a representation of currency, capital, property, and anything else related to economics. This is usually used for political jokes and National Stereotypes, but in true meme spirit covers everything.
  • X(number) people accidently clicked the dislike button.
    • Became widely popular when Youtube replaced the 5-star system with a thumbs system where people voted of either liking or disliking the video.
  • Red vs. Blue would like to remind you that camping is totally a legitimate strategy.
    • Bow chika bow wow!
    • That...was the worst throw, ever. Of all time.
    • What am the sky? How does eat food?
    • I also have my own acheiveables! BLEEP BLOOP!
    • You ever wonder why we're here?
    • Warthog? Looks more like a puma...
  • The Rules of the Internet, a 4chan creation, best known for spawning Rule 34 and Rule 63.
  • Habbo Hotel: "Pool Closed Due to Aids, stingrays and diabeetus".[30]
  • fgsfds
  • While The Other Wiki is best known for the Citation Needed meme, the recent "Please read: a personal appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales" ads have been parodied on numerous sites; for example, Shortpacked has "Please read: a personal appeal from Shortpacked! creator David Willis" linking to their online store.
  • WHO WAS PHONE!?!.[31]
  • The Posh Mothershuckling Dangle Dongler Hour.
  • Pics or it didn't happen.
    • For quite a while, the Facepunch forums had the phrase "or it didn't happen" on autoban. No kidding, writing that in your post made the server instantly ban you for a day. Along with several other memes.
  • Eddsworld has Just a Bit Crazy.
  • allthetropes FTW
    • Featured on All The Tropes! :D
  • "I wish I could talk in Technicolor..."
  • From Ghost Theory, people have begun to say "Chinese lanters." Whenever something unbelievable happens, the sarcastic response is "it was just a Chinese lantern." This spawned from a story about UFO's being debunked as chinese lanterns in one story. Not that the "debunking" made any sense.
  • On SixBillionSecrets, it's common to post "WHY CAN'T YOU SEE THROUGH MY MAAAAASK." on a post having to deal with an OP wanting his/her friends to notice his/her depression. It's common to spell "mask" as "maaaaaask".
  • Sup All The Tropes. Why don't you have a girlfriend?
  • Among the Lolita community, Derpy-chan is slowly becoming a god. It started off when a girl posted a picture of a couple Lolitas, one of whom was holding a yellow pony plushie with a derpy expression. /cgl/ leaped on it immediately.
  • "Banker Girl" (a very newmeme which intersperses with in-print adverts and television adverts for Natwest), apparently using the photo of a blonde girl called Sara from adverts in newspapers, and Natwest's own publication. For some reason it's popular with the Photoshop crowd, becoming an Ascended Meme in itself. In any case, the advert in question can be viewed here. Ms. Ebrahimi has become very much popular in the United Kingdom, where she actually works as a bank manager, and not a banker like Fred "The Shred" Goodwin. In fact, the meme has become an Ascended Meme as people want to know who she is. It's even gone as far as pushing the Taylor Swift meme out the way in England... and this is despite bankers not being very popular at the moment in the United Kingdom.
  • Due to a bit of Mondegreen, part of a video of a Russian singer demonstrating his impressive vocal range has become a bit of an anthem for trolling and general shenanigans.
  • What has science done?!
  • "Two million Turks were killed in ex-Soviet Armenia in the 20s, you gum brain!" [32]
  • Playing Eric Prydz's Call On Me over collections of photos where someone's expression never changes.
  • Delete system32!.[34]
  • *gets shot* [35]
    • Alternate version is *batteries die*, used when the PSP first came out to make fun of its low battery life.
  • That's it, people. Internet's over. You can all go home now.[36]
  • The Ringu/Ju-On-esque girl, Lo-Ki, whose scary-cute face has been spread incessantly along image board sites recently.
  • "I'm a melting pot of friendship!" [37]
    • "I'm gonna get punitive damages out of your ass!"
    • "You will RUE the will RUE the day!"
    • Cans.wav [38]
  • .002 dollars is equal to .002 cents.[39]
  • Summer Seal [40]
  • More or less everything in Asdfmovie, but special mention goes to "I like trains", as the kid who says it got a song about him.
  • Tell us how you really feel.[41]
  • Dumb Running Sonic.[42]
  • I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing happens.
    • Shut up and take my money!
  • ( ゚ ヮ゚) it carries out and is w [45]
  • We all want to be as beautiful as Samantha Brick [46]
  • When you see it, you will shit brix/brix will be shat/etc.
  • "Oh, my dog... Oh, Long John... Oh, Long Johnson... Oh, Don Piano... Why do I despise you all the livelong day?"
  • From Don't Hug Me I'm Scared we have: Green Is Not A Creative Color.
  • There is a meme that just popped up on Tumblr one day called Creamsicle. Or really, that's the name of the pairing. There was a post that was meant to be a parody but people mistook it for a shallow jab and started pairing the two girls together. It took off rather quickly - within 12 hours there was tons of fanart, cosplay, fanfiction, and an entire fandom.
  • Greentext stories:

>typical, common intro
>nonsensical ocurrence
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur

By the way... this page? FUKKEN SAVED.
inb4 "Stinger"... Crap.

  1. An omnipresent, but widely Discredited Meme. In a popular or non-popular video, picture or any entry, someone posts "First!" when he or she thinks it is going to be a first comment. Origins are unclear but believed to have become widespread in the early 2000s.
  2. One of the most common responses to the Discredited need to post first.
  3. Wikipedia's policy on citation and verifiability. Often used on other internet forums in reaction to claims of dubious veracity. See: this Xkcd strip. Occasionally used for humour on This Very Wiki. A (sadly now deleted) part of the description for Vagina Dentata read "Perhaps [this trope and the horror involved] is just because getting your penis bitten off really fucking hurts [citation needed]."
  4. Another Omnipresent Meme. It began when people were adding lots "!"s at the end of a sentence. However, shift was occasionally released earlier than "1", resulting "!!!!!!1". Then people started doing that on purpose, even adding things like "!11oneone" and it went from there.
  5. See Homestuck's dedicated meme page, or we'll be here all day...
  6. The phrase originated in this Toothpaste For Dinner strip, but popularized by 4chan, along with the >:3 "lion smile" emoticon. This inspired Lolcat images, and the Narnia version: "Jesus Christ is a lion! Get in the wardrobe!"
  7. A meme with two meanings: (1) approval over the cleverness of a Stealth Insult or (2) a Stealth Insult over a stupid comment.
  8. stemmed from a post in v3 where a character bit another and kept repeatedly thinking it over and over in her head.
  9. Said v3 character has a fascination with the military.
  10. A good portion of v3 deaths involved rocks in some way or another.
  11. came from a rejected profile where a girl was being raped by her uncle and eventually killed him. At twelve.
  12. Same origin as above, coming from a line in her profile.
  13. From a post where a member was leaving the site, saying the line.
  14. A certain mod sometimes says this when pointing out minor details in a profile that seem off but everything else is okay.
  15. In a pre-game post said character puts more jello shots down her bra than she really should be able to.
  16. From a v1 post where when a character was rolled his handler just simply wrote a one-sentence post saying this. It was quickly retconned into him being shot
  17. Said character Really Gets Around and has a lot of pairings.
  18. Came from a post involving Reiko Ishida in v4 where, upon find out her sister was killed, well, dropped her bread out of shock.
  19. Something he says early on in canon.
  20. His weapon was a can of Moxie, which he uses against a Jerk Jock.
  21. Came from an early thread in SOTF-TV in which Jonas Jeffries wakes up, panics, and eventually runs towards two other characters while brandishing an Uzi and screaming the line.
  22. In reference to Richard Han's death in v4, which involves falling from one thread into another.
  23. Referencing an infamous Kink Meme request involving said pairing... which got answered. A Spin-Off of sorts involving Rosa Fiametta and a horse soon followed.
  24. havre=oats, klapp=pet, klad hest=~hapi hors
  25. The missing "ed" may be found here.
  26. from Linkara's Countdown to Final Crisis review, making fun of the Monitors not actually doing anything throughout the series.
  27. The "social experiment" defense is sometimes employed when a person is called out for failure at trolling.
  28. Stock Reviewer Phrase S from eBay customers
  29. A player was banned from the game Trans9 and the player attempted to paint herself as the victim. A White Knight (a friend of hers) appeared, demanding to see the logs between the player and the game's mods, proclaiming themselves as a mediator and that because of this, they were now involved with the whole bit.
  30. Kids gaming site Habbo Hotel was a popular target for trolls, who would enter the site en masse with suited-men with afros avatars then block access to various rooms, particularly the pool, claiming they were closed because of AIDS.
  31. Taken from an infamously poorly written Creepypasta micro-horror story: So ur wid yo honi and ur makin out wen the phone ringz. U ansr it n da voice sayz "wut r u doin wit ma daughter?" u tel ur girl n she say "ma dad is ded." THEN WHO WAS PHONE?
  32. Serdar Argic, one of the first spammers, responded to anything with the case-insensitive string "turkey" or "armenia" in it with robot-generated spam like the above. The irony is that it educated people on the Armenian genocide, the very thing he was denying.
  33. Actually it's an indirect My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic meme in Brazil with obvious inspiration from that show. It's actually a Nissan advertisement.
  34. This tidbit shows up at least once on any forum where someone asks for computer help. In reality, system32 is a VERY CRITICAL part of Windows, and deleting in would probably fuck up the computer beyond all repair
  35. Used when a user posts something that is overused or would cause an argument. For example, "Play Station 3 has no ga*gets shot*.
  36. Variants of this phrase are a common reply to Moments of Awesome, playing on the idea of Sequelitis and the inability for the internet to ever produce anything to top the item in question.
  37. When he's accused of being a racist.
  38. Ghost seems to always have a large supply of empty cans on his desk, and will knock them around when he's really pissed
  39. A Verizon customer was quoted .002 cents per kilobyte as a data rate and then charged .002 dollars per kilobyte, or .2 cents per kilobyte. When he called customer service, they told him that the two numbers were equal ... and he caught it on tape. Hilarity Ensues.
  40. Explanation On Steam Forums, 'seal' is deliberately used to mean any of the sales that Steam holds. It started when one poster made a thread (later merged) wondering when the 2011 summer sale begins, only mispelling "sale" on the title. The name caught on, and it became an Ascended Meme by Valve by the final day of the event.
  41. An ironic response when someone posts a particularly angry and/or emotional tirade. See also: "U MAD?"
  42. Zac Gorman made this .gif of Sonic running like an idiot, upon which Nedroid requested that everybody draw a dumb-running Sonic.
  43. Brickhousebunny21 was not happy about their story being featured on Fan Fiction Friday
  44. Little 8 year old Juliet's hardcore song hit 5 million views in one day.
  45. stems from an unbelievably shitty machine translation from a common Japanese phrase.
  46. An online Daily Mail article written by Samantha Brick, in which she was lamenting about how she is hated for being beautiful quickly became viral, due to its unintentional hilarity and obvious implications that there are reasons other than Brick's beauty why women might not like her, resulting in numerous parodies of the article and the internet declaring Brick as a Memetic Sex Goddess
  47. A response to hit pieces against PewDiePie (since then, hashtag was censored on Twitter and Sargon of Akkad made youtube video What Happened to #GasTheJokes? about this.
  48. Rowling gone full "everyone I don't like is a Nazi" (e.g. Katie Hopkins), and upon joining yet another smear campaign she was hit back with collages of herself in Nazi uniform and whatnot, because hey, I've seen it on Internet, "This looks authentic and I am believing 100% she is a nazi. Just look at that picture!". Of course, with things like "mudbloods", Kangaroo Courts and explicitly socialist principles in Ministry of Magic, maybe someone living in a glass house doesn't get to hurl stielhandgranate with wild abandon.