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This page refers to characters making their debut in the Original Generation series. For characters who debut in other Super Robot Wars instalments, see their respective pages.

Original Generation Lead Characters

Elzam von Branstein/Ratsel Feinschmeker (Voiced by Tetsu Inada)

[[File:ratsel.jpg|frame| This caption has been overriden by

His debut was popular enough to warrant him a place in the Alpha series despite appearing first in Original Generation, as his Ratsel persona (which is also the persona's debut!), though he did exist in the background of Alpha and even before then, a side-story called Super Robot Spirits. So while he didn't debut in Original Generation at all, we just don't have a "Super Robot Spirits" category.

Elzam rides a variation of machines, such as the Guarlion and Huckebein MK III, all painted red/black and called Trombe. His definitive mecha is the Dynamic General Guardian Aussenseiter (German for "outsider," or more literally, "dark horse"). He embodies these tropes:

Latooni Subota (Voiced by Riko Hirai)

Latooni was one of the subjects of the The School, a Federally-funded academy to train children to become mecha pilots. Unfortunately, as the technology was still in its infancy, many children were physically and mentally conditioned to handle the stress of piloting. This conditioning and training was so harsh by the time technological advances rendered The School obsolete, only three students survived. Latooni was not one of them.

Lost in a crash during a training exercise, she's found by two fighter pilots, Giado Venerdi and Garnet Sandi, who take her to a hospital and, unable to find any ID other than the designation 'Latooni 11', effectively raise her as their daughter (Subota is Russian for "Saturday", which of course falls between Venerdi (Friday) and Sandi (Sunday)). Despite being a child, she's allowed to become a fighter pilot, even placed in the same squad as Giado and Garnet (the Federation must have some seriously lax fraternization rules). Latooni becomes rather shy and withdrawn, often listening only to Giado or Garnet, but her skill as a pilot more than makes up for it.

When assigned to the Hagane, Latooni meets the SRX Team, particularly Ryusei Date. She gradually begins to open up to our favorite Ascended Fanboy and soon develops a crush on him. Her second major Character Development comes as a wardrobe change: while being used as a fashion mannequin by Garnet, a sudden sortie against the enemy leaves her with no time to change, forcing her into battle wearing a really cute, frilly dress. Afterwards, she's complemented by many of the crew, which helps her open up even more.

After the Divine Crusaders War, the Hagane helps stop a group of DC Remnants from seizing the Dukedom of Riskent. The ship's asked to protect the nation's headstrong (and psychic) young princess from further kidnapping attempts, and being roughly the same age, Latooni finds herself back in the dress again, and making her first true friend since The School. However, the princess is kidnapped by a traitor, and taken to Adler Koch, a Mad Scientist who just happens to be one of the head instructors at The School. With the help of her allies, Latooni saves her friend, but permanently rids the world of a big source of her early misery.

By Original Generation 2, Latooni decides she wants to try and find any other survivors from The School; unfortunately, while working with Rai and Kai Kitamura as the new "Aggressors", they find her first. Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweizer, two former Schoolmates, attack them as they're testing a new prototype and steal it. The kids find themselves locked in a struggle, as both sides try to convince the other to come over to their force, if necessary. After an attempt at Cherry Tapping goes horribly wrong, Latooni nearly kills, but recovers Arado. Seolla takes a lot more effort and pain, as does the other two, including their Cool Big Sis Ouka Nagisa, who's under the influence of Aguila Setme, another former School instructor with a penchant for brainwashing.

Latooni finds herself in the dress once again when Riskent is seized by the Neo Divine Crusaders. Somewhat prepared for the occasion, however, Shine reveals the Fairlions, two ceremonial mecha she commissions the creation of, but are more than capable of fighting in combat. Naturally, the second one is custom-made for Latooni, and can even take control of the other Fairlion if needed. Did we mention the mecha are both really, really cute?

Kai Kitamura (Voiced by Tadahisa Saizen)

The last of the elite alumnus of the Aggressors (including him, Sanger, Elzam and Gilliam), and is pretty much the one in the group who stays amongst the EFA while the others go their way and help in the shadows. Kai's a married man with a daughter and is known as a "Demon Instructor" for his nasty, but effective methods of training. He seems to be good friends with Albero Esto. Currently, he's training the new generation of Aggressors, starting with Latooni and Rai, but after Original Generation 2, lets Rai go to work on the SRX more, while he drafts Lamia, Arado and Seolla.

He prefers to ride the good ol' fashioned mass produced Gespensts, but is so Badass he makes it look like a real pro machine, until he gets a customized version, and yeah, still Badass. In the Second Original Generation, Kai will be in a new Gespenst MK II Custom model that can change between 3 different frames (preliminary screenshots show he will use the Type-N). He embodies these tropes:

Katina Tarask (Voiced by Asami Yaguchi)

"I said...GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!"

Originally a fighter pilot assigned to the Hiryu Custom, she eventually acquires Kyosuke Nanbu's old Gespenst (and painted it red) after he got his Alt Eisen. She has two sides to her personality: (excited) angry and REALLY angry. She tends to display an inferiority complex about her piloting skill whenever anyone else is chosen to pilot a unique mech. Eventually pilots the R-Gun...only to switch back to her good ol' Gespenst by the time of Original Generation 2. She is also one of the more easily-suspicious people amongst the crews: if the others gladly welcome someone who get a Heel Face Turn, Katina's the first to say "Hey, think twice! He/she was an enemy! What if...", only to be rebuked back and she usually accepts them again. She leads the Octo Squad, which at first consists only her and subordinate Russel. She later drafts Tasuku Shinguji and Leona Garstein.

While everyone thought she's a completely original character, she actually debuts from a trading card game with different settings: she's a sniper and her default mecha's the monstrous GAB-L, which is said to have claws filling up Nightmare Fuel a lot. This is understandable, seeing as Dr. Hell built it; we'll see if it ever makes it to Original Generation. As of the Second Original Generation, Katina will use the Gespenst MK II Custom; like Kai and Russel's versions, it can change into different frames (preliminary screenshots show she will use the Type-G).

Tropes associated to Katina:

  • Badass Normal
  • Cold Sniper (Subverted without being a Friendly Sniper, either. In the first game her stats favor being a sniper, but she's crazy hotblooded. The sequels rescinds her stats for melee rather than ranged)
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty (Moreso towards Tasuku and Arado. Also mixes this with Sergeant Rock)
  • Glass Cannon (In Original Generation, she gets the Hot Blood/Valor Spirit Command early in the game; in Original Generations, she gets the more powerful Soul. Unfortunately, her defense is shoddy and horrible, alongside extremely poor Will/Morale gains)
    • To say nothing of one of the worst evade stats in the game, at least until she gets past level 17 or so. The trick is getting her to survive until that point.
    • One way is to switch her into a Super Robot, such as the Giganscudo. Since the Gigan is a monster of a tank, her low evasion stat becomes irrelevant.
  • Hot-Blooded (Both in personality and in gameplay terms, having one of the cheapest Valor to cast)
  • Leitmotif
  • Mecha Expansion Pack (For her Gespenst MK II Custom in the Second Original Generation)
  • Mismatched Eyes (Leading to her Fan Nickname "Angry Desu". Interestingly, while her eyes are red/green in the GBA games, Original Generations retcons it back to the original purple/green from the card game as thanks to the fan who designed her)
  • Running Gag (Always getting passed over for a chance to pilot whichever fancy new machine the Hiryuu crew get a hold of)
  • Tsun (No "dere" here, folks!)

Russel Bagman (Voiced by Takashi Aoki)

"...Lt. Jg. Katina's yelling is worse than this..!"

Katina's loyal (some would say devoted) subordinate. Rather unremarkable in most repects otherwise, save for a very high defense stat and Diving Save abilities in-game that make him an excellent meat...err, "metal" shield. Where Katina goes, so will Russel.

The actual extent of their relationship is so low-key, it's rather hard to tell where it is. Both seem to think highly of each other (and often worry about how the other feels about their performance in battle), but show none of the usual UST, problems or affection any of the other overt couples have. At the very least, they're close friends (whether they realize it or not) who have become completely comfortable with each other.

  • Ace Custom (Like Kai and Katina, Russel's set to receive the Gespenst MK II Custom, which uses 3 different frames, for the Second Original Generation. Preliminary screenshots show he will use the Type-C)
  • The Generic Guy (Quite possibly the most "normal" person in all of Original Generation. In addition, Russel is the only original character (sub-pilots excluded) who doesn't have a personal Leitmotif. Ironically, this makes him stand out to many fans)
  • Loads and Loads of Roles (Variation: aside from being The Lancer to Katina full-time, he sometimes doubles as her personal assistant, sparring partner, drink carrier, the The Smart Guy (with his knowledge of Stonehenge in Original Generation 2 being an example), The Big Guy (visually, he at least appears the tallest out of the Octo Squad) and The Quiet One)
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Woman (He actually slaps Katina once after she gets too hotheaded... even for her)
  • Mecha Expansion Pack (For his Gespenst MK II Custom in the Second Original Generation)
  • My Nayme Is (Although not entirely made up, his name's more typically spelled with two "l's")
  • Taking the Bullet (Pretty much his stock in trade, game-wise)
  • Only Sane Man (He looks like this at first, then you look at Russel's devotion to Katina and can't help but wonder just how sane he actually is)
  • Shout-Out (Based on his appearance, one can argue Russel's meant to be an Affectionate Parody of unnamed grunts in mecha shows that get one line and die horribly afterwards...except Russel's averted the "die horribly" part)
  • Stone Wall (Russel's defense stat is the best in the games)
  • Subordinate Excuse (Kinda... sorta... maybe... Whatever)
    • It's suprising when you consider the usual fan reaction to relationships like this, but very few actually ship them, perhaps because it's much more funny the way it is.

Shine Hausen (Voiced by Reina Kaihara)

Resident princess of the Dukedom of Riskent, a small independent state in the The Federation. She was born with the ability to see the future and for this reason (plus her kindgom's large gold mines), Riskent's attacked by remnants of the Divine Crusaders after the defeat of their leaders. She's rescued by the SRX Team (or ATX Team, if you're playing Kyosuke's route), and brought to Izu Base in Japan, where she befriends Latooni and gains a massive crush on SRX Team member Rai. She gets kidnapped by a mole in Feddie command and taken to the DC's Adler Koch, who places her in a Valsion Custom equipped with the GEIM System, brainwashing her into a soldier to help him take down The Federation. Fortunately, she's rescued by Rai and Latooni before the system can cause permanent damage to her mind.

Riskent's invaded by the Neo DC again in Original Generation 2, and Shine just barely escapes. This time however, she's ready to fight back. With the help of Latooni and the Fairlions, a pair of dangerous(ly cute) mecha, she's able to join the Hagane in personally taking her kingdom back. Afterwards, she continues the fight to defeat the Shadow-Mirrors, Einst, and Inspectors, to ensure that they don't become a threat to Riskent. Tropes associated with her are:

Kouta Azuma (Voiced by Takuma Terashima)

One of the stars of Original Generation Gaiden. Formerly just a Hot-Blooded Ordinary High School Student from the city district of Asakusa, he receives frequent telepathic messages from a being calling itself "Roar". When his younger sister Shouko's attacked by the invading Shura, Kouta gets desperate to protect her, until Roar gives him instructions to transform into his armor, becoming "Fighter Roar". While this doesn't seem to be enough to repel the Shura, his grandfather Kisaburou unveils the machine he's been hiding and repairing for years: Roar's Compatible Kaiser. Kouta goes to pilot it and fends off the Shura. Just when he thought he won't be using that power anymore, he manages to escape the ODE Incident, only to see Shouko get nabbed away by Folka Albark, forcing him to go on the run after his newfound rival, get in the Compatible Kaiser and save his sister. He manages to join the Kurogane crew along the way and learn more about their operations, eventually befriending Folka who just defected from the Shura.

Unfortunately, Kouta didn't expect Shouko to wind up becoming a victim of Duminuss' brainwashing (but really, it was the Dark Brain's doing), wearing the "Emi Armor" and piloting the G Thundergate, the companion craft to the Compatible Kaiser. Out for Roar's blood, it takes large amounts of "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight to break control over Shouko, thereby rendering her as the Henshin Heroine "Fighter Emi" and face Roar's nemesis Dark Brain.

Kouta winds up reappearing in continuity, though is present in the Endless Frontier EXCEED spin-off sequel. However, he's placed in a supporting battle assist role. In the EXCEED drama CD that occurs prior to the game, Einst Alfimi is kidnapped by amoeba-like creatures and Axel Almer with Kouta dives head-on to save her. They instead wind up being transported to the Endless Frontier.

Tropes associated with Kouta:

Daitetsu Minase (Voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata)

The Cool Old Guy amongst the originals, Daitetsu was originally the captain of the space-exploration ship Hiryu years before the events of the first game. After an encounter with the Aerogaters near Pluto, he's forced to retreat after being overpowered. This incident hovers over Daitetsu, as he swears he won't allow such an incident to happen again. By then, he's moved to a rank of commandant of a military academy, where he trains his future XO and protege Tetsuya Onodera, Lee Linjun and Lefina Einfeld. Just as he becomes captain of the newly christened Space-Noah class battleship Shirogane (with Tetsuya as his deputy), Shu Shirakawa shoots it down with the Granzon during its maiden voyage. Despite two ship disasters on his record, Daitetsu's given command of the second Space-Noah battleship Hagane during the Divine Crusaders War. Fortunately, he has more success, as the Hagane single-handedly attacks DC headquarters and achieves total victory. Depending on which route you take in the game, the Hagane is either scuttled in order to infiltrate the White Star or assists the rebuilt Hiryu Custom in the assault.

By the time Original Generation 2 rolls in, Daitetsu's still captain of the rebuilt Hagane, despite talks with his superiors he should retire. He leads the ship through another war with the Neo Divine Crusaders, including the invading Inspectors. During an assault at the Inspectors-occupied North American Langley Base, Lee Linjun springs a surprise preemptive on the Hagane in order to sink it. The attack wounds Daitetsu, but he quickly orders both the Hagane and Hiryu Custom to make their escape. Unfortunately, he succumbs to his injuries.

Daitetsu has a fondness for sake, and keeps a bottle in his office for special occasions. Tropes associated with him are:

Tetsuya Onodera (Voiced by Jin Horikawa)

Adjutant to Daitetsu, Tetsuya graduated from the military academy Daitetsu taught at. Placed second overall in his class, right behind Lee Linjun, but for reasons unexplained, he's chosen over the more-qualified Lee (on paper, at least) as Daitetsu's second-in-command. He survives the South Pole attack on the Shirogane and moves on to become the second-in-command of the Hagane during the first DC War. For the most part, Tetsuya acts like an overreactive, nervous rookie, serving as a form of comic relief amongst the originals. However, depending on the route played in Original Generation, Tetsuya reveals himself as quite the brilliant tactician, seen with his strategy of using the recoil of the Hagane's Tronium Buster Cannon as a means of escaping from what would've been a suicide attack on the White Star.

During the second DC War, Tetsuya's still executive officer of the newly-repaired Hagane, despite suggestions from several people that with his talents, he should be given command of his own ship. For the most part of Original Generation 2, Tetsuya still acts like his semi-goofy self, until Lee's defection to the Shadow-Mirrors and his surprise attack on the Hagane that kills Daitetsu at Langley. This event considerably forces Tetsuya to man up and assume command of the Kurogane for the rest of the Inspector conflict, albeit under the title of "Deputy Captain", having too much respect for his mentor. By the time Original Generation Gaiden rolls in, he's the full-fledged captain of the Hagane and manages to make it through and not totally wreck the ship.

Unlike Daitetsu, Tetsuya can't really hold his liquor well and gets drunk rather easily. He embodies these tropes:

Lefina Enfield (Vocied by Junko Iwao)

Captain of the refitted Hiryu Custom, Lefina gradutated at the top of her class and given command of the ship on what's labelled as a "trial basis". At 18 years-old, Lefina is shy, nervous and very unsure of her abilities. As a result, she tends to defer a lot of decisions to the more experienced leaders, like deputy captain Sean Webley (Daitetsu's former adjutant) and ATX Team leaders Sanger and Kyosuke. During the DC War, she leads the Hiryu Custom and the ATX Team against the entire United Colony Corps (UCC) defense forces and slowly matures into a dependable leader. The Hiryu Custom succeeds in defeating the UCC and reestablishing EFA control in space. She participates in the L5 Campaign, however Lefina's involvement varies slightly depending on which route the player chooses. After the war, the Hiryu Custom is assigned to the Icarus asteroid base.

In Original Generation 2, the Hiryu Custom is recalled back to the Earth sphere initially to investigate the disappearances of random EFA squads in the L2 sector. After an attack on Mao Industries by a mysterious alien robot, the ship's assigned to protect the White Star from an alien attack. Lefina orders a full retreat from the White Star after the fleet stationed there's wiped out by the Inspectors. She also assists in the evacuation efforts from Mao Industries and the Tesla-Liecht Institute from the Inspectors, and eventually rejoins the Hagane in fighting them off. After the Inspector War, the Hiryu Custom is assigned to the Moon's defense forces. By Original Generation Gaiden, the Hiryu Custom is once again called back to action against the Bartoll incident and the Shura invasion.

Lefina functions nearly as a Distaff Counterpart to Tetsuya: both are quite easily startled and teased, only she has more potential for Moe Moe. She embodies these tropes:

Lee Linjun (Voiced by Ryo Wakabayashi)

A former classmate of Tetsuya's, Lee functions as the semi-Evil Counterpart of Tetsuya in every way imaginable. His mannerisms in battle involve "following the book", to a point where it becomes painstakingly ridiculous. Lee also holds no care for his subordiantes, seeing them merely as pawns that are easily replaced. To that end, he holds a serious grudge against the participants of Operation SRW (which includes almost all the heroes; Tetsuya gets the brunt of his excuse). The reason? his wife Cynthia (yes, a woman who actually LIKED Lee enough to marry him) and his parents were killed during the Beijing attack by the Aerogators. His result: blame the heroes, NOT the invaders for his loss.

Lee makes his debut in Original Generation 2, where he's captain of the rebuilt Shirogane. During the Neo DC war, Lee falls for a downright-obvious trap set by Shadow-Mirror forces and both he and the crew are taken prisoner. Lee's approached by Vindel Mauser and offered a position amongst their ranks, which he readily accepts. As if he couldn't get any worse, Lee launches a surprise attack on the Hagane during the battle at the North American Langley base. The heroes escape, but without losing Daitetsu Minase in the attack. When both the Inspectors and Shadow-Mirror fall back to the White Star, Lee faces Tetsuya, now Deputy Captain of the Kurogane and then gets his ass handed to him HARD. So, as a last-ditch effort, Lee attempts to ram the Kurogane...except he forgets the Kurogane mounts A GIANT DRILL on its bow. The Shirogane is shredded to pieces.

Or so we thought: apparently, Original Generations simply has the Shirogane retreat, instead. As much as it's hard to believe that Lee can survive a battleship-sized drill to the face, expect him to return in some form or another in subsequent sequels.

  • Early-Bird Cameo (The side-story manga Record of ATX has Lee cameo as captain of an aircraft carrier during the Beijing attack. He watches helplessly as the city's razed by the Aerogators)
  • Jerkass Neidermeyer (Lee takes these tropes and cranks it Up to Eleven and beyond. This troper has to wonder if he was solely created just so to be hated to death by players. If the answer's yes, then this troper has to say Banpresto overdid it, which says a lot)
  • By The Book Soldier
  • Face Heel Turn (Although, in Lee's case, this may count as a subversion: while not presented as a traditional "good guy" at the start, by mid-game, he decides to embrace his true villainy)
  • Hypocrite (Lee complains about being late to a rendevous with the Hagane because the Shirogane is damaged in one scenario. When the former does appear to offer aid, Lee criticizes Daitetsu for being careless. Somehow, his duties as a soldier apparently comes first)
  • No One Could Survive That (Original Generations appears to retcon his demise)
  • The Other Darrin (In The Inspector anime, Kousuke Okano aka Recca Hanabishi and Kenta Nakamura takes over the role)
  • Out of Focus (Surprisingly, in The Inspector anime, Lee gets less screentime. when he was supposed to do a Face Heel Turn... he didn't, as if he faded into obscurity...
  • Ramming Always Works (Brutally averted in Lee's case. Ramming doesn't work when your target has a massive drill at its bow, Mr. Linjun. And this man graduated summa cum laude, by the way)
  • The Rival (A one-sided case against Tetsuya)
  • Smug Snake (Banpresto probably want to give him a bit of a sympathy with his backstory, but he's just too much of a bastard for any of the fans to care)
  • The Scrappy

Radha Byraban (Voiced by Rei Sakuma)

A staff member at Mao Industries, Radha is introduced in the first Original Generation game in Kyosuke's route. Although she has a custom white Schutzwald, Radha mainly heads out to the battlefield when the need arises. Radha first appears helping Gilliam Jaeger protect a shuttle (and its cargo) from being seized by the Divine Crusaders. They succeed in keeping the DC from the cargo, but Sanger (hiding his identity) disables the launch platform, forcing the Hiryu Custom to transport the cargo. After Mao Industries is attacked, Radha goes on the help the Hiryu Custom and its efforts to stop the United Colony Corps. It's during this time Radha introduces her personality quirk: she's a fan of yoga, albeit a big much she tries to teach it to everyone she meets. Hilarity Ensues when this first happens: Excellen and Katina loudly complain about their experiences, while Viletta's in so much pain she can't even speak. The reactions of the other pilots to Radha's offers of yoga lessons come close to rivaling the reactions to Kusuha's health drink.

In Original Generation 2, Radha's still working with Mao Industries. More details about her backstory are revealed. She was a test subject at the ICS (the same place where Aya and Mai Kobayashi were); however, Radha was let go by Cuervo Cero, a scientist she worked for and developed a friendly relationship with some time before the accident involving Mai that destroyed the ICS. When Radha meets Arado Balanga and learns Cero worked at the School, she's seriously shocked and somewhat heartbroken. Radha then commits herself to assisting Arado and Latooni in rescuing Seolla and Ouka from Agilla Setme's control and confront Cuervo. When she finally gets the chance to meet Cero, he reveals that all along he cared for the School children, but hated himself for putting them through the program. When the Earth Cradle begins to collapse, Cero's injured and pinned down after an attack from Anthuz Egret. Radha tries to save him, but Cero tells her to leave take care of the School Children in his stead. After the Inspector War, she retires from piloting to become a civilian contractor with the New Aggressors. However, after the ODE Incident, Radha took on the battlefield again. Maybe after the ensuing battle with Dark Brain she can return to civilian matters...

Radha's tropes include:

  • Body Horror (A less disturbing variation: somehow, she's able to contort her body in such a fashion that she was able to fit inside a Huckebein MK II cockpit with Bullet when he first sortied in it...and scare the living shit out of him)
    • You Do NOT Want to Know (Don't bother asking Bullet, either; he was too freaked out to give details, and probably still has nightmares about it)
  • Fan Nickname (Yoga-tan, for obvious reasons)
  • Meaningful Name (Her theme song, "Padma no Asana", translates to "Asana of Destruction", quite the opposite of Radha's behavior...unless it's a joke towards her yoga poses...)
  • Psychic Powers (Subverted: even though Radha was a test subject at the ICS, she never developed the same level of telekinetic powers other Psychodrivers exhibit. However, she does have a heightened sense of awareness compared to non-psychic pilots, but this doesn't qualify her as a Psychodriver)
  • Say My Name (Radha does this after Cuervo Cero dies during the Earth Cradle's collapse)
  • Spell My Name with an "S"
  • Talking To Herself (Rei Sakuma also voices one of Masaki Andoh's familiar cats Kuro)
  • Token Minority (She's Indian, and her nationality is reflected in her battle dialogues)

Ing Egret

The last of the Machinery Children, Ing made his debut in an Alpha 2 side-story manga called Lost Children (but since this is his game debut, his entry will go here). Following the Gan Eden's defeat, Ing awoke and found himself within a badly damaged Huckebein MK II. Having no idea who he was or where he had come from, Ing soon found himself under attack from the Alpha Numbers, specifically those who had went to the Bad Future via Alpha Gaiden. When they saw his face, they realized he was one of the Machinery Children and kept labelling him as "Egret". Ing managed to hold back the Alpha Numbers and caused a huge explosion, allowing him to make a quick escape.

Upon waking up from the explosion, Ing found himself under the care of the Alpha Numbers. Giving him a place to recuperate, Ing tells them his situation and how they kept referring to him as Egret. Suddenly, the place is attacked by mysterious Bergelmirs, under orders to find and capture Ing. The Alpha Numbers retailate and Ing manages to hijack a Bergelmir of his own. Damaging one of the enemy pilot's mask reveals to Ing the attackers and him share the same face. After the enemies retreat, the Alpha Numbers tell him the location of the Earth Cradle and Ing sets out to find the truth about his existence.

Ing will appear in the Second Original Generation piloting a custom EXbein called the Ashe (the EXbein having first appeared in The Inspectors anime), who is seen fleeing Aidoneus Island.

Ing's tropes include:

  • Bishonen (Very much so, which is strange when you consider he's a clone of Arado
  • Big Freaking Sword (The Ashe carries one)
  • Canon Immigrant
  • Cloning Blues
  • Cut Short (Lost Children ended following a one-volume run without any resolutions; fortunately, the development team for the Second Original Generation has stated they will expand what was previously untold about Ing)
  • Detached Sleeves (Under the cape)
  • Heroes Prefer Swords
  • Heroic Albino
  • Psychic Powers (Unlike the other Machinery Children, Ing is a Psychodriver. To accomodate this, the Ashe is installed with the T-Link System)
  • Super Prototype (The EXbein is the prototype unit for the Huckebein MK III, though we don't know yet if the Ashe is stronger; canonically, though, the Huckebein EX is weaker than the MK III)
    • Ace Custom (The Ashe has been modified from the EXbein significantly, though it's probably because it was put together with a bunch of spare parts)
  • White-Haired Pretty Boy

Ariel Org (To be voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi)

Female protagonist of Real Robot Regiment, Ariel Org is "Subject Zero", the first of the Artificial Human-based "Idealants Project". In her game of origin, she is tasked by her dying creator Dr. Ozunu to pilot the Flickerei Geist and stop her "brother" Duvan Org, the second android created by the project, after he destroys Ozunu's lab. Ariel allies with the Preventers to pursue Duvan, but also learns to express herself, as she believes she lacks the emotional capabilities of a human. When Ariel defeats Duvan and his transformed Alles Geist, the machines disappear in a brilliant flash of light. While everyone comments that Ariel is likely dead, she manages to escape to the Guyana Highlands and lives the rest of her remaining life in memory of her brother.

Ariel pilots the Flickerei Geist, a machine made from parts of the Gespenst MK III and various other Personal Troopers. She is set to appear in the Second Original Generation.

  • Artificial Human (Not a W-Series android, but is one of two subjects coming out of the Idealants Project)
  • Become A Real Girl (Was The Stoic, but grows out of it)
  • Expy (As of the Second Original Generation, the Flickerei Geist will be based off of data from the Alt Eisen. From a physical standpoint, the machine's pretty much what would happen if the Alt and Weiss Ritter had a baby)
    • Let's not give Excellen any ideas...
    • Personality and origin-wise, Ariel does have a similarity with Lamia Loveless...
  • Meaningful Name ("Flickerei" means "patching/patchery" and "geist" is "ghost" in German. The Flickerei Geist is built using different parts from other Personal Troopers, namely those derived from the Gespenst line)
  • Rose-Haired Girl
  • Talking To Herself (Same voice actress as Ryoto Hikawa, except this time it isn't a Cross Dressing Voice)

Original Generation Antagonists

Even enemies fulfill several tropes. Instead of individual enemies, it will list the group the EFA opposes.


The Divine Crusaders are built by Bian Zoldark, a genius scientist and father of Lune Zoldark, assisted by Shu Shirakawa. While they seem like a bunch of rebels, Bian made sure they follow his ethics and true nature: strengthen the Earth so they can prepare for upcoming alien invasions. After Bian dies, however, the group has a severe Motive Decay and forms the "Neo Divine Crusaders" in Original Generation 2, which try to topple the current government time to time, some with honor, some with petty reasons. Notable members include Colonel Van Vat Tran, Tenzan Nakajima, Tempest Hawker, Adler Koch, Archibald Grims (though he eventually strikes on his own) and Agilla Setme. It also employs the Troye Unit, an Amazon Brigade from the United Colony Corps, which Leona Garstein used to be a member of.

Notable characters belonging to the (Neo) Divine Crusaders (the ones from the Original Generation series)

Tenzan Nakajima (Voiced by Yasuhiko Kawazu)

A Burning PT player like Ryuusei Date and Ryouto Hikawa, Tenzan was also recruited by the Divine Crusaders for his gameplaying talents. In Original Generation, Tenzan drops out of the Burning PT Tournament to join the DC, allowing Ryuusei to win by default. In Divine Wars, Tenzan actually faces Ryusei in the tournament final and defeats Ryuusei, becoming the champ. He becomes a test pilot for the Lion series, and eventually tries out the three Lion varieties (Lion, Guarlion, and Barrelion). He eventually settles on the Barrelion as his personal unit because he doesn't like how the other two units handle.

Over the course of the DC War, he becomes a steady rival to Ryuusei; unlike the latter, Tenzan constantly thinks the whole DC War is a big game and doesn't take into account of his actions. When the DC decides to debut the Valsion Custom unit, Tenzan is given Unit #3 by Adler Koch. Unfortunately, the GEIM system installed in the Valsion Custom makes him go berserk and distorts his perception of reality further; now he really believes he's in a real video game. He's killed during the DC's final assault on Geneva, Switzerland, leaving a serious impression on Ryusei. However, Tenzan's body is resurrected by Aerogater agent Atad Shamran as her personal pawn during the L5 Campaign, under the pseudonym "Gaza Haganer". In this persona, Tenzan has no memories of his past life, except for a trace sensation whenever he encounters the crews of the Hagane and Hiryu Custom, resulting in chronic headaches. That said, Tenzan doesn't lose his violent side and is relentlessly cruel in his behavior.

During the final battle in the White Star, upon defeat, Tenzan finally regains the last memory of his life as Tenzan Nakajima: getting ready for the Burning PT finals. Unfortunately, he dies again, leaving a further impact on Ryusei's view of the world. Tenzan embodies these tropes:

  • Ace Custom (Has his own personally modified Barrelion. His briefly-used Guarlion is also a custom job, as it lacks the head fin all Guarlions have)
  • Ax Crazy (When piloting the Valsion Custom and as Gaza Haganer)
  • Back from the Dead
  • Brainwashed and Crazy (Variation while piloting the Valsion Custom: Tenzan wasn't exactly brainwashed; just plain crazy. Played straight when he's resurrected as Gaza)
  • Evil Counterpart (Tenzan's essentially what Ryuusei would've turned into had the latter not learned to separate fiction from reality, specifically the harsh consequences of war, and matured as a person)
  • Fat Bastard (His portrait gives him the vibes that he's plump or fat. And boy, is he a huge jerkwad)
  • Hey, It's That Voice! (Turn a Gundam fans will note Tenzan is Corin Nander)
  • I Know Mortal Kombat
  • Kick the Dog (Reveals to Ryuusei that Latooni was a member of the School and brings up how she was essentially Adler Koch's play-experiment. It was enough for Ryuusei's Berserk Button to be pressed when he finds this out and gives Tenzan a piece of his mind)
  • Killed Off for Real (TWICE in one game)
  • The Rival (To Ryuusei, which cements Ryusei's Character Development)

Archibald Grims (Voiced by Takumi Yamazaki)

Oh, so you don't like needless bloodshed, Lt. Jaggar? Well that's too bad. I do enjoy needless bloodshed.

A Neo Divine Crusaders commander who debuts in Original Generation 2. His top subordinates are Yuuki Jaggar and Carla Borgnine, although he briefly serves as commander to Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweitzer. Archibald seems like a more mild-mannered person with a cunning personality. In reality, he's an Ax Crazy terrorist of the Elpis Incident. He set off a poison gas in the docking bay of the Elpis colony that forced Elzam von Branstein to kill his wife Cattleya. Archibald takes great pleasure in killing anything he sees, be it innocent or not. This causes some tension between him and those serving under him early on over military strategy, until Archibald joins up with the Shadow-Mirror and seriously injures Neo DC leader Colonel Van. During the final showdown in the Earth Cradle, Archibald reveals he was in fact hired by the real mastermind behind the Elpis Incident, Karl Scheltesman, of the EOTI Council. Said event was supposed to keep the colonies under Federation control rather than securing their independence. This confession, in an attempt to save his own life, horrendously backfires and is killed in a tag-team assault by the Branstein brothers.

Archibald's an interesting character due to the number of Mythology Gags surrounding his family name. According to the "RyuKoOh Denki manga, which supposedly tells of events set several centuries before Original Generation, Archibald's ancestor Jabez Grims, a member of British royalty, excavates the Choukijin JakuOhKi and BuOhKi. However, since Jabez doesn't possess the Psychic Powers allowing humans to control the Choukijin, he uses opium in large amounts to pacify the machines. With these two Choukijin in his possession, Jabez goes on a rampage; fortunately, his actions are stopped by Rishu Togo's ancestor, Ryuuma. However, Jabez's actions have serious consequences: the Grims family is expelled from the aristocracy and no longer held any royal powers. As such, Archibald takes some measures to secure, and later stop the revival of, the RyuOhKi and KoOhKi in Original Generation 2, but fails. Tropes associated with Archibald are:

Ouka Nagisa (Voiced by Michiko Neya)

Once known as Aurum 1, the first of the children at The School. During her time there, she befriends three younger children: Bronzo 27 and 28 (Seolla and Arado) and Latooni 11. She's one of the few remaining children after The School was shut down, and stays with researchers Aguila Setme and Cuervo Sero.

Ouka first appears to a surprised Latooni and her teammates, piloting a R-Eins loaned to her by the Shadow-Mirror. She initially believes the EFA has brainwashed Latooni into fighting for them and killing Arado, despite Latooni's objections that Arado's alive and that she's fighting of her own will. After discovering that Arado is not dead, Agilla decides to alter Ouka (and Seolla's) memories to make them believe Arado was a spy for the EFA and kidnapped Latooni. After the memory alterations, Ouka is given the Rapiecage, a Super Prototype from the Shadow-Mirror based off of mecha from Project ATX. During the Rapiecage's first sortie, Ouka reveals it's equipped with a newer model of Alder Koch's GEIM System. Unlike previous GEIM System users, Ouka's able to resist the berserker side-effects of the system and maintain control over herself.

After Seolla's rescued, the effects of Thurisuz Egret's attacks on Arado seem to have affected Ouka as well, albeit not as much as Seolla. This upsets Agilla, forcing her to practically override all of Ouka's memories and turn her into a emotionless shell of her former self. After some convincing from Latooni, Ouka seems to be fading away, so Agilla orders Ouka's memory to be "rebooted". Cuervo takes a gamble and uploads Ouka's back-up memory, which restores all of her memories. Ouka turns on Agilla, but when the latter is resurrected by Machine Cells, Ouka tries to stop her once and for all. Sadly, she herself becomes infected with Machine Cells, at which point she decides to self-destruct the Rapiecage and take Agilla with her. Despite objections from her "siblings", Ouka bids them farewell and is buried under debris from the collapsing Earth Cradle.

Tropes associated with Ouka are:

Wodan Ymir (Voiced by Kenichi Ono)

A new member of the Shadow-Mirror created for Original Generation. Wodan Ymir's occasionally sent out by his superiors to antagonize the heroes, namely to impede their progress in quelling the Neo Divine Crusaders. Quiet, calm and exceptionally loyal, Wodan's initially mistaken for Sanger Zonvolt by the cast, who believes he's been Brainwashed and Crazy by the Neo DC into joining them. When the real Sanger appears during Operation Plantagenet, Wodan develops a strong rivalry with the Samurai, making it personal to be the only one to defeat him.

In reality, Wodan's an android based on the Alternate Universe Sanger who was killed in action in the Shadow-Mirror dimension (most theories hint it was Vindel Mauser who landed the blow). His body was recovered and given to Lemon Browning to be resurrected as one of the W-Numbers to be a countermeasure against the Beowulves squadron of The Federation. His identification is W-15 and unlike other W-Numbers, Wodan was simply modified into a cyborg, rather than being built from the ground-up. As a result, his personality's somewhat unstable; to keep him in line, Lemon has Wodan link with the Earth Cradle's supercomputer Magus and becomes its loyal guardian, a Continuity Nod to the Alpha Gaiden Sanger, the main difference being Sophia Nate having been built into Magus' core in Original Generation by Egret Feff).

During Operation Planetagent, Wodan appears at the Tesla-Liecht Institute and stops the Inspector Vigagi from killing Sanger, cementing their rivalry. Wodan not only buys Sanger time to get his new Dygenguard working, but recovers the Type-3 Colossal Blade for Sanger to use (in Alpha 2, that role was handled by Ratsel). Afterwards, Wodan's reassigned to the Earth Cradle to protect it from the Kurogane's assault and faces Sanger outside the facility for their penulimate duel. The sheer force from their respective attacks managed to destroy the outer shell (designed to withstand nuclear explosions, for the record) and cause the Earth Cradle to cave in. Unfortunately, the attack (and subsequent fall) severely crippled Wodan. At that moment, Egret orders Magus to restore the Thrudgelmir, but Wodan refuses, admitting he has lost to Sanger and tells him Sophia is now Sanger's responsibility. Wodan launches a final, killing blow on Feff and the remaining Machinery Children, but the over-damaged Thrudgelmir explodes, destroying Wodan.

Wodan's modeled after the Alpha Gaiden version of Sanger and pilots the monstrous Thrudgelmir, which is really a Grungust Type-3 from the Shadow-Mirror world modified in the Original Generation universe by Machine Cells. Considering who Wodan's based off of, he embodies similar tropes, but to avoid redundancy, the following are either exclusive to Wodan or ones significantly changed:

Tropes regarding on the rest of the Divine Crusaders:


An original enemy created for the OVA and later ported to Original Generation Gaiden. They're a system used for controlling a lot of machines in a network. Until one event, its creator Wilhelm von Juergen goes through deep Wangst after losing his family and reprogrammed it frantically into "assimilating all humanity into one to protect Earth". Bad move: the system turns into a sentient enemy of humanity, capturing and assimilating even Juergen himself and moves on to other humans. Duminuss finds it and makes use of it, serving as its pawn. Its worst crime is it manages to nearly kill Lamia (but Duminuss manages to salvage and revive her for further use), marking it as a personal enemy for the EFA, but quickly after being defeated, Duminuss states they're of no use anymore and eliminates it...well not really eliminating, but at least reprograms it again to its liking. Duminuss later abandons it, and it's not impossible the EFA will run into them again in the future, should someone take it. Tropes associated to the ODE:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot
    • Stupid Evil (A system supposedly protecting humanity forces people to give up their humanity; where's the logic in that??)
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us (Biggest modus operandi, which eventually leads to...)
  • Big Bad Wannabe(" Yay, I killed Lamia!...Wait a minute, what!? Duminuss killed me just after that!? And I even failed to completely kill Lamia after all!?")
  • Easily Forgiven (This is the EFA they're facing: they killed one of their best friends and their reaction is mostly "Poor Juergen, he's no longer himself?" Compared to what they said to Archibald...)
  • Expy (Inverted: eventually in the Nanoha-verse, Juergen gets his Expy in the form of Cypha, a newcomer who debuts by trashing resident Lamia Expy Signum (at that time hailed to be the most powerful character in the verse) through cheating and suddenly whipping out her Game Breaker weapon...then puts her to near death, possibly making her unable to go back to the battlefield again...all while mocking Signum's chivalry, similar to how Juergen mocked Lamia's iron free will)
  • Hey, It's That Voice! (For Tales of Symphonia fans: Juergen's Kvar. Too bad there's no Kratos to repeat the "Feel The Pain! Of Those Inferior Beings! As You Burn In Hell!"
  • Instrumentality
  • Knight Templar
  • Nightmare Fuel (Snarking aside, let's just say if you're not Lamia, you WILL never want to get absorbed by them and turned into goo)
  • The Scrappy (Second BY A FAR MARGIN, with Lee as one of Original Generation's biggest scrappies. The only thing preventing him to get close to Lee's status is because all his appearances are never localized. The majority of Western players won't know about him, but the little that do hold a sizeable hatedom, forgetting all those sympathetic points he had because he dashed it with his crossing)
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness (Said to Lamia before the kill...then Duminuss said it to them)

Beowulf (Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa)

This is what happens when you're at the far end of the "grumpy" spectrum.

Kyosuke Nanbu of the Shadow-Mirror Alternate Universe and captain of the Beowulves Gespenst squadron, under the designation "Beowulf". According to Axel Almer, who used to fight alongside with him in The Federation, Beowulf was identical to Original Generation's Kyosuke and shared many personality traits (unwavering determination, stoicism, leadership qualities, etc.), except somewhere along the line, he went Ax Crazy, rambling on about world destruction and its rebirth. This is what led to Axel defecting and joining the Shadow-Mirror, and the rivalry between him and his former comrade.

Beowulf appears to posses some form of strength that's almost demonic in nature, as opposed to Kyosuke's inhuman luck.

As the Shadow-Mirror were ready to jump to the Original Generation universe, Axel was left to fend the Beowulves off at the Tesla Leicht Institute. While the Game Boy Advance version of Original Generation 2 told little of Axel's fight, the Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier drama CD and subsequent The Inspectors tells us Axel manages to wipe out the Beowulves singlehandedly and face the mad Beowulf. Although Axel comes out the loser, he annouces his victory for having stalled enough time for his allies to escape to the other side. This leaves Beowulf screaming in rage of his defeat, despite having beaten Axel.

Beowulf pilots a machine similar to Kyosuke's Alt Eisen Riese, but given a blue color scheme. While this machine is never given the Alt Eisen codename, it is actually accepted as the successor to the Gespenst MK II M, and receives the proper Gespenst MK III designation. However, there are hints that there is more to the mech than meets the eye.

Tropes associated with Beowulf are:

  • Ascended Extra: In a sense. Before the Retcon he was just Kyosuke's Shadow-Mirror Universe counterpart. OG's hinted at the sadistic, omnicidal personality and had him play a central role in the back-story of the Shadow-Mirrors (particularly Axel). Since then, he's had expanded roles in the Drama-CD and The Inspector anime, and some have speculated that he may make his way over to the OG universe to become a prominent villain.
    • Actually, fans are hoping for this because it would likely result in Kyosuke and Axel teaming up to take him out (like so) as they did in the final episode of The Inspector.
  • Ax Crazy: Really creepy example. He's just as focused and determined as Kyosuke is, but unlike his counterpart, he has a near constant Psychotic Smirk in lieu of a Poker-face. Also, unlike other examples of this trope, Beowulf has a motive that drives him to be like this.
  • Complete Monster: We're never given the full story, but the fact Axel consideres him the biggest threat to the world (so much he had a hard time beliving that Kyosuke could be any different), he was probably this.
    • In the The Inspector, Lamia mentions he had the habit of killing his own allies in combat.
  • Evil Twin
  • Foe Yay, with loads of Say My Name (AXEL ALMER!!!)
  • I Knew It! (Original Generations only hints at Beowulf's assocation with the Einsts via Facial Markings under his eyes, similar to Einst Alfimi, while the Endless Frontier drama CD doesn't tell why the MK III could regenerate a lost limb, after Axel's Soulgain destroys it. The first five minutes of The Inspector reveals...)
  • Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better (Even before the MK III goes One-Winged Angel, the machine singlehandedly destroyed the SRX Team in The Inspector, practically a Curb Stomp Battle.)
    • According to the Drama CD, the machine also has a power output greater than most Super Robots.
  • Not Brainwashed (Unlike Excellean, he's been completely assimilated by the Einsts)
  • Omnicidal Maniac: His motive.
  • Psychotic Smirk: Rather disturbing to see Kyosuke with one of these.
  • Red Baron
  • Retcon (The Game Boy Advance version of Original Generation 2 suggests Beowulf is as heroic as the Kyosuke players know, and Axel simply hates him because Beowulf always beats him. Original Generations does a rewrite, indicating he's far more sadistic than meets the eye, justifying the rivalry between him and Axel. The Reveal in the drama CD and subsequent The Inspector anime ascends this to Complete Monster too literally)
  • True Final Boss ( In The Inspector and in the ROM Hack OG 2 Custom)
  • You Keep Using That Word (Beowulf's MK III is NOT the Alt Eisen Nacht, which appears in Endless Frontier and coincidentally in the bonus missions of Original Generations, where Excellen coins Kyosuke's Alt Eisen with the "Nacht" monniker after he paints it temporarily blue in hopes to fool Divine Crusader Remnants. This is because The Federation in the Shadow-Mirror universe approved of the MK III's specs, rendering it as the next-generation machine)
    • Also, the Nacht in Endless Frontier sports an additional mini-claymore launcher, something the MK III and Alt Eisen don't have.


One of the first Banpresto Original character, first appear as Big Bad in SD Hero Soukesen which later got sequel known as The Great Battle. He is now the Big Bad of Original Generation Gaiden. Dark Brain is a being of negative emotions and the arch-nemesis of the original Roar. Badly beaten in the events of Great Battle IV, it sought to materialize in the Original Generation universe, sending Duminuss to look for the "Twelve Keys" to let him materialize and claim the Emi Armor so she can be manipulated. Dark Brain successfully enters, however, he ignores Duminuss' claim for help and destroys it, marking it a failure. He's soundly beaten by the EFA, but he won't be gone for long...AsLongAsThereIsEvil. Tropes associated with Dark Brain:

Duvan Org

Antagonist of Real Robot Regiment, Duvan is "Subject Double Zero" of the Artificial Human-based "Idealants Project" created by Dr. Ozunu. Duvan destroys Ozunu's lab and mortally wounds his creator after learning of the limited mortality given to the Idealants. To that end, he steals the Alles Geist and plans to harness the power of the Ultimate Gundam to break his "flaw" and intends to conquer mankind and rule them as their leader, believing it is his destiny as an idealized superior being to humans.

Unlike his "sister" Ariel, who had experiences to expand her emotional aspects with the Preventers, Duvan never understood there are other means to live. He stubbornly continues to fight against Ariel and her allies, ultimately winding down to a final battle against her.

Duvan pilots the Alles Geist and is set to appear in the Second Original Generation.