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The Coalition of Ordered Governments

Marcus Fenix (Voiced by John Dimaggio)

"I got to admit, It's tough to keep going. Everyone I loved is dead. Some call them the lucky ones... the ones that died on E-day, they never lived to see how much we've lost and how many principles we've compromised. But whenever I doubt what we're fighting for I just look to my squad. I mean maybe it's a good thing we lost everything. It's like a clean slate. We can make the world we always wanted to. Without repeating the same mistakes. I look at guys like Jace and Dom and realize we'll inherit this world. We're the ones who will make Sera beautiful again. That's a world worth fighting for."

Protagonist of the series. Marcus Fenix is a quiet, stoic guy who prefers to do his talking with his gun, and is best friends with Dominic "Dom" Santiago. His best friend had been Dom's older brother Carlos Santiago, who was killed at the Battle of Aspho Fields in the Pendulum Wars. Regarded as the defining hero of the Pendulum Wars, he fought on the frontlines of the Human-Locust War until he abandoned his post in an attempt to save his father Adam Fenix from death, taking with him the targeting locator for the Hammer of Dawn, and costing the COG its capital city of Ephyra. He failed, and was sentenced to prison for his dereliction of duty, being spared only by the fact he was a former war hero. Four years later, Dom breaks him out of prison, and Marcus rejoins the army, being pardoned due to the need for soldiers, as the Locust are inching closer and closer to putting humanity into extinction.

  • The Atoner
  • Badass
  • Bash Brothers: Originally with Carlos, and then with Dom.
  • Battle Couple: With Anya.
  • Berserk Button: Don't say anything bad about his dad if you aren't friends with him, and don't insult his fallen comrades. Failing to perform an Active Reload across all game modes will also happen: while most of the time he merely expresses annoyance and frustration when it happens, sometimes he'll elicit a very vehement "GOD DAMN SON OF A BITCH!!!". It's practically the only time he ever broadcasts his emotions that much other than Dom's death scene and the event with Griffin. Brought Up to Eleven in Gears of War 3 after Dom's Heroic Sacrifice and used as a Shut UP, Hannibal to Aaron Griffin.



Dominic "Dom" Santiago (Voiced by Carlos Ferro)

"Look, Marcus is busy saving the world again, so I gotta be there for him."

Marcus' best friend, Dom lost his brother Carlos during the Pendulum Wars, his parents and two children on Emergence Day, and his wife Maria disappeared several years later after falling into severe depression from losing her family. When Marcus got sent to jail for abandoning his post to save his father, Dom was the only person who would defend him. As the war with the Locust Horde continues, Dom still remains somewhat cheerful and caring throughout the conflict, eventually breaking Marcus out of jail to assist in a major push against the Locust. At the same time, he continues to search for Maria whenever possible. When he found her lobotomized beyond recognition in the Locust Hollow, Dom was forced to euthanize her.

Damon Baird (Voiced by Fred Tatasciore)

"Our enemy talks to worms. If they're outsmarting us in this war, then we probably deserve to be extinct."

A snarky, Jerkass Gear who's constantly being promoted and demoted due to his skills and always being an ass to his superiors. An expert at all things technical, Damon Baird's very proficient at science and the inner workings of the Locust Horde, as well. Every squad, ship captain and helicopter crew want him to be transferred to their command for his skills, something which he knows and relishes. He is best friends with Augustus Cole.

"I suppose you want me to say I've always loved you. But I don't! I really, really don't!"

Augustus Cole (Voiced by Lester Speight)

"Can't stop the Train, baby!"

A former all-star Thrashball defensive lineman turned Gear from the town of Hanover, Augustus "Cole Train" Cole is a loud, cheerful presence on the battlefield, inspiring confidence in his fellow Gears. However, much of the good cheer he projects is for the benefit of everyone else, as Cole considers it his duty to keep his squad's spirits up. He's extremely thoughtful and intelligent, and is quick to notice problems others are having and help them through it.

Cole: "Do you ever feel like you're dead, but nobody ever told you?"


Anya Stroud (Voiced by Nan McNamara)

"Oh, I'm fine. That's the scary thing. I want to do it again. I'm not finished. Ad all this hilarity- I hear it all the time in Control. But now I've done it myself. Tell me it's normal. Tell me I've not got some terrible thing in me waiting to get out and kill and joke about it."

A controller in the CIC, Anya Stroud provides guidance and direction in the first two games, before transferring to the frontlines in the Expanded Universe and the third game. She's in love with Marcus, and the two finally begin dating on the island of Vectes after Jacinto sinks.

Victor Hoffman (Voiced by Jamie Alcroft)

"Guns and bombs don't kill people. Clever scientists who want to build a better method of destruction kill people - lots of them. Most of my Gears couldn't make anything more lethal than a blade or a bow. So you'll forgive me if I think it stinks that my Gears get your "baby-killer" crap and your educated colleagues get research grants. And that's before you start inventing other shit you can't control."

The highest ranking member of the remaining COG army, Victor Hoffman worked his way up from the bottom to the head of Special Forces. He hated the promotions, worried the higher in rank he got, the worse he would screw up, and was fearful he would no longer be able to fight alongside his men. Hoffman was the one who ordered Marcus out of prison, as the number of Gears were dwindling. Restarted a relationship with Bernadette Mataki after she returned to the COG fifteen years after Emergence Day.

Bernadette "Bernie" Mataki (Voiced by Tess Masters)

"And I'm fucking Bernie Mataki, Two-Six RTI! And I will rejoin my fucking regiment!"

A South Islander Gear and sniper, Bernie is sixty years old and still fighting. She crossed half the planet, fighting the Locust and Stranded to return to the COG, which she views as the last bastion of civilization on Sera. She and Hoffman are a couple, and she has a dog named Mac.

"We're just going to sit on the porch and blow the shit out of anything that comes along."

Tai Kaliso

"Some have said that War Is Hell. War is not Hell... for in Hell, innocence is spared."

A friend of Marcus from the Pendulum Wars, he saw his entire home village wiped out by Indie forces, and joined the COG to gain revenge. He has a tendency to survive where others didn't, but that didn't help him when he was captured by the Locust in the Hollow and tortured into committing suicide.

Tai appears as one of four playable characters in the second Downloadable Content for Gears of War 3 called "RAAM's Shadow", where he and Zeta Squad must evacuate and protect surviving citizens of Ilima City from a Locust Kryllstorm.

Tai: "I like the glow of Locust blood in this light."
Dom: "You've got a sick mind, Tai."

Anthony Carmine (Voiced by Michael Gough)

"Something's wrong with this thing! It keeps jamming!"

The second youngest Carmine brother, he first appeared on board the Raven that picked up Marcus after he was released from prison, and marveled over Marcus' being a legend among the COG. Apparently an already established member of Delta Squad, he gets very little development until he gets killed very early on in the first game.

Benjamin Carmine (Voiced by Michael Gough)

"Sergeant Fenix? Are you Sergeant Fenix? Delta squad? I'm your new Trainee!"

The youngest of the Carmine brothers, he is a fresh recruit sent to Delta Squad to be trained by Marcus (allowing you the option for a Justified Tutorial). He sticks around for a good portion of the game, gradually learning the ropes of being a soldier and being praised by Marcus for how quickly he picked it up.

  • Badass
  • The Cameo: Is the fourth player in the initial dream sequence of Gears of War 3.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Half his body is burned away by digestive acid produced by digestive parasites in the Riftworm.
  • The Faceless
  • Final Speech: He asks Marcus to tell his brothers and mom that he loves them, and tried to say something else, but died before he could finish.
  • Friendly Sniper
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Averted: he attempts one, but ultimately does get on the Raven. He falls out and dies almost immediately afterwards.
  • Kick the Dog: Not only does he die, his body's unrecoverable due to the Riftworm digesting it.
  • Mauve Shirt
  • New Meat
  • Nice Guy
  • Pyromaniac: While never shown in the campaign, Marcus and Dom stated he likes fire, and his multi-player quotes when using the Scorcher flamethrower are suitably crazy.
  • Weapon of Choice: He is seen using the sniper rifle more often than not.

Clayton Carmine (Voiced by Michael Gough)

The third Carmine brother, Clayton is the eldest brother to Anthony and Benjamin, and much more muscular and badass. First showing up in the third game (and the comic prequel leading up to it), at that point he had been a long established member of Delta Squad and chatted with the others on very friendly terms.

"This is for Anthony! And for Benjamin!"

Minh Young Kim

Original leader of Delta Squad, Kim shares Hoffman's dislike for Marcus. He gets killed by General RAAM near the end of Act I of the first game. Kim is one of four playable characters of Zeta Squad in "RAAM's Shadow", up to establishing a certain rivalry between him and RAAM.

Samantha Bryne (Voiced by Claudia Black)

"I hate myself. All I could think at first was that he left me and Mum to stay with his mates. But I'm a Gear. I know it's not that simple."

An explosives expert, Samantha's the daughter of Samuel Bryne, a Gear who served alongside Hoffman at Anvil Gate, while her mother was a Kashkuri native. She met Delta Squad at the Vectes Naval Base during the events of Jacinto's Remnant and joined up with them during the Stranded insurgency at New Jacinto. Samantha's an avid tattoo artist and was the one who gave Dom the angelic tattoo of Maria on his right arm.

Samantha: "Oh, Baird, that house over there. I can see it now: you, me, a couple of kids and a dog."
Baird: "Yeah, and my great big bottle of suicide pills."
Samantha: "That'll save me from poisoning your dinner."

Richard Prescott (Voiced by Charles Cioffi (Gears of War 2) and Dwight Schultz (Gears of War 3)

"The Coalition of Ordered Governments still exists, the rule of law still exists, and our social covenants still exist. We may no longer be in a state of war, but we still have a battle ahead to survive and rebuild, and in these difficult days there will be no tolerance of lawlessness and antisocial behavior. Unity defeated the Locust. But disunity will be the certain end of us all."

Chairman of the Coalition of Ordered Governments for the time frame of the games, Prescott took over the position after his predecessor died of a heart attack. He employed ruthless tactics in his efforts to defeat the Locust, including burning a majority of Sera's surface to deny the Locust equipment, killing millions. As things got worse, it became evident he hid government secrets even when they would be useful in defeating the Locust, with his reasons for doing so kept ambiguous.

  • Badass: He fights against the Lambent invading the Sovereign armed with nothing but a Snub pistol and without armor, while not losing his calm, collected manner.
  • Character Development: Started off hating keeping secrets and being honest with his advisers and the military, but became very secretive and lied a lot over his fifteen years in office.
  • Chest of Medals: Which people wonder how he got, considering the fact that he was only in the army for 18 months and never saw combat.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: One of his defining character traits. He hates himself for ordering the Hammer counterstrikes as well as many other decisions he's made since E-Day, but believes them all to have been absolutely necessary for humanity to survive. While Marcus can't stand the guy and the things he did, even he had to admit there were some logic to it however morally shady it may have been.
  • Killed Off for Real: Just one chapter after you re-encounter him, he dies from severe wounds sustained following the Lambent Leviathan explosion, but not before telling Marcus where his father is.
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat
  • Permanent Elected Official: There are no more elections after Emergence Day.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: When a battle or military crises is about to break out, Prescott knows to step back and let Hoffman do his job without interference.
  • Rousing Speech: He's very good at these, and even Hoffman has to acknowledge he can motivate people like nobody else he has ever seen. The opening of Gears of War 2 is straight out of a Hollywood action movie.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: He abandons the COG only a few months after the sinking of Jacinto, and without a leader, it disbands. However, he is insistent that he has a reason to leave, and wants the others to come with him, but they don't trust him and refuse. His return with information about Adam Fenix is what kicks off the plot of the third game.
  • Smug Snake
  • Ungrateful Bastard
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy: Has some elements of this in the flashback portions of Jacinto's Remnant.

Dizzy Wallin (Voiced by Peter Jason)

"Our government's doing more than abandoning us. They're killing more of us than the damn grubs have."

A former Stranded who became a Gear through Operation Lifeboat in order to feed and protect his family. Drinks heavily, but is a good father and soldier, which surprises many Gears and COG citizens who hate Stranded. He was a derrick operator in Gears of War 2 and avoided capture because of Tai's actions, showing up later in Gears of War 3 as the leader of an outpost and helping the rest on their way.

  • The Alcoholic Parent: He does drink a lot, but it never affects his work as a Gear, nor is he an abusive parent because of it.
  • Badass: This is noted in the third game: Delta Squad accidentally rendezvous with Dizzy after hijacking a Locust Barge. They wonder if he's fighting the entire Locust army at a supply depot; Dizzy replies he'd learned his lesson against Skorge. When he's held hostage by Griffin's men in Char to force Delta to get Griffin's fuel, Marcus worries he'll attempt to escape. He winds up holding off Myrrah's Royal Guards single-handedly.
  • Badass Beard
  • Badass Driver
  • Berserk Button: He hates whenever someone suggests he's not loyal to the COG or a full Gear because he's a former Stranded.
  • Cargo Ship: With Betty, his grindlift.
  • Drowning My Sorrows
  • The Drunken Sailor: In his merchant navy days.
  • Going Cold Turkey: After his last tour in the merchant navy, he was going to do this. Sadly, the day he started was Emergence Day.
  • Military Moonshiner
  • Nice Hat: Wears a cowboy hat. It may be knocked off in multi-player... very, very, very regrettably, it may.
  • Papa Wolf
  • Survivor Guilt: Felt this after his first wife and child were killed on Emergence Day, and later after his second wife died. However, the need to care for his twin daughters pulled him out of it.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: His disappearance from Gears of War 2 was not followed up on, unlike Tai. The graphic novels reveal he managed to escape and survived, and returns as a supporting character in the novels beginning with Jacinto's Remnant. He reappears in Gears of War 3, working with Delta Squad to be the driver and engineer of the naval transportation they'll need to get to Azura.

Michael Barrick (Voiced by Rick D. Wasserman)

"Lemme tell ya something about war...
War... ain't always about fightin'. Blood, bullets, death, yeah, yeah, that's part of it... but it sure as hell ain't all of it.
Sometimes, it's knowin' when to turn tail... and run your fuckin' ass off.

Storm's about to hit..."

A former Stranded who joined the COG via Operation Lifeboat, except he didn't have a family to benefit and just wanted to kill some Locust. Dies holding off a large army of Locust to allow the rest of Delta to escape. Even if he hadn't done that, he would have died because of rustlung eventually. Originating in the comics, Barrick is one of four playable characters in Zeta Squad for "RAAM's Shadow".

Jace Stratton (Voiced by Michael B. Jordan)

"I've tried to stay in the light… I'm trying every day. It's tricky though. So much pain in the world, you can't help but feel it. And tough as it is you realize that feeling is the key to everything. Being hollow is the danger… feeling is the key. It's tough sometimes. Hell, it's tough most of the time. But feeling is what makes us human."

A young Gear who saw his family murdered by the Locust on Emergence Day, Jace has nevertheless grown up to be a kind, caring individual who puts others first and has a strong moral center. He started in the comics and made a vocal cameo in Gears of War 2, later to become a member of Delta in Gears of War 3. He shows up as a teenager in "RAAM's Shadow" and depicts him going into combat for the first time.

Alicia Valera (Voiced by Laura Bailey)

Part of Zeta Squad, Alicia Valera called Ilima City her hometown, until evacuations were underway as Emergence Day had hit, and she was called into service to help scuttle survivors out of the city. Alicia appears exclusively in "RAAM's Shadow".

Adam Fenix (Voiced by Charles Cijoffi (Gears of War 2) and Peter Renaday (Gears of War 3))

"I rarely see Marcus most days. I just don't know who he is, and it's all my fault. I lied to him about what happened to Elaine, and the longer I lie, the harder it is to come clean. Kids know when you're lying. Then their trust withers and dies."

A retired Gear-turned-scientist and the father of Marcus Fenix, Adam developed weapons for the COG, including finishing the Hammer of Dawn. Considered the greatest military scientist on Sera, during the Human-Locust War, he disappeared in the Battle of Ephyra when his son failed to extract him and was assumed killed-in-action. Mysterious recordings of his voice were found in the Locust capital Nexus and a strange radio transmission was heard from him after the Hollow was flooded.

  • Badass
  • Blue Eyes: Like Marcus, he has an icy and piercing gaze. However, Adam's noticeably freaked out by their intensity, and once decided to sell all of his ancestors' portraits hanging in his home because he felt their cold blue stares were judging him.
  • Cultured Warrior
  • Gadgeteer Genius
  • Genius Bruiser
  • Majorly Awesome
  • My Greatest Failure: Two of them: failing to be close to Marcus and be a better father than his was, and not finding a way to make peace with the Locust and avoid the Hammer of Dawn counterattack.
  • Non-Idle Rich
  • Officer and a Gentleman
  • Overprotective Dad
  • Parental Neglect: He was raised this way by his parents, and tried not to act like this toward Marcus; it didn't work.
  • The Professor
  • Professor Guinea Pig: In an attempt to see how the Imulsion infection spreads, Adam injected himself with it to determine its effects and build his superweapon accordingly.
  • The Reveal: Loads in Gears of War 3: Adam was never killed when Marcus failed to extract him at the Battle of Ephyra: Prescott had him kidnapped and sent to Azura. He was fully aware of the inevitable Emergence Day, due to Queen Myrrah personally asking for his assistance to solve the Lambent problem plaguing the Locust. Unfortunately, Adam didn't have enough time to find a solution to wipe out the Lambent, while preserving the Locust. Left with no choice, Myrrah had the Locust invade the surface, kickstarting the war.
  • Science Hero: Is the inventor behind the Hammer of Dawn and the modern-day Lancer (although Tai is credited for demonstrating why a chainsaw fares far better than a bayonet).
  • Sole Surviving Scientist
  • Specs of Awesome
  • The Stoic: Although he's Not So Stoic when it comes to caring about Marcus.

Quentin Michaelson

The head of the COG Navy and a personal friend of Hoffman's from their time working together during the Pendulum Wars. He, Hoffman and Trescu were often forced to deal with Prescott's under-the-table dealing of secrets and runarounds. After Prescott abandons the remainder of the COG and Hoffman leaves for Anvil Gate, Michaelson commands the recommissioned battleship CNV Sovereign with Delta Squad and COG loyalists.

Miran Trescu

Leader of the remaining population of the Republic of Gorasni, Trescu led his people in joining the COG on the island of Vectes after the sinking of Jacinto, and quickly rose to a position of power alongside Hoffman and Michaelson, working with them to try and deal with Prescott's obstructiveness.

Maria Santiago

Dom's wife, who went missing four years after Emergence Day due to her depression over her childten's death. Dom spends the next ten years looking for her, eventually finding her as a lobotomized Locust prisoner in the Hollow, and was forced to put her out of her misery.


Short for "Jack-of-All-Trades", JACK is a floating robot that assists Delta Squad in getting past locked doors, hacking computers, staying in contact with Mission Control, and shining a flashlight along their path to their objectives.

  • Cute Machines
  • Do-Anything Robot: To a point where Baird installs a stun gun for JACK to use in Gears of War 3. In fact, JACK will help out during firefights and give Locust infantry trouble.
  • Master of Unlocking
  • Meaningful Name
  • Robot Buddy: Notably averted throughout Gears of War 3: JACK's been taken offline before the game begins because Baird needs spare parts to repair it. The final act brings it back to resume its usual duties.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Baird repairs JACK to full function and adds an electrical tazer weapon to help the other in combat.

The Locust Horde

Queen Myrrah (Voiced by Carolyn Seymour)

""The Humans of Sera built a glorious civilization, but Humans are not destined to create. They ultimately did what they do best. Destroy. But this was nothing, compared to a new threat, from below. An enemy that will force Humanity to take their last, inevitable steps, toward extinction."

The leader of the Locust Horde, who outwardly resembles a human woman. Precisely why she looks almost human is not made clear, nor her motivations for attacking mankind. Gears of War 3 reveals Emergence Day resulted when the Locust realized their Lambent counterparts were becoming active and attacked them, and they had to flee the Hollow before it overwhelmed them. Myrrah led the Locust to attack humanity in order to reach the surface and escape the Lambent.

Myrrah: Do you not see your most admirable qualities in us? Oh, yes - we are genocidal monsters - JUST. LIKE. YOU!

Marcus: I can live with that!

  • In Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves: In several of her speeches, she claims this is why peace with humans isn't possible.
  • Large Ham: Very much so as the multi-player announcer when the Locust win. In Gears of War 3, killing an opponent often has her breaking out in maniacal laughter.
  • Mission Control, Voice with an Internet Connection: Commands General RAAM and his elite troops in the Locust playable segments of "RAAM's Shadow".
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Lambent existed years before Emergence Day: the Locust were losing more ground, and Myrrah had to turn to Adam Fenix for a solution to the problem. Since he couldn't find a way to destroy the Lambent without harming the Locust, Myrrah was left with no choice and ordered her forces to invade the surface, beginning the Human-Locust War.
  • You Have Failed Me...: In Versus multi-player, one of the losing quotes for the Locust team is Myrrah expressing these exact words, with an added, bitter emphasis of "utterly".

RAAM (Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)

A Locust Drone who worked his way up the ranks in the Locust Horde, RAAM led the Locust army during the Lightmass Offensive and served as the Final Boss of the first game. RAAM returns prominently in the second Gears of War 3 Downloadable Content called "RAAM's Shadow", a prequel taking place long before the first game, where he and a few Locust elite infantry place strategic Seeders to ink the sky black over Ilima City for an impending Kryllstorm.


High priest of the Kantus Sect, Skorge took over leading the Locust armies after General RAAM was killed, since only he could communicate with the Riftworm, awakened as a result of the Lightmass bombings by the COG.

The Stranded

Franklin Tsoko

A Stranded gang leader and friend of Dom's, he assists Delta in the first game, and is in a deleted scene in the second.


An old Stranded who owned a gas station in Ephyra, until it was accidentally destroyed by Delta Squad. Chaps then led a group of Stranded underground, hoping to evade both the COG and Locust, until he was found by Delta Squad.

Aaron Griffin (Voiced by Ice T)

"You fuckin' COG bastards! Everywhere you go, everything you do it's always nothin' but death, pain and miseries! You piece of shit motherfuckers!"

A Stranded leader in the destroyed city of Char, who Delta Squad meets in Gears of War 3. Formerly president of Griffin Imulsion.

  • Bling Bling Bang: In his introductory cutscene, you can see a display case in his office containing all the Gold weapons.
  • Cool Shades
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive
  • Ink Suit Actor
  • Jerkass: He cares solely about his employees, even though he treats them like crap, is an Ungrateful Bastard and takes every opportunity to shit-talk the COG. Even worse, according to the collectibles, even his ex-employees called him an asshole.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In his defense, before the Hammerstrikes, Griffin Immulsion was noted for having no processing fatalities in its history largely because of Griffin's approach to running the company. His attitude was that keeping his employees safe: whether they were happy or not—was all that mattered, even so much as calling his employees family.
  • Scary Black Man
  • Ungrateful Bastard: So much so he's the only person in the series who has actually made Marcus angry at him.

Expanded Universe

Carlos Santiago

Dom's older brother and Marcus' best friend, Carlos was the first to join the COG army during the Pendulum Wars. He was extremely reckless, and ended up paying for that at the Battle of Aspho Fields.

Bai Tak

A Pesanga scout and commando who served alongside Hoffman for fifteen years during the Pendulum Wars.

Gill Gettner

Bitchy King Raven pilot that often works with Delta Squad.

Mel Sorotki

King Raven pilot that often works with Delta Squad.

Kevan Mitchel

Co-pilot for Mel Sorotki.

Nat Barber

Snarky King Raven co-pilot for Gill Gettner.

  • Cunning Linguist: He is one of the few Gears who speak Gorasni, and is used to evesdrop on their private communications network.
  • Deadpan Snarker: This seems to be a recurring requirement to work on a King Raven.

Maryon Hayman

The chief doctor of the COG medical corps, and one of the biggest bitches ever.

Helena Stroud

The mother of Anya, she was a Major in charge of the COG divison that fought at Aspho Fields.

Donneld Mathieson

The secondary CIC controler, who took over most of Anya's duties when she switched to the frontlines.

Padrick Salton

South Islander sniper who fought in the Pendulum Wars, killing over four hundred Indie soldiers. During the Locust War, the death of his best friend and the Hammer of Dawn counterattack pushed him over the edge, and he disappeared without a trace. He showed up again at Anvil Gate during the Lambent Invasion, having gone to live with the Pesanga.

Drew Rossi

The sergeant in charge of Echo Squad, a tough veteran who really likes to snark at others.

Rory Andreson

The sergeant in charge of Omicron Squad.

Lennard Parry

The head of the COG Logistics Core, and a fiend of Dizzy's.

  • Ascended Extra: He only got a small mention or single scene in the first three books, but then he gets a greatly expanded role in Coalition's End.
  • Badass
  • The Engineer

Yanik Laas

A Gorasni sailor who became friends with Baird.

Aleksander Reid

Extremely disliked major in charge of supplies and EOD teams, and one of two officers in line to take over for Hoffman if he dies.

Paul Dury

Captain of the Onyx Guard and one of Prescott's most trusted secret advisors. He does not like some of the things he has to do for Prescott or the secrets, but understands perfectly the need for it all.

Gil Gonzalez

A young Gear soldier who was best friends with Jace, he was killed shortly after joining Delta Squad.

Alexandra "Alex" Brand

One of the few frontline female Gears after E-Day, Alex lived on a COG "farm" until she was 18, where women were raped or artifically inseminated until they became pregnant. After it was discovered she was barren, Alex was shipped off to boot camp and made into a soldier. She became a sniper and scout, and quickly rose through the ranks. She worked with Delta when they went to the farm where she grew up after a distress signal was detected there.


A Gear liutenant who commanded Midnight Squad.


Bernie's dog, he is trained to hunt Stranded and fight Lambent.